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Diy Homeless

Diy Homeless

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Published by: mrgrizz on Jul 13, 2012
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Browsing/posting issues should be resolved. Otherwise, site should load faster than ever. If you are having any problems or see CloudFlare error pages, please e-mail moot@4chan.org. Thanks! Love, mootykins File : 1321768402.jpg-(57 KB, 640x480, domeshelter.jpg) A kit for those preparing to be homeless. Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n

file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM]

/diy/ - Do-It-Yourself

11/20/11(Sun)00:53 No.69676 An old friend of mine is preparing to be evicted, none of his friends can take him in, and I moved several states away about a year ago so there's nothing I can do to directly help. It got me thinking about the best preparations one could make for being homeless, provided they still have a job or enough money left to buy a modest list of supplies. Everything needed so that when the day arrives that one no longer has access to someplace indoor they can sleep, they are fully equipped to construct their own shelter, heat/power/light source, and source of potable water. It then occurred to me that others might benefit from this guide. It's sure to be imperfect, if there's any additions or modifications you'd like to make feel free to do so, this is just the best I can offer with what knowledge I have: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YV776W1B&fb_source=message >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)00:57 No.69679 "To start with, a sleeping bag and a cheap pup tent are advisable so you have comfortable shelter to sleep in during construction of the dome. Buy a small one, resisting the temptation to go larger, as it needs to be storable in a backpack and is only a temporary measure. Save your money for the other items on this list. Here’s a model of tent that averages $22-30 in price, pick your preferred source: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=tent&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=1 0467537434389556048&sa=X&ei=v4HITpiyPIGFtgfd8viFDA&ved=0CMwBEOUNMAI Here’s an excellent cold weather sleeping bag. It’s $10 more than a warm weather sleeping bag but the difference is worth it. It’s winter right now, something designed for camping in sub zero temps will keep you cozy at nights. You will eventually want an electric blanket and air mattress, but for now a sleeping bag designed for cold weather environs will suffice: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=sleeping+bag&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&a mp;cid=8964806896673833746&sa=X&ei=y4LITpCeKMK_tgft0uniCw&ved=0CLQBEOUNMAE >>

Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)00:58 No.69681 You will also need an initial supply of food and bottled water or access to a water source and a means of filtering it. Here are two written guides and two video tutorials on how to make a low cost water filtration system from sand, pebbles and a 2 litre water bottle. Ideally you should make several as they filter water at a very slow rate. http://www.practicalsurvivor.com/emergencywaterfiltration http://www.ehow.com/way_5447837_homemade-liter-bottle-water-filter.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbPvhXrfgjQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXfVVAJJ1II They may use varying designs but all operate on the same principles and any one of them should suffice. Three or four filters of this type will suffice for one person’s daily needs. For food, consider bulk dry goods from a bulk foods store. Not things like rice and beans which require boiling or other prep, but things like granola, dried fruit slices and so on. Invest also in rubbermaid containers for keeping these foodstuffs dry and off limits to bugs or small animals. With the tent, water filters, sleeping bag and initial food supply taken care of, you have everything needed to pick a secluded spot and begin construction of the dome. Don’t actually head out until you have everything necessary to build the dome because you need a residential address for the parts to ship to, at least for those ordered online.

file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM]

/diy/ - Do-It-Yourself


Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)00:59 No.69683 Here’s a written guide and video tutorial for building a modest “3 frequency” geodesic dome. 3 frequency refers to the number of segments. Higher frequency domes are rounder but more complex to build. A 3 frequency dome is simple to build and plenty strong for your needs. View the guides below: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-a-PVC-geodesic-dome/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osnv4IFZW5o Home Depot or Lowes will not only have the PVC pipe, but they will also cut it for you on request to the lengths specified in the tutorials. More importantly, they also carry multi-sided connectors of every conceivable type, you should be able to find four and five sided connectors of the type needed. If not, as in the instructable you can make your own connectors (or ask the Home Depot people to make them) as shown, from four or five two sided connectors cut in such a way that they can be bolted together in the center to form a sort of five sided star shaped connector. Provided that the pipe segments are the correct lengths and you have the connectors purchased or built, you’re equipped to assemble the dome skeleton itself. However, you will also need a large tarp. Best to buy several and stockpile some of them in a hidden cache in case the one you’re using is stolen or confiscated. A black tarp is recommended because it will absorb heat from the sun most effectively. Slim tent stakes, preferably metal, can be used to secure the corners of the tarp in the ground after it’s draped over the dome. You now have a wind and rain proof shelter.


Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)00:59 No.69685 The dome will keep out water from above, but only by raising the ground level inside above the dome’s rim can you keep the floor (and your bedding) dry. For this I recommend waste paper, house insulation, any cheap material you don’t have to pay much for and which can get wet without consequence, laid down and crushed flat until there’s a sort of cushioned platform an inch to three inches high. A second tarp is stretched over this material and staked down to keep it in place. Now, you’ll want an airbed. This not only provides a comfortable surface on which to sleep but also keeps you high enough that you’re certain to stay dry. You can buy some dodgy brands for very cheap and even get several for the price of one nicer airbed, but they are prone to develop leaks that are difficult to permanently repair. If you’d like to go the cheap route, look at these: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=air+mattress&hl=en&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,c f.osb&biw=1280&bih=653&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=12944543925441349337&s a=X&ei=KYXITv6JGIK3twf-25mtDA&ved=0CKMBEPMCMAA


Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:00 No.69686 If you’d like a reputable brand for a few dollars more, look at a Coleman: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Coleman-Twin-Single-High-Air-Bed/16539575?ci_sku=16539575&ci_src=14110 944&sourceid=1500000000000003260410 To inflate the bed quickly, you’ll want a 12 volt air pump. Not 120volt, as that requires an outlet or an inverter, and inverters waste a lot of power converting between DC and AC. You will be using 12 volt car batteries for power storage, so all appliances you buy should be 12 volt travel/camping appliances: http://www.walmart.com/ip/DC-Insta-Pump/14295539 Now, you’ll need a 12 volt battery charger. Here’s the cheapest I could find, it has a switch for charging either 6 or 12 volt batteries:: http://www.walmart.com/ip/American-Hunter-Charger-BL-C6-12-6-12-Volt-Battery-Charger/14678470 In the event that you do need to charge something that uses a regular wall outlet plug, you will need an inverter. This converts 12 volts to 120.

file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM]

/diy/ - Do-It-Yourself

http://www.google.com/products/catalog?pq=clip+on+inverter&hl=en&ds=pr&cp=0&gs_id=24 &xhr=t&q=inverter&tok=m8qHhWVh7DSX3UtrInmfzw&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.& #44;cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=653&bs=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=105098629568 34683779&sa=X&ei=VIbIToLMDcO1tge9p9D9Cw&sqi=2&ved=0CJwBEPMCMAA >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:00 No.69688 In order to use this inverter with a a 12 volt battery, you will need a 12 volt female socket with alligator clips that attach to the battery terminals. That can be found here: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200438216_200438216?cm_mmc=Aggregates-_-Google-_-Alte rnative%20+%20Renewable%20Energy%3EPower%20Inverters-_-457105 With a 12 volt lead acid battery, the 12 volt socket clipped onto the battery terminals (red is positive, black is negative) you can now plug in the air pump, which doesn’t need an inverter because it’s already a 12 volt appliance so it has the correct plug from the start. Plug it into the 12 volt socket, and it should activate. Now that you have a shelter, dry ground, a battery with the means to charge it and to convert to 120v as needed, you can buy the heated blanket. Choose from one of the following, keeping in mind that they are different sizes and you’ll want one large enough to comfortably sleep under: https://www.google.com/search?q=12+volt+heated+blanket&tbm=shop&hl=en&aq=f >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:01 No.69690 It is advisable to purchase two (one to lay on the matttress and sleep on top of and the other to use as a blanket) and use a 12 volt splitter like this http://www.amazon.com/12-Volt-Outlet-Splitter-Turn-Cigarette/dp/B001KS94OO or this http://www.amazon.com/Wagan-Twin-Socket-Travelers-Adapter/dp/B0019891NO to turn a single 12 volt socket into multiple sockets. Keep in mind the wattage of the blanket determines how long it will run on a single battery. You can calculate the Watt Hours of the battery by multiplying the voltage by the amp hours. For instance, a 12 volt, 28 amp hour battery is 12x28= 336 watt hours. Therefore, a 25 watt heated blanket will run for just over 13 hours on that battery. 336 divided by 25. With this simple formula you can choose a battery for your needs, keeping in mind that it should be something small and light enough that you can carry it in your backpack; After all, the cheapest way to recharge them will be to either leave them (concealed) plugged into an unlocked public power outlet or by setting your bag down next to an outlet in starbucks, with the battery concealed in your bag, charging. The best plan is probably to have multiple mid sized batteries. Use them as needed while also occasionally take the depleted ones to public outlets or starbucks/mcdonalds for charging. >> Radiofag 11/20/11(Sun)01:02 No.69691 Deep cycle batteries are very expensive and heavy... >>

Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:05 No.69697 >>69691 Yes, that's true. But you can buy multiple small ones to make a larger overall battery pack and recharge them one or two at a time. Of course the ideal is finding a location with a forgotten, exposed public power socket. This is more common than you might expect, the city puts them at the base of trees for christmas lights in the winter or to supply power from the equipment used by city workers that clean and maintain public spaces. If you can find such an outlet, problem solved. If you cannot, batteries make a good plan B.


Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:18 No.69702

file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM]

/diy/ - Do-It-Yourself

Thanks. I know someone who could use this, I'll pass it on. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:20 No.69707 I was homeless for two months. I slept in my car. I think that's better than propping up a tent somewhere because it provides you protection and mobility, and you can use the car battery for whatever you need. If you find yourself running out of batteries, you can always hotwire your own car or something. Now, I don't know about your friend, but I didn't really need much of anything, since I had a job but no place to stay until I found somebody needing a roommate. But hey, whatever. The point being, sleep in a car. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:20 No.69708 Oh, hey Mad. Didn't know you came here. I would really suggest more insulation in the roof of the shelter. Like a foot or so. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:23 No.69710 >>69707 A good idea, except he has no car. The items I have listed, all together, cost far less than even a very poor used car from craigslist. If you do have the means to purchase a car prior to eviction do so. This guide is for those who cannot. >>

Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:30 No.69717 >>69708 What type of insulation? How to adhere it to the tarp? It is a helpful suggestion but of no use without directions for what material to use and how to install it. Remember this is not merely conceptual, it has to be very specific so that someone can actually follow through and do all of this. It's why I didn't opt for something more complex. I feel this is doable on relatively short notice (A month or two) with relatively little money and materials. The design doesn't attempt to keep the interior of the dome warm, by the way, which might have been a source of confusion. Instead it keeps the actual occupant warm, through the use of the electric blankets and perhaps one of those metallic heat retaining blankets on top to prevent heat from escaping.


Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:31 No.69718 after having been homeless myself I found it's much easier to keep your "house" capable of fitting into a single military size pack. A bedroll is way more practical and efficient than an air mattress (sleeping bag - mad warm in winter, and you can get cool ones for summer or just store it and use a sheet - and "yoga mat" for insulation off the ground and a little cushion). Also it's easier to hide in bushes with your pack under your head, wrapped up in a sleeping bag, than it is to find a place and pop a tent. Don't know where your friend is but very likely a tent will draw attention from LEOs. as for power, I only ever needed to plug in a phone charger, and eventually a laptop, those can both be done for the price of a mac donald's cup of coffee or free if you don't mind sitting outside chilling for a little while at any business.

file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM]

I put everything into pay-by-the-month storage. The concern power wise isn't cell phones and laptops.all the above is crap.69724 Has your friend considered hitchhiking somewhere south for the winter? Seriously it just might be a good time to start heading to Florida. cloth bags inside your pack to keep things separate (dirty from clean.. If he had the ability to travel that far he could simply come to where I live and I'd put him up.69728 >>69718 >Don't know where your friend is but very likely a tent will draw attention from LEOs. I put a lot of thought into that plan. so 500 watt hours is needed to keep them running for 10 hours. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:33 No./diy/ . and unless you're a rich motherfucker who can afford to keep the engine running all night. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:39 No. I very file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. especially at night.") In my case. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:39 No.. this whole state is filled with violent thieving cunts.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Two car batteries of a size and weight that is appropriate for carrying in a backpack can supply about 600-700 watt hours. >Has your friend considered hitchhiking somewhere south for the winter? Seriously it just might be a good time to start heading to Florida. it has suddenly started to get very cold during the winters. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:37 No. Again. You can't prepare for what the optimal setup will be for unknown circumstances. As you say. No part of it seems like a fantasy to me. That's extraordinarily offensive. I have found that it tends to get very cold outside. a sleeping bag should be another priority. any other charging needs could be done directly someplace like mcdonalds. and the tarps can be rolled up. it's power for providing heat. Saves power too. a metal and non metal dish for eating out of.Do-It-Yourself or you can just ask. The electric blankets are each around 25 watts. like tinkertoys. Operate under the assumption that travel is not an option.69734 >>69710 Shame. There are other such encampments there and for the most part they are overlooked by the state.69729 Speaking from experience of being homeless for 4 months-.69736 >>69729 >Speaking from experience of being homeless for 4 months-. I hear yo regarding portability btw which is why I chose a portable design. metal can be used over fire. Living there would not remove the need to keep warm. and reads like a survivalist fantasy. ("Gee. non metal can be used in a microwave at a gas station. a few changes of clothes. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:37 No.all the above is crap. etc). Get a sleeping bag instead of an air mattress. do what works." "Motorcycle. The dome structure is simple to disassemble and reassemble. clothes from food. and lived off the back of the Honda CT. Also having lived in Florida myself for three years.. The current plan is for him to set up camp in a nearby national forest. and reads like a survivalist fantasy. what do.

