Hello & Good Day Everyone! Today me and Ain suppose to present about " Process Focus Driver".

About the Information process Focus driver are focusing on improving work process Through Knowledge Management. In our slides as you may refer t bellow we focus on three things as: 1. Expensive, repeated mistakes and reinvention of solutions: Which is about Reinventing solutions disconcerts businesses and repeating mistakes because they could not identify or transfer best practices and Business incur unnecessary expense to relearn the same lessons. 2. Proactive opportunity-seeking behavior : Which is about Inability to integrate external knowledge with internal expertise and Inability to recognize the forces that will shape your future markets. 3. Responsiveness: In responsiveness competitors become increasing responsive to customer needs, companies must match the effort, using the right application of knowledge within the proper structure and process and the other thing is a key to differentiation. As we referring to KM book by Elias M. Awad, Hassan Ghaziri. and is a good book to refer and learn about KM.

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