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Starfleet Guidelines

This publication is for the members of the tree of life. It covers the fundamental laws of life
of our Utopian worldview. It covers the social life of civilians and the history of the traits of
the social movement and the history of citizenship. Community unified by common culture
and species favoritism is more than political boundaries. This document is for civilization and
its centurions; its principles apply to all races who wish to survive in an increasingly
conformist, blended geographic world.

In this period of struggle for the future of superiority, you will become aware – through your
family, culture and information – of the bond that unites us all in an inseparable and sworn
community of striving. Furthermore, you know that your life, dreams, abilities and
characteristics come from your ancestors, and that you must uphold your legacy for the
next generation. You are obligated to evoke your right to make adjustments suitable to your
life and to live it accordingly. Realize that a revolutionary amount of change has taken place
in the attitude and responsibility of Earth in such a short time.

After years of decline new bravery, power and confidence emerged in the empire of the
civilized world. We have pulled ourselves up from threatened annihilation not only in
economics and politics, but also in biologic standards. The answer to the question of how
the King and his court can achieve such accomplishments is very simple: We have again
made the choice to live our lives where we follow ethical laws, standards for further
development, the foundation of our culture.

Among nature, we instinctively recognize through the feelings of our society, the course of
erasing history by foreign intellectual and racial influence. New worlds are discovered by the
mere need to discover, not by ones need to escape. The knowledge of life and the higher
thought of our kind are today a symbol for the principle of life. The foundations of the laws
of life of our worldview from the perspective of civilization and community of the entire
people make evident the responsibilities of the individual a principle of our society.

What is toxic is fatal to all and who betrays its race is refuse. Among all of the life in
society, there are groups that, more or less, resemble one another and show common
physical characteristics. They have the same nature and as a species. The living today
forms the species that are fertile among each other. By the observation and comparison of
the majorities, it remains clear to us that it is not enough to speak only of humanity as a
race but subdivisions for precise observation. This leads to the human concept of races.
The individual races, distinguishable by differences, which they have in respect to the
uniqueness of their hereditary intellectual-psychological and physical features, are
tendencies and characteristics.

Each race has certain characteristics and features which are unique unto them. These
features pass unto offspring. Race is a group of life that distinguishes itself by the common
possession of certain hereditary features. It always produces only its own kind. Race is also
a characterized community of hereditary factors. Absolute purity passes its hereditary
essence unadulterated from one generation to the next. There is a necessity for the
homogeneous rose to be wise to recognize the dangers that lead to a mixed alteration,
degeneration and annihilation of the races affected. The predominant caste determines the
character and continues its influence in it as a hereditary factor. As in the world, race gives
predisposition to the threats that temper that of all people.

Each people represent a visible community to the outside world. The same lineage, the
same terrain, the same dialect, traditions, ability and past are a lasting connection. For a
population to become a people, race as well as history and culture are necessary. Each
generation is only one connection in the chain of life leading into your future. All of them
together form community. The existence of one is only then purposeful if it is intrinsically
common to the whole of the people. The disciples of this community carry the responsibility
for the shaping of the coming generations. Each people have its own unique humanoid
character. The roots of the unique characteristics lie in the composition of their people.
Humanity is a community of decency and of fate. As a hereditary community, we are largely
able to create and shape our own environment.

The common heredity determines the physique and mental-emotional abilities of a race.
This concept relates not only to the race within us, but socioeconomically in a world political
view. Some create a higher social morality, and there are those that can never elevate
themselves on their own strength. There are those with heroic bearing and those without
the courage to fight. Cultural accomplishments are the sole creation of the race on high. The
elevation of humanity lasts or fails with the preservation of the purity and strength of each
and every of the races. The racial composition of a people is unique. Its alteration always
has a transformation of its nature and culture in consequence. Each instance of impurity
always means an averaging of the worth of the higher race.

