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So You Won’t Go to College Because You’re Poor? (Part 1) .. p 6

Simeon G. Silverio, Jr
July 13-19, 2012 July 13-19, 2012

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Philippines, Japan to enhance maritime security ties
ADB: Let the grassroots feel Phl’s econ strength
Social Entrepreneurship
ness Process Outsourcing (BPO), as well as tourism, it should not lose hope on maximizing its potential in the manufacturing sector, so that employment opportunities will well spread even to people with less educational background. ADB senior country economist Norio Usui made this suggestion during the recently held Economic Forum in Cebu jointly hosted
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PRST STD U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 203 Chula Vista CA 91910

By Ehda M. Dagooc, The Freeman, CEBU, Philippines, 7/9/2012 - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has urged the Philippines to take advantage of its potential to boost its manufacturing sector, so that the country’s strong economic state will be felt down the grassroots. While the Philippines is currently enjoying stronger economic condition fueled by the services sector like Busi-

Anna Meloto-Wilk, CEO and President, Human Nature
“This is a long read, but one so worth it. Anna Meloto-Wilk is the driving spirit behind the Pinay and Proud concept and campaign. She looks for the best among Filipino women because she knows just how important models are for our society. Let us support her crusade to identify and honor Filipino women in our communities who can say with conviction, “I am Pinay and Proud!”, and who we can point to and say, “She is Pinay and we are Proud of her!” -- Jose Ma. Montelibano, Gawad Kalinga 30 JUNE 2012 COMMENCEMENT SPEECH FOR ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOL OF ASIA Good afternoon everyone and thank you for inviting me to share a little bit about my life with you today. The last time I wore a toga was 12 years ago during my own graduation, and honestly I didn’t really put as much importance to it as I should have. I was so distracted that I didn’t even know that I should’ve picked up my toga 5 days before and I had to run to one of the offices just 30 minutes before the ceremony to borrow a spare toga so that I could march. Anyway, I certainly hope that you are all not as scatterbrained as I am and you wouldn’t be as stressed and jittery as I was marching down the aisle.
LOVE FOR COUNTRY Looking back, I think the main reason why the gravity of ending my school years didn’t really weigh down heavily on me is because I have always believed that much of learning happens outside the four walls of the
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Pinay and Proud

ABS-CBN, WASHINGTON, 7/4/2012 -- In a landmark ruling that will impact the lives of every American, as well as the possible outcome of the presidential election, the Supreme Court upheld on Thursday, President Barack Obama’s controversial healthcare law. Justices affirmed the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, in a 5-4 decision. Obama, on his brief address

Fil-Ams react to SC ruling on “ObamaCare”

at the White House, said the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold his signature health care reform law is in the best interest of the American people. “Whatever the politics, today’s decision was a victory for people all over this country whose lives will be more secure because of this law and
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ABS-CBN | MANILA, Philippines, 7/6/2012 - The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) rallied to a new record high, while the peso closed at its strongest in over 4 years, as hopes for further policy easing by major central banks boosted riskier assets. The PSE index closed at a new record of 5,365.70, up 1.23% on Tuesday, breaking the previous

PSEi hits new record; peso at strongest level in 4 years

by KATHERINE VISCONTI, | MANILA, Philippines - Only a record set in May. This is the 20th few economies are poised to record set at market close this year take off in the world’s new era alone. of economic downturns, and The local the Philippines could be one bourse followed of them. the lead of most Formerly the “sick man of Asian markets Asia,” the country is expected that rose on to be a “breakout nation” in Tuesday, on the coming decade -- or one hopes that centhat beats expectations and tral banks in the does better than peers in the United States and Europe would same income class, accordtake action to boost their sluggish ing to Ruchir Sharma, head economies after a stream of negaof Emerging Market Equities (Continued on page 19) and Global Macro at Morgan Stanley Investment Manage-

Breakout Nation

ment. In his book Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles, Sharma forecasts several other countries could break 12 patrol boats out during the Makati City skyline same period, He disclosed that Tokyo including, have to grow 5% or faster to was likely to provide the PhilCzech Republic, South Korea, be a breakout, which would Turkey, Poland, Thailand, mean exceeding the forecasts ippine Coast Guard with 12 Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Ni(Continued on page 19) (Continued on page 2) geria. The Philippines would

by Jerry E. Espalanda, Philippine Daily Inquirer | MANILA, 7/9/2012 -- The Philippines and Japan have agreed to enhance their bilateral cooperation on “shared regional strategic concerns,” including maritime security, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Sunday. The cooperation was forged after Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario met with his Japanese counterpart, Koichiro Gemba, and Deputy Prime Minister Katsura Okada during the DFA head’s official visit to Tokyo last week. “The two ministers engaged in comprehensive discussions reviewing key aspects of relations and affirmed their respective governments’ commitments to advancing the multifaceted bilateral relations on the two countries’ shared values and long history of cooperation,” the DFA said in a statement. Their discussion was focused on the refinement of political dialogue, economic cooperation, official development assistance and businessto-business and people-topeople ties, as well as on the furtherance of bilateral cooperation on shared regional strategic concerns, including maritime safety and disaster risk reduction, the DFA added. The foreign office, however, did not provide details about the two officials’ dialogue on maritime securityrelated matters. Del Rosario earlier told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that aside from the United States, three other countries—Japan, South Korea and Australia— were helping the Philippines establish a minimum credible defense posture to complement its diplomatic capacity in dealing with its territorial disputes with China in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

social media netBy Fat Reyes, work Twitter. | Quizon said MANILA, his father “knew Philippines—Actoras he was going comedian Rodolfo how much the “Dolphy” Quizon country loved died Tuesday night, him and knew his son told reporters. that everyone Eric Quizon, who was praying for has acted as spokesman for the family, Paalam Dolphy , him”. “If he could he said Dolphy left at Salamat Sa Tuwa would have stayed 8:34 p.m. following a At Kasiyahan……… so just he could cardiac arrest. thank you personal“He lived a full life. He is ly,” said Quizon of Dolphy who has at rest. He is at peace,” said been confined at the Makati MediQuizon hours after news of (Continued on page 8) his father first broke on the

With Dolphy’s passing: ‘Comedy is dead, long live comedy’

Gawad Kalinga. Building Communities to End Poverty.