but what happens when it rains and the ground becomes wet? A wet sleeping bag is miserable. you could rent a car or even a small moving truck and pick him up. what am I saying? Remember. And you don't really have to attach it.69742 >>69737 The only solution for that I can think of is to just buy an actual tent. not the air. But really. you can sandwich it between tarps. okay. Is it permitted to live inside of a storage unit? That also seems potentially promising.Do-It-Yourself carefully designed it to be practical. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:41 No.69737 >>69734 >Get a sleeping bag instead of an air mattress I realize why this seems like a good idea. The air mattress not only insulates you thermally from the cold ground. if it's within budget. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:43 No. Newspaper works fairly well. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:46 No.69741 >>69738 Wait. The layers of electric blankets are what produce and hold in heat. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:48 No.69740 >>69738 Hm. then why not? I mean. but also cushions you and keeps you high enough that you don't get wet. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:46 No. just because you're homeless doesn't mean you have to look the part. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:41 No.69745 >>69736 To touch on the "survivalist fantasy" bit and the "lots of thought" bit - file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. That increases complexity by requiring insulation./diy/ . the dome isn't there to keep in warm air. Less wasteful. as does Styrofoam if you can find enough. :( >In my case. and lived off the back of the Honda CT. Does anyone make sheet foam? Like the stuff foam mattresses are made from but in sheets as large as tarps? >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:45 No.69743 How far away from you does this guy live? It seems like for the price of all this stuff. I realize though that the cost might be a bit too much. But it would slide down the edges due to gravity. It's there to shield against wind and rain. Heat the occupant.69738 >>69717 Whatever you can get. I put everything into pay-by-the-month storage.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .

I know it isn't 'necessary'. you're sleeping in the air lol. an air mattress doesn't insulate from shit. a warm sleeping bag. whatever the temperature is. I was more then happy. Just basic knowledge on how to make a shelter. and the way most did it. I know ppl who have been homeless for eight yrs. can it? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:50 No. and a sturdy pack. is how cold the air is in your mattress. I have camped in national forests in dead winter with no electricity. Some of the most practical plans do not actually play out well in action. a hatchet. a tarp. If you look through his gear you will find a change of clothes. or just string a tarp into the trees above it. Your friend would benefit greatly from warm clothes. The way you did it.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . my bad. Ice is great for water. keep some wood dry under a tarp. also some 550 cord. living in WA state all it does it rains. high chance a pipe with some weed with it. but I don't think so. National forest = building a fire.Do-It-Yourself having experience and drawing blue prints are two different balls of yarn. Fire.69753 >>69749 >So you don't need all that gear you are listing OP. fires. Perhaps that wasn't clear and I should have said all of this upfront. Fires and pelts. I think it would provide a higher quality of life. feet pointing down hill. man. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:51 No. move camp when the groundwood is exhausted. I never even needed to cut my own wood. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:53 No. He has been living like that for a long time. Everyone seems to be missing the point entirely. Fires. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:56 No. you boil it over fire and make tea to warm your innards. Oh. isn't ideal in my opinion. mostly due to other people. there was enough on the ground. somehow hyoomans survived without electricals and plug-in heats for times before the last 200 years or whatever. You've never tried this way.69751 >>69737 yoga mat in a tent you put your tent at diamond-shape on a slope with the sleeping bag facing up hill. make sure you waterproof the tent.69749 I lol'd at this thread. A machete is a better tool than a deep cycle battery./diy/ . up sorta north in the snows and everything. good boots. In that case. Bonus points if you have a bucket at the runnoff point to collect rainwater and from experience. how much does a deep cycle weigh?? that and even your tinkertoy rollup house cannot all be carried on one man's back. So you don't need all that gear you are listing OP. or at least that newfangled heat-reflective shit they make for cold weather. after all. It's how to make the experience more comfortable given foresight and preparation time/funds. and a bic lighter. Tarps and small pop tents. with the water running off. I may be wrong. Hell I was homeless for a yr and never had that set up either.69754 >>69751 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.

69761 >>69758 >But really. sleeping bag.69763 >>69753 Actually I have tried to recreate "home" in the woods.Are you serious? Air is an excellent insulator. I'm spoiled on those damn sleeping mats though. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:56 No. The ground is colder. I only mentioned it because I live in the Northeast. etc. you're sleeping in the air lol. less to have stolen from you. I ended up whittling down to my bare basics for survival and found I was much more comfortable. . me too. It would basically put me in the same position.69756 >>69740 >>69741 Hey. OP i commend your hard work and effort to help your friend. with a month or two of prep time. dualfoamcampmat.Do-It-Yourself >and from experience. or have been taught to believe.69758 File1321772209. the fuel costs would add considerably to the sum (and I'd be without income) etc. feelsbadman. is how cold the air is in your mattress. the idea is to put a cushion of air between you and the ground so that your heat doesn't escape into it. and lighter right now.. shitty weather and all.. I just think the money spent on an air mat could better serve for good cold weather gear.jpg-(7 KB. less to worry about. But really. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)01:58 No. The list isn't "Things that are absolutely necessary to survive". The idea was to provide as much comfort as possible within a budget. in my experience. a foam mat under you is going to insulate and doesn't carry the risk to pop open. humans are a lot more adaptable than we give ourselves credit. I prefer just a tarp and sleeping bag. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. you could rent a car or even a small moving truck and pick him up. I'd give anything to go to the sticks with a tarp. Tents are like luxury mini homes. Less to maintain. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:01 No. humans are a lot more adaptable than we give ourselves credit. 245x264. >>69743 >It seems like for the price of all this stuff. >>69754 Seriously. I would have to quit my job. Again. Not an option for a number of reasons. Oh man./diy/ .jpg) >>69749 >>69749 yes. A little insulation can make a shelter a lot more livable. I did chuckle at the thread. which is a bad idea right now. its your dome. I know this.. whatever works for you. but really. or have been taught to believe. I had that happen twice. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)01:56 No.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . military issue thermal underwear. an air mattress doesn't insulate from shit. that shit is like a hug from a warm place in heaven in winter. whatever the temperature is.

I actually have tried doing the way you describe it. how to make snares and dead falls to help me catch a lil squirrel or raccoon to eat. I say this because it's an awfully specific model. get yourself a nice emergency blanket. High chances are your shit will either 1. >I actually have tried doing the way you describe it I don't believe you. and I very much doubt you did exactly what I described. The way I go. I am sorry if I know how to make shelters from natural material That can keep me dry. can easily keep me warm with out a blanket. it allows you to appreciate the finer stuff.Do-It-Yourself >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:02 No.69770 Okay.69764 >>69763 Okay.69768 >>69766 > I am sorry if Hold on there. It truly is a waste. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:08 No. have fun. as this is in fact the case for him. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:05 No.as well as just stupid. I found it to be a waste of money. I wish you and your friend well. Don't take it that way. It truly works a lot better with no energy needed. check. It's not like a lil camping trip. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:07 No. I still worry about torrential rains getting the interior wet./diy/ . I think you're saying this just to make a case against what I've proposed out of spite.69772 >>69768 You know it's not hard to use a portable solar charger to drip charge a car battery through time to keep it going. I use my knowledge to do it. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:02 No. Cops will kick you out of the area if found. some revisions: Foam bed roll instead of air mattress Dome tent instead of PVC/tarp dome Anything else? Remember the idea is "how much comfort can I have given a modest amount of money and prep time prior to eviction?" Assume there's someplace to camp out that isn't disrupted by police.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . I will file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. Foam mat instead of air mattress. Seeing as you never did answer the question of you never being homeless. 3. Sorry if I know about wild edible plants to eat.69765 >>69761 Ok. When you are homeless. you truly do not want such a fine set up. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:02 No. I got to find that out while doing that. It could easily all be destroyed. 2. some good points.69766 >>69753 My way of life was more then happy. get stolen from other hobos or stupid kids. it wasn't my intention to attack you. Have you ever been homeless? I really feel like you have no real clue what you are talking about OP.

Do-It-Yourself take it you have no real clue what you are talking about OP. but you plan hasn't had contact with the enemy yet.69774 Listen OP. scavenged latex paint & construction glue. coated alternating layers of plastic and paint. Dump some leaves and shit on the wet paint to camouflage it and add more insulation. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:14 No. Let me give you some tips from experience. That will give something to listen to and a source of light. that's how I did it. or slide them all in an extra sleeping bag. you want the rice and beans you knocked earlier. get a hand cranked flashlight/radio. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:10 No.69773 >>69754 I don't mean to pry too much. wrap them in old clothes or blankets and take them into you shelter at night for all night heating. Messy as fuck. looked hideous./diy/ . I built it with scrap cardboard. domeshelter2. >> Kai 11/20/11(Sun)02:10 No. kept me dry and warm.69781 >>69774 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. But I prefer to build longer use shelters.jpg-(20 KB. So why don't shut the fuck up now stupid moron. Hopefully seeing it with your own eyes will drive home that it isn't fantastical or difficult.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . If you are in a national forest. Boil them over the same fire you run for heat. I think if I was going to be living someplace in the woods for a long time I would want a sturdier. I've got a friend in homeless that hangs out in the middle of cities. I don't see it as implausible or impractical in any way but that's possibly due to the fact that I have first hand experience building such structures. and lots of plastic bags & pallet wrap from dumpsters. This is how I would do it if I were in his situation. you can build a fire. Build one. For foods. I've done geodesics before. It might seem more 'out there' to someone just now hearing about it or who has never build one.jpg) Just to clarify what I was talking about earlier though. is a single bedroll and pack kinda of guy. I slept on a series of them for over a year. Well. Off to a thread were some one ACTUALLY knows what he/she is talking about. I kept patching and re-inflating and replacing them way way too often. Air mattresses are never worth it. warm some large stones and rocks near the fire. but the total cost of the trip wouldn't be excessively more than the cost of all the stuff you mentioned earlier. Build the dome from cardboard. The trick here is to look at it like long term survivalist camping. you've got a good idea. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:09 No. but you would have to quit your job to spend a day or so picking your friend up? Or can he not live with you for some reason? Fuel costs certainly aren't negligible. You can stack them together to get higher off the ground (But if you do. otherwise they slide around at night and slip out from under you. Instead of some one making guesses. Get a few $5 blue camp pads from walmart. here is an actual PVC dome. 500x373. Get a small stainless steal mess kit.69776 File1321773044. and not homeless street living. more permanent shelter than a tent. either glue them together. glued together. Instead of the whole battery set up. Mine had a solar panel on top for passive charging as well. it's entirely within one person's means to build quickly and cheaply.

they will. you've got a good idea. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:22 No.. Natural Ventilation.69784 Your friend isn't going to do any of this shit you've written up for him . >If you are in a national forest. looked hideous.Do-It-Yourself >Listen OP. I kept patching and re-inflating and replacing them way way too often. I will suggest this. wow you're a faggot. That isn't a replacement. you can build a fire. That will give something to listen to and a source of light. >Build the dome from cardboard. I haven't really accounted for hostile homeless./diy/ . fair point. and replaced with a foam bed roll.bushcraftusa. they will give him an area where he can sleep. A $100 greyhound bus ticket goes coast to coast. Messy as fuck. Hence the electric and propane heating solutions. Dump some leaves and shit on the wet paint to camouflage it and add more insulation. If they want to harm you or steal from you. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:18 No.jpg-(20 KB. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:19 No. Hmm. Those things won't keep you warm..php?t=356 and another neat trick called the super shelter (keeping warm with a thermal blanket) file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. That's about the level of effort they seem to be willing to put in with regards to locating illegal campers. >Air mattresses are never worth it. >You can stack them together to get higher off the ground Very good idea. But then that's a problem even with tents or any other shelter suggested here.jpg) I like this thread and I'll dump whatever I can neat trick to warming up fast called "palmer furnace" and the site is pretty neat when it comes to going inna woods http://www. kept me dry and warm. Get him the info of a support agency like the salvation army. >Instead of the whole battery set up. wash and if funding is good possibly a cooked meal. I slept on a series of them for over a year.69786 File1321773736. get a hand cranked flashlight/radio. This is how they spot vagrants. Seriously tho. coated alternating layers of plastic and paint. but you plan hasn't had contact with the enemy yet.. glued together..com/forum/showthread. but I am skeptical that it would hold up in a storm.in fact giving him all this useless info like "hurr carry around two car battery's like a fucken idiot" is just going to make him depressed and possibly make him commit suicide. thanks. Make a fire and they find you and kick you out. Hmm. The idea of the battery pack is a way to stay warm.69783 >>69773 This. Noted. If you don't make a fire. 312x250.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Car battery's and a tent in the forest. they don't find you and don't kick you out.