-Apocrypha Terra-
Civilization displays strictly separated racial groups. Very roughly expressed, we distinguish
between multiple kinds and one at zenith. Each of these groups contains a multiplicity of
branches with certain common features. A successful civilization in this case regards related
races. Opposed to these stand the foreign. In respect, people, who show the same elements
as of the polar races, are of the same racial family. To them belong the remaining pale and
motley crowned. Since the cultures of our people are often very diverse, the facts about
racial elements need rediscovery for the foundation of a distinction. In even the most
modern of people, having superior traits supersedes their racial composition. Their
relationship to the observer is as an equal. The racial composition of the people rests on the
fusion of similar people and the dominate lineage.

The main ranks of the civilized live in a society that contains 4 seasons and varies by
altitude. In the earliest history, a settled farmer cultivates crops and breeds pets. They
invent the tools of the trade to which other people will later adopt. The explosive population
growth of this prosperous being leads to a new, necessary acquisition of space and causes
waves of societies to occupy bordering areas in anarchy's form. By circumstance, they
imprint their culture upon all others as they meet. From evolution come superiors that bring
the strength of ages.

Everything wonderful is the creative product of rare genius from a rare few people. High
societies of our ancestors created by responsible leaders clearly show the creative spirit
needed to rule dogs of war. With the decline of this class, it so shall disappear. Even today,
we sympathize with these cultures, which have a common racial origin. It is foolish to
believe that all cultures can contribute to success of a species. All racial compositions will
create cultures or remain animals.

In every world, there are, many other also, high cultures who feel undeniably foreign
feelings of importance while interacting with each other. They are not related to us, but
rather, are of foreign race, a different spirit speaks from them. Never will the foreign reach
an equal peak with those who base life on the ability to defend the innocent. The
technological development of today has also emerged under such stressful trials and
conditions. Wherever mixed with closely related races the influence of the advanced has
always proven beneficial and developed abilities that produce the highest cultural

-Shades and Shadows-

Despite the often-heavy mixture and meshing of races between the various colonies we find
a series of similarities with those who may are genetically compatible to reproduce a hybrid
composite. There are areas in which a tall stature, narrow faces and fairness predominates.
In close relation only described, as a variation in theme is the brute life of the sun soldier.
In many parts of the realm is the hunter with a penchant for violence and a desire to fear
the cold.

Within we find small, sleek and quite adept people with tint carried from their origins. In all
civilizations, wherever there may be civilization, honesty is the strongest. Many in our
society have no distinction, with any absolution, to one or another race. In each people,
there are those who are - when compared to pure-kind - the same culture in more or less
mixed form. To the cultures met and the survivors of an attack, our heritage is threatening
and dominant firstly. By design, you can consider there being two races, yours and theirs.
Strength of race is not only predominant, but is in the blood of almost all life. Life and
liberty are not empty concepts, rather destiny for any coherent mind.

The breeding goals and traditions off world, is usually the same and are, at their best,
unopposed in every race. It completes with the fulfillment of the laws of life of its
predominant race. The portion of dominate genes in the hereditary makeup is about 50%.
Therefore, the lifespan is, in the truest sense of the word, a blood community. History has
long proven that the logical has a much larger share of extraordinary life than other sub-
races and contributes to their separation. This is respectfully and above all the carrier of the
high degree of ability of their people to enact great deeds in all spheres. There is no other
caste, which has produced so many extraordinary commands. In dashing exploit, they
conquer large areas, found factions and create cultures. The flourishing of entire systems is
in direct result to their formidable efforts.

Great bravery is the foundation of the martial accomplishments of the greater races. Honour
and strength of will, paired with reliability, greatly strengthen the drive for independence.
These characteristics, however, reduce the ability to sympathize, and the danger is great
that someone loses themselves and exhausts. Humanity possesses a great love for sport
and competition. We stand where one must dare. We are, much more than others are, in
dangerous professions.

More important than color is character. Ones essence belongs to the race whose virtues
they display through deed. If one were to examine individual civilizations according to their
composition, one initially notices that in almost all cases all of the represented races
survive. We find the same face represented everywhere. We also find all races in all places
with differing vulnerabilities. The overall racial evaluation of a people is not the result of
trivial details.
It is a matter of the strength of the portions of each in the respective people. Already in
numbers, the empire of order and rule of law marches far ahead of all other people in
respect to traditions. With natural right, the strong can claim the leadership of any people.