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What’s Inside: The Dark Nights of Father Madrid: “Skirmish in the Rice Paddies” (Chapter 1) by Dr. Edgar Gamboa, page 9

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by Atty. Caesar Cutaran, Esq.
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NAIA on alert for mystery disease

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Breakout Nation

July 13-19, 2012
He balanced praise and criticism, writing that Aquino “was originally dismissed in foreign circles as an unimpressive 51-year-old bachelor who had lived most of his life with his mother and had not made much of a mark in a low-profile career as a Philippine senator.” But he credits the man who is now the President with appointing “competent technocrats” and not letting investors hold him “hostage.” He said in one meeting, investors were pleased that a casually-dressed Aquino didn’t make “tall promises” but emphasized “his intention to keep government clean.” “At long last, the Philippines looks poised to resume a period of strong growth. The new president, Benigno Aquino, probably has just enough support, and looks likely to generate just enough reform momentum, to get the job done,” said Sharma. -

Credit to Aquino Sharma largely credits President Benigno Aquino III with setting the stage for stronger economic growth. He said that when he visited in early 2010 before Aquino was sworn in, “the Philippines was still the undisputed laggard of Asia, a nation mired in chronic incompetence.” But the country “is no longer a joke” under Aquino, noted Sharma. In fact, since Aquino assumed office, the country has experienced a series of international credit ratings upgrades, the stock market has become one of the strongest performers in the world, all while inflation has stayed stable and relatively low. Sharma sees the current economic climate as a major change from the “drift and decay” under former President Gloria Arroyo. Sharma points to the still problem-plagued Manila international airport as a prime example of “how cronyism and ineptitude has retarded economic growth.”

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.S. immigration law, through the grant of a K-1 nonimmigrant visa, allows a foreign citizen fiancé(e) to the travel to the U.S. and marry his or her U.S. citizen petitioner within 90 days of arrival. Thereafter, assuming the relevant criteria are met, the foreign citizen can apply with the USCIS for adjustment of his/her status to that of a lawful permanent resident (“green card holder”) and, eventually, for U.S. citizenship. The fiancé(e) petition is made by filing form I-129F with the USCIS.
The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides that a fiancé(e) petition: “shall be approved only after satisfactory evidence is submitted by the petitioner to establish that the (1) parties have previously met in person two years before the date of filing the petition,(2) have a bona fide intention to marry, and are (3)legally able and actually willing to conclude a valid marriage in the United States within a period of ninety days after the alien’s arrival …[numbering and underscoring supplied]” With increasing frequency, however, the USCIS and consular officers abroad appear to be adding an additional requirement -- that of establishing the genuineness of the petitioner’s relationship to the beneficiary -- to the three outlined above. In a recent case decided by the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), the USCIS administrative


Must You Show “How Deep Is Your Love” to Get a Fiance(E) Visa?
arm assigned to hear appeals over denied or revoked petitions/applications, the AAO ruled that the while the INA “stipulates that the petitioner must establish that she and the beneficiary have a bona fide intention to marry, this language is not synonymous with a requirement that the petitioner establish the closeness of their relationship.” In this particular case, the AAO did expressly note “the concerns expressed by the consular officer and, subsequently, the director in presenting sufficient evidence of a credible relationship” between the petitioner and the beneficiary. The AAO, however, explicitly ruled that the INA “requires only” the three requirements outlined above and that imposing on the petitioner the additional requirement of establishing a bona fide fiancée relationship with the beneficiary is erroneous. In another AAO decision on the same issue, the AAO was more emphatic and categorically stated that the INA “does not require CIS to evaluate the closeness of the fiancé relationship before approving the petitioner’s Form I-129F” Some of you may remember the hit pop song “How Deep Is Your Love” written and recorded by the Bee Gees in 1977. The first two lines of the chorus runs: “How deep is your love, I really need to learn …” So, on a practical level, what should the petitioner and beneficiary do if either the USCIS or the consular officer says “I really need to learn” and inquires into the genuineness of the relationship? Notwithstanding the fact that it would be error on the part of the USCIS or consular office to inquire into the “closeness of their relationship,” it would still be prudent for both the petitioner and the beneficiary to be prepared in giving truthful and adequate information on the genuineness of their relationship. In this respect, it would certainly help

by Tina G. Santos, Philippine Daily Inquirer | MANILA, Philippines, 7/7/2012 – Health and airport authorities are closely monitoring passengers arriving from Cambodia, where more than 60 children were reported to have died from a mysterious respiratory disease, as well as other countries where bird flu cases had been reported in recent years. Only Cebu Pacific airline, which uses Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, has direct flights to and from Cambodia. But medical personnel are also monitoring transit passengers, mostly from Vietnam, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The mystery disease has killed 61 of 62 children since April in Cambodia, but there’s no indication it is spreading from person to person. Cambodian health officials are searching for the cause of the disease. Patients suffer from high fever, followed by severe respiratory problems that progress quickly. Some also experience neurological symptoms. Connie Bungag, public affairs office chief of the Manila International Airport Authority, said airport authorities, including Bureau of Quarantine personnel, were on normal alert status. She said thermal scanners manned by medical personnel were positioned at the arrival concourses of NAIA’s three terminals to monitor arriving passengers.

set by government, multilateral lenders and several financial institutions.

Sharma cites several positives he believes will work in the Philippines’ favor: political stability under the Aquino administration, the wealth of mineral resources, and cities with large young workforces capable of driving growth. He considers the Philippines’ well-educated English-speaking population as an advantage the country could capitalize on to get a leg up on its neighbors. He said the rise of the business process outsourcing industry, as a rival to India’s, was already a sign that after 3 decades of “squandering” advantages, the Philippines has turned around.

if the parties will conscientiously document and clearly explain their communications and visits together prior to the USCIS filing and up to the consular interview. They will need to overcome the same hurdle, anyway, at least twice in the subsequent adjustment of status phase, and perhaps a third time, in the citizenship application phase. If the K-1 visa petition is denied by the USCIS or K-1 visa issuance refused at the consular interview, notwithstanding satisfactory proof of the (1) parties having previously met in person two years before the date of filing the petition, (2) having a bona fide intention to marry, and are (3) legally able and actually willing to conclude a valid marriage in the United States within a period of ninety days after the alien’s arrival, it will be appropriate for the petitioner/beneficiary to seek competent Read previous articles by visiting our website at www.asianlegal counsel to make sure that an additional requirement of proving “closeness of their relationship” was LEGAL BUZZ by Chua Tinsay Vega not improperly imposed. Subject: Asian Journal Web: Question Atty. Cesar G. Cutaran is a partEmail: ner in the Law Firm of Chua Tinsay Would you like to receive the: Yes and Vega (CTV) - a full service law Message: Hi I needed to know, what is the procedure to file an annul firm with offices in San Francisco, to my previous marriage. I'am an american and was married to a filipina San Diego, Sacramento and Manila. and we got married in the philippines but it was never file to the US emThe information presented in this bassy. What is the process that i need to follow? please direct me to the right article is for general information person who can give me a right procedure since i have filed a divorce in the only and is not, nor intended to be, states and sent my wife the paperwork but she failed to signed the papers. formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationIMMIGRATION 911 by Atty. Susan Perez ship. The CTV attorneys will be RE: Establishing U.S. Citizenship for children born abroad holding regular free legal clinics Romeo Sirate • at the Max’s Restaurant in Vallejo, JUL 03 • My son is a US citizen by birth, he's been living in the PhilipCalifornia. Call or e-mail CTV for pines for the past 8 years. He has a daughter that was born in the Philippines, an in-person or phone consultation can he transmit his US citizenship to his daughter based on that. He has to discuss your particular situation lived in the US all his life until he decided to stay in the Philippines. He's and/or how their services may be been living there since 2002. Can he still make the residence status even retained at (415) 495-8088; (619) though he's been living in the Philippines after his daughter was born? 955-6277;

