List of Holidays for Arrioo Consultancy India Pvt Ltd

Festival Republic Day Good Friday Tamil New Year’s Day Independence Day Ganesh Chathurhti Gandhi Jayanthi Vijaya Dhasami Bakrid Deepavali Christmas Date 26-01-2012 06-04-2012 13-04-2012 15-08-2012 19-09-2012 02-10 - 2012 24-10-2012 26 -10 -2012 13-11-2012 25-12-2012 Day Thursday Friday Friday Wednesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Tuesday Tuesday

Restricted Holidays Festival Thiruvalluvar Day Maha Shivarathri Ayutha Pooja Ramzan Date 16-01-2012 20 -02 -2012 23-10-2012 20-08-2012 Day Monday Monday Tuesday Monday

Though certain festivals / occasions fall on Saturdays and Sundays, they have been excluded from the above list for easy reference

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