-Law of Life-
The strong must rule and not mix with the weak, unless to sacrifice our own greatness.
Heredity looks at the world around it and shows that offspring resembles the ancestors.
From a tree comes a tree. Even in the case of very young children, the relatives notice
features inherited from the father or mother. Later other characteristics appear like
industriousness, talent, and susceptibility to certain illnesses. That an inheritance has taken
place is ancient knowledge of life.

Breeders have always tried to control the breeding of plants and animals. That this was a
matter of development according to natural laws, however, has only been recognized and
proven during modern age. Heredity as are all things is subject to unchangeable laws. The
laws of heredity – like all other laws of life – have the same validity for plant, animal and
human. In the offspring either the characteristics of both parents are again recognizable or
of only one. Many, many times characteristics are traceable through many, many
generations or skips entire generations to later suddenly again make an appearance.
Heredity is hence the passing on of features and characteristics from parents to offspring.
Not only physical characteristics are inherited, but also intellectual and psychological. Each
child possesses two hereditary factors for each trait. Hereditary factors pass to offspring in
equal parts. A hybrid can resemble a purebred because of the possession of predominant
hereditary factors in their appearance.

The suppressed hereditary factors are not this way eliminated. They simply do not appear in
that generation. What appears healthy on the outside can hide the covered over hereditary
factors for sickness inside. One does not see on any selected people what hereditary factors
lay within them. A judgment of faith can never be conclusive. Two different races distinguish
themselves through an ever-great number of hereditary factors.
By their fusion these traits are randomly brought together, and the descendants a great
diversity of results.

The results of such mixtures are disruptions and corrosion of structure. The laws of science
form the basis of our knowledge of the formation and development of successful youth.
Physical and emotional factors pass equally to the offspring. An enormous importance of the
knowledge of heredity and the duty to intervene and work must be common knowledge. To
restrict and to promote for the creation of the coming generations holds certain absolute

At conception, essence and worth of a person for their people and their race are already
determined. Children should not raise children. Certainly, education and environment can
later develop and promote certain traits and give restraint to others in each generation. The
key spirit remains unchangeable. The responsibility for the next generation lies within the
current generation.

-The Relation Selection-

The right choice of mate is not only the prerequisite for the preservation of the species, but
also for the continuance of high selectivity. It is the foundation of any racial monarchy. The
selection of a highly worthy mate alone may not mean an improvement of the race. That
only comes when the breeding of an above-average number of children follows the right
mate selection. If a man who did not want any children selects, then this would mean a
deterioration of the race, because elimination of good hereditary factors from the future
generation would result. For what would the elimination of bad hereditary factors from the
people help, if simultaneously a reproduction of the good hereditary factors was not
preserved and expanded?

If there were only outward physical differences between races, the question of race, would
become irrelevant. The hereditary makeup of a person has a much greater meaning than his
appearance. Often it is extremely difficult to derive psychological disposition from the
appearance of an individual. By breeding, chance combines a fateful control of the physical
traits of one race with the psychological traits of another race. In most cases the
psychological disposition can be discerned from the physical appearance or at least
approximate it correctly.

Every person carries a great treasure of hereditary factors in themselves from birth.
In the course of our life, only portions of traits rise above. Environment has a part in the
formation of the individual. Climate, nutrition, living space, position, or social stature as well
can have a visible influence on the development of a person.

If a life form lacks the environmental conditions needed for it to flourish, then it is stunted.
Its appearance is as thus subject to many changes due to the environment, but not the
hereditary makeup. Environmental influences are not able to alter the hereditary makeup.

The preservation of society is visible proof of the strength of blood. Due to lack of
possibilities for development, the individual often is eventually ruined. For the preservation
and further evolution of a race, the necessary foundations for life must be present.

Four truths:
1. each person is the cross-effects of hereditary factors and surroundings.
2. The environment and its influence remain without effect on the descendants.
3. Abilities are not inherent.
4. Only through natural selection are traits passed between generations.

The muscles of an individual improve through physical exercise. The son of an athlete,
however, does not therefore get stronger muscles than that of any average child.
Intellectual knowledge is in no way inherited. The son of a genius has to start at the
beginning with the alphabet just like every other child. The same is of any language of
many generations.

