Bulldog Fantasy Football League Welcome to the Bulldog Fantasy Football League ("BFFL").

This is a charity event and the net proceeds from the league will be donated to the Irvington PTSA. The Grand Prize winner will receive two Super Bowl tickets for the February 3, 2013 game in New Orleans. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to participate in the league In order to accommodate a large number of players, the BFFL will be a salary cap league. That means that each team has a salary cap (i.e. $100 million or whatever limit is set by the website) to allocate across its active roster in order to play the requisite number of people (see below). The better your players perform in real-life NFL games, the more points they score for your fantasy team and gets you closer to the Grand Prize. Currently our plan is to host the league through the Yahoo Fantasy Football League website. A league will be created and you will be provided log-in information once you pay your entry fee of $100, plus credit card fees if applicable. The $100 will cover entry to the league and the cost of the player selection event to be held on Sunday, September 9 at 7:30 at Life, the Place to be in Ardsley. In order to accommodate the most amount of participants, the league will start in Week 2 of the season. Food and beverages will be served on a cash basis. The rules below are based on Yahoo's rules from last season and are meant to be a high level description. The specific rules regarding how to add/drop players, set line-ups etc. will be available on-line and available once you receive your log-in information. The league is limited to 200 entries and participants will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis based upon the PTSA's receipt of the initiation fee. Sign-up will start on June 15. We suggest you sign-up as soon as possible since we expect to reach 200 fairly quickly. Participants may enter as many times as they want. Player Selection The player selection will take place on September 9, 2012. Participants are required to attend the event in order to select their team of virtual players. How to Enter If you would like to enter, please send an email to bulldogfantasyfootball@yahoo.com with your name, email address, phone number, the name of your team and how you to intend to pay the entrance fee. Please also indicate if you would like more than one entry. If you choose to pay by check, please send a check for $100 made out to the Irvington PTSA per entry to Jason Rimland at 22 Cedarlawn Road, Irvington, New York 10533. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will respond to your email with instructions on how to pay by credit card. Please note that there will be small processing fee for using credit cards. Rules Salary Cap

Each week, you'll decide which players to start, while keeping your team under a league-wide $100 million salary cap whatever limit is set by the website. The salary cap is the maximum amount of dollars that you can spend on the players in your lineup. Every team has $100 million available whatever limit is set by the website, and you must stay at or under this cap when building your 9-man roster each week. The player salaries will be available at the player selection event. All player salaries are adjusted at the end of each professional football week, using a Yahoo! Sports algorithm that takes into account real-life performance from the current and prior seasons. No player can ever have a value of less than $1 million, and these values are not, in any way, based on actual real-life player values. Also, each week you have the opportunity to adjust downward the salary you allot to players on your team whose salaries have decreased since you acquired them. This brings your Team Value in line with the player's current market value, freeing up cap room for you to use on other player moves. So, assume you have $25 million allotted to Peyton Manning, but his current market value drops to $15 million. By clicking the "Renegotiate" link, you will lower his salary to $15 million. This frees up $10 million for other moves. Using this feature will automatically adjust the salaries for every player on your team whose salary has decreased since you acquired them. If a player's salary has increased since you acquired him, his salary WILL NOT be adjusted upward on your roster when unit values are updated. However, if you sell this player, you must pay the current market value to reacquire him. Roster Each week, you must select a 9-man roster consisting of: One Quarterback Two Running Backs Three Wide Receivers One Tight End One Kicker One Team Defense If you do not have a complete 9-man roster, you will not receive any fantasy points for your entire lineup for that week. You do not need to reset your roster each week. If no changes are made, we will automatically carry your current roster forward from week to week. However, you have the option of changing your line-up week to week so long as you stay under the salary cap. Scoring Fantasy points are awarded based on how well your players perform in each of several statistical categories (see chart below). All real-life statistics have associated point values, and each player's

points are summed to produce your weekly total. So, for example, a touchdown is worth six points and a fumble recovery two, so a player with two touchdowns and a fumble recovery would score 14 [(2*6) + (1*2)] fantasy points. Offense Touchdown 6 points Passing Yards 1 point per 50 yards Interception -2 points Rushing Yards 1 point per 20 yards Receiving Yards 1 point per 20 yards 2-Point Conversion 2 points Fumble Lost -2 points Kicking   Field Goal 0-19 yards 3 points Field Goal 20-29 yards 3 points Field Goal 30-39 yards 3 points Field Goal 40-49 yards 4 points Field Goal 50+ yards 5 points Point After Touchdown 1 point Defense   Sack 1 point Interception 2 points Fumble Recovery 2 points Touchdown* 6 points

Safety 2 points Blocked Kick 2 points Points Allowed Shutout = 10 Fan. Pts. 1-6 points = 7 Fan. Pts. 7-13 points = 4 Fan. Pts. 14-20 points = 1 Fan. Pt. 21-27 points = 0 Fan. Pt. 28-34 points = -1 Fan. Pt. 35+ points = -4 Fan. Pts. * = Please note that special teams touchdown s (i.e., punt and kick return touchdowns) count towards the team defense's points. Also, players will not receive points in scoring categories not associated with their position. So, if a kicker throws a touchdown pass or scores a rushing touchdown, or if a quarterback kicks an extra point, etc., no points will be awarded.   Participants The league will be capped at 200 participants. Also, the league will not be operational unless there are 100 participants in order to cover the costs of the prizes and ensure a sufficient donation to the PTSA. The league is open to school district residents and their friends and family. Tie Breaker At the player selection event, each participant will pick six players they think will have the most aggregate points for the season, including week one, but excluding the playoffs ranked from one to six. Any six unique players may be selected, except defenses, and there is no limitation on the positions of the players. For example, you may select six quarterbacks if you wish. In the event of a tie at the end of the season between one or more participants, the participant with the most aggregate points of the number 1 selection wins. If there is a tie for the number 1 selection, then the number 2 selection's aggregate points are compared, and so forth until there is a clear winner. If for any reason there is no clear winner, the winner will be selected by a coin toss by a member of the Rules Commission. Prizes The winner is the person with the most total points at the end of the season. The winner will receive two Super Bowl tickets for the February 3, 2013 game in New Orleans. In addition, the person with the highest point total after weeks 4, 8 and 12 will receive a prize valued at less than $200 and will be announced prior to the player selection event.

Rules Commission Commissioners will be Brian Friedman and Jason Rimland, with the remainder of the commission consisting of Edmund Kim, John McKassey and Scott Ziluck. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Event Co-Chairs: Jason Rimland 917.471.5817 Chris Epple 914.715.9127 Brian Friedman 917.439.8746 Event committee consists of Barry Graubart, Edmund Kim, Stephen Lamb, John McKassey, Brett Stein and Scott Ziluck. If you would like to assist with the event or donate a prize, please contact us. Last edited, July 11, 2012