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Engineering Education and Centers

Division Director
Allen Soyster

Senior Acting
Senior Staff Science Deputy Director
Deputy Director Advisor for Administrative
Associate Assistant
For Engineering Engineering Officer for Engineering
Win Aung New Hire
Bruce Kramer Tammie Jennings
Centers (1480) Education (1340)
Lynn Preston Sue Kemnitzer
Financial Programs
ERC Education Specialist Sharon Middledorf
New Hire (lead) New Hire
Win Aung Dawn Applegate Engineering
Barbara Kenny Nanotechnology Education
Management Undergraduate Sue Kemnitzer (lead)
Evaluation and Operations Education (7219) Stephanie Adams
Assessment Manufacturing
Linda Parker and Processing Mary Poats Sharon Middledorf
New Hire
Bruce Kramer
ERC Diversity Office International Research
And Pre-College Earthquake Automation Research and Experiences for
Education Engineering (1483) Clerk Education in Teachers (1359)
Mary Poats Vilas Mujumdar Jasmine Young Engineering (7641) Mary Poats
Win Aung
Nanoscale Science Microelectronics
and Engineering Program Research
Systems and Assistants Bioengineering &
(1674, 1675, 7604) Experience for
Information Darlene Suggs Bioinformatics
Bruce Kramer (lead) Undergrads (1360)
Deborah Jackson (lead) (lead) Summer Institutes
Deborah Jackson Esther Bolding
Barbara Kenny Shalika Walton (1758)
Barbara Kenny Susan Watson Mary Poats
New Hire