With massive fantasy and biased assumption of the effects of environment, prophets and
politicians have believed that a change of this environment could improve the destiny of
entire peoples. For them all people are the same. These accusations place us under the
same conditions in order to achieve the same accomplishments in all areas.

Races can never become equal even in the same space over long periods. These abilities
become the ways in which they remain the truth behind lies. They are to live away from our
people if it is not to slowly but irretrievably fall into chaos. The community's task at that
time consists of protecting the heritage of the people from mixture, to prevent the spread of
genetic defects and to shape the environment so that the best genetic elements of the
people achieve the greatest procreation. No circumstance warrants such illogical behavior.

-Nature's Law-
The laws of nature run according to a stoic will. They are valid for all forms of life. It is
necessary to acknowledge these laws, and their compliance is the requirement for the
preservation and development of life. Failure to obey the laws of nature creates decay,
deformity and ruin. Serenity has made the recreation of a natural order of life a goal and
has given the necessary government recognition to the validity of the laws of nature for

Animals and plants produce more offspring than is necessary for their survival. A single fish
may contain three to four million eggs. In a century, the waters of many spheres could cry
fish whose attempt is the best way to survive predators. The enormous fertility that we find
in nature receives the inspiration through the destruction of large numbers of individual

The prospects of survival are not equal for all life forms. Plausible fertility, however, is the
prerequisite that a sufficient number of creatures remains preserved so that the species
does not perish. Without fertility, there is no further development. The birth rate will
determine the future of our people. The number of cribs must be much larger than the
number of coffins. Only then, can we offer successful resistance against all
devils and pursue our righteous endeavors due to any leader.

We have gained knowledge about the development of life on earth largely through
experience. The examinations reveal endlessly in the oldest layers of the earth, very simply
designed, basic creatures. Appearing in closer layers we find more highly developed life
forms, and finally in the most recent layers the highest. Development means change,
growth, reproduction, expansion, etc. Each advance requires huge spans of time and knows
not stillness. The life of the individual disappears completely in the evolution of the species.
Our place in time is where nature shows us and offers struggle everywhere. Struggle is a
fundamental law of nature.

The subtle meaning of our eternal fight against extinction is everything weak and/or inferior
vanishes. Only the strong and powerful designs procreate. The goal is hence a selection
upward, the preservation of the best. We only have to correctly recognize the natural events
and act accordingly. What history reveals is all must utilize our resources of nature to
survive or perish and this must be our common knowledge. It is not a matter of self, rather
the promotion and preservation of life.

Each society needs space to live. Throughout history the struggle for living space occurs.
The growing, healthy people alone have the moral right to expand their living space and, if
necessary, to conquer it. In Nature, selection occurs through the struggle for survival. We
must never carry over the concept of war into economic life. We understand it in a purely
biological sense. Poor selection takes place on a large scale in every culture.

Intellectual inferiors, criminals and sickly people survive destruction. Thus, bad hereditary
make up is not only preserved, but also passed on to future generations. Medical
accomplishments especially prevent a selection that once also applied to natural selection.
With spiritual people of a similar culture in light of our
ancestors, have the same selective forces as animals.

This selection developed man more highly. However, the rise of civilization and its culture
allows the laws of nature to fall away. Man can perhaps postpone their effect, but never
eliminate it. Just as many species of animals and plants have become extinct over the
course of history, so have entire people been destroyed because they violated the laws of
the time.

Natural selection pushes evolution continuously onward. The forming and branching of new
races is inherent, and bound by nature through selection. In nature, those creatures
eliminated from their respective race were unsuited for preservation, while the carriers of
favorable qualities survive. Selection preserves the race at its peak. The death of the
individual life has nothing to do with the essence of selection, but is only a means for it.

Traits fail when they incompletely pass along to the same degree. Then in the next
generation these traits elimination is by cause of not being, strongly enough represented.
The effect is the same whether this elimination is achieved through sterilization or
abstinence, through death or otherwise. The most important selection is fertility.

