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Game and Ritual ASSESSMENT

Answer the following using complete sentences about your artwork. Please type and print out a hard copy for Monday!!!! 1. What was your overall game or ritual that inspired your artwork? How did your choice of materials and the composition enhance and support the overall meaning behind your concepts and ideas. (Fully explain) 2. Looking at the master artist exemplars on the class blog (from Mexican culture), compare and contrast one of the works to your final piece. Consider overall some similarities and differences between the selected example and your work of art (consider materials, processes, overall meaning, and the way that they visually communicated their ideas). 3. Did you appropriate, juxtapose, layer, use repetition, or any other techniques in the making of your work of art…what did the technique do to enhance your concepts and meanings? 4. What was one challenge that you faced through process of making your game/ritual work of art? 5. What is something that you particularly happy with in making the personal game/ritual inspired work of art? 6. Has making this work changed the way you generate ideas for / think about making art? How? 7. Does your final art piece need to be placed in context to a time period, culture, or artist to be fully understood by a viewer? How and why?

Evaluative Criteria: Planning: Includes collecting relevant materials based on personal game and ritual and creating at least four thumbnail sketches illustrating possible compositions and or performance ideas. BRAINSTORMING Objective: Created a fine art piece that is personally inspired by a sacred game or ritual using appropriate selected materials to communicate their chosen concepts. Design: Created a unified composition, which visually moves the viewer throughout the entire composition. Studio Skills: Created a unified composition utilizing appropriate materials / media that inherently help to communicate concepts and ideas. Presentation: Craftsmanship/Completion What grade based on the criteria above would you give yourself on your final game and ritual artwork? ___________/100