php?t=22150 this guy has plenty of youtube videos on DIY. lives on 5k a year inna woods and built his own dome to live in http://www.69797 >>69784 >Your friend isn't going to do any of this shit you've written up for him Yes he is./diy/ . Why? That makes no sense. just in a tight spot.69791 > cant have fires l2dispersed camping in national forests http://www.com/ >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:24 No. just unload him on a homeless agency. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:32 No. I have a Duracell 600HD I use for experiments out in nature and I have a light weight reserve battery pack I keep file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.com/forum/showthread.com/watch?v=Jh9J87yBIAs&feature=relmfu another option for a tent is military surplus gear if you can find it http://bushcraftusa. He's not depressed. he's actually an intelligent and capable person and likes the plan as suggested.forestcamping. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:28 No.com/dow/suzi/articles/around/dispersed-cg-guidelines.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .bushcraftuk. there is nothing you can do for him >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:30 No. I'm just looking to improve it. >in fact giving him all this useless info like "hurr carry around two car battery's like a fucken idiot" is just going to make him depressed and possibly make him commit suicide.com/forum/showthread.wordpress.69795 >>69787 brilliant idea for him to fend for himself in the woods then.com/forum/showthread.htm >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:30 No.69796 >>69787 OP said in >>69728 >If he had the ability to travel that far he could simply come to where I live and I'd put him up. And I myself carry such batteries around.youtube. They have been friends for years and through a lot but no way OP wants to share a room with friend.php?t=14939 http://www.Do-It-Yourself http://bushcraftusa.php?t=52079 if you want something more permanent and warmer you can use earthbags filled with whatever you like (rice hulls for example have an r rating for insulation) and plenty of designs as you can see in the link http://earthbagplans.69787 >>69783 OP's friend is a disruptive schizophrenic with typically bad hygiene.

69799 >>69786 as far as tools go I've found the following 3 to be indispensable http://bushcraftusa. if you get a larger bottle.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:33 No. I see why you went with no fire. You can tie the thing down with ropes if you want. A rocket stove is supposedly pretty much smokeless. Take it with you to the restroom.com/forum/showthread. this is not the case. You just need to worry about getting your stuff stolen. I had a bit of problem when I made a cardboard platform. Never leave anything at camp you aren't prepared to replace. Ah. Yeah. He just lives at the exact opposite end of the country from me and it isn't practical to go pick him up. etc.) as well as two folding solar panels.youtube. >> Kai 11/20/11(Sun)02:37 No. I openly carried a hatchet.Do-It-Yourself in my backpack so I can juice up my gear as needed (video cameras. if built right. Everywhere you go. good tip.69805 The amount of money you are dropping on doing what you suggest could be used to just go on craigslist and rent a room while your friend gets his shit together./diy/ . Propane might be cheaper though. The paint and plastic give it excellent waterproofing. can he get a pass to camp there? I don't know how it's different from national parks. Unless it's actually possible to take a greyhound that far on $100 as someone claimed earlier. the enemy I was referring to was mother nature. The dome is about as well as a tent will in a storm. but I replaced it with a foundation of milkcrates and the world was peachy. Never take your eyes off you pack. nobody messed with me. I don't get why you're so viciously negative. laptops. your pack goes. but I spent a lot of time in the Smokey Mountains and never had a problem over my camp fire..php?t=21172 http://bushcraftusa. but those would be a pain to backpack in. so the wind is less of an issue. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:39 No. Take it with you to shower. but might be a bit beyond your friends means. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.com/forum/showthread. It's much heavier then a tent. he'll have to find a solution for where he is. and I'm a tall broad man with a long hair and a fuck off beard.php?t=6494 http://www.. rather then hostile homeless. He is intelligent. honestly. Carry it with you in your pack. Wait. You don't ever want to know the feeling of loss and rage that comes from finding everything you own was just stolen when you went to take a leak. >>69787 No. What's the matter? >>69791 Ooh. lucid and hygenic. I'll pass it along.69801 >>69799 Now this is an excellent tip. electric might be a way to go.69803 >>69781 Well. if it's a national forest. if you can't build a fire.com/watch?v=j7EdhnReYH0 as you can see I favor wood handles since you can customize them as needed >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:35 No.

California is apparently $202.69807 >>69803 >Wait. I am just worried about it getting there in time. it's specifically designed to prevent people from trying to live permanently in the forest.../diy/ . He has to be out by January 1. If you go over the listed items you will find that contrary to first impressions it actually works out to be surprisingly cheap.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . the first being the claim that a cross country greyhound ticket could be had for $100. This is the kind of thing I could buy for him. People do it anyway and with considerable success so long as they stay away from the hiking paths. bike trails and other frequented areas so they are not reported. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:42 No. this is not the case. or to miami. There's a cooldown period such that you have to vacate for a week between these periods.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:39 No. Far less than one could rent a room for.69806 >>69797 Portland. for two weeks at a time.com and checked price for a ticket a month from now (since your friend isn't getting evicted for at least a month or two. No. if it's a national forest.69813 >>69797 > bus fare OP I just went to greyhound. another good tip.69810 get him to find a copy of steal this book >full of tips for getting free food >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:43 No. I suggested the forest because I knew a guy who worked there and he was able to offer tips for not getting caught. can he get a pass to camp there? Yes. stated upthread). How much is a deep cycle battery again? >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:44 No. fl. Now I am assuming that your friend is closer since you also said "a few states away" and "not as far as humanly possible" as I made it on the sample ticket. all the way from portland. This is the second time someone has greatly exaggreated. The number one way they locate illegal campers is smoke plumes from their fires. Maine to San Francisco. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:41 No. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:40 No. In fact I will probably wind up buying most or all of the shit on the list and mailing it to his current address.69809 >>69805 >The amount of money you are dropping on doing what you suggest could be used to just go on craigslist and rent a room while your friend gets his shit together.69815 >>69810 Shit. It's $153 to buy that ticket right now.

how's he going to pay for transportation deep enough into the sticks not to be messed with while building this construction.69820 >>69818 Then that answers my question. sorting by lowest cost. but did you figure in cost of shipping? >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:59 No. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. tent.69821 >>69818 and how much for two electric blankets. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:54 No. All the parts were the cheapest I could find on Google Product Search.htm He'd need two of them to power the setup shown. It does make good sense to have a "Fallen on hard times" kit and there might be a market for selling such kits preassembled with everything in a duffel bag. pvc pipes and other items would also be purchased retail so shipping costs apply to only a small subset of the items listed.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . so $70 total. charger. If you actually read the guide it includes links to every item.69829 >>69825 I know I'm a total killjoy.com/CSB-Battery-EVX12200-p/evx12200_ups12-18.. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:51 No. many can be purchased retail at comparable prices. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:51 No. stuff to carry it in.batterysharks. The total cost of the stuff you mention is around $150 or so (not including the parts for the dome or whatever you want him to make). a warm weather sleeping bag.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:46 No.69825 >>69821 The electric blankets were something like $10-15. If it's less than $153 for all the stuff you've listed in your manifesto. you can add it up yourself./diy/ . http://www. Tarps. and various 12v connectors.69818 >>69813 >How much is a deep cycle battery again? $35. For an extra $50 he can get from Maine to California. that's impressive and I might just consider going off into the deep woods with this myself. such as the batteries.69816 find out if there are any foreclosed homes in his area then have him break in and bring in couches and furniture >less likely to be evicted if he looks legit >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)02:47 No.69831 >>69829 For some items. PVC pipes and joints.. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)02:57 No.

Why are people on here so needlessly vicious? Is it a byproduct of anonymity. What's wrong with you./diy/ . your idea may not be so appealing to him.info/unequal-streets this might be of assistance >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:05 No.thespoon. that isn't my intention. going remote and shit costs money in itself. saying something like this? It was the best I could come up with for solving the basic problems of living outdoors.69838 >>69834 >The cost of traveling across the country is comparable to the cost of all that shit I actually don't know if he wants to move here. The cost of traveling across the country is comparable to the cost of all that shit. In another way. discreet generators for just such a purpose. It eliminates the need to move heavy batteries around entirely. + $40 for burritos and coffee x 3 days. No.69835 My only suggestion is to get a cheap camping generator and a single larger battery. but doing that to live when freshly homeless is a recipe for a complete waste of time and money.69842 here we go it's a zine on squating http://zinelibrary.69843 $153 greyhound.html how to hop a freight train >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:09 No. Honeywell and Honda make very quiet. Use the generator periodically to charge the battery. I have no problem with the premise of how to survive inna woods. Most newly homeless people would enjoy the prospect of getting back into a home. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.69836 http://zinelibrary. not to mention hauling around a bunch of shit.69834 >>69829 I'm going to be an even bigger killjoy.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:02 No. or because inflection doesn't come across in text or what >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:08 No. However they're something like $300 so this is something you would need to buy and have shipped to him. >so it seems to me that OP is more interested in having his friend play survivor out in the woods than actually helping him get back on his feet. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:03 No.69841 http://www.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .info/opening-doors-primer-housing-liberation >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:11 No. I brought up the possibility but he didn't really acknowledge it. and he can just siphon gas as he needs to. so it seems to me that OP is more interested in having his friend play survivor out in the woods than actually helping him get back on his feet. This is incredibly mean. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:03 No.com/trainhop/train1b. rather than a well meaning hipster/hobo lifestyle choice.

I could see him brushing it off if you seemed like you didn't really want to put him up when you "brought up the possibility".69852 >>69838 If he would rather be homeless than move to a new place. so you would have to make a firm offer if you are really willing to have him move in. his preferences or his exact situation.69855 >>69847 I'm calling fucking bullshit on needing the electricity for heat then. Again. there's much you don't know here. some wool military blankets. >> Kai 11/20/11(Sun)03:20 No. Personally. he's not nearly as intelligent or capable as you claim. and camp pad. your idea may not be so appealing to him. passing these on. Yeah but without knowledge of the person.69849 this is where i got a lot of material http://zinelibrary. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:14 No. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. Obviously you don't have to if you don't want to. Florida. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:15 No. But he has said that it is.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Maybe a milar blanket. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:11 No. >In another way. >I have no problem with the premise of how to survive inna woods Then let's stay within that premise.69845 >>69842 >>69841 >>69836 Excellent.Do-It-Yourself just talking straight here. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:12 No.69848 >>69843 >just talking straight here. However.69847 >>69844 Lakeland. Such a proposal is very imposing on you. I live in fucking Jacksonville and I've never needed more then a quality sleeping back.69844 where does your friend live? >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:11 No./diy/ .info/english/housing >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:19 No. there aren't many people I'd put up for any length of time.

. >also the water filters are unnecessary as well--finding water shouldn't be an issue.Do-It-Yourself Florida doesn't get that fucking cold. twice. I don't think it's possible to freeze to death down here. I hope that clears up any confusion.. Especially with wool blankets. and the electric blankets are just going to be an unnecessary hassle.69863 I've known a couple homeless people and i'm going to agree that this isn't practical electric blankets and the air mattress are unnecessary also the water filters are unnecessary as well--finding water shouldn't be an issue./diy/ . the issue is comfort.. Especially with wool blankets. use fire for warmth my friend was homeless by choice for about 15 years and did fine in kansas winters without electricity file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.cfm HUD's homeless resources >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:27 No.69869 Should I remake the thread? There's been a few revisions already and everyone who has replied recently seems to have fundamentally misunderstood the goal. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:22 No. That was never the issue. I don't think it's possible to freeze to death down here. This isn't about what is necessary. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:26 No.69866 >>69863 >electric blankets and the air mattress are unnecessary I already addressed this earlier. and a firepit >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:30 No. though.. If you stay dry. If you stay dry. his dog... Try it. which will insulate even soaking wet.gov/offices/cpd/homeless/resources. you should try to keep your stuff "packable" in-case you have to move camp and keep in mind that people are going to steal/vandalize your shit if you can't pack it up easily my friend built a tipi in the woods near my town and bicycled into town for supplies and to work and all he had was a hatchet. Outdoor drinking fountains and whatnot aren't that common and the only ones in the park at at the visitor's center which would require a mile+ walk every time he needed a drink.69871 >>69866 you can bring jugs of water back with you..69862 www. they're not necessary.69857 >>69855 >Florida doesn't get that fucking cold. Yes.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . It is. Again. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:34 No. given a modest budget and some prep time. It's about how to provide comfortable living. which will insulate even soaking wet. You're right.hud.. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:32 No. it doesn't get cold enough to kill you. It doesn't get lethally cold but it can be cold enough to be unpleasant. Every time you drink it's something you purchased or from an indoor source.. I care about this person and want to provide a degree of comfort by way of preparation and carefully selected products.