The person who has no children can have a long life, but are forever, purged from the life of
the race. Genetics combined with environmental conditions represent something purely
unique. The accomplishment becomes securely renowned if the creator provides for the
continuance of their work with the descendants of themselves. Fertility alone determines the
continuation of hereditary makeup. Every selection, which affects heretics, is an enduring
and irrevocable success or failure.

Ancestry meets its demise when the carriers of industrious traits, the cultured and creators,
are eliminated. The inferior won the greatest victory over them: the victory of a greater
birth rate. If you are seeking ancients, know that they all ascend to a higher plane of
existence. Their kingdom met its demise among a curse of failure of the fertility of the
genetically able.

In all societies, the fertility of the capable is less than that of the less capable because they
will not search knowledge even if given, as it would be a child. The ever unequal
reproduction of the capable and less capable, however, leads to a lowering of the superior
hereditary factors in a folk and invariably is the means of its cultural decline.

Many of the fables state that higher ability belongs to certain races of the population.
Overpopulation is the condition where an organism's numbers exceed the carrying capacity
of its habitat. In common place, the term usually refers to the relationship between the
human population and its environment, the Earth. In such circumstances to which if they
cannot survive such an extreme fate without the skills of the ancestors and will soon join
them leaving only a select few beasts to survival.

You are the hope of your race. To enhance life by adding unwarranted cybernetics will
eventually design an immortal race of machines, unaltered by environmental factors. Fear is
the only emotion designed to deal with undying life forms that discover time travel. They
will travel back into time to annihilate their ancestors and destroy their own lineage in an
existence, which cannot harm them to test the laws of time.

In the time yet seen selection and subsidy is not dependent on rank or social classes, but
solely and limited to ability and accomplishment, industriousness and direction. Communal
education institutes, public, private, and trade schools. They produce the future leaders of
the world and all worlds in the empire in all aspects. Lower fertility of the people conflicts
against a high reproduction rate of especially those people that show malicious
characteristics. The danger of a racial transformation on planets is great.

It is upon us now to prevent it. We know that the number of heads of a people alone does
not make its strength or significance. Nevertheless, no one will deny that, next to actual
level, size and natural growth of a people are the most significant foundations for its
influence and power.
Every war represents a reverse selection in pure form. It is a simple severe ethnic damage
for the participating peoples. In every instance the most industrious and most capable lose
their lives on the battlefield. A race can lose all to war and hunger blockades.

Wars concerning population politics subside through an increase in your population. It is

necessary that the gaps in society, created through war, fill by a growth in births. Battle
favors hearts and not life. In this regard, the unfortunately necessary death of the best
men, as regrettable as it is, still is the worst part of war. Much worse is the absence of the
children not conceived by the living during the war and by the dead after the war.

The sacrifices, which the last war demands of our people, are very painful from a human
and a geo-political standpoint. Nevertheless, they are by no means senseless, because they
have brought the life and future of our people. They serve the security and defense of our
natural right of life.

-Amalgamate Future-
The illogical joins with unethical of the same race for procreation.
People closest to the earth, who are rooted in the soil and close to the earth, who feels the
call of time and place – acted from the same instinct over many generations.
Only the obsessive cultured person believes he can act against nature. Always is this our

If two become one, their hereditary traits never complete a new genetic mass in perfect
mixture uniformly. We know from the study of heredity that, aside from the coupling of
certain genetic factors, traits travel individually and independently of each other. There are
several keys to the stars. At the generation of such inferiors, these traits further separate
and divide themselves up in various descendants.

Every re-composition changes the harmonious balance of genetic identity. The farther apart
in origin the sources are, the greater is the disruption that such an imperfection has as
consequence if at all. Moreover, come all the disadvantages in the areas of vitality, which
result from amalgamation. Assimilated are physically and psychologically disharmonious.
Choosing identical partners means a slow decline of the depth of evolution and the sure loss
of the heart.

-Colony Minor-
The consequences of a harmful admixture is common knowledge, taught to us by history.
From the moment, a person loses its image, moral, intellectual and cultural decline set in.
Culture expansion and societies rise is false. In first encounters with foreign people,
opinions of truths found in ourselves are the image seen by both sides.

