Atlas Copco

Adsorption Air Dryers

MD 50-2500

88-2500 l/s / 185-5297 cfm

Atlas Copco can take full responsibility for your compressed air infrastructure with a guarantee of best-in-class quality. ensuring the highest level of reliability and energy efficiency. Atlas Copco delivers quality compressed air for superior operational capacity. we can provide an unrivalled service to maintain and continually improve your compressed air system performance. Always working with you. you can choose from our wide range of products to create a complete compressed air system tailored to your specific needs. Atlas Copco products offer the finest quality and efficiency. From compressed air generation to point of use. Our goal is to be First in Mind—First in Choice®. driven by the dedication to meet and exceed your demands. we are committed to providing the customized air solution that is the driving force behind your business. We are committed to your superior productivity through interaction and innovation. That is why Atlas Copco’s pursuit of innovation never ceases.Total capability. As a result. total responsibility Right at the heart of your business. . With a global presence in over 150 countries. Backed by 100 years at the forefront of compressed air. All Atlas Copco products are engineered to integrate seamlessly.

• No need for pre. SUPREME ENERGY EFFICIENCY • Reduce energy costs. Suitable for extreme conditions • Electronic drain as standard. Containing moisture. DRY AIR AT ANY TIME • Almost no energy consumption. Atlas Copco’s MD adsorption dryers provide you with the clean. • Reliable water evacuation. • Low pressure dewpoint. ADVANCED CONTROL & MONITORING SOLUTIONS • State-of-the-art packages to increase efficiency. MD: Power-saving Excellence! . a mere 0. • Guaranteed maximum uptime and reliability. • All piping and connections included as standard. • Convenient lifting eye. • Integrated heat exchanger. • Highly energy-efficient. Almost no power consumption EASY HANDLING • Direct flange-to-flange mounting. Low pressure drop Elektronikon®* VSD* * Optional according to model. the industry benchmark for adsorption dryers Clean and dry compressed air: it is vital to power up your busy production environment. aerosols and dirt particles. • Monitoring through ES system (MD dryers equipped with Elektronikon). dry air you are in need of to expand the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product. completely integrated package. the only energy needed is the power to rotate the drum. patented technological innovations and extra energy-saving options.MD.and after-filter.12 kW. • No-loss condensate drain. • Small footprint. • Environment friendly thanks to almost no power consumption. • Using compression heat to regenerate the desiccant dryer rotor. at any capacity! • Extremely low pressure drop saving on compressor power. • Integrated EWD water separator. Incorporating unique. • High efficiency heat exchanger. untreated compressed air poses a substantial risk as it can damage your air system and end product. • Efficient water separation.

Atlas Copco’s MD adsorption dryers eliminate system failures. no consumables. no heat vent required. • 100% oil-free condensate. a mere 0. • 100% flow capacity at the output.05 € – 8000 h/year WITH CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT • No depletion of materials. • Silent operation. 1000 2120 3600 1500 3180 5400 2000 l/s 4240 cfm 7200 m3/h Flow * Assumptions: 1 kWh = 0. Heavy Truck Traffic 85 dB Office Environment 70 dB Air Conditioner 65 dB Normal Conversation 60 dB MD Dryers < 50 dB Refrigerator 45 dB Whispering 20 dB MD Savings . • Temperature. 1000 Water to the air net per day (liter) 660 Water to the air net if no dryer installed EFFICIENT WATER SEPARATION • Efficient condensate separator with ultimate separation efficiency even in low flow conditions. • 100% oil-free operation. • Total absence of CFCs. production downtime and costly repair and service works. 3000 l/s 6360 cfm 10800 m3/h Flow Average reference conditions: Pressure: 7 bar(e) Relative humidity: 60 % Ambient temperature: 25°C HIGHLY EFFICIENT AT ALMOST NO COST Energy costs* (€/year) Savings when selecting the right drying method 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 0 500 1060 1800 Heatless dryer Heat reactivated dryer Refrigerant dryer MD • The only energy needed is the power to rotate the drum. pressure and dewpoint peaks are eliminated. 330 0 0 1000 2120 3600 2000 4240 7200 • Reliable and effective condensate evacuation from the separation chamber via the no-loss condensate drain. sound level of less than 50 dB.Constant dry air at extreme low power consumption Removing moisture from compressed air in the harshest conditions.12 kW.