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Contemporary Asian American Issues
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan Community Services.

by Dr. Ofelia Dirige

ardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer of all Americans and is one of the leading causes of death among Filipino Americans (FilAms). Stroke is the third leading cause of death in FilAms. High blood pressure (HBP), high blood cholesterol, overweight/obesity, smoking, not physically active, and diabetes are all factors that increase a person’s risk of CVD.
A health survey conducted by Operation Samahan’s Asian Pacific Islander Community Health Network (APICHN) in 2011 showed that HBP and stress is the top concern of six ethnic groups including the Cambodian, Filipino, Laotian, Chamorro, Native Hawaiian and Samoan. Among Asians, Filipinos have the highest rates of hypertension (medical term for HBP). Thirty percent of them don’t know they have it and 25% are on medication but their blood pressure is still above safe levels; and 10% are doing nothing to lower it. HBP rates have dropped between1960 to 1991; however, due to increasing obesity, it is once again on the rise. More than one out of three- and one out of two people over age 60 have HBP. An estimated 29% of American adults or more than 58 M have HBP, up from 25% in the early 1990s. In 2005, it was responsible for one in six deaths in the U.S. It can lead to heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, dementia and other health problems. It increases one’s risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke more than smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, or any other risk factor. The good news is that people can lower their risk of HBP by making some lifestyle changes such as: maintaining a healthy weight or lose weight if overweight; being physically active; following a healthy eating plan; limiting salt intake; drinking alcohol in moderation; taking prescribed drugs as directed; and knowing one’s blood pressure level and work to keep it at a safe level. Healthy Heart, Healthy Family Here’s the wonderful news for the FilAms in San Diego! The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS), have developed a program or manual entitled, “Healthy Heart, Healthy Family.” This manual provides all the information you need to put the heart health project into action in the community. Through this manual individuals can be taught to build healthy skills and make lasting changes to fight heart disease and improve their health. It can also be used to train community health workers, educate members of the FilAm community and serve as a basis for other community activities. “Healthy Heart, Healthy Family”, is a heart health manual consisting of a series of 12 lessons that outlines the different risk factors for heart disease and what to do about it. It is very simple, culturally tailored to the FilAm population, and contains description of the lessons as well as practical exercises. There are picture frames included if it is not possible to use a projector and several booklets that go along with it. They are all translated into Tagalog. Dr. Dirige and Fe Seligman of Operation Samahan were two of the participants at the national level who were invited to review the first draft of the manual. The following are the topics: • Knowledge is Power: Know your risk of Heart Disease • Act in time to Heart Attack signs • Get energized! Say yes to Physical Activity • Help you heart: Control your High Blood Pressure • Be heart smart: Keep your cholesterol in Check • Keep the beat: Aim for a healthy weight • Protect your heart: Prevent and control diabetes • Welcome heart healthy eating into your home • Eat in a heart healthy way-even when time or money is tight • Take control of your health: Enjoy living smoke free • Review and graduation • Use Evaluation to track your progress Community Health Workers (CHW): The plan is to have community health workers (CHW) be trained on how to use the manual and they will in turn teach the


Healthy Heart, Healthy Family : A Program To Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors In Fil-Ams

Artwork by ~aiza2156 Aiza Artist | Hobbyist | Varied United States Filipino pride! *fistpump* *ahem* Um. I like anime, manga, drawing, and music. 12 lessons to a group of individuals once a month for four months in three easy sessions each. Kalusugan Community Services was one of the sites chosen to train CHWs and the training will start next week, July 16-20, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 4:`5 PM at the FilAm Wellness Center located at 1419 East 8th Street, National City, CA 91950. If you are interested to be a CHW or want to learn more about the project, you are welcome to attend the training starting July 16, 2012. CHWs are an integral part in the effort to prevent heart disease. With the Affordable Care Act, there is renewed emphasis on prevention more than treatment. This will lead to greater need for wellness health workers such as primary care physicians, nurses, health educators, nutritionists and community health workers. The use of CHW’s in this heart health program uses a promising and innovative approach to integrate community health workers as key players in heart disease prevention efforts. As trusted members of the community, CHWs can play a role in reducing heart disparities by teaching community members about healthy lifestyle choices and skills to adapt heart healthy behaviors. The New York University Center for Asian American Health (NYU CSAAH) and Kalusugan Coalition, Inc (KC) and New York will provide training and maintain peer-to-peer mentorship system with CHWs at KCS to ensure they have the fundamental skills to utilize the manual, “Healthy Heart, Healthy Family” curriculum and booklets with the Filipino communities they serve. Trained CHW’s will then engage existing new partners or community organizations to expand outreach to the members whom the CHWs can deliver the heart health educational sessions utilizing a variety of outreach strategies. The job responsibilities of the CHWS is to attend the 5-day mandatory training from July 16-20, 2012; teach the Healthy Heart, Healthy Family curriculum once a month for four months to a group of at least 20-30 people ( at least twice); and attend a monthly webinar for 1-2 hours to update current information. For qualifications: a minimum of high school or GED is required; bilingual in Tagalog or any other Pilipino dialect; knowledge and commitment to the Filipino community; available to work evenings & weekends; effective oral and written communication skills; warm, friendly, open, works well with other people & energetic; fast learner; computer proficient; live in San Diego; and have a valid California driver’s license. A stipend of $600 will be given to do the project. Kalusugan Community Services (KCS) KCS obtained funding from the NHLBI, Community Health Worker Health Disparities Initiative Awards Prevention Efforts to promote heart health. This health promotion features preventing and controlling heart disease risk factors among underserved minority populations including FilAms. This grant was given through the NYU CAAH and Kalusugan Coalition, Inc that supports the development of the Alliance of Filipino Community Health Workers. The aim of this funding is to prevent heart disease as it is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Underserved and minority populations including FilAms have a disproportionately burden of death and disability from heart disease. FilAms exhibit higher rates of high blood pressure than their white counterparts and other Asian-American populations. Several studies also showed that FilAms experience various co-morbidities and risk factors to HBP. Despite these findings, few interventions have focused

