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HOW I WAS STALKED BY GEORGE CARLIN Written by Mark Feldstein, CFO www.gardnerpoolplastering.

com My father, Al Feldstein, was co-creator and editor of Mad Magazine for 29 years. When I was a teenager in the late 70's, my dad took me to a George Carlin concert. He called ahead and set-up a "meet and greet" with George after the concert using his cache as editor. We waited expectedly until finally a crew member apologized to us that George couldn't make it - he wasn't feeling well. I survived. Three years later, I received a phone call at college from Dad, "Mark, George Carlin just called and left his number. Why don't you call him back?" I dialed the number and George himself answered! Before I could fully introduce myself, George blurted, "Mark! I wanted to apologize for not meeting you at my concert three years ago." I responded intelligently, "Uhhh." George went on, "I was so stoned - there was no way." That prodded me back to reality, "But, George, that was three years ago." (I figured that this conversation couldn’t get any stranger, so why not call him “George”? "Flashbacks!" he announced, "These damn drugs!" As you can imagine, I graciously forgave him. And thought that was the end of my George Carlin story. Little did I know. Five years later - I had graduated and moved to Los Angeles (from New York) and Dad calls. Oh, yes, you can see it coming. "Mark. George Carlin just called again. Here's the number." I called. "Mark! I just wanted to apologize for not meeting you at my concert those years ago!" Okay, this was just a little strange. "George, you already called five years ago to apologize." George: "I did? Damn these flashbacks!" Mark: "George, tell you what. Take out a piece of paper and get a pen." George: "Okay." Mark: "Now write this down. 'I have already apologized to Mark Feldstein." George: "Okay." Mark: "Now put the note in your wallet, George." George: "Okay." We hung up. So, as it sometimes happens in life, strange things happen in threes. Years later, I was working in a small special effects production house called Coast Productions. They are

the ones who make the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle so adorably. Well, guess who walks in one day to discuss the special effects of his upcoming movie? Need I say it? I waited for the meeting to end and snuck into the conference room and held out my hand and said, "Hi George. My name is Mark Fel...." He leaped to his feet and said, "Mark! I just wanted to....." Mark Feldstein CFO/COO Gardner Pool Plastering o - 714-630-6300 c - 909-374-5520