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One thing is to look and dress like the prophet, pbuh One thing is to think and feel like

the prophet, pbuh To start thinking and feeling like the prophet, pbuh

2 things that if you do them...automatically you will start thinking and feeling like sayyidina prophet salalhoalhewasalam 1. Read about his life of the prophet a. Reading Tafseer of the prophet. Very difficult to do. Very dense. But if you get a good writer and enjoy reading it. 2. Listening to the life of the prophet a. Hear a good audio cd on the life of the rasulullah salalhoalayhewasalm, on the internet available for free. Ask maulanaji which one it was Problem is that the nafs and shaytaan both stop us from doing it. Because if you feed your mind with it again. There are things that you heard them when you were a kid at O’ levels and A’ levels. But rereading it again after 10-15 years they get more understanding and get more hints about life and relate to it. Study the seerah, over and over again. This will make you think like the prophet, pbuh, all day. All instabilities, insecurities, and confusions about life will go away and you will get barakah. Reading the life of the sahabah. You will find certain things that that sahabah go wrong at. You will enjoy it. Reading about salman farsi, abu hurairah, abu zar al guffari. When you read their life, their mistakes, you will enjoy and find out that they are like you. When you think about the sahabah, you will automatically start thinking and feeling like the prophet salalahoalayhewasalam. Reading the life of the prophet over and over again. Reading the life of the sahabah over and over again. Men should read the stories about sahabiyaat, i.e. women. One special benefit is that it will put pak damani, haya, for women in general. It is reading about the women that would entail in you haya and respect for them. This will have an incredible effect. Men should read the story of maryam from the Quran. This effect will stay for a few days and then keep reading it. 1. Seerat un nabi 2. Seerat sahabi 3. Seerat sahabiyaat This is the way to prepare for Ramadan: by reading these seerats

recite. But to prepare for that you need to think and feel how RasuluAllah wants me to think and feel. you will get more haya. Make use of the masnoon duas. This is really what Islam wants. You will start thinking and feeling like rasulullah 6. Make the sunnah duas. Read selected areas of hadith. but very difficult for people to learn. So when you read like the life of sahabiyaat. Read shamaiy of thirmidhi. Hadrat Usman – had the modesty that resembled that of the prophet. This is your degree of being a wali. 4. Shamail of muhammadiya by imam thirmidhi. Lots of hadith will work on your aql. 5. Allah tala daynay wala hay. Whenever you want to increase duas is whenever you think or learn something really good to make the niyyah of including them in duas. hajj. e. . about the other ambiyahs. But you will not feel the difference. Then the entire Ramadan will go like a breeze.g. Reading certain hadith. When you read the hadiths on legal matters of prayer. This one is very easy.Certain special attributes of prophet were inherited only by the women. business etc. When you spend preparing for Ramadan yearning for it. But hadith you should read is about the Allah. Goal in Ramadan – how to think the way Allah wants me to think and how to feel the way Allah wants me to feel. and yourself. pray with these duas. Read certain chapters of this chapter. mind. Read selected chapters of Aisha Bewley’s translation of – riyaad as salaheen. subhanhuwatala.