If you can't figure out how to carry in a couple of jugs of water you are going to be dead pretty damn quick.. he still has a little under a month and a half to find employment and cheap housing. While preparing for the worst-case scenario is always good. The only way to go is to never leave anything you can't afford to lose.. See: >>69781 >my friend was homeless by choice for about 15 years and did fine in kansas winters without electricity Again. Keep valuables and extra clothes and what not in a storage unit. Being homeless sucks. Join a gym to have a place to get clean and maintain your physical appearance.net/~minstrel/hobosign.69890 If your goal is to provide a level of comfort you can forget about it. use fire for warmth Not an option. I know I would forgo the unnecessary comforts in order to keep shaving supplies and a respectable.Do-It-Yourself i do advice getting a bicycle though >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)03:37 No. I don't doubt that.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . If hobos find your camp they will steal your shit. >> file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.69893 http://www.69888 >>69876 Does your friend have a job? If not. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:49 No./diy/ . >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:46 No. clean outfit to wear to interviews and whatnot. As for talking about water that is just plain stupid.69899 MAD SCIENTIST I'm Australian and spiders and snakes will fuck you up if you live on the ground. If people in general find your spot they will destroy your shit out of just pure maliciousness.htm hobo symbols >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:59 No. but this isn't about basic survival necessities it is about how to provide a level of comfort above that.worldpath. I was homeless off and on for years and it never ceased to amaze me how someone would bust their ass to find my extremely well hidden spots and fuck up my stuff just for the sheer joy of doing it. any suggestions (unless this has already been ammended in the thread?) This camping method is brilliant because I go hunting with my father up at broakbach mountain and get some kangaroos. Especially if your friend is in a national forest someone will inevitably follow his footprints in the snow to find his camp.69876 >>69871 >and the electric blankets are just going to be an unnecessary hassle. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)03:53 No.

/diy/ .youtube.69917 >>69911 http://www. If your retard ideas about filtering water (despite there being numerous easy clean water sources) or using electric blankets (despite the total impracticality of this shit) ideas were at all reasonable. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:15 No.22 from walmart or something for killin innocent little animals. For one night.Do-It-Yourself Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:03 No.69912 Tell your friend to get a cheap . All it takes is one long zipper. So you'll have to get a deep cycle. but how is he going to get food? This is my biggest concern if I ever am going to be homeless. might be ideal. . Enjoy your 160 dollar battery I guess. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:47 No.69920 Sorry if I missed something. And then you get to do that again the next day.69913 >>69911 Incorporate the two broski. And even your 160 dollar deep cycle is probably only going to take a month or so of that before it's drastically lessened in effectiveness. That seriously sounds like something a 12 year old with zero real world experience would suggest. and what's comfortable you dipshit. a regular car battery is going to basically be destroyed by that kind of treatment. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:36 No. you keep telling people who have real world experience that you're not just trying to 'get by' but you're trying to provide a level of comfort above that. .html >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)04:15 No. You're suggesting that someone LITERALLY spend 100% of their time either charging or discharging a battery. . I can't believe this nigger is suggesting that someone get a bunch of car batteries and sit around with an electric blanket. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:17 No. plus a sleeping bag. and then you have to spend 8 hours babysitting it while it charges at some mythical location where nobody minds you sitting there all day stealing their power. how hard are they to set up? How long does it take? This. do you not think that homeless people want to be comfortable? They already know what works. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:42 No. It's just so fucking ridiculous that I can't believe anyone would even really be trying to suggest it like it's meant to be taken seriously. Jesus fucking christ. you'd see more homeless people toting file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.com/No_See_Um_No_More.hammockbliss.69923 This thread is fucking hilarious. that's why they're doing it that way.69911 >>69904 Nice.69928 >>69923 also.69904 >>69899 look into hammock camping I bought this one for $40 http://www. First off.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .com/watch?v=cxHQVsNU79k >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:37 No.

69930 >>69928 >>69923 Settle down you vicious little shit. if you care.jpg) >>69938 Little babby tantrum file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:02 No. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:03 No. 2pac. if there's any additions or modifications you'd like to make feel free to do so. He wants to be independant after being evicted.69937 >>69932 >It's sure to be imperfect. Your friend is not an experiment. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:52 No. from people who actually know what the fuck they're talking about instead of constructing some 12 year olds plan on how to live outside that isn't in any way realistic. OP has exhausted most other options. If they did I think they might very well equip themselves in such a way as to minimize the suffering that homelessness otherwise involves.Do-It-Yourself car batteries and sitting at starbucks with trickle chargers all fucking day. this is just the best I can offer with what knowledge I have You're just acting like you migrated from /b/ after 'growing out of it' Grow up. A hobo living in a forest dome with a bunch of car batteries. Grow up. just buy him a fucking ticket. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:59 No.69938 >>69930 This post is quite clearly the OP. 350x402. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:54 No.69943 File1321783391. But typically they did not have a safe period prior to it where they had time and money to prepare for their eventual homelessness.69942 >>69834 Pretty much sums up what I feel about this thread.69932 >>69930 then he's be better served ASKING for advice. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)04:59 No.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . This thread is fucking hilarious.jpg-(14 KB. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)05:00 No.69939 >>69928 >do you not think that homeless people want to be comfortable? Of course they do. and his friend doesn't accept much charity. Don't try to "exercise your intelligence" by coming up with some crackpot plan and then becoming overly defensive "THIS IS EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE I WORKED HARD ON THIS" when people tell you it sucks./diy/ .

I wasn't offended that people disagreed. and you're actually being condescending to those who actually know what they're talking about. okay. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:05 No. No dumbass. you'll find out that you've been accusing someone else of being me out of frustration. I think it would provide a higher quality of life.69947 >>69945 >http://guide2homelessness.blogspot. >>69946 Just FYI that's not me. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)05:08 No.blogspot. but that he was needlessly mean in his reply.69945 Dear OP Ignore everything you've read so far in this thread. You've never tried this way. isn't ideal in my opinion. You're not taking advice.Do-It-Yourself Some things will never change >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)05:04 No. and I don't know how but I've seen people say there is some method for checking for samefagging. and are telling you exactly why your shit won't work and is retarded. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.69946 >>69937 Oh shut the fuck up OP with his trip off. after all. >The way you did it. This website > all http://guide2homelessness. yet still basically telling them they just haven't thought things through as well as you. Listen to people with actual experience. You're saying this kind of bullshit to people who have actually done it. Otherwise he'd probably go on welfare and find public housing or something.com/ enjoy and good luck to your friend >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:06 No.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . thanks. This is what I needed.69944 >>69942 > IS EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE I WORKED HARD ON THIS" when people tell you it sucks./diy/ . I welcome you to do so. Yeah.com/ Wow. and the way most did it. I would buy him a ticket but he seems specifically interested in finding a way to live on his own like this.

because that shit is fucking insane. It's not the huge deal you make it out to be.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:09 No. And I respect that they've done it. I understand you're angry because it seems like I should have the humility to defer to them because they have firsthand experience living homeless. I don't think it occurred to them.69950 >>69946 >You're saying this kind of bullshit to people who have actually done it But they haven't done this.69952 >>69945 That website is clearly bullshit. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:23 No. it would be arrogant of them and they aren't the type.69957 >>69955 If you seriously bring an electric blanket and a battery with you camping and think it's a good idea for a homeless file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. None of them tried it.69953 >>69952 >I don't see anything about aquiring 6 car batteries and carrying 100 pounds of batteries every day to McDonalds to charge them up I never suggested this. My version involves two small batteries each about the size of a brick and weighing perhaps five pounds. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)05:17 No. because that shit is fucking insane. if one has time and money to prepare for it? Or is it a one way street where I must unconditionally accept as final truth whatever they say and there's no possibility that I could improve on their methods? I don't think any of them would go so far as to say that.69948 >>69939 Your naivety truly astounds me. I think. I do it whenever I go camping./diy/ . I don't see anything about aquiring 6 car batteries and carrying 100 pounds of batteries every day to McDonalds to charge them up so that you can live like a homeless king and roll around in your electric blanket heated PVC castle at night. They did something vastly simpler with the intent just to survive.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . I've done it. This is different. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)05:11 No. I suggested it because from my own experience it's a really nice thing to have on hand in cold weather. But isn't it also reasonable to ask that they express some of that same humility and consider the possibility that living homeless can be done better. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:13 No. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)05:15 No. You're being willfully dishonest. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:15 No. for some people with the means to prepare in the manner described.69955 >>69954 >I suspect that it didn't occur to anyone to go get a car battery and use it to heat an electric blanket every single night instead of using a sleeping bag.69954 >>69950 >I don't think it occurred to them I suspect that it didn't occur to anyone to go get a car battery and use it to heat an electric blanket every single night instead of using a sleeping bag. it might be a good idea.

>> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:30 No. so I had to draw it in MSpaint. For those that actually are going to become homeless. or you're trolling.70017 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. travelers.69961 LOL electric blanket? jesus fucking christ you make oogles look like geniuses. Better get a good karrimat and sleep on that.70009 Nice guide./diy/ . diy. I'd rather sleep on rock than on another air mattress. then there's nothing more really to say. they are one of the most valued items among the homeless. 2 comments. Too bad you dumb fucks have never tried it to realise my genius. I do not understand the issue with drinking water.69978 Air mattresses are the worst thing I have ever slept on. i theorize.69960 I have this theory that jamming your penis in a meat grinder will give you sexual powers.70015 Come on.jpg) >>69957 >good idea for a homeless guy to tote around a battery try to recharge every day I couldn't get this imagine out of my head. access to water fountain.69985 File1321788960. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)06:36 No. Congratulations I guess. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:28 No. Line your sleeping bag with it and it does wonders (expect to get dirty). Go to any gov park. I'd suggest buying a razor. Go into any government building. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)06:20 No. Not kidding. newspaper makes an unbelievably good insulator. 1. 665x575. Keeping clean shaven.Do-It-Yourself guy to tote around and try to recharge every day. 2.jpg-(41 KB. water fountains everywhere. without looking like a smelly ugly homeless person and thrown out. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:14 No. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:31 No. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:23 No. i would go a long way into being able to go into buildings that offer free food / other stuff. Fuck.69984 Why doesn't your friend just occupy some vacant house? I heard there are plenty in the US since 2008.69965 >>69961 oh yeah something else. the OP is just a 17 year-old having fantasies after the 'rents blew up at him.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)06:35 No. and squatters. hobos. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)05:39 No. You're a world class dumbfuck. the biggest advice I can give is investing in clean socks.

could easily fit in my SUV. canned goods. Later maybe I'd get myself some solar panels. also the idea of throwing all that money away seems plain stupid. (Later getting in RV) I could afford an apartment but I don't see the point in getting one. beats all the beds Ive slept in. tent. I already know how to clean water and lots of basic stuff. Join a gym. Even in OP's scenario he forgets the obvious that it will eventually snow and some asshole will follow his friends footsteps to his campsite and nose about. You need to have some sort of income to even be homeless. Find some shit job. It gives you a place to shower and maybe relax a little bit or workout and forget your problems as well. If you have any sort of income the cheap sleeping bags and tents you keep there can easily be replaced. extra tent.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . How is toting a couple of jugs of water to a campsite a problem? How are you going to tote around heavy assed car batteries and not water? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:42 No. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:44 No. Not llive in mind you but keep the basics. Your site will always be found and destroyed eventually. Something. Not if but when.70024 Cool thread OP I thought about living in my SUV or a tent. I speak form experience. Like the water "problem". Some goody two shoes and retirees actually make a hobby of finding hidden campsites of homeless people and destroying their contents. tent interests me. extra sleeping bag. birth certificate. I could do many things with it. Probably the happiest I ever have been was when I was living in warm areas working low wage low stress jobs and camping out in the woods away from society and its bullshit. Water is everywhere.Do-It-Yourself There is a lot in this thread that just doesn't add up. etc. Run some adds on Craigslist for labor work. Sometimes by neccesity sometimes by choice. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:45 No./diy/ . A lot more people are going to be ending up needing knowledge like this the way the world is going.70030 >>70024 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. Hobos will steal anything they find. clean clothes WATER. Extra ID. I was homeless off and on for years. What people need to realize is that if you live this way by neccesity or choice you can't expect to keep anything at a site. I found that basic bills included renting a storage unit to keep my valuables in. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)07:52 No.70026 >>70024 I also got an awesome leather sofa I sleep in the house. but is there an easy way to get electricity out in the wilderness? I wouldn't mind using up a little cash.70025 Even though a lot of this seems like bullshit I will contribute as I feel this thread has merit. Anything. And living in an SUV.