Hot unsaturated air 2. BUILT FOR ENDURANCE • Designed using state-of-the-art tools and facilities. Atlas Copco is able to test the entire dryer range to all flows. Cold dry air outlet MD 1300 W VSD MD 1800 W MD 2100 VSD MD 2500 W VSD 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Flow (l/s) . In order to obtain ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. A total quality air solution for every application. • Based on years of extensive research and continuous development. 1 5 2 3 Model MD 50 6 MD 100 MD 100 W MD 200 50 Hz versions 60 Hz versions 5 4 7 MD 200 W MD 300 MD 300 W MD 400 MD 400 W MD 400 VSD MD 600 MD 600 W MD 800 VSD MD 1000 W MD 1100 VSD 1. To further reduce any type of contamination within your process and protect your equipment. Hot saturated air 5.Thanks to their pioneering technology. PROVEN PEACE OF MIND Building on Atlas Copco’s know-how and years of experience with regards to compressed air solutions. the MD adsorption dryer range is tested using the most stringent methods in the industry. As a result of the synergy with the compressor production facility. Flanged connections 7. Atlas Copco presents a complete range of compressed air filters when needed. Cold saturated air 6. You can rest assured at all times. Ejector 4. Atlas Copco thoroughly tests its dryers during design reviews. Regeneration area 3. MD dryers ensure the lowest pressure drop and lowest energy consumption for the highest possible efficiency – saving you time and money throughout the production process. • Manufactured using the most advanced production line and methods in the industry.

04 kW .12 kW. at any capacity! ExTRA SAVINGS AT PARTIAL LOAD! • Extremely low pressure drop reducing energy consumption of the air compressor. a mere 0. • No waste of compressed air thanks to no-loss condensate drain. Maximum energy savings. the MD dryer guarantees 100% flow capacity at the output Light Bulb 0.06 kW CD Player 0. every day. year in. allowing you to conduct a truly efficient energy reduction strategy.12 kW 100% AIR FLOW Whereas other desiccant dryer types can consume up to 15% of the compressed air. • Heat exchanger technology for supreme energy savings. • VSD (Variable Speed Drive) exactly matches the rotation speed of the drum to the flow delivered by the connected VSD driven compressor in order to ensure an optimal dewpoint at every variable capacity condition (option for MD 800-2500).30 kW MD Dryers 0.50 kW No regeneration air No purge air Blender 0.90 kW Washing Machine 0. the MD dryers achieve maximum cost savings. year out. Atlas Copco’s adsorption dryers stand for important energy savings all day. • The only energy needed is the power to rotate the drum. Taking technology to a whole new level. ALMOST NO ENERGY CONSUMPTION Toaster 0.Supreme energy and cost savings Keeping a firm grip on costs is one of your main concerns.

The flange-to-flange hook-up design greatly facilitates installation. ZT/ZR 200* ZT/ZR 200**. see separate ZT/ZR brochures. ZT/ZR 250-275 ZT/ZR 250/315 VSD The MD series is specially designed for use with the industry standard Z series of oil-free compressors. ZR 315 VSD-FF DRYER MD 1000 W MD 1100 VSD MD 1300 W VSD MD 1800 W MD 2100 VSD MD 2500 W VSD ZT: air-cooled ZR: water-cooled W: water-cooled VSD: Variable Speed Drive OIL-FREE COMPRESSOR ZR 300-425 ZR 400 VSD ZR 500 VSD ZR 450-750 ZR 700 VSD ZR 900 VSD H 1809/71” 1879/74” 1879/74” 2076/82” 2235/88” 2235/88” DIMENSIONS (MM/IN) W 1346/53” 1346/53” 1346/53” 1699/67” 1699/67” 1699/67” L 1163/46” 1163/46” 1163/46” 1289/51” 1289/51” 1289/51” For more technical data.4/12/13 bar(e) versions. Together they form the optimal combination for top quality dry air at low running costs.6 bar(e) versions. ZT/ZR 75-90 VSD ZT/ZR 110-145 ZT/ZR 132/160 VSD ZT/ZR 160. and all connection parts and bypass components are included in the package.Specifications MD MD 50 MD 50 VSD MD 100 MD 100 VSD MD 200 MD 300 MD 400 VSD MD 400 MD 600 MD 800 VSD * For 10/10. COMPRESSOR ZT/ZR 18-37 ZT/ZR 50 VSD ZT/ZR 45 ZT/ZR 50 VSD ZT/ZR 55-90. ZT 90 VSD-FF with integrated MD dryer ZR 700 VSD with external MD 2100 VSD dryer . ** For 7/8.

In order to be First in Mind—First in Choice® for all your compressed air needs. driven by your need for reliability and efficiency. Never use compressed air as breathing air without prior purification in accordance with local legislation and 2935 0461 15 – Printed in Belgium – Subject to alteration without prior notice. www. we are committed to providing you the customized quality air solution that is the driving force behind your business.atlascopco. Atlas Copco delivers the products and services that help increase your business’ efficiency and profitability. Always working with you. . Atlas Copco’s pursuit of innovation never ceases.

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