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SANTILLAN, POLL ANTHONY R. (jinette_26@yahoo.


THE ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUNESS AND ESP I do believe in Dj vu, but I couldnt reckon there are such things like Astral Travel. But after reading the article, I was astonished and speechless for the article itself proved scientifically that there is really something like that. When I was young, I was always having a dream that I was flying. Yet, I did not know that I was already experiencing Astral Travel. I did not know that the dreams that you wake up and remember really well are actually astral travel experiences. Astral travel gives you eerie feeling but as what the article stated that it gives benefits at the same time. It promotes inner peace and feelings of well-being. It increases memory and creativity for it sparks activity in parts of the brain that we typically do not use. It also increases your psychic abilities. And finally, the last benefit would be the pure and simple excitement and adventure that comes with it. The ability to go wherever it is they want to go and do what they want it is a freeing experience. With all these benefits to improve ones life, why arent more people practicing astral travel? The answer is that most people are under the false assumption that astral travel is only for a gifted few. When the fact is that every person that is alive today has the ability to astral project. Learning to astral project is not as difficult as people want to believe that it is. This is a nature ability that you were born with, you just forgot how to use it and need to fine tune your ability.