Hitchhiking.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . so what would your recommended means of travel be. 2) Get a cheap flight to Detroit or some other shitty city with tons of abandoned buildings. corn. padlocks and chain to board up your house to the extent that another hobo won't bother breaking in. This all shouldn't cost more than a hundred bucks 4) Find an abandoned house. If you have any amount of alcohol you can be busted for drunk driving just for having the keys in the ignition.Do-It-Yourself Car camping can be the most difficult of all. What the fuck. if only for the shower + toilet facilities. If you could get to where you are at so can anyone else. so splurge on a can of chilli or tuna or something every now and then.70137 Just the thread I was looking for./diy/ . at the bottom of lampposts and on walls.70140 1) Earn/steal/borrow a couple hundred bucks. As for power their are small chargers marketed to backpackers that can charge a cell phone but anything large and bulky will be stolen or destroyed. find a cheap(ish) $100 flight to cali or a warmer southern state? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:31 No. few short lengths of chain. So forget about running the heater. Someone above suggested a cheap gym membership. buy a crowbar.70159 >>70137 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. sleeping mat and a bivy.70120 >>69697 Check in parks. etc at a dollar store. this is actually a really. I have heard even of people that didn't have the keys in the ignition being busted. 3) Go to a hardware store. squat in it. 20F Sleeping bag. 5) buy 49c cans of beans. Use the crowbar. spaghetti.70131 >>70025 >Some goody two shoes and retirees actually make a hobby of finding hidden campsites of homeless people and destroying their contents. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)08:01 No. sometimes by malevolent assholes sometimes by cops that got a report of someone sleeping in a car. a hammer + nails. really good idea. I may end up homeless soon due to various reasons. You are always on an accesible path. a cheap camping stove that runs on alcohol + fuel alcohol and a wind up flashlight/radio. Cook them on the alcohol stove. a few cheap padlocks. I did it for a bit and got rousted routinely. California perhaps? Currently in Minnesota and we just had our first snowfall.70038 >>70030 I see. Sometimes by people that thought they were doing a good dead. You will occasionally need other nutrients to not die. why? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:15 No. hammer + nails. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)12:03 No. There's some gear I still have when my buddy and I had plans for a Thailand trip which fell through: Osprey Atmos 65 backpack. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)11:37 No. Got a little over $300 in cash and would probably head somewhere warm. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:00 No.

I never had a camp that didn't get raided or trashed. Most any warm place I have ever been has had a really seedy underbelly though which is why I live in the North as it tends to kill off the bums.70170 >>69676 Just let them live in your undersea base! Man. and if you're anything other than a Hispanic with no English you're likely to get treated well after your employer realizes you're going to stick around. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:08 No. the weather is warm. Granted.S.70167 >>70131 Only the people that do these things could tell you the why and you aren't likely to see them posting in here. Albeit in a fairly cowardly way by monitoring someones property and destroying it when they know the person won't be there. Why would someone hike into the middle of a lava field just to destroy what little a homeless person has is beyond me. The plus side. the jobs are high impact and you have to compete with immigrants (in Florida at least). A couple hundred bucks for fuel contributed towards someone's trip might get you quite a ways. the work is mindless. Idle hands are the devils play things as they say. As does Georgia. Like they feel they are playing Batt Man and killing the scourge of homeless people. I was never a bum but was homeless and learned to despise career bums. I guess for a sick minded person it gives them a sense of empowerment.70166 >>70159 Alabama needs farm labor badly now.70165 >>70131 Why do people rape or kill or continue to wear spandex? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:08 No.Do-It-Yourself I have heard that Texas has a little bit of work at the moment although I have never personally verified it. The days of just finding a job as they say are pretty much over at least for the time being. I can only tell you about my own personal experience. Out around Lake Okeechobee in Florida they're always looking for people too. Craigslist ride share might be a better option. I would advise against hitch hiking anywhere in the U. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. I can't imagine making it somewhere warm without ending up robbed or beaten. Also the older generation has no concept of how easy it is to become homeless in this fucked up world and economy. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:05 No. get that thing up and running./diy/ . I would go to every length to conceal my presence. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:14 No. Retirees have all this time and look for something to fill it up with.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . This country went nuts a long time ago. I used the example of retirees because I saw a few videos on you tube of this.

Isn't that essentially the whole plot of lord of the rings? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:49 No. if you are using said batteries to power a heater.70201 bump it up >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:18 No. this should give him enough training as he is homeless.candy bars. >> reclaimer04 !2Ejq/VsI6c 11/20/11(Sun)15:00 No. your friend has to eat more making him more poor.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:22 No./diy/ .70225 File1321818021. mfw. the air mattress takes up space of air making more space to heat. in this case the build up is good saving the heat. make him read some tutorials on making snares to catch rabbits and stuff. you can make your own MREs suited for your taste heres a link for how to http://www. instead of just leaving it. you're doing it wrong. The water rinsing idea was brilliant.jpg) >>70167 >>Why would someone hike into the middle of a lava field just to destroy what little a homeless person has is beyond me.70237 PROTIP: don't use heavy lead acid batteries use cheapo RC lithium batteries. right? Reply with what you found helpful.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Use the other types of mattresses as suggested. As for food.instructables{dot}com/id/DIY-MREsa-tutorial/ >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)14:40 No. but this might be some quick tips. If you seal off the dome.70253 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.jpg-(16 KB.70210 dont know if this has been said yet but MREs are great sources of food also cheap. the possible heat from your friend and the "magic" blankets will stay inside this dome of yours. Fellow Anon >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)13:52 No. The only minus is that he would need exp to use it. Also some bow and arrow is not the worst idea ever. Also have you heard of cold pits for snow caves and such? The cold air sinks while the hot air is going up. finding a lake or river shouldn't be too hard and saving his money. etc. 358x286. Also tighter space means less space to heat up and he´ll be more warm. The plastic and metal plates for both camp fire and microwave was an brilliant idea as fellow anon here suggested >>69718 Also If you get your friend to buy a spade of some kind. And when it gets cold.70177 I´ll admit I haven't read the whole thread OP. instant noodles. wit a cheap vacuum food saver and some lightly packaged foods of your choosing . Also. but can be hard to find and can taste awful. Saving your buddy energy as the body uses energy for heating. and you have also decided upon. Lot's of insulation can do the job of a heater pretty much any day. But as he has unlimited shots. he could build up some sort of circle platform inside his dome to get no water flowing in in case it rains. they're much more energy dense.

htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] ..70261 >Speaking from experience of being homeless What this gentleman said. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:25 No. they're anywhere between 7-9 dollars a meal. I'm going to be homeless by January 1st.70276 File1321820922. but you can buy showers at T/A and Pilot truck stops for about 7-8 bucks.... they're designed with enough calories to support an adult in a combat situation with one meal a day. dropping money into an outdoor living setup isn't going to do you much good when it all gets stolen on the 2nd night. or carry it with you everywhere.Do-It-Yourself You could join a gym. and get to someplace somewhere warm. The upshot to MRE's though.70255 Thanks for the thread.70279 this thread is lulzy >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:55 No. if you can't lock it up in a car. Was homeless for 6+ months over last winter. I make less than $200 a week and have been searching for two years for something better and currently am in immense debt from college (And these debt collectors are now seizing my assets) and currently can't afford rent ($700 a month before water/electricity/gas) because I choose to eat instead. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.. Some places gouge for 12 dollars a meal.jpg-(2 KB.). >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:03 No. Better to spend what little cash he has on a greyhound ticket.jpg) >this thread >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:29 No. it this thing is even real or partly real. it won't be yours for very long. not helping your "friend". 126x126. matthew-broderick-detects-a-hi(.70259 >>70210 MRE's have gone up in price. That's a quick way to go broke being homeless. Hooray! >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:05 No./diy/ . but aren't they really expensive? Don't know how close you can get to a truck stop. Just discovered and going over it religiously.70311 you are a shitty friend OP. the rule is. >> Bumnights 11/20/11(Sun)15:09 No.70270 >>70137 get a bike and pedal there >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)15:28 No.

>> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:30 No. easy to set up.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:01 No. Don't expect me to stay in touch.70421 OP. It is hard work but beats the shit out of being homeless. portable/smalll. lightweight. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:49 No. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:27 No. have you ever slept in an air mattress like you suggested in cold weather? They are colddddddd! >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)17:35 No. Homeless rule #1: Can't haul it./diy/ .html It is awesome.com/double-nest-hammock.eaglesnestoutfit. strong. The real ID act is putting the squeeze on some farmers to find help.70335 >>70261 Ditto. I don't know if that is good or bad. I would quickly die with your arrangement. You don't have a clue about being homeless. If you are in such a bad spot in life that you are going to be sleeping in the freezing cold then why even stay there? Obviously you have no true friends or family in the area so why even bother? Sell whatever you have and use it to get the fuck out of dodge.70423 Also. something that prob many will never have the chance to do >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:54 No. That way you have something lined up before you even get off the Greyhound. I have this one: http://www. Put some ads in Craigslist in warm areas that have known worker shortages for ag work. it is -55F where I am right now. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . If I didn't have commitments myself I would look into this.70319 ITT: Time wasting neckbeards with not much to do and really OP. Tell everyone nice knowing you. Thanks for nothing.70393 This thread is heading straight to the top.70385 He should become a backpacker and profit travelling all over the world.70428 >>69737 Hammock for the win. Some big farms and ranches have lodgings available. Some of the other posters had good ideas about farm work. Leave your fantasy plans and get ot of your mom's basement. don't bring it >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:04 No.70326 lol USA sure is a first world country >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)16:09 No. OP. very comfortable. Pro tip. can be very warm.

file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:14 No. a popup clothes drying rack. etc. not that other homeless are going to want an air mattress or whatever. But that sure seems like a load of gear to be getting around without a car. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.70451 >>70449 I'm sorry for all the hate you have encountered OP. rechargeable batteries. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)18:16 No. a tent doesn't..70449 >>70319 >and really OP. why go with pvc pipe? It seems like a lot of work. electric heaters were invented because people weren't allowed to have FIRES anymore. Radiant.70453 >>70451 >As for the tent set up. I would just use rope and clever tying arrangements for my tent/shelter. I did that. reasonable points.Do-It-Yourself >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)18:09 No. lol. myself included (>>70423 >>70421). etc. it took up space. The structure of a geodesic pvc dome skeleton also gives you something to affix insulation to. Cool. Apparently.. When living in the woods you get FREEDOM to live more comfortably without so-called "modern conveniences". why go with pvc pipe? It seems like a lot of work. is he going to leave all his gear behind for town runs for water and food? I mean. and people raged on you.70460 >>70453 Yeah./diy/ . a handy dandy radiant propane heater. I had to look after it. my thinking was that it's sturdy and easy to assemble/disassemble.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . I had to maintain it. I meant well. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:25 No. Well. just to find out it was so much easier and better without it. First priority will now be convincing him not to stay in Lakeland and scrounging money for a greyhound ticket. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:23 No.70456 How is your friend going to pack in all the equipment? If he doesn't even have a car how is he going to get in and out of the woods? Hike in? Who is going to watch his camp while he's gone. and a shit ton of other crap I found out I didn't need OR WANT.. You don't have a clue about being homeless. radio. I can see that you did try to do something good. Do you have any more ideas to share? As for the tent set up. It would be more difficult to transport however so a tent is most definitely a better idea. I had to stress and cry about it when I didn't have it. and thought I was doing a good thing. I would just use rope and clever tying arrangements for my tent/shelter. I came into the woods with a wonderwash. big time.

. I slept outside a few nights this week (-40 or so temp. I insulated my tent with lots of snow around the outside/edges. but surviving.. Also./diy/ . I don't want to be some little hipster thing.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . and there's no reason that anyone should be without power in 2011.png-(123 KB. I mentioned that it is really fucking cold here where I am. and hands to do the rest. but I am employable university degree from a good school.. 425x522. it just doesn't seem necessary (I know you are taking issue with this word here and so hear me out) to being comfortable and warm... but I do want to ditch my car and just get to some wandering. BUT I am poor. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:33 No.70473 >>70466 I think they'd be a great resource. Batteries would lose their charge anyways in this cold. sealed tent and warm sleeping bag . and there's no reason that anyone should be without power in 2011.70470 File1321832010. and use my brains. ears. lots of foam to sleep on. job prospects are not great or good and I am pretty fucking sick of the way I am living. How much do they weigh. how big is it? And can it be bigger? Because if it's not much bigger than a tent. knife. lighter. Pack my bag with only what I need. not that other homeless are going to want an air mattress or whatever. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:27 No. What should I do? (don't tell me to pack batteries) >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:35 No. I'll pack my good axe. The PVC dome seems like a good idea if you can find someplace safe to set it up as a permanent shelter or you have a car to store it/carry it around. I am unemployed at the moment..70466 IMO it's a pretty good plan.. I have a good car (gift from parents) and currently can afford food and cloths. I don't know.Do-It-Yourself If I were trying to be somewhere long term I could see this as a viable option.. I agree with above posters that the battery and heated blanket idea seems highly impractical. rain jacket. dharma_bums.and I did just fine. and the society that I was raised in ($$$$$$$$ is king). and am just barely making rent. tarp/tent/hammock. but as with the dome you'd need somewhere safe to keep them so that you don't have to carry them around all the time.. but my personal preference would be to use wood found in the forest. lol. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:29 No.. and I am just bragging about it. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. and maybe a few other things. The batteries also seem like a good idea. I can't see much point in it. or materials scavenged from a local dump. eyes. People here love to hate and everything seems to be a big e-peen measuring contest (OMG fuk u OP u dont know DA STREETZ like i do!).no shitty batteries ..png) Anyone here into Kerouac or other similar writers? Get ready to fire up the rage canons: I am poor.). btw? I think they'd be a great resource.70461 >>70456 >I mean. I understand that we're not talking about these temps though. a few clothes.

>> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:37 No.70480 >>70466 >seem like a good idea >seem >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:39 No. but aside from laptops and cell phones (and electric blankets lol) what would you want power for living in the woods? Lights? Okay. FIRE. Really.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Especially in Lakeland. Have fun living like a caveman unnecessarily./diy/ .70474 >>70470 Doo eeet >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:36 No.70478 >>70460 Hm.70484 >>70478 No. maybe. Propane heaters seem like they might be more worthwhile. Yes? No? If they use a standard sized propane cylinder you could just exchange them at a blue rhino swap station every month or so. fuck power. Some of my happiest memories are from times when I was far from the grip of electricity. Fuck power. I guess.70482 >>70475 Implying that living without power is living like a caveman. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. sleeping bags. fuck propane. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)18:37 No. warm clothes.70475 >>70473 Okay. I understand what you're saying. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:35 No. FL. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:40 No. And you'd only really need to do so through the winter. or the glow from a warming fire.Do-It-Yourself >wrong. but the soothing light from a good kerosene lamp is lovely.

70499 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks.70493 >>70484 >>70470 hear hear! Also. I miss the days when I could just make a fire and be warm until the coals died down and then go in my down fucking sleeping bag and drift into blissful warm snuggly sheep-fuzzy sleep. My uncle's a millionaire architect. I have a heater. from Kerouac: "See the whole thing is a world full of rucksack wanderers. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:45 No. being homeless sounds cool as fuck. Dharma Bums refusing to subscribe to the general demand that they consume production and therefore have to work for the privilege of consuming. produce.70491 >>70489 Well he has a bicycle. I was comfortable. TV sets.70489 >>70478 >>70478 >>70478 propane tanks are heavy as shit. the housie people are the ones suffering and inconvenienced. all of ‘em Zen Lunatics who go about writing poems that happen to appear in their heads for no reason and also by being kind and also by strange unexpected acts keep giving visions of eternal freedom to everybody and to all living creatures.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] ." >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:47 No. making young girls happy and old girls happier. work. I'd just build a cabin. consume. all of them imprisoned in a system of work. Right now yes. produce. they were not. The townspeople shivering to death in their warmed houses. though. making children laugh and old men glad. Seems to me. and general junk you finally always see a week later in the garbage anyway. is he going to wheel barrow it to town? >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)18:44 No./diy/ . thinking they're more "comfortable" because they got a bunch of electricity and propane.70495 This whole thread is ridiculous. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:43 No. all that crap they didn’t really want anyway such as refrigerators.70488 Shiiiit. cars. That's not being homeless. that's going camping. God house people don't know how hard they've got it! >> [Ter] 11/20/11(Sun)18:42 No. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)18:49 No.Do-It-Yourself I was running around Ocala Nat'l Forest in January with tank tops and shorts. consume. going up to mountains to pray. and I could buy him a cheap bicycle trailer. couldn't step outside without hat jackets and scarfs.

>> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:51 No.Do-It-Yourself >>70495 >That's not being homeless.70500 >>70489 I suggested that he hire a small team of mover. food. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:51 No. set up my big PVC dome in a hidden area.70502 >>69774 good shit dude >>69847 >>69847 HOLY FUCK! i grew up in lakeland. Then all I'd have to do is run into town once or twice a week to recharge my batteries and buy some food. drink. I think it's conceivable that one can carefully choose a setup that not only meets their basic needs but provides some level of comfort in spite of their homelessness./diy/ . Drive out into some abandoned woods somewhere.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . How do you provide the basic necessities like shelter. once a month as needed to help haul in the propane. i was homeless last year. Just think of it as a design challenge. I don't care. that place is pretty. With cooking and warmth needs this shouldn't need to be done often. then call it camping. but its awful. recharge my laptop/phone.70501 >>70482 >>70484 The entire point of the dome and the batteries are to make it more like living in a house. Maybe try planting a garden. If I were homeless I'd be all over that shit. It would sure beat sitting on a log and staring at trees all day. now i'm living off of generosity of friends while i try to find work. and the help will probably cost only about $20 per trip. Okay. Blow up a nice comfy air mattress. but how the fuck would a homeless person be able to get all that shit together? They're homeless to begin with so they probably can't even get half of the things in here. light and so on with a minimum of materials and money? >> Mad Scientist !!Q1PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)18:50 No. that's going camping.70509 >>70499 I apologize for looking like a troll. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. perhaps migrant laborers.70507 >>70500 >>70500 >>70500 lol'd with great joy >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:58 No. ect. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:56 No. warmth. It'd be about as close to living in a cheap apartment as you can get without having to pay rent. Keep a few batteries on hand to power my lights. maybe some inflatable chairs.

the premise of the thread was that he has some money and time to prepare. I still find this somewhat useless but yeah. You have a point there. Stick it in the ground around the tent with a slight angle.70510 >>70501 > laptop and phone and what kind of carriers are you going to have. you have a point. just staring at a little square lit-up screen with no access to "the outside world" sure isn't fun when the real outside world is full of trees and nature and wonder and sunshine. but one should be enough to keep flowing water away. Oh. Not that he is homeless already.70516 >>70513 >>70514 I apologize.70519 Hey OP just fyi. Two layers wouldn't hurt. thermal clothes. homeless. Instead. I really thought it was a clever plan that would be helpful to him.70517 Solution for water flowing into tent: Use those long plastic sheets people use to separate plants in their gardens. I feel embarrassed that apparently I know jack shit about the practical needs of someone in that situation. then it's better to find that out now and listen to people here whose ideas would be of better practical benefit. the easiest way to be comfortable isn't to lug a bunch of high tech shit around. ok. just let your body adapt to a lower level of comfort.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .70513 >>70509 Well. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:04 No. But if it's shit./diy/ . >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:04 No. Also. but is not yet.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)18:58 No. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)19:07 No.70515 >>70514 I don't feel angry.70514 >>70509 Don't make OP angry with questions like that! He stated that this is for someone who is about to become. I don't want to make anyone angry. and it'll be cheaper.70521 >>70519 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. Thus they have some money and time and resources to get this silly shit together before hitting the streets/woods. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:00 No. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)19:02 No. no more cotton. You'll feel the same. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:03 No. >> Mad Scientist !!Q11PG81nz2n 11/20/11(Sun)19:00 No.

jpg-(123 KB. candles. 2 pair shirts. that's because we lived just fine. small tent for shits and giggles. 4 pair pants. 1 lighters. and it'll be cheaper. the first list is what one would need. I think it's reasonable to plan around a more permanent shelter and a higher level of comfort.70524 Revised shopping list: Military pack sleeping bag (winter) sleeping mat thermal underwear. You either go to the distant planet or you do not. Haven't you heard people say shit like "how did we ever live without computers!?" .not absolute. If he has someplace he can live with some permanence without being disturbed. or a crank light. 2 drawers. 2 sets socks. So. that's the failure condition here. and we're not any happier now with laptops and dick-clocks. learning to garden and hunt and trap and skin wild boars and shit. By contrast. plate. Well. In the end electricity won't love you and make you feel fulfilled. Instead. Going to Mars is not relative it is absolute.70530 File1321834508. comfort exists on a sliding scale and we hold the key to its calibration.often said in a satiric sort of way. Well. >> file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. and he seems to think that's the case. 4 pair winter coat. spoon sturdy knife paracord tarp e-tool or small shovel (gotta cover your shit) water canteens luxury items to "work up to" utility belt and a grizzly beard./diy/ . the easiest way to be comfortable isn't to lug a bunch of high tech shit around. You'll feel the same.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .Do-It-Yourself >Hey OP just fyi. 598x600. have fun op's friend. So it's not really a useful proposal.jpg) >>70521 No. fork. the wild is calling you. anything else is playing with his emotions because it will be gone and will let him down. andy-council-consumerism-we. It's like someone asking "How do we go to Mars" and your answer is "It's easier and cheaper not to go". many mess kit: cup. but for reals. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:10 No. fuck that shit and get to the root of your happiness without destroying the planet and working yourself to death to buy useless horse shit. just let your body adapt to a lower level of comfort. eventually the foxfire books and building one's own log cabin. 2 undershirts. The point he was making is that comfort is relative . >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:15 No.

but I do think that we've lost something. and we used to know how to entertain ourselves out there . I could still go for walks in "nature" and shit.). it would be easy to go somewhere with wifi and pirate a shitload of free media for after you leave. plants and other things there. just change your perception (or rather.jpg) >>70521 welp. that comfort is perceived. not progressing. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:28 No. >implying that I want to look at the sun or some boring ass trees. but please don't pretend like that sort of lifestyle is superior. I guess he's in for a surprise.70536 >>70530 As someone that has lived without computers. a load of disappointment. You would be going backwards. working with out hands. 536x478. I would much rather chill in my domehome and browse 4chan than go out into the "real" world. the failure condition would be "don't be homeless". birds. play video games. Sure we still survived. understanding nature better. but increasingly our ignorance of it is making us believe it is so. And besides. so rather than wasting a lot of time and money on gadgets and *stuff*..70535 >>70521 No. We used to do more shit outside than today.70539 >>70536 So what you're saying is: >I'm a hopeless computer addict file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless./diy/ . many phones have internet access anyway. A lot of people go outside today and just see "forest". not absolute.70533 >>70510 >It would sure beat sitting on a log and staring at trees all day. It's cool if you want to become amish. I can say with authority that it sucks ass. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:27 No. like >>70530 correctly interpreted. hunting.jpg-(59 KB.building things. The "outside" world is not one dimensional.. and much less fulfilling. Going outside is fucking boring. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:19 No. and a difficult transition into life outside the sticks-and-bricks.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:21 No. But I'd also have the option to watch movies or TV. 312800_10150367385612057_25499(. but it was more boring and uncomfortable. fishing.70537 >>70536 It is difficult for me to argue against this as I sit inside on my macbook pro with high-resolution screen etc.70532 File1321834567. let it change itself). ect. Even if you're homeless. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:23 No. they don't know about all the different kinds of trees.Do-It-Yourself Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:16 No. I was saying.

http://www./diy/ . living in the early 2000s must've sucked ass.Do-It-Yourself One day. hundreds of years from now (assuming humans still adhere to this ridiculous idea of "progress").com/mp/showthread. Make your own fun. and the vast majority of those came about before the personal computer. if not thousands. Sometimes information stifles creativity. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)20:02 No.php?t=3585930 also get some other hobbies like playing guitar or the violin.it's just too easy to sit here hitting F5 and trolling OP. all they had were shitty slow computers and the internet"). someone like you will be saying "man. I just bought the nook for $60 http://slickdeals. There are hundreds..htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Ironically.70564 >>70470 I think OP's batteries are a bit excessive and inefficient. drawing. It's hard to know. It's not that hard to charge my flashlights and e-reader with them and they are a lot more efficient than what OP has in mind.cpfmarketplace. of crafts and trades and art forms created and enjoyed over the course of human history. but that makes it a little more frail than other heavier panels. and the vast majority of those came about before the personal computer. of crafts and trades and art forms created and enjoyed over the course of human history.. I like this forum for electronics and here's a good example of a lightweight solar panels. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:40 No.70545 >>70544 >>70542 This could be debated a lot. sometimes not. etc. It isn't that hard to keep yourself entertained.php?229002-FS-Solar-Powered-amp-USB-Chargers-2-panels-ad ded look at my posts for other useful info >>69799>>69786 >>70536 get some books or an e-reader if you want something lightweight. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:32 No.70544 >>70542 I disagree.. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.net/forums/showthread. if not thousands. as is the blanket I personally go for the minimalist approach and use eneloop batteries with a solar panel to charge any electronics I may have. the best way to learn about them is to use a computer. The best way I've found to learn about them is to attempt to do them. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)19:35 No.70542 >>70539 >There are hundreds. I think that if I spent less time hooked into a computer I would be a better and happier person .

Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)22:06 No.com/tips. You can make it tall enough to stand up in. and I've set my hammock 3-4m up a tree.70644 If you had a good place to set up a semi-permanent camp.70590 >>69676 and a big fucking smile on that face you fucking faggot >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)21:05 No./diy/ .http://vandwellers. this makes weather not a worry. what an ignorant. a ground mat and blankets and you will keep warm and safe in anything other than a MASSIVE windstorm. I'd recommend he get his ass into a hippy co-op or something. it could be relocated with moderate ease. If the deck was made in modular sections. I don't know man.html >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)21:52 No. you make some decent points. You need a method of keeping his self image good enough to avoid the vices of the homeless.70588 If you hack it a hammock is an ideal sleeping location.http://www.70648 >>70609 Wow. If you are homeless I don't think that you become cut off from contact with people.70663 You want to know what to do to to prepare yourself for potential. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)20:36 No. This guy is going to be homeless.70632 A greyhound bus ticket to you wherever you live OP would be cheaper than buying all that crap >> Step #1. that is fucking depressing. for reasons mentioned in posts above. it would be even better. A $400 car or van is a better solution for most. They may also be able to provide you with temporary housing depending on where you are and your situation. However if he is glaringly obviously homeless then people will avoid him. They say after 12 months of being homeless with no contact with other people that you can become completely institutionalised. and is cheaper than most tents of its' size. if you are in this type of situation you are almost guaranteed to qualify for food stamps. OP should buy a bus ticket for friend.org/ >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)22:11 No. I would recommend a 5v dome made of electrical conduit covered by a tarp. This is not good for a homeless squatter in a national forest.self hygeine and clothswashing. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)21:28 No. and it gets you to work so you don't have to live off of squirrels. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. If the tarp was sewn to fit it. Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)21:47 No.70659 another awesome site .70609 A very large issue that's being overlooked here is cleanliness . as by running 550 cord directly over and a bout a 1m up you can hang a small tarp to keep the water off. with a deck made of scrap wood or plywood.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .desertdomes. strong enough for bad weather. snuggle in with a sleeping bag. the physical means are only part of the issue.Do-It-Yourself >> Megalomaniac 11/20/11(Sun)20:32 No. it has a real floor. Awesome DIY website . I'm a strong light person. but your community of people may shift. Finding a good site is probably the hardest part of the project. you can lock it. but in a big way I think it is fucked! >> #1: Buy him a bus ticket. which leads to a trap of isolation. lame and mostly unhelpful post. abrupt homelessness? Talk to a social worker.

how is your friend doing with your magical homeless kit? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)23:40 No. and be immediately be renting a room off of somebody for a month.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .70749 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. and clean your clothes. This will serve as a place for you to shower. and the gym locker can be used a place to securely store your valuables if you have no other place to put them.. or other social services can feed you. Floss. 2 keyed gym locks. If you don't have a place to live. get a trial at a 24 hour gym. Soap.70735 >>70663 The only way you'll get food stamps is if you're on disability or have dependent children. and store your valuables for a month. >>70609 is pointing out THE MAJOR ISSUE with homelessness. or enough time to get a job. On the middle-upper end All that. Toothpaste. Thank Bill Clinton for that. assistance.70741 http://www. A blanket 3 Days of general wear clothes 1 getup you would be comfortable going to a job interview in 1 getup you want to go to a funeral or wedding in.. Pack the remainder with as much non-perishable food as you possibly can. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)23:55 No. but you can use this money to fill any gap if you absolutely have to. Keep yourself clean yourself. OP. But you 17 year-old running away from home fantasy can't accept it. and what you plan on doing with the bag. with available job opportunities. >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)23:21 No. Bottle of Shampoo. get a membership at the cheapest 24 gym in town. 200-800$. get over yourself. and then continuing to make rent. in order to get any sort of govt. work out. This kit will give you the resources to: On the low end Move yourself somewhere where warm. you have neither...70708 So. Also. but take your situation into account. If you're homeless.youtube.com/watch?v=p8L5BSVsrnM Tips on being homeless . A months supply of any prescription medications you may need Tennis Shoes Dress Shoes 2 pairs of workout clothes.Do-It-Yourself Make a go bag./diy/ . Food stamps. amirite? >> Anonymous 11/20/11(Sun)23:43 No. More is better. change. you need to have a copy of the deed to your home or a copy of your lease. Get a bus pass. The bag can also be used if you need to immediately make it some unscheduled emergency. OP i wish a good luck for you and you friend >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:08 No. If you can't. Single adults get zilch.70733 >>70648 Seriously. a box extra large ziplock bags .

If you are claimed as a dependent. or you have just lost the support of your parents.70773 OP if you're still there. and I have had food stamps before. Don't make the mistake of commenting upon situations you know nothing about. make sure you can generate something that shows you are unable to feed yourself even with your parents support.Do-It-Yourself >>70735 This is bullshit. But social workers? Dude what are you living in Sweeden? The country is broke. The cost of living relative to wages is the highest in history. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:22 No. I have no children. they expect that your parents are going to pay for your damn food while your in college. It is easy to be denied if you are a student because your happy ass should just apply for financial aid specific to you academic situation instead but if you are an adult without a job or with poor income. Those are usually pretty easy. if you are being claimed as a dependent by your parents. especially since most foodstamp places now have online applications that can be accessed from the library or centers. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:44 No. or if they haven't been supporting you. If you are a dependent. So has my boyfriend. Must be nice living a comfortable hipster lifestyle.70785 >>70663 Talk to a social worker LOL. and you have a low income. well.70760 >>70749 If you can demonstrate that you are not a dependent. I also know at least two of my coworkers who have food stamps as well because my job pays shit. You have to correct them. OP. You think you can just walk into some place and say you are in a bad spot and get a free place? What are you smoking. many Americans now and it is just going to get worse. provide evidence they you have been supporting yourself. you aren't a dependent and you need to make sure your taxes are filed as such. it's still quite easy to end up with food stamps. they get a tax break for doing so. I'm single.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . If your parents aren't covering your expenses. ignore this. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:30 No. Homeless people die every day in this country and no one gives a shit. Remember.70789 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless./diy/ . You might be able to get food stamps depending upon where you live. Also an eight hundred dollar survival bag for someone getting ready to be homeless. Have your friend apply for food stamps anyway. an adult. thanks man. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:45 No. And if they see you are a dependent that's what they are going to think. Homelessness is a reality for many. even if you are a student. Unemployment both real and on paper are at an all time high. Someone is seriously out of touch with reality. Not homeless or anything but stuff like this is valuable. I haven't read any of this but I'm saving it to read it tomorrow. it never hurts to try.

You really have no Idea what other homeless are going to do to your mate. What is the homeless friend's goals or plans? If he wants to live outdoors.11/21/11(Mon)01:11 No. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)01:38 No. fuck you mother fucker.70824 OP your friend is going to get beaten to possible death for his shit by other homeless people and they are going to sell your Miracle homeless kit to a pawnshop. if you think that is the biggest problem facing homeless folks. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)01:37 No. I love the Idea of these electric blankets getting wet (pro tip they WILL) and what will happen after that. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)01:37 No.70862 you gonna die! in this tent. we are survive naked -30C in winter forest... post it >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)00:46 No. Fucking dick. lots of people aren't turned off by this crap. I don't need to get over myself. Free and primitive but a lot safer than homeless in Floriduh. move to the west and stay on BLM land. probably with fucked up PTSD and other shit going on. and being looked down on by assholes in society and thus remaining homeless? Fuck you. A vehicle can make a critical difference in living standard and methods. just buy the damn bus ticket and feel good that your mate did not die in a forest. surviving the night and staying warm are bigger problems. Sure. with bears and wolfs. Also./diy/ . Personally I don't want to interact with pious fuck-heads who are so turned off by someone "looking homeless" that they won't be decent humans to one another..70791 >>70773 gn OP >> --W-F-I-. keep living the Dream OP and know forever your resulted in the future death or your mate.dr . you can get cut off from much of society because of this. not that it matters.70864 >>70733 The major issue of homelessness is becoming dirty. Is Friend tied to current location? If not. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. Definitely not 17 years old here. but so what? Fuck them. and getting food in your belly. rather I'm happy to point out that the fact that you're too much of a prick to look past stinky feet and well-worn clothes is a bunch of horse shit.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . You might as well get your mate to Spraypaint a target on his back.don't plan to be the worst kind of bum. hygiene. So far your Idea is a pipe dream. tl. 2 battles vodka. something like 40% of the homeless in the US are war veterans.70863 >>70824 OP should pay for bus ticket. Another option for not much more money is equip him with $700 Ford Ranger and a PO Box.Do-It-Yourself >>70773 if you make a pic out of it. and you can kill a deer. Also that shit about isolation. Im from russia. go anywhere else.

Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)01:48 No. But what the fuck do I know. he'll be doing well.70885 >>70864 Me again. share restroom facilities (often splitting the cost of having a couple port-o-potties trucked in and maintained) etc.. Best-case scenario is to find an organized "tent city" or similar . They're often much better living conditions than most permanent homeless shelters.70930 >>70864 Actually. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:04 No. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)02:41 No.they're typically very strict about criminal activity.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] ./diy/ . biggest problem with homeless is mental illness and drug addiction. There are typically groups of homeless that prey on the other homeless. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)03:40 No. With that being said I don't think that alienation from others is your worst enemy. but in your case. and the distrust of authority (i. 490x525.. sane. or because inflection doesn't come across in text or what It's a not so nice combination of both.. self governed. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)02:06 No.jpg) >>69838 >Why are people on here so needlessly vicious? Is it a byproduct of anonymity. and I know that small things with your appearance can take you a long way. My apologies for the tirade. 2d26602f7b21431603c0e02078dea0(. you might go to sleep and never wake up again.. people find a place to house themselves in a first world country.70988 >Thread on how to be successful in life >19 troll replies file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.e. If he makes it through one week of being homeless without having all his gear ripped off or destroyed. Predators and prey. it's simply suspicion of your ingenuousness. I realize that there are some serious obstacles out there that come with looking like you're homeless. even if they end up with an abrupt bout of homelessness.70921 File1321860665.70976 The biggest thing you need to worry about when being homeless is other homeless. He needs to find a community of non-predator homeless and get in with them.jpg-(43 KB.70907 >>69676 if you're going to use a propane heater make sure you have the proper ventilation in there. police) that the rest of the homeless population has. large criminal communities that take advantage of both the anonymity that comes with homelessness. have their own volunteer security patrols. >> Hetynne 11/21/11(Mon)02:31 No. Most able.). There's a pretty strong division in most homeless "communities"..

550x413. or far beyond help or don't want to be helped (hard alcoholics/drug addicts/mental/violent). but the point is --. I can't afford to miss work to fuck around with the sassy black woman on the other side of bullet proof glass. I'm fucking glad I'm not in dire need of financial assistance these days but I've been trying for months to get a replacement medi-cal card because I can't get my blood test for medication monitoring without it. He got a job after 3 weeks and got a private rental.70994 Holy shit America must be getting really bad since the financial crisis.71007 buy a used car. /sci/ is particularly full of douchebags even for 4chan imho.jpg) I can't be assed to read through the entire thread so if its been addressed already sorry. You'd have to take the day off work and *hope* you can see them before office closing time. woodybra.jpg-(31 KB. OP. that is apparently more than enough to get by according to some agencies even though your cost of living far exceeds the amount. 180/month.70989 File1321866455. he contacted a place called uniting care -they hooked him up with temporary accommodation in a caravan park for a week.. Its a bitch to actually get in contact with a case worker in my experience.71006 >>70994 No. you are ineligible and the max amount can be ridiculously low like say. my psych has in all likelihood dropped my case at this point. Ima leaving 4chan for reddit where the people can afford at least a marginal existance >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:07 No. they look into public housing/extending the time he could live in short term unit. We have so many welfare support agencies that are willing to help a hand. Honestly. Evidence is clear. If you make a certain amount. My friend broke up with his girlfriend and was kicked out of the house with only the clothes on his back. and even then if his circumstances were the same and he was still hard up. instant home. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:35 No. The only full on 'sleeping in a cardboard box' homeless we have are the people who actively chose to be that way.doesn't America have any of this? >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:30 No. What is OP's friend going to do about keeping his shit secure? Having such a luxurious setup makes him a target to be looted/ass kicked by others in the area. not really.Do-It-Yourself >Thread on being homeless >reply limit reached Well fuck that noise.. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:32 No. Applying for and being granted financial assistance is incredibly difficult (unless you're an unemployed black/mexican with 6 kids).htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Shit. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:13 No.71008 >>69838 I don't know. gave him supermarket gift cards to buy himself food THEN found him a short term 1 person unit he could live in for 6 months./diy/ .

