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Description: This is a large diameter, low profile LED light fitting which is tolerant of high ambient temperatures and wet or steamy environments such as within steam rooms, Turkish Bath Houses & Hammams, changing rooms or walls adjacent to swimming pools. The fitting is IP65 rated for SELV operation in ambient temperatures to 50 O C and has a vandal resistant opal polycarbonate diffuser and a die cast aluminium base with four point fixing and a "push through" cable gland; all fixings and fastenings are of grade A2 stainless steel and the fitting is supplied with an approved mains powered LED driver. Philips-Lumileds Luxeon power lighting LED's are the best specified make, their Rebel LED's are the most economical in terms of *light output/ and are operated here at one third their maximum current rating to greatly increase their long term reliability. (*Alternatively the premium K2 LED version can be fitted instead, which offers over 35% higher light output for the same input power, with equal reliability, but at a higher cost). Great care has been taken to ensure that the thermal path from each LED die to the exterior is as low as technically possible in order to minimise their internal junction temperature and so avoid the reduction in light output that a high temperature causes and also gain maximum reliability and long life. This fitting supplies an even illumination that is sufficient for most sizes of commercial steam rooms and is distinguished by it's smooth light output, without any of the bright spots or beaming commonly associated with LED luminaires. Specification: Size ~ 323mm diameter x 95mm high overall; weight ~ 1.85Kg Power consumption ~ typically 15w @ 350mA DC controlled operating current Light output ~ >14Lux @ 1m with 470nm blue LED's fitted (Lux for other colours differs) Cable access ~ hidden at the rear of the fitting, via a "push through" IP65 cable gland Mounting fixings ~ hidden; four off M5 x 45mm, A2 stainless steel screws Diffuser fasteners ~ M5 x 20mm, A2 stainless steel, flanged button head, allen socket Finish ~ white or black, matt powder coated base with opal polycarbonate diffuser Environmental ~ IP65 rated to 50 O C maximum ambient temperature Driver ~ 18w SELV, IP20, F rated, double insulated, 220/240v AC 50/60Hz input, 350mA DC output, with covered cable chambers, for remote surface mounting outside of the zone 3 or C region; (IP65 version available). Drivers must not be fitted in an enclosure. Options: Alternative colours ~ cool white, neutral white, warm white, green, cyan, royal blue, red, red-orange or amber, all using Luxeon Rebel LED's Alternative LED's ~ Philips-Lumileds Luxeon K2 LED's fitted in place of the Rebel LED's Colour-change 20w ~ RGB colour-mixing LED's fitted in place of the static colour LED's, using external current control for even colours and effects without colour shadows. Commercial Multilight ~ with a total 7w + 7w of static colour LED's and a 20w white LED, offering 50% redundancy to protect against single driver failure, the high power white LED can act independently as an "end of session" indicator and/or emergency light. (Supplied complete with three approved IP20 or IP65 rated LED drivers)