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Dolphins - The Chelas of the Seas Meditation and Invocation

Dolphins - The Chelas of the Seas Meditation and Invocation

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Published by: soledadviento on Jul 12, 2012
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Ageless Wisdom for a Modern World


“Dolphins teach us that in attuning to the rhythms and patterns of nature, we can learn true communication with the wisdom of All That Is and share this wisdom with others.” ~Author Unknown

Humanity Healing Network 9947 Hull Street Road, Suite 117 Richmond, VA 23236 USA


©2007-2010 HHN, LLC All Rights Reserved. May be downloaded and printed for personal use only. Commercial use prohibited without permission.

"IRUKA NO KOKYU" OR DOLPHIN BREATHING MEDITATION Deep breathing is a great way to relax and when combined with imagery can augment the relaxation response. dolphins were seen as messengers of the gods and killing a dolphin was equivilent to killing a human. in the purest times. a few angel dolphins. for information were recorded in their brains like a computer.net ©2007-2010 HHN. Many of the dolphins still hold the information from the twelve regions of Atlantis. facilitating our LEGENDARY DOLPHINS Dolphins have always had an prominent place in stories and legends across many cultures. They hold immense wisdom and have great powers. bringing it to the surface to breathe and clearing up its Auric fields.divine powers. Suite 117 Richmond. They are sometimes said to symbolize the breath of life riding the waves of emotion. who radiate an electric blue light. spiritual growth comes about by allowing ourselves the freedom to fully experience feelings and emotions and through the learning of being attuned to the flow. It is known that in ancient times. The dolphins were very well loved and the ancients built huge pools so that they could swim with their friends and telepathically access their wisdom. They are the blue dolphins. There are. Dolphins teach us how to live in synchronicity with the rhythms and patterns of nature. Some Australian aborigine tribes regard dolphins as their guardians. however. May be downloaded and printed for personal use only. LLC All Rights Reserved. If you are blessed to swim with one of these beings or access one in meditation. they can help you in awesome ways. Commercial use prohibited without permission. Ancient Celts attributed the dolphin with healing powers and today recordings of dolphins and whales are used for relaxation and healing music tracks. guidance and joy. They are joyful. These are very high frequency Guardian Angels who. If one dolphin is hurt or ill. They are often associated with 2|Page Humanity Healing Network 9947 Hull Street Road. VA 23236 USA http://humanityhealing. This meditation focuses on the heart chakra. the others tend to it. Dolphins spend most of their day playing. people from Atlantis recognized that dolphins were keepers of cosmic knowledge. In many spiritual traditions. sentient beings who live harmoniously with one another. In ancient Greece. . took dolphin bodies.

balance cleansing and purification of your entire being. 2. you have a breathing hole on the top of your head. one can realign and recalibrate your chakras and reach the balance of body. INVOCATION FOR DOLPHIN GUIDANCE DIRECTIONS FOR DOLPHIN BREATHING 1. imagine that. Humanity Healing Network 9947 Hull Street Road. Through their guidance. Visualize a pod of Dolphins swimming by and that you are able to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Suite 117 Richmond. Find a comfortable seated position. hold for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds. Visualize simultaneously inhaling upward (with spiraling movements) from the feet and downwards from just above the head. Align your breathing pattern with the beating of your heart. Visualize yourself on a quiet beach. Repeat the dolphin breath for four sets of four breaths. Commercial use prohibited without permission. May be downloaded and printed for personal use only. 8.6. Begin to exhale. 7. mind and soul. just like a dolphin. the sound of the waves and the vibration from your dolphin friends. See the breath meeting at the heart chakra. LLC All Rights Reserved. 3. 5. imagine the breath flowing outward from the heart chakra and mingling with the energy around you. Pause and suspend the breath momentarily. 3|Page ©2007-2010 HHN.net . VA 23236 USA http://humanityhealing. Start by focusing on the natural rhythms of your breath. We suggest the 4X4 breathing. inhale for 4 seconds. contact with our true emotions and with the emanations of our soul. with quiet waters. The dolphins want to guide you gently and very lovingly on a journey of joy. Center your attention to a calm place inside your heart. As you do. After a few moments. 4.

net ©2007-2010 HHN. when you feel ready. 4|Page Humanity Healing Network 9947 Hull Street Road. Though this divine integration.you that have lovingly and protectively watched over my development on Earth. healing. And So It Is After each of the meditations and affirmations. thoughts and dreams that your Dolphin Guide may send you. make a practice of keeping a journal of visions. Imagine that you are embraced by a big blue bubble of Light. through the full integration of each of your qualities into my being and soul. feelings. I call upon my dolphin guardian . I dream awake that you will intervene and assist me in developing a deeper connection with you. recite the invocation below and let it resonate with the pure intentions of your heart towards the pod of Dolphins. Commercial use prohibited without permission. in perfect alignment with Christ-consciousness. Help me be the best student I can be. Suite 117 Richmond. which connects you with these luminous Beings. VA 23236 USA http://humanityhealing.Quietly. Each meditation with your Personal Dolphin Guide will bring new knowledge which your Dolphin Guide will help transmute into wisdom. I request the blessing of having my entire being charged with your high vibrational energy. Repeat to yourself: I (state your name) call upon my Personal Dolphin Guide. . for the Greater Good. I pledge myself to work with you. guiding me through my life lessons and purpose. May be downloaded and printed for personal use only. in divine connection with all. wisdom and guidance. LLC All Rights Reserved.

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