71016 if they can figure out a way to jam a shower.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:45 No. and mini-kitchen into a van with some significant means of reliably generating power from a renewable source and recycling free water from the environment well enough that your needs are met. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)05:47 No. fridge. and it looks like you put alot of thought into this./diy/ . Homelessness even with an unlimited power supply is shit. bury it and dig it up later >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:19 No.71245 my friend made up some shit crazy lie saying he was doing an assignment for his sociology course and was file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. Pretty scary when you read in the paper about people dying from exposure every week and know that you face the same risks. three TVs and a stereo system.71040 >>71016 They call it an "RV" Get an RV if you are about to be homeless.71235 >>70521 I live in the north.71238 also if you're worried about someone finding your stuff just dig a hole. cabinets. toilet. The homeless shelters here are pretty much unlivable. i think i wouldn't mind being homeless. The human body can provide plenty of its own heat if you provide the insulation to keep it. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)04:55 No. Pretty much every option besides homeless is better than homeless. The batteries you're suggesting your friend carry are probably ill-suited to keeping warm on a regular basis. provided i get free phone.71014 this is great. stove. internet.. toilet. Where I live the city announced that it was closing the waiting list for affordable housing as there is just too much backlog. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:14 No. 10. drier. Check out craigslist under "RV" I got mine for $3k (tax return) But I've seen them for $400. When it's cold I sometimes leave the window open. and cable tv.000 original miles '85 shaggin wagon complete with a heater. but OP. garage-kept. washing machine.. Using only an extra blanket I find this far more refreshing than laying in a dusty. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:11 No.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)13:58 No. microwave.yeah.. bathtub/shower. Not being able to take a shower or wash your clothes or use the toilet or eat healthy food every day sucks like you would not imagine. heated room.71227 >>71006 Even that is changing. some of those old-class retirees upgrade and just want to get rid of their mint condition. I became homeless for a couple of months last year after a nightmare room mate situation and ended up sleeping in the snow. Batteries sound like a neat idea though.. to keep a smart phone charged. there isn't any comfortable way to be homeless.

http://5z8.71256 >>70994 America is seriously pretty fucking shitty right now. you just have to move file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. They're always full. you'll get fucked with by other baddies in the shelter who are good at avoiding the management.71280 >>69818 that's a tiny battery. And if you're in a shelter. If there's a city law against it. And you'll probably pick up some lice and bedbugs while there. Most people are working jobs they hate. A more reasonably sized battery would run $80-100.Do-It-Yourself allowed to stay on a public lawn in a PVC dome for about 6+ months until he got drunk and got arrested >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:21 No. If the cops hassle you for sleeping in the car. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:03 No. The police LIVE for fucking with someone trying to get by and sleeping in their car. The middle class is being squeezed into subsistence level living as more and more of the nations wealth is concentrated at the top.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . If there's an actual crime going on and you call them.71293 >>71251 A minivan is your best bet. and the government makes more laws to keep it that way because those top people legally bribe them with 'campaign donations'. and they're being worked like slaves because there's 50 other people below them with even less that would love the position. too. and has been since the 80s. . >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:53 No. But having this encampment a mile into the woods is going to seriously hurt his chances of finding a job and actually getting a home. In most large city's it's not illegal. Don't buy the 'best country on earth' propaganda bullshit. It would go dead in no time at all powering all that crap in OP's picture (electric blankets off of batteries? Seriously). bam.71247 >>71040 The problem with RVs is finding somewhere to park it.so most of the mentally ill get themselves kicked out quick.71251 what's the smallest car that you can sleep in without people looking in? >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:29 No. move to a neighboring city (or just get out of city limits entirely). >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:25 No. There's tons of early 90's Dodge Caravans for sale out there for little more than the scrap value. .info/hackwebcam_vfyg./diy/ . ask what law you're violating. they're too busy to help. and will not hesitate to kick anyone out for causing any kind of disturbance .0 liter mitsubishi engine ones.71288 >>70994 America's homeless shelters are all run by private nonprofits. You can pull the rear seats and have plenty of bed room. If they see someone sleeping in their car. Avoid the 3. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)14:59 No.4 cars will turn up to tear up your shit looking for a reason to take you to jail and impound your car.

71342 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.71294 My hobo survival gear is pretty simple. which could easily charge my kindle. Common sense and don't try to sleep in the parking lot of an elementary school or someone's driveway. Rather than fall asleep behind the wheel. rest areas that don't ban "overnight parking". >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:07 No. or hunt whatever I can easily catch. gas stations. 24 hour places.wikipedia. Walmart parking lots. truck stops.71335 >>71304 But were you *comfortable* >> ῏ᵩᵟŁἐἅϝἓὅἣᵟᵩ῏ !XndHGnsd42 11/21/11(Mon)15:44 No. >> ῏ᵩᵟŁἐἅϝἓὅἣᵟᵩ῏ !XndHGnsd42 11/21/11(Mon)15:13 No. 5 degree down bag. I could survive a very long time with this stuff. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:05 No. saying I was driving and got tired. and a Kindle with free 3G.71339 >>71335 very sleeping in a bivy sack beats all this retarded shit hands down very cheap on ebay get one of these http://en. If i really want to be homeless mobile.. pulled into town and took a nap. or even a small panel for a backpack.org/wiki/Modular_Sleep_System would not use it past -20c since americans don't know what cold is if you want something good to -50c drop the money on a canadian forces sleeping bag/bivy sack kit by far the best system in the world for the price it can be used anytime anywhere >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:49 No./diy/ .71299 >>71293 I have always gotten away with it. Shit I really can't think what else I'd need.. Basically my normal camping shit lol..Do-It-Yourself the car every few days to keep up with parking regulations. just take to the woods and keep moving. don't set up a long term camp where you're likely to be bothered.71296 >250 posts >proud to be an american >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:09 No. Find a large enough wilderness and you can forage for the rest of what you need.71304 this thread is kinda retarded >ask someone who travelled around canada and lived on the street on and off 2 years anything from -45c to 45 shit is really simple just need the gear and a good bag which is under 300$ >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:32 No. Fish for food likely. I'd probably acquire some of those solar mats you can drape over your tent. I've got a decent kayak I can load up all that shit as well as a large supply of fresh water/food/booze and marine batteries if necessary and disappear into the fucking bayou. lightweight sleeping pad. Nemo losi tent..htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Also.

you just go south. You just need a sleeping bag and a will to live. That's about all I can think of. that thing weighs twelve pounds. I also have some bandages in there. tents. ie. I take a laptop with me as well as a few books and a journal. It may seem like a light load at first. Entertainment is another biggie for me." file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. obv. otherwise you might run into problems. I even made a bed out of insulation from a dumpster and a floor mat. Life on the streets is dangerous. As for boots.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . buy 1 crowbar. It's good to have two outfits: one for wearing. My entire setup weighs 7. I say it's not really worth it. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)15:56 No. A lighter is good for making fires and weighs almost nothing. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:18 No. If you get cut while on the streets you might want some hand sanitizer or another alchohol based product to disinfect.Do-It-Yourself If you're going to be homeless. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:20 No. Not to mention it's an extremely valuable tool that is good for many things. patching clothing. Even if you only have one wool shirt. There are dumpsters. Staying entertained is hard on the streets when you're not struggling to live.71366 cont: As for shelters. and a bunch of other places you can sleep in for free. A knife and a lighter are essential imo. I say pack light and get what else you need as you go. If you have money. cutting rope for shelters. In conclusion. rather than buy too much shit and have to ditch it along the way. one for wearing while you wash the other outfit. your place of employment probably has a first-aid kit that no one ever uses. Laptops are good because you can use it to look at guides like this! I also love spits. so when you're poor you find ways to survive no matter what. I recommend steel toes or hiking boots. so why not? >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:21 No.71364 Cont: I like to have a first-aid kit. wool is best. Hope it was useful. There are many homeless people who survive with JUST these things. Being a 120 pound male.3 pounds. but try carrying it when you haven't eaten in a day or two and have been walking for hours. If you're working atm. hotels. Seriously. I would suggest you save all the money it would cost you to buy all that shit. opening canned food.71343 >>71339 lmfao. and spend the rest of their money on booze and drugs.71361 >>69676 "Personal experience here again: Backpack and sleeping bag are the most important things. so take what you can. Use it for food or anything that you decide you might need later on. It's also better to pack light and buy more later. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)16:17 No. as they are nutritional and help pass time. and a bunch of other stuff. Even if you get hassled by the police.71365 cont: As for clothing. the worst they will do is send you to jail where you will have a warm place to sleep. banks. It's important to remember that everything you decide to take is shit you'll be carrying around ALL THE TIME. I prefer to keep things to a minimum. save it. and beat the living shit out of someone who did deck themselves out and take their tent. as you'll probably be doing a lot of walking and those boots will last you a long time. It's easy. just wear it as a bottom layer for better insulation. so a knife is good to have./diy/ . and carry your debit card around (better and safer than cash). I stole most of the supplies from work. and all that shit. keep it in your bank.

>> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)20:35 No. It's ugly. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)20:41 No. it happens. 700x714.. this is one of the best homeless advice blogs i've seen http://guide2homelessness.blogspot. Now not only does that deliberately avoid the major point to my post but it's also just being a useless.71439 File1321915773.71599 >>71367 >from my understanding and word of mouth from other people ive met the more south you go the more deadly it is the more north you go the safer/trustful it is I don't think that's true.71696 there's way to much text here to read.html >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)22:09 No.Do-It-Yourself >> ῏ᵩᵟŁἐἅϝἓὅἣᵟᵩ῏ !XndHGnsd42 11/21/11(Mon)16:21 No.D fucking Salinger. and made it mine. illiterate cunt.. Also winter is hell outside in the north and most southerners don't give a shit about your status in life as long as you're respectful and polite.png-(602 KB. They even have warnings on them not to break the seal since some idiots think that they should tear their batteries open and pour distilled water into them. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)20:26 No. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)22:35 No.71367 >>71343 from my understanding and word of mouth from other people ive met the more south you go the more deadly it is the more north you go the safer/trustful it is >> that one /k/omando !mnjbuYi9uM 11/21/11(Mon)16:22 No.71590 >>71365 I would not recommend steel-toed boots. Not everyone thinks they're J. >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)17:49 No. but did anybody tell this guy that lead acid batteries vent sulfur gas as they charge and discharge.com/2004/10/employment. They get cold as hell and don't warm back up. which was what the average joe's perspective will be of this guy. op's tent setup is probably gonna be a suicide booth.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . Nothing goes in or out.71368 protip: make a solar still to you can get some alchol for penny stoves. They are sealed. especially if there are cows on the land. I've "inna woods" plenty in the south.71606 I've been interested in this topic for a while even before the economy got scary./diy/ . 1311447449783.png) >>70885 You're still an unhelpful asshole with anger issues. And I bet if you wised up to it you wouldn't have such bouts of illogical anger. You took what I read. You want to tell me mental disease isn't an issue? I've seen and known homeless people and I've watched them go from stiff-upper-lippers to getting arrested for stabbing someone and then to killing themselves. Regardless of where you are jumping fences can lead to bad encounters and being shot at. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless.71713 >>71696 No they don't.

72843 file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. i fucking promise you they do vent./diy/ . I hung around suburbs most of the time. >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)08:36 No. etc). Tried it myself just keeping an eye out for animals and managed to collect here and there.72823 >>71713 dude. and a rock or preferably hammer to bash them in(neatly of course).htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] . and tacking irons on added at least another 60 miles onto that. One of the things I hated about going to the city for soup kitchens was after having a bowl there was pretty much nothing to scavenge except trash.72073 Former transient here(5 years) now living in a group home. they have to or they'd explode. and actually doing your own shoe repair is very cheap and easy if you can get some epoxy. I'd say $30/month average for a few seasons.71743 >>71599 There is a difference between city living and country living. nails.72188 >>70225 >>70225 unnoticed hilarious comment >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)22:46 No. >>71365 Unless you're doing a lot of wet pavement walking toe/heel irons are very helpful in saving tread. Also yes everybody stresses daily washing but I feel it is much more important to focus on dental care. also viable for those with more permanent residency. Warm areas attract riff raff. This might not be an option for some people but if you're located near a upper/middle class suburb a decent source of income is claiming pet reward money. pine seeds+needles[tea]. And of course recycling but that's much more physical labor. take a sealed battery and overfeed it with a rapid charger where it can't vent fast enough it blows up like balloon and busts.Do-It-Yourself >> Anonymous 11/21/11(Mon)23:09 No. >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)04:39 No. >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)22:58 No. a lot of the money I scraped up was on vitamins and material for homemade toothpaste.200 miles before absolutely needing a resole. I got the tip from a friend who claimed that one summer she pulled in $600 for a pair of chihuahas that were running around in traffic across the county line. At the same time I found very nice areas well removed from the cities both in Hawaii and any other place I lived. I did the beach bum thing in Hawaii for a time and in a lot of respects it is one of the most God awful places to be homeless as every last spare piece of ground near any town is claimed and you risk a serious encounter every day and night. >>71743 This is true. mints. From my experience having traveled quite a bit I would say as a general rule the warmer a city is the more hard core permanent homeless it has. Take this advice for what it is worth. It is just a fact of life. backyard citrus. they have pressure vents on the top (sometimes built into the positive terminal) that relieves gas pressure during the oxygen recombination cycle. I found that near-new surplus boots tended to get 150 . lived off of the local plant life around parks(tamarind pods. just want to add my two cents. acorns.

/diy/ . Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Also I think you will start to read more and more about this and not just in this forum. Most people don't understand homelessness but increasing amounts of people are interested in it because they see it looming on the horizon for the first time in their life.72851 look for the SAS survival handbook on TPB or whatnot. I think OP meant well and should not be criticized for not knowing the realities of living out doors. I think that is why this is such a great thread. file:///C|/Users/Mitchel/Desktop/homeless. >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)23:03 No.futaba + yotsuba [ Home ] All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties.htm[11/29/2011 1:48:54 PM] .72850 >>72843 Yes several have.Do-It-Yourself wait has no one mentioned that op friend can just buy a greyhound ticket? >> Anonymous 11/22/11(Tue)23:02 No. includes edible plants and how to obtain fresh water etc etc [Return] Delete Post [ File Only] Password Delete Report Style [Yotsuba | Yotsuba B | Futaba | Burichan] [ a / b / c / d / e / f / g / gif / h / hr / k / m / o / p / r / s / t / u / v / w / wg ] [ i / ic ] [ r9k ] [ cm / y] [ 3 / adv / an / cgl / ck / co / diy / fa / fit / hc / int / jp / lit / mu / n / po / pol / sci / soc / sp / tg / toy / trv / tv / vp / x] [ rs] [ status / @ ] . Comments are owned by the Poster.

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