ABS CBN News | MANILA, Phil- request or asks you to update your ippines, 7/8/2012 -- The National information or provide new informaBureau of Investigation (NBI) on tion. Thursday warned against Facebook - Be suspicious of emails or accounts being used by hackers by messages that contain misspellings to dupe people. or use bad grammar, especially if One 17-year-old user of the they’re from someone who is usually social media site, identified only a good writer. as "Anna," revealed that she nearly - Make sure you have an up-tobecame a victim of a hacked Facedate web browser equipped with an book account. She uses Facebook to anti-phishing blacklist. socialize with friends. - Make sure you have up-to-date Anna said she was elated when she comprehensive security software on received a Facebook message from your computer that includes antione of her friends, an international virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, model, inviting her to also become and a firewall. an international model. - Make sure you've set your operAnna said she agreed to meet with ating system to update automatically. the sender of the message, even giv- Make sure you’ve listed a secuing her phone number to the person rity question and answer for your she believed to be her friend. online accounts. This will come in Anna, handy however, if you was surever lose prised to access know that and need her friend to prove was still in who you Hong Kong. are. You Her friend can do said her this on Facebook Facebook account was from the hacked and Account Facebook maintains it “has been devel-Settings an unknown person was oped from the ground up using open sourcepage. You using it to software” (as discussed above). By doing this,should send mes- developers are able to build their own applica- also add sage to Anna.tions (many of which you use every day) usinga mobile Anna said the same infrastructure technologies that powerphone Facebook’s website.( she was number, afraid that which she might get kidnapped by the will help if we ever need to send hacker. you a text message to confirm your She did not meet the Facebook identity. message sender, who also called her - Don’t share your passwords up around 40 times on her phone. with anyone. Most reputable online Anna said she answered one call services will never ask for your and told the person on the line that password through any form of comshe wants to talk to her friend. munication. The other person claimed that her - Use different passwords for your friend was coming. various online accounts. If you use Anna then answered back, saying the same password everywhere, and she already knows that the other it’s stolen, you could lose access to person is fake. all of your accounts at once. Anna also warned her friends - Use a complex password that about the incident and was surprised can’t be easily guessed. Avoid comto find out that the hacker also got in mon words, and make sure your touch with another friend. password is at least eight characters The NBI said criminal syndicates long and includes capital and lower are using Facebook to fool people. case letters, numbers, and symbols. Migdonio Congzon, Jr., head of - Remember that you choose what the NBI's Computer Crimes Unit, you share and with whom you share warned that the syndicates could be it. Think before you post, especially involved in either kidnap for ransom if the information is sensitive or or prostitution. personal in nature. To prevent hacking incidents, - Use caution when accessing the NBI urged people to be careful or sending information over an about adding friends in their social unsecured public wireless network. network and to set their accounts to Unless you can verify that a Wi-Fi private. network is secure, you may want to The agency also advised Facebook avoid transmitting sensitive informausers to give only limited information. tion about themselves and avoid Facebook also has a support desk chatting with total strangers. for users who encounter problems Facebook users should also have about their accounts. - with a report better passwords to prevent their from Jing Castañeda, ABS-CBN accounts from easily being hacked, News it added. Facebook security tips Facebook has tips to improve security of user accounts: - Don’t click on links or open attachments in suspicious emails. If the email looks weird, don’t trust it and delete it from your inbox immediately. - Be wary of where you enter your password. Just because a page on the Internet looks like Facebook or another site you use, it doesn’t mean that it is. Check the address bar in your browser, and learn to tell the difference between a good URL and a bad one. If you ever have doubts about the legitimacy of a link, simply type the website’s URL (for example, into the address bar. - Be suspicious of any email or message that contains an urgent

NBI warns against Facebook hackers

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July 13-19, 2012

Light & Shadows
by Zena Sultana Babao
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Tapping the Treasure of Ideas


to us how to have the gift of persuasive eloquence. The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn amous American poet defines how life and business are Ralph Waldo Emerson like the changing seasons. After said, “The reading of winter comes spring. After difficulty comes prosperity. Books a book makes the future of a man.” Reading books unlocks about life and business offer a lot of great ideas, like Megatrends by John the door to a great future. It Naisbitt, The Magic of Thinking also opens the doors to incred- Big by David Schwartz, The Winner ible wealth – material wealth, Within by former Lakers coach Pat Riley, and See You at the Top by Zig wealth of ideas, and wealth Ziglar. for the soul. There’s a tiny book called The Prayer of Jabez by Dr. Bruce Top motivational speaker and Wilkinson that I highly recommend. author Jim Rohn said, “Ideas are life This book stayed in the New York changing. The ideas you grab hold Times and USA Today’s best-selling of today, and act upon, can make lists for two whole years. It sold all the difference in the fulfillment almost a million copies a month. of your dreams.” Books are great Jabez, mentioned just one time in the sources of ideas. Bible in First Chronicles, prayed a Since books are great sources of prayer that all of us can pray. ideas, it’s good to have a library. Jabez cried out to the God of Do you happen to have one? If you Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me don’t, start one. Clean out some of indeed, and enlarge my territory, that the knickknacks in your shelf, put your hand would be with me, and in a few good books, and voila! You that you would keep me from evil, got a library to call your own. As that I may not cause pain.” And months turn into years your miniGod granted his request. Something library will blossom into a full-size about Jabez’s simple, direct request one. Just watch and see! Or just go to God changed his life and left to the library and borrow books. a permanent mark on the history Here are a few good books to start books of Israel. with: Dr. Wilkinson challenges his readThe Holy Bible – the best-selling ers to pray the prayer of Jabez for at book of all time! Written thousands least 30 days and see what happens. of years ago, the Bible continues to Man’s Search for Meaning by give hope, comfort, and guidance to Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, millions. Most people say that when is a great source of inspiration. It we were born we were not given a tells about Frankl’s unspeakable set of instructions on what to do in torture inside the Nazi death camps life. But we were! The Bible is the and how he overcame terrible sufferultimate guidebook for life. ing to find the meaning of life. This The Bible also has inspirational book fathoms the depths of the huideas from both the plus and minus man spirit and how low it could sink sides of the ledger. On the plus side and how high it could rise. are the examples of godly people, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran is a showing us to do what these people must read. This book was originally did. And on the minus side the written in Arabic, and is available warnings, telling us not to do what in over a hundred languages. It is these ungodly people did. written in words of haunting beauty, Think and Grow Rich by Napovery much like the Book of Eccleleon Hill is a book you might want siastes in the Old Testament. It is to invest in. If the title intrigues vibrant with feeling and expresses you, and you really want to be rich the deepest desires of the heart and (not only materially), you may want soul. to read this book. It’s a great investIt distresses me to think that some ment of your time, money and effort. people are missing a lot in life by Another book, How to Win not reading good books. It has been Friends and Influence People by said that people who don’t read Dale Carnegie, offers time-tested books and take advantage of the ideas that have catapulted a lot of great ideas they offer will not realize people up the ladder of success. This book shows the art of winning (Continued on page 19) and influencing people and reveals By Zena Sultana Babao

on controlling HBP or other risk factors in FilAms. We are happy that now there is a way for the community to be informed and learn about how to lead a heart healthy life as an individual and family. Through the “Healthy Heart, Healthy Family” curriculum to be delivered through CHWs, we will be able to inform and educate the community to develop heart healthy skills that will allow them to live a longer and more productive life through old age and beyond.. If you need more information about being a CHW or want you organization to benefit from having several classes taught by a CHW, please call Dr. Dirige at (619) 4773392 or send email to

