DGA Front Office Branch Chiefs Team Leads 14’sDGA Front Vacancy Grant Specialists Grant Tech/Admin

Tom Jones STEP Student Intern Karen Tiplady Director, Division of Grants & Agreements

Wayne Thomas Director of Operations Shirley Byrd Administrative Manager Brenda Thomas Staff Assistant

KC Baukin EHR/BIO Branch Chief Pam Hawkins EHR Team - Team Lead

Bob Joyce MPS/GEO/SBE/OIA Branch Chief Denise Martin MPS/OIA Team Lead

Chris Robey ENG/CISE/OCI/OPP/OISE Branch Chief Larry Fuqua CISE/OCI/OISE Team Lead

Jan Joyce BIO Team Lead

Lori Wiley GEO/SBE Team Lead

Jamie French ENG/OPP Team Lead

Rashawn Farrior Grant Specialist HRD / EHR Tarsha Johnson Grant Specialist EHR / DRL Stephanie Gorman Grant Specialist DGE / DUE Angela Turner Grant Administrator EHR Team

Kim Bub Grant Specialist DBI / EF/ IOB Laura Buckley Grant Specialist DEB / MCB Shirley Kerchner Grant Administrator BIO Team

Anna-Lee Misiano Grant Specialist ATM / OCE / GEO Jessie Richardson Grant Specialist EAR / SBE / SRS Barbara Brooks Grant Specialist BCS / SES Denise Young Grant Administrator GEO / SBE Team

Jason Madigan Grant Specialist AST / DMR / PHY Ilonka Karasz Grant Specialist CHE / DMS / MPS / OIA / EPS Vacant Grant Tech/Admin MPS / OIA Team

Andrea Kline Grant Specialist ENG / CMMI / EEC / ANT Maria Valerio Grant Specialist CBET / ECCS / OPP / ARC Kimberly Crabb Grant Specialist EFRI / IIP Aprile Roberson Grant Administrator ENG / OPP Team

Vanessa Richardson Grant Specialist OCI / CNS / OISE Martha Dodson Grant Specialist CCF / IIS Deidre Coates Grant Admin CISE / OCI / OISE Team

DGA Liaison Listing

Office of the Director OIA OISE OPP Ilonka Karasz Vanessa Richardson Maria Valerio 703-292-4831 703-292-4839 703-292-4832

Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) DBI DEB EF IOB MCB Kim Bub Laura Buckley Kim Bub Kim Bub Laura Buckley 703-292-4331 703-292-4817 703-292-4331 703-292-4331 703-292-4817

Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) CCF CNS IIS OCI Martha Dodson Vanessa Richardson Martha Dodson Vanessa Richardson 703-292-4834 703-292-4839 703-292-4834 703-292-4839

Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) EHR DGE DUE EPS DRL HRD Tarsha Johnson Stephanie Gorman Stephanie Gorman Ilonka Karasz Tarsha Johnson Rashawn Farrior 703-292-4801 703-292-4809 703-292-4809 703-292-4831 703-292-4801 703-292-2187

Directorate for Engineering (ENG) CBET CMMI ECCS EEC Maria Valerio Andrea Kline Maria Valerio Andrea Kline 703-292-4832 703-292-4820 703-292-4808 703-292-4820

Directorate for Geosciences (GEO) GEO ATM EAR OCE Anna-Lee Misiano Anna-Lee Misiano Jessie Richardson Anna-Lee Misiano 703-292-4339 703-292-4339 703-292-4811 703-292-4339

Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) AST CHE DMR DMS PHY Jason Madigan Ilonka Karasz Jason Madigan Ilonka Karasz Jason Madigan 703-292-4333 703-292-4831 703-292-4333 703-292-4831 703-292-4333

Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBE) BCS SES SRS SBE Barbara Brooks Barbara Brooks Jessie Richardson Jessie Richardson 703-292-4802 703-292-4802 703-292-4811 703-292-4811

Office of Polar Programs (OPP) ANT ARC Andrea Kline Mario Valerio 703-292-4820 703-292-4832

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