In this competitive world it is very important for any company, organizatio n or an individual to quickly respond to the changes in the business needs. It s ounds little difficult, but one way of achieving it is through sharing , so to help in this aspect programmers as designed a new software known as MS-Groove, and the latest version of it is called as SHAREPOINT which has evolved from the project codenamed â Office Serverâ which was during the office XP development cycle. Before knowing more about share point we should know how it benefits us. Using s hare point we can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions and find ri ght business information. Multiple people in a company working on the same offic e document can access it using the intranet or internet. In IT share point cuts training and maintenance costs, saves time and efforts. Apart from this share p oint also helps in focusing on higher business priorities. Initially web portal introduced online elements that held brief snapshots o f information which were designed to launch from one page through where the end user could drill down the information. Even though it was a great concept but it still failed to live up to expectations and the design because, lack of integra tion with embedded document management and problems with speed of access to info rmation within portals. So a new software was launched by Microsoft know as MS-S hare point. MS-Sharepoint is a desktop application designed for documentâ collaboration in teams with members who are regularly off-line or who do not share the same network sec urity clearance. It is a great tool for sharing Documents Company wide, or withi n individual workgroups. It is used to help organizations or people such as facu lty, school or service team to share information and work together. Using share point we can coordinate projects using calendars and schedules, manage and discu ss ideas and reviews etc, and also we can keep in touch with other people using wikis and blogs. These services allowed users to access shared files online. Thi s kind of web based information and media dissemination opened up huge potential s for online users which solved one of the key problems with Dashboard project . To understand share point better we must have a brief knowledge on .NET develo pment in particular ASP.NET Development, because share point is built on those t echnologies. I.e. most of the functionalities you do on the share point are usin g .NET and ASP.NET with additional functionalities and additional APIâ s. Both ShareP oint and ASP.NET services rely on IIS 6.0 to supply the underlying mechanism for the processing of HTTP requests. For the management infrastructure for launchin g and running worker processes on the web server are also depends on IIS 6.0. A part from all, one of the important features of share point is its platform flex ibility. It can be scaled down to operate from one machine or can be managed acr oss hundreds of machines. These aspects has made SharePoint a unique desktop application compared to t he existing .NET and ASP.NET applications where the problems of lack of integrat ion, fast access to information exists, which makes them less reliable. Whereas SHARE-POINT has overcome these problems therefore Share Point has became the mos t extensively used desktop application for grouped organizations. As most of the web sites today runs mostly on Windows web servers where the Windows-based web hosting will run a Microsoft Windows server with IIS (Internet Information Serve r) and it is an ASP.NET scripted websites, so the knowledge of SHARE-POINTS is o f great importance. Therefore through this article we can surely achieve a basic idea regarding SHARE-POINT DEVELOPMENT. This will help in understanding share-p oint very easily. Please visit our website to know more about our SharePoint Development

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