A series of societies shows the coming common path of development, which, however, does
not represent a law of life: After a slow rise to Renaissance plateaus and then shows a rapid
decline. The decline of strength, usually, introduces is presence through the replacement of
simplicity, sobriety and health with pleasure-seeking, lack of principles and sickness.

Wars eradicate the best carriers while a lack of children steadily reduces the number of the
capable. The defining silence comes from mixture with cumbersome life. It has the result
that inner struggle becomes conflict. With such separation, it is then easy for a vigorous
people to triumph over the sickly one. The law on high is the same for all eyes. They make
dogs of war and you may rule them all that cannot speak. Without death, the soldier
wastes. Like any statue, the law is the carrier and foundation of your people.
The individual is not the purpose, rather the means of life. The earth is not the sum of its
many people, but rather a great oneness, a community, in which honor runs through us all.
Genetic composition shows itself in not only physical form and appearance, but also finds its
expression above all in a unified soul in search of a great reward. Not decisive, even if
desirable, are the physical features of the individual. Instead, our psychological-character
traits are. The survivor race is the great race of the world’s people; it impresses its name on
our essence; it determines our thought, action and feelings.

-Genetic testing-
The destructive influence of overlapping with the locals proved especially harmful in our
people until the rise to power of science. The parasites of humankind have well understood
to the present day how to prevent a complete merger with their host kin.
Get genetically tested if you can. Know that if any culture approves of breeding with cousins
or siblings that they are wrong to believe in its success, a danger to themselves and society,
and a damaging factor to evolution. Any race will die which subjects its blood to mixing
without care. Their existence brings spiritual decay that systematically destroys and
undermines the evolution of our species.

In special cases, a sickening painful end awaits in opposition to a conquering of our race
politically and economically to great predominance. If it does not destroy, it spreads insanity
primarily in the intellectually leading groups of our people. These accursed lives make
sincerity shamed and their propaganda aims intentionally at the inner undermining and
fragmentation of the state. The aftereffects of this destructive, decades-long infection are
even today detectable in our people. It requires intensive effort to eradicate the last traces
of this pestilence and lead our society back to the natural and only correct path of life.

The increasing development and consumption of an empire is the truth of the matter.
The solution to the invasion question has today become a vital task beyond the borders of
the empire for the peoples of our home. The master race or, we can safely say the leaders
of men march at the end when it comes to fertility. The number of births, however, decides
the fate of nations. In the struggle for survival of life, there is only our ability to fight and
our vitality. Never forget that the ability to fight of a people alone can never make it
possible for a people to survive into the far future, rather that the inexhaustible fountain of
its fertility is also necessary.

-Imperial Right-
Our struggle will be whoever is not physically and mentally healthy and worthy must not
create more of their suffering in the body of their children. Above our action stands the
living community. It is an irreversible condition if the relationship in a state between the
productive and the non-earning levels takes on unhealthy forms.

The truth is that the active, working portion of the population must support the lives of
those unable to work. There are lunatics who previously cost the state hundreds of
thousands of credits. In the early years of modernity, the number of criminals was
shockingly high, and criminals often heavily reproduced themselves.

By eliminating these carriers of lazy heredity, millions will live for other purposes and
pleasures. The actions of any responsible community leadership must serve the social
system of public care and increase of those of good breeding. It is the duty of the state to
engage in all things so that the people, who uselessly claim the strength of others, and for
whom life itself means misery, are not born. Every natural society soon eradicates the
inferior when it correctly recognizes this fact. In the so-called underground however, a false
charity – carried into the broad masses especially by radical prophets – absolutely promotes
a reverse selection.

Religion often intervenes and labels any reasonable intervention as a violation of the order
such is its purpose. It is plain nonsense to claim that a spirit wants what is inferior. Our
beliefs are greater than what exists. Otherwise, we also would not have the right to
jurisprudence to remove a murderer or a criminal from the society. The laws of time show
us exactly that our maintenance of health and the life of our people stand above the well-
being of evil. Actions must not lie with spirit but with democracy.

