The social positioning of complementary schooling: Towards a theoretical framework

Amanda Simon: School of Education, University of Birmingham, Introduction This realm of complementary schooling is complex and diverse, yet this complexity is Survival not adequately represented within Counteraction current literature. This research study investigates complementary schooling through the lens of social positioning. And in doing so, provides a dynamic, meaningful portrayal of the existence and everyday operations of complementary schools.

Safeguarding Transformation

showcasing Recovery

Phase 1 methods sample: 16 school leaders from a diverse range of complementary schools across Birmingham Research tool: Semi-structured Interviews Analysis: A multi-layered approach Involving Thematic analysis and positioning analysis

Phase 1 Findings: From the school leaders accounts several key purpose themes were unearthed: Survival, safeguarding, recovery, counteraction, transformation and showcasing. Each school encompassed a unique combination of these elements which related to wider historical, social and political issues, specific to the school community.

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