THE FLIGHT OF THE PRINCE OF BYZANTIUM The Sultan learned of the escape of Manuel, was angry not just

this story but did not bother much. He knew that the Eastern Empire was not dangerous, so therecould be a threat to its expansion in the Balkans. In addition, he planned to occupyConstantinople with an act of strength, not through the prince, so he left to run this little incident. Manuel after seeing the enthusiasm and riabbracciato father, asked him if it was true that he fought alongside the Sultan? John said, "Yes! It's true!This is the heated exchange that I had to accept, both for you and forConstantinople! As you can see around the city, there is no shadow of a turkish, if I refused, the Sultan would put the city under siege, and your life was in danger!Perhaps I was a coward for all that I did, but I had no choice "" you're not a coward, "said Manuel. "Indeed you are a great Emperor, your people have nothesitated to give your son hostage, and fight alongside your worst enemy. You must not be troubled understand your bitterness, "John said, embracing him,"thank you! I hoped so much that before I die, I would have forgiven "Manuelmoved" there is nothing to forgive you, you did what any emperor would have done! " THE SALVATION COME EAST - THE ADVENTURES OF ANDRONICUS (ANTONIO MARINELLI)

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