July 13-19, 2012

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SD Cosmopolitan Lions Club Mission, A Success

Photo 1 (Left). SD Cosmopolitan Lions Club president, Alby Poblete, assists in post-operative check-up of cataract surgery patients by removing the eye patch and instilling eye drops on the operated eye. Photo 2 (Right). The team of volunteers from San Diego Cosmopolitan and Olongapo Peninsula Lions Club jointly conducted the Cataract Operations Project with the aid of an International Assistance Grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation


he San Diego Cosmopolitan Lions Club was chartered on July 4, 2004 and had been conducting annual medical and humanitarian missions to the Philippines and Mexico. In 2006, they applied for their first International Assistance Grant (IAG) from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) where they served thousands of beneficiaries in 5 camps delivering medical, dental and vision services.

After that, they developed fundraising projects to fund these annual humanitarian programs. They were doing well that it was not necessary to apply for another grant from LCIF. However, in this day of economic chaos, it became harder and harder to raise the funds needed to conduct their usual projects. For the second time,

they applied for an IAG. They only applied for a $6,000 matching grant to conduct a medical and dental camp in Orion, Bataan and a cataract operations project in Olongapo City. The original proposal was to operate on 50 eyes but the need was so great that they have to increase the number. 165 patients showed up for screening and the number of patients operated was increased to 82. Lions Clubs International (LCI) is the largest, most active and most effective service organization in the world. San Diego Cosmopolitan Lions Club is one of the 59 clubs in Lions District 4-L6 comprised of San Diego and Imperial Counties. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the charitable arm of the organization. To join the SD Cosmopolitan Lions Club or a club near you, please contact Alby Poblete at (619) 582-7937 or Fe Rivero at (619) 244-4647. ___

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July 13-19, 2012

Our life and times
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
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world your plan, para pangatawanan ninyo iyon (so that you will take it seriously and assume responsibility for it). This matter is not a joke. This is a serious matter. This involves your future and the future of your children. If you do not succeed, you will produce a generation of poor children, grandchildren and great grandchildren . You will trigger a cycle of poverty that will affect a lot of people. Your own flesh and blood. You might already be in a cycle of poverty. Your parents or grandparents may have initiated the cycle of poverty and depravation that you and your siblings face. But unless you work and study hard to break this cycle, you will pass on that culture of poverty, that bleak future, to your children and even grandchildren. So it is up to you. Now is your time to do something about it. While you are still young and have the time and energy to do it. Nobody else can do it for you but yourselves. You might tell yourself: “But we are poor. We do not even have the money to have food on the table. We are lucky to be alive.” Well, you can say that as an excuse. A convenient excuse. But does it mean you are willing to suffer in poverty? That you are willing to have your children and grandchildren become poor like you? It may be easy to say it now, but once you become a parent, you will realize you would give your life for your kids. That is a natural parental instinct. You would give the last of your food to your child no matter how hungry or famished you may be. You would even want to shield your children with your body, from a bullet that is about to hit them. That is a natural instinct, even among animals. So what if you are poor? So what if your parents cannot afford to send you to college? If you ask around, there are a lot of poor people who earned a college degree. They supported themselves as working students. Okay, you might say it is easier said than done. Among the possibly 100, 500 or say 1000 people who are poor, only about 50,
(Continued on page 19)

So you won’t go to college because you are poor?
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Class of 1964 (A talk delivered before the students of C. Arellano High School on Career and Life Lessons and Opportunities, July 5, 2012) First in a series of three articles Good afternoon. I would like to thank our Arellano High School principal, Dr. Loida D. Diaz, for allowing us to do this presentation. We believe this will help motivate our students to work hard to achieve a better future. I also would like to thank Mr. Mario Arocha, the Chronicler adviser, for helping set this up. Greetings to our faculty members and fellow alumni who took the time to be here in supporting this project. At para sa mga estudyante na nandirito ngayon, ito ay para sa inyo, para sa inyong kinabukasan, at dahil ika nga ng ating dakilang bayani na si Gat Jose Rizal, kayo ang pag-asa ng bayan. My name is Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. I graduated from Arellano High School in 1964, obtained my A.B. Journalism degree at the University of the Philippines, and took graduate courses for a Master of Arts in Communications along with a Master of Arts in Business Administration at the Ateneo de Manila University. I was a magazine editor when I migrated in 1982 with my family to the United States. In San Diego, California, I published and edited the Asian Journal, the leading Filipino American newspaper in the area, which I still operate today. I notice that all of you students are wearing the white and green uniform of Arellano. I feel out of place. I am therefore removing my polo shirt to show you this white Arellano alumni t-shirt I am wearing underneath. There is an interesting story behind it. A week before I was supposed to come here, I noticed I was missing my passport. I desperately looked for it, emptying my closet and dumping my clothes on my bed. Then I realized I scanned the passport two weeks before to e-mail it to my travel agent for purchasing my plane tickets. Lo and behold, in the scanner it was, lying face down. When I arranged my clothes, which had been dumped on my bed, I found this t-shirt beneath the pile. Forgotten for some time, it came from another Arellano High alumnus, Jesse Tiamson, Class of 1968, during our Los Angeles reunion a few years back. I took the loss of my passport, and the eventual rediscovering of this t-shirt, as a sign to wear it in this very occasion, to be given the opportunity to tell you that there are alumni out here, scattered all over the world, who are grateful for the education and nurturing from this school. They would take the time and effort to make this special t-shirt as a gift to a fellow alumnus. And so now I wear this with true pride. The Arellano High School of today is very much different from the Arellano High School of our time. We graduated in 1964 some fifty years ago, the time of the Beatles and the blossoming of the Flower Genera-

