Dosage Form

1. Capsule

- a hard or soft soluble shell

Examples (Brand Name)



Liveraid 2. Cream - Semisolid dispersed in suitable base




Two-phase system Propofol Cleviprex Scott .3. Emulsion . Elixir Hydro-alcoholic liquid Contains dissolved active ingredient For oral use Dimetapp Lanoxin Bromaline 4.

Injection .5. Granules . Inhalation .Parenteral administration .Nasal or oral respiratory route Seretide Ventolin Spriva 7.powder Lamisil Singulair Montigent 6.

Liniment .Alcoholic or oleaginous solution .Applied by rubbing .Tanpose Midozolan sensorcaine 8.For muscle pain Omega Pauliniment Salonpas 9. Lozenge .Solid preparation to dissolve slowly Sucrets .

Semisolid for external application Tazorac Bactroban hemocane 11.Liquid that contains dissolved chemical substances Timoptic-XE Blairex . Ointment . Solution .Strepsils Ricola 10.

Suspension . vaginal.Introduction into the rectal. Suppository . otic.Solid body . opthalmic Ophthalmic Orastin .oral.Lidocaine 12. or urethral orifice Acephen Anucort Sani-supp 13. topical.Solid particles dispersed in a suitable solvent .

Solid dosage w/ or w/out diluents Centrum Neozep Decolgen . Tablet . Syrup A solution Contains high concentration of sucrose or other sugars Robitussin Sinecod Prometh 15.Tobrasone 14.

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