Checklist for Respect A child is respectful in class…..if she/he 1.) Listens attentively to teacher 2.

) Does not talk while another is still talking 3.) Gives way to other younger/smaller children while at line in front of store 4.) Mindful that others are waiting for him/her 5.) Knocks before entering a room. 6.) Closes doors quietly 7.) Does one’s responsibilities first; e.g. begins seatwork immediately 8.) Works well in a group. 9.) Says all proper salutations; especially “Please”, “Thank you”, 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) Does unexpected kindness to auxiliaries in the school like janitors, Does not get or use anyone’s belongings without asking permission. Automatically says, “Thank you,” and the usual salutations. Is careful with her words so as not to hurt other’s feelings; especially Does not choose friends. Treats everyone equally guards, etc.

helpers and auxies.