tion, and of course hippies. Noong panahon namin, kahoy pa lang ang building ng Arellano. Ngayon, kongkreto na (during our time, the school building was made of wood. Now it’s made of concrete). When I was in high school, we looked at the photos of the generations of students before us, perhaps from the 1950s. Maybe noong pawid pa lang ang Arellano. Maybe when Arellano was still made of nipa leaves. They looked ancient. They appeared to be in the distant past. pared as much as possible is the best way to cope with any problem, particularly one that is long-lasting or over large areas. “As much of the country bakes under excessive heat and humidity, more than half a million households are still without power. The American Red Cross issued steps people should take to stay safe during the heat wave, and is continuing to assist those without power with shelter, food and cooling stations until electricity can be restored. More than 225,000 homes in West Virginia are still without power. Hundreds of Red Cross disaster workers are helping throughout the state, providing shelter, meals and supporting places to cool off. A fleet of nearly 20 emergency vehicles and four mobile kitchens are in West Virginia distributing meals and drinks in the affected areas. In Ohio, more than 139,000 people still have no power. Almost 12,000 people are still without power in New Jersey. The Red Cross has shelters, is supporting cooling stations and is distributing meals to those without electricity. More than 365 people spent Thursday night in Red Cross shelters in West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Maryland and the District of Columbia where the power outages continue. Power Outage Checklist If someone needs to find a Red Cross shelter they can go to www. or access the free Red Cross phone app. People can also watch local media reports to find out where shelters are located. As temperatures continue to soar across the country, the Red Cross reminds everyone to slow down, stay

Now when I look at our own black and white photos as students, I feel the same. Our generation looks ancient. We appear to be in the distant past. My God, we are indeed old. Before I start, I would like to request those planning to go to college after high school to raise their hands. *** I see that there are a lot who have no intention of going to college at all. I would like some students here to introduce themselves and declare indoors and avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day. People should also: • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids (avoid caffeine or alcohol) and eat small meals. • Check on family, friends and neighbors who do not have air conditioning, who spend much of their time alone or who are more likely to be affected by the heat. • Take a lot of breaks if working outdoors. • Remember to never leave children or pets alone in enclosed vehicles. Check on animals frequently and make sure they have plenty of water Heat Wave Safety Checklist Red Cross disaster workers continue to help people affected by the wildfires out west and flooding in Florida. More than 1,500 Red Cross disaster workers are helping all across the United States. Thursday night more than 620 people were in 45 Red Cross shelters in West Virginia, Montana, Florida, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, California, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and around Washington, D.C. Since early June, the Red Cross has support-ed families across multiple states, operating shelters, serving hundreds of thousands of meals and snacks and distributing almost 160,000 relief items like rakes, shovels, coolers, work gloves, cleaning supplies and hygiene kits. Please give blood The storms and power outages have caused the cancellation of more than 50 Red Cross blood collections in areas without power, resulting in a shortfall of nearly 2,000 units of blood and platelets. The blood sup-

what they intend to do after high school. If you plan to go to college, tell us what college and career you have in mind. If you do not plan to go to college, please tell us specifically what you hope to do after high school. (Listen tp the students as they talked) The reason I asked you to declare your plan after high school is because I want to put you on the spot. I want you to announce to the whole ply was already down to emergency levels after 50,000 fewer donations than expected were collected in June. Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental permission in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and other donors 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements. To schedule a donation time, people can call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-7332767) or visit While their electricity is out, many people are resorting to generator power. They should connect the equipment they want powered directly to the generator outlets, and never connect a generator to the home’s electrical system. • Refrigerators can only keep food cold for about four hours with the door closed. A full freezer can hold its temperature for about two days if the door remains closed. Many areas have now been without power for several days. People

At Large...
by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
Miles is Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor in the Shirley Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University where he teaches new media and diverse writing courses. He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990’s.

should use caution before consuming food they’ve had on hand while the power is out. • People should turn appliances and electrical equipment off and unplug them, leaving one light on to know when the power is restored. • Those affected should travel only if necessary. Traffic lights are out and roads will be congested. How to help Those who would like to help people affected by these disasters can make a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief by visiting www.redcross. org, calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1800-733-2767) or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.” Source: The American National Red Cross

Red Cross Safety Information

Power Still Out for Many as Most of U.S. Swelters
Editor’s Note: For the next three weeks I’m handing this space over to three great organizations that exist to keep the planet safer, healthier, and more secure.


ummer has arrived with a vengeance. While this column discusses things being done in many areas across the US because of extreme heat, loss of power,

and loss of water, in California an earthquake can hit any second and then we’re in the same shape. In other words, we’re all in this together.
Being informed and being pre-

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July 13-19, 2012

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Immigration 911
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
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When USCIS Denies Your I-751 Petition
IMMIGRATION 911 by Atty. Susan V. Perez -Most foreign nationals who immigrate to the United States through marriage to a U.S. citizen (USC) must first obtain a “conditional” permanent resident status before they become Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) with “unconditional” rights. The conditional status of two (2) years is imposed on the foreign national spouse when the marriage occurred within two years of their (1) entering the United States as a permanent resident, or (2) adjusting to permanent resident status within the United States. Conditional status is also imposed on the children of the foreign national if they obtained their immigrant visas based on the parent’s marriage to a USC. During the two-year conditional residence period, the foreign nationals have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as other permanent residents. They can obtain social security number and driver’s license, and the travel outside the United States. Within 90 days before the second anniversary of the date on which the foreign national spouse obtained permanent residence, the foreign national spouse must file an application to have the condition removed or Form I-751. Failure to do this will result in the automatic termination of permanent resident status and the foreign national spouse will be placed in removal or deportation proceedings. Carmen, a Filipina, married a USC after two weeks of courtship. It turned out the USC was emotionally abusive. He did not want her to work and have her own friends. Six months into the marriage, they started having problems. On the 8th month, Carmen left the USC and the USC filed for divorce. Carmen was able to get a green card and work permit. As the green card was about to expire, Carmen was getting worried. So she consulted an attorney to help her maintain her legal status and continue working in the U.S. Carmen has with her the I-751 form with the signature of her USC husband. She did not have a copy of the joint lease contract, the joint bank account has been closed, and there were no love letters. Carmen could not get the cooperation of her USC husband’s siblings to execute affidavits regarding the marriage. Carmen has only one friend who executed an affidavit regarding the relationship. When it was time for the I-751 interview, the divorce has not become final. Also, the USC husband refused to appear at the interview. It is most like that the I-751 petition will be denied. What happens if USCIS denies the I-751? Before USCIS can deny an I-751 petition, it must schedule an interview to give the conditional resident an opportunity to present evidence that the marriage was bona fide and not for the sole purpose of obtaining immigration benefits. I’ve discussed in my previous articles what documents to present at the I-751 interview and I won’t be discussing them here. If USCIS denies the I-751 petition, it must provide written notice of the decision stating the reason for the denial. The foreign national loses his/her resident status, will be asked to surrender his/her green card, and will be placed in removal proceedings. There is no appeal available from the district director’s denial of an I-751 petition. However, once the foreign national is in removal proceedings, he or she can ask the immigration judge to review the denial. The immigration judge will make an independent determination of whether the I-751 should be approved. We welcome your feedback. If you have any immigration questions, please feel welcome to email me at or call 619 819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone consultation. powers that grant the legislative branch a huge amount of authority over American national policy, both foreign and domestic. Some of the most important powers include the power to regulate commerce, the power to tax and to borrow money. Even the power to hire pirates to attack foreign enemies is included. The debate had been concentrated on the constitutionality of the law’s individual insurance mandate under the “commerce clause”. As we all know now, the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Roberts decided that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional based on Congress’ power to tax. Unless repealed, the law without question would now guarantee universal health care in America. There are thirty-three (33) acknowledged developed nations in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), thirty-two of these countries have universal health care. The exception? The United States of America, which is supposed to be the richest and most developed nation in the world. With the Supreme Court decision, the United States of America will have universal health care in 2014 using an insurance mandate system. In a free, democratic, healthy and enlightened society, it is the “necessary and proper” thing to have for its citizens. As provided by the U.S. Constitution, amidst all the debates on certain expressed powers, Congress is actually granted the power “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.” (Article I, Section 8, last paragraph) For me Education and Health Care are individual rights that every citizen should have if America wants to continue to be a just and humane society. Every citizen should have these rights to pursue the “life, liberty, and happiness” that he dreams about.


