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Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes
3630 Zumstein Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45208 July 10, 2012 Senator Rob Portman United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Portman, We are excited to learn that Congressman Steve Chabot has successfully stripped funding for the disastrous Cincinnati trolley from the 2013 Transportation Budget in the House. As you are well aware, the City of Cincinnati has wasted millions of taxpayers’ dollars on ridiculous projects over the years and repeatedly fails to address looming crisis like the underfunded pension system and its chronically structural deficits. Taxpayers know that adding a trolley that traverses one of the most crime ridden portions of the city is hardly the type of additional financial drain the city needs. Many municipalities and counties across the country are in fiscal emergency. Many because they embarked upon a major project and now do not have the funds to pay the bills. In addition, they have neglected their pension obligations over this same period. Governor Kasich saw this and refused to waste millions of tax dollars on this “trolley to nowhere” scheme. We ask that you continue the strong leadership of Governor Kasich and Congressman Chabot and work hard to place a similar amendment in the 2013 Transportation Budget in the Senate. The Cincinnati Enquirer recently reported that you “had no plans to push such a proposal”. We realize they typically get it wrong. However, please clarify your stance and efforts to block this waste of valuable taxpayer dollars. Sincerely,

Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr. Chairman, COAST

Paid for by COAST, 3630 Zumstein, Cinti., OH 45208 Mark Miller, Treasurer