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507671 Hora System

507671 Hora System

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Published by: Ragas on Jul 11, 2012
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Hora System The Hora system is based on the fact that planets influence our life.

All aspects of life are governed by the planets. Each planet governs certain matters in life. If we start our work in the hora period ruled by the concerned planet we are sure to succeed. Hora means half the duration of the time a sign takes to ascend on the horizon; so, a hora lasts for one hour. From the moment of Sun rise, starting from the day lord, each planet rules the hora successively. For example, the first hora on a Monday is that of the Moon. Other horas follow in the order Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury. Ruling horas on each week day from the moment of Sun rise (each hora lasts for one hour): Sunday Monday Tue.day Wed.day Thu.day Friday Sat.day Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon

Note: Sun rise time can be ascertained from the ephemeris or the news paper for a particular locality for a particular date. Allow a five minute margin for the beginning and the end of a hora.


Matters for which the hora is good Royal favors, medical, pilgrimage, ... To buy or wear Jewels, start a business, auspicious

brethren .matters. MERCURY Business matters. education. For all matters Take medicines. pilgrimage.. its hora is good for all matters. buy steel vessels . wear new clothes.. . melting of gold... landed properties. MOON To buy jewels. Note: Jupiter being the most benevolent planet.. life partner. SATURN JUPITER MARS open new shop. Learn using weapons.. -------------------------------------------------------------------- . fine arts.

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