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Making Care Affordable, Accessible, and Available to All (Necessary and Proper)

was not surprised about the decision of the United States Supreme Court declaring that the Health care Law, which is the Affordable Care Act, is constitutional. I was worried that, because of the composition of the current Supreme Court, the conservative wing would prevail.
Chief Justice Roberts, a known conservative and, in fact, chosen for being such, showed that my fears turned out to be groundless. He tilted the decision in favor of constitutionality. We live in a free and democratic society. Individually, we each pursue a dream of a comfortable and just life, liberty, and happiness. In this pursuit we are encouraged to acquire the necessary tools to be prepared and successful in fighting off obstructions, obstacles, and hurdles. Our ascendants have chosen education and skills development as the best tool in preparing us to pursue our dream. In some cases, our parents could not do it alone. Older siblings who completed their studies and became gainfully employed, as in our family, would help. Other private institutions or community organizations that provide scholarships, grants and/or loans would also be tapped. In most cases, the government, local and national, comes into the picture, because it has been endowed with powers and resources to create a free and enlightened society. A major part of the American Dream is owning your own home. In local governance, free education is

funded by real estate taxes. Those who have expensive homes, therefore, pay more taxes and proportionately contribute more to the education of all, rich or poor citizens. This touches on previously discussed precepts, “much is given, much is required”, and “the amount of power and responsibility is commensurate to the amount of resources that one possesses”. One’s dream could be realized by education but Catastrophic Medical Expenses could totally destroy it. Yes, indeed we all have heard and in fact, became witnesses to those who were stuck at “the boulevard of broken dreams” because they or a member of their family were inflicted with illness whose treatment they could not afford to pay. There are too many unforeseen, unexpected and unavoidable events causing irreparable damage to one’s body or health that could doom anybody’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Many have died, become bankrupt and had their dreams shattered mainly due to the lack of health insurance. Without thinking of the Supreme Court’s composition, I always thought that it would be a no-brainer to rule that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. The U.S. Constitution provided Congress with broad powers. Article I, Section 8, specified 27 expressed

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July 13-19, 2012

Statement of President Aquino on the passing of Dolphy Quizon, July 10, 2012
Pahayag ng Kagalanggalang Benigno S. Aquino III, Pangulo ng Pilipinas Sa pagpanaw ni Rodolfo Quizon Sr. The popular “Cooking Priest”-- who counts singing as a hobby among others -- is also a Tae Kwon Do black belt and an arnis champ who went on to defeat Bobby Flay in a friendly steak fajita “throw down,” that is, after starting a movement to encourage family bonding around the dinner table called “Grace Before Meals (GBM).” He is also Filipino American.

EWTN’s Fr. Leo Patalinghug is a gracious chef on “Grace Before Meals”

orn in the Philippines and raised in the Baltimore area, Fr. Leo ac[Ika-10 ng Hulyo 2012] tually developed his love for Mabuting tao si Dolphy, at kinacooking while attending the tawan niya ang karaniwang Pilipino: seminary at the North Amerimalalim magmahal, masayahin, can College in Rome. There, may respeto sa kapwa, at handang harapin ang mga hamon ng tadhana. he became friendly with sevNagmula siya sa isang henerasyong eral Italian restaurant owners dumaan sa maraming pagsubok—at and would often invite them sa pakikipagsapalaran ay natutong maging mapagpakumbaba, matapat, back to the student kitchen to at matulungin. Hindi kailanman niya trade cooking secrets. They tinalikuran ang mga kaibigan, at would teach him about rigaang sambayanang naging bukal ng toni and lasagna; he would kanyang mga tagumpay. show them how to make hamSa loob ng mahabang panahon, burgers and ribs. Today, he is ipinakita sa atin ni Dolphy na anumang pagsubok ay may katuwang a skilled cook who still enjoys na pag-asa at ligaya; mulat siyang learning how to make new anumang problema ay mapangingibdishes, and loves the process abawan ng positibong pagtanaw sa kapalaran. Binago niya hindi lamang of preparing a meal, as much ang kaniyang industriya, kundi mag- as he does sharing it with a ing ang pambansang kamalayan: sa table full of friends. pamamagitan ng kaniyang sining,
pinalawak ni Dolphy ang ating pananaw, at binigyan tayo ng kakayahang suriin, pahalagahan, at hanapan ng ngiti ang mga pang-araw-araw na pangyayari sa buhay ng bawat Pilipino. Nakikiisa ako at ang aking pamilya, sampu ng ating mga kasamahan sa gobyerno, sa pagluluksa ng Pamilya Quizon ngayong gabi. Ang pagpanaw ni Rodolfo Quizon Sr.— ang nag-iisang Hari ng Komedya— ay tiyak na nagdudulot ng lumbay sa isang bansang matagal niyang pinasaya. Fr. Leo was ordained in 1999 and served as a parish priest for five years at St. John’s Church in Westminster, Maryland. He was often invited to his parishioners’


homes for dinner. To their surprise, he would turn the table and cook for them, using these opportunities to build friendships and engage in relaxed conversations in the kitchen. Those memorable and unstructured times spent making a meal together provided the inspiration for Fr. Leo’s first book, Grace Before Meals: Recipes for Family Life. Currently, he is a member of the faculty at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary where he directs the Pastoral Field Education Program for future priests. Before becoming a priest, Fr. Leo pursued degrees in writing and political science with the intention of studying law and journalism at the University of Maryland. He also taught high school speech, debate and drama. Along with his brother, he founded a martial arts school in 1988. Fr. Leo studied philosophy at Theological College at Catholic University in Washington, DC. He holds advanced theological degrees from the Pontifical Gregorian University and Pontifical Maranium Institute in Rome. A popular conference speaker with a growing national reputation for

