2 Balls Treliske Merino Silver. 4.5 mm Knitting needles

Tension: Not crucial 15.5 st and 25 rows to 10 cm in Moss stitch. This scarf is reversible and has no right or wrong side. Cast on 28 st. First row: k1 p1 rep to end. 2nd row: k1 p1 to end. Repeat these 2 rows until scarf measures 71 cm Next row: k1 p1 5 times, cast off 8 st, k1 p1 to end. Next row: k1 p1 5 times, cast on 8 st using knitted cast on, k1 p1 to end. Cont in moss stitch until yarn almost runs out. Leave a length of yarn 3 times the width of the scarf for last row cast off. Weave in all ends neatly. Block to measurements. Immerse in warm water, lay inside a towel and roll up to squeeze dry. Place damp scarf on flat surface and pin to shape. I used about 200 pins altogether on 4 sides. Leave to dry thoroughly before removing pins. Wear scarf by tucking in longer end through hole. A Neat tidy warm scarf made of deliciously soft Organic Wool. Copyright reserved.

Mersil Scarf
By Vivian Tng Beginner knit

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