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In modern day manufacturing companies robotic arms are widely used, which often reduce the wor force

needed. Unfortunately these robotic arms do not ta e full advantage of technology, they are mostly controlled by complex driving mechanis ms. The objective of our project is to ma e the driving mechanism as simple as p ossible. For example we use ps2 mouse or eyboard to control robotic arm, which is familiar to most of us. In this project we interface a robotic arm to a ps2 mouse or eyboard via ATMEGA microcontroller. The robotic arm itself cons ists of servo motors which are used to maneuver the hand to any given point in a three dimensional plane. By using the mouse we can give commands to robotic arm for example moving the mouse forward ma es the robotic arm to bend forward. ATM EGA chip holds the program and logic needed to interface mouse with robotic arm. This robotic arm c an also be made to operate autonomously by pre programming the microcontroller w ith the directions needed to be followed. Ease of operation is the main motto be hind this project. After the completion of this project it would find applicatio ns in industries such as auto body painting, automated manufacturing process etc .