With Dolphy passing

(Continued from page 1)

or overly tired? Take some time out and enjoy a meal with friends or family members. This simple act can help you recharge and reconnect with the people who matter the most to you according to Fr. Leo Patalinghug, host of the EWTN series Grace Before Meals and founder of the family-centered move-

Grace Before Meals: How the lost art of conversation is making a comeback at the dinner table, thanks to Fr. Leo Feeling overworked, over scheduled ment of the same name.
Here are a few ways you can incorporate the GBM philosophy into your daily life: • Eat meals with my family five days per week (or as many as possible). • Engage the family in conversation while preparing meals.

his ability to connect with teens and their parents, Fr. Leo has appeared at events across the United States and Canada. His enthusiasm has frequently earned him invitations to return and speak about topics like the theology of beauty, teen spirituality, spiritual combat and praying as a family. Along with cooking, Fr. Leo’s hobbies include writing, singing and jogging. He especially enjoys traveling, viewing it as an opportunity to broaden his multilingual talents. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has won a national competition in Arnis, a form of full-contact stick fighting. He also enjoys working with students in youth groups and on college campuses, as well as actively participating in prison ministry work. Fr. Leo E. Patalinghug and the Fr Leo and Chef Bobby Flay Grace Before Meals movement To learn more, visit has been featured on the front page of the Washington Post, Fox and Friends, ABC News, Denver Post, Prayers Martha Stewart Radio, CBS MornHere are a few traditional Prayers ing Show as well as Food Network’s and Blessings that can be used before hit show, Throw Down with Bobby or after meals: Flay, where Fr. Leo defeated world Traditional Blessing Before Meals: renown chef, Bobby Flay, in a steak “Bless us O Lord, and these Thy fajita cooking competition. gifts, which we are about to receive, through Christ our Lord. Amen.” Traditional Blessing After Meals: “We give you thanks O Lord, for these and all Thy gifts, which we have received through Christ our Lord. And, • Say Grace before each meal. may the souls of the Faithful Departed, • Turn off the TV while eating through the Mercy of God, Rest in dinner. Peace. Amen.” • Introduce interesting topics for A Child’s Prayer: the family to discuss at meal“God is great, God is Good, Let us time. praise God for this table and food.” • Tell Friends and Family about Dinner Dialogue the Grace Before Meals MoveFor many families, the dinner table is ment. the place where parents and kids recap In the 1970s sitcom “John & Marsha,” he played the poor husband to a rich wife, who poked fun at his loud-mouthed mother-in-law, giving comedic relief during Marcos’ martial law regime that left thousands dead and missing. It was a slapstick brand of comedy that steered clear of politics or criticism of Marcos. The show was so popular that it was revived in the form of at least eight movies over the last two decades, introducing younger generations to Filipino humor. Bob Hope of Philippines Movie critics branded Dolphy the Bob Hope of the Philippines, and his philanthropic work helping the poor and unemployed actors was also well known. Politicians looking to exploit Dolphy’s mass appeal for years unsuccessfully tried to lure him into running for public office. Social media tributes News of Dolphy’s death sent shockwaves across social networking sites, with many of his fans and colleagues paying tribute to him. “RIP Dolphy. Kevin Cosme really gave so much laughter to my childhood,” tweeted Andreo Calonzo, referring to one of Dolphy’s most memorable television characters. Former president Joseph Estrada, an ex-movie action star and a longtime friend of Dolphy, said he joined millions in mourning for a “national artist.”

their busy day or start to plan out tomorrow’s packed schedule. However, it can also be a setting where you can discover so much more. Here are just a few questions to get the conversation started: What is your favorite fruit? If you had a chance to bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why? Who do you consider part of your “family”? What three things do you regret not learning to do? What was the last thing you regret buying? What is your most memorable meal? When you express your ideas or beliefs to someone that doesn’t agree with you, do you feel uncomfortable speaking your mind? What qualties do you expect out of an ideal friend? “His memory will live forever. He was the kindest, funniest, most helpful man I know,” Estrada told AFP. “He made life bearable for the masses, and his roles sympathized with the plight of the millions of poor Filipinos.” Movie industry icon While he never married, Dolphy was a known ladies’ man who fathered at least 17 children with various women, some of whom also went on to enter the showbiz industry. President Aquino rallied Filipinos while Dolphy was on his death bed, calling the actor a “revered icon of the Philippine movie industry”. A heart bypass 15 years ago had left him perennially weak. -- With a report Agence France-Presse

cal Center since June 9 for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Quizon said that while his father’s “spirit was strong his body has so weakened he had to go”. “On behalf of everyone who loved him — my brothers, sisters, Zsa Zsa [Padilla], we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” said Quizon. He asked that the people “pray for his [father’s] eternal repose”. Quizon said that “heaven would be a happier place with him there”. He said, however, that “for us whom he has left behind, comedy is dead but long live comedy”. Dolphy, known in Philippine entertainment as the “Comedy King”, is

survived by common law wife and actress-singer Zsa Zsa Padilla and 18 children. ‘Humble, honest, and helpful’ President Benigno Aquino led the nation in paying tribute to Dolphy, calling him the embodiment of the “humble, honest, and helpful” Filipino, who made life easier for his friends and followers in the face of daunting challenges. “He changed not just his industry, but also the national consciousness,” Aquino said in a statement. “Through his art, he widened our outlook, he gave us the power to find and cherish happiness in our daily lives.” ‘King of Comedy’ Dolphy was widely regarded as

the country’s “King of Comedy” in a career that spanned seven decades playing colorful comedic roles, from a cross-dressing homosexual to a poor jack of all trades. His passing was announced by ABS-CBN television, which aired his hit sitcom “Home Along Da Riles” in the 1990s about a poor widower struggling to raise his children in the slums. ABS-CBN said Dolphy’s passing was confirmed by his partner Zsa Zsa Padilla, an actress also employed by the station, and other relatives. Dolphy made millions laugh even during the Philippines’ darkest moments, including the brutal 20-year rule of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, which ended in 1986.

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Top. Rodolpho Vera Quizon, Sr