The insane and mentally ill possess no sense of responsibility toward their descendants. The
costs of the efforts repair and control their damages restrict communities on a monumental
level. Unchecked the mentally ill more than double at twice the rate of society. The masters
have intervened here appropriately from age to age. The position of logic toward this
problem is clear and finite: Defective people are to be, made unable to produce another, is
a demand of the clearest reason, and in its systematic execution is the most humane act of
humanity. It will save the majority of the unfortunate from undeserved suffering and in its
result lead to increasing recovery. Will and wisdom can be removed through a series of legal
actions or retribution of malice if required by the wisdom of one that believes there is great
probability that your descendants will suffer from severe physical or mental congenital

Too many people, especially of the type who do nothing better than consume, destroy the
environment and breed, is killing prosperity and reducing the quality of life for everyone
around them. In addition, unchecked will cause known congenital illnesses, including a
series of mental illnesses and severe hereditary defects such as blindness, deafness,
alcoholism, and so on.

The necessary future thrives from and for the purification of the mind. The effects of these
steps are immediately onslaught to the next generation. Do not to underestimate the anti-
national state and put an end to the vulgar condition with honour, valour and strengths.
Moral offenders possess such low standards and produce such quantity that they greatly
damaging the stature of their own offspring.

Taken into consideration must always be attempts to eradicate dangerous moral offenders
and bring about the measures of security and improvement. Eliminate anarchist elements
from the people. The three truths for serfs and scions: The truth comes first, a law is for all,
and honour supersedes tradition. We will bless the meaningful. We know that the sins are
that of the original sin of our ancestors. We alone have had to suffer greatly from this
original sin. We must again try to make a connection with the line of generations from dark

There will always be those who will be under orders from the colony and who are
contractually obligated unto it. Soldier is the category of one person of the people of a
species who has demonstrated through their actions that they are willing and able to serve
the world and empire. Time forbids among other things marriage between prisoners and the
population or between related bloods.

The law must one day ultimately prove that in your life you must stay your desires of
destruction. It is the rise to power from a world of decay. Hostile foreigners have naturally
fiercely attacked modern society. Even though the empire does not stand alone in a world
with these beliefs, the moralities are an association of great and determined people selected
according to special standards.
Our worldview must be the idea of superiority. We have the unequivocal facts that the
blood, our hereditary makeup alone, is decisive for lasting and peak accomplishment. We
place the idea of selection at the forefront of our ideals. Our ideal of selection is the
physically and mentally-psychologically heredity fit person of sustained character. We do
not want to be only an association of the physically best, but also the most loyal and most
valuable in character.

The preservation of the worthy for all futures includes the family and race as a natural
prerequisite. The life of the individual links him to ancestors and descendants. Our bonds
and relations are to be occasionally part of the community. The individual person dies,
subject to the laws of nature. Through the passing on of his offspring, we become a
memory, a living member of their community. We believe in the immortality of our society.

The family is the life foundation of the law. It produces future generations. Family is
essential and in every case irreplaceable. From our emotions, we empathize with the idea of
family. In close connection with the laws of life, by way of the proper family, we have
allowed for upward breeding. The family is a member of the sensible community of the
culture; it is the acknowledged order for the birth of the coming generation.

-Special Responsibilities-
We are to improve the chances for the coming generation. Throughout history, there have
been those that have destroyed and not taught the youth of their nation, you must not act
in this way. The descendants through the mate selection of our ancestors determine health
and talent. At pivotal moments in our lives, position and wealth must not decide, but only
mental and physical stature. The child is the most treasured possession of a people.

Only those who are health produce children. Guard your health and – as long as you are still
at a developing age – practice restraint above all, concerning recreational poisons and
promiscuity. It is inevitable that the greatest of leaders achieves full maturity especially late
in development in order to experience a fully healthy childhood.

Marry as early as possible. Only then will you completely enjoy a family life. You are
responsible to your people and to your offspring for the purity of vital traits for survival.
Sleep or live a fearful hell. Mate with an equal. A colony should keep contact with the
federation. Avoid marriage with a relative, because undesirable traits always hide from
within you and will emerge strong in your children. You must preserve your hereditary
makeup for your people in the largest possible number of children. In your children, you live