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National Science Foundation: transcript

National Science Foundation: transcript

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Published by: NSF on Jan 12, 2008
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DR. VASQUEZ: Yes, Dr. RC. Tell me about Go
Lumberjacks. You said that you gave $10,000 for


their Master's degree, okay. My first question
would be: Is that enough? And did any of you
envision a program where a person would go in and
get a teaching degree and be forgiven of that debt
with their Master's? That wasn't made very clear
there. But they were able to get their Master's.
They have a degree in math or science. They were
able to get a Master's in teaching, and that that
debt would be forgiven.

DR. RC SARAVANABHAVAN: This is a five-year
program. Our scientists have first the content
area course work. They do math, biology, and then
they join the school of education where go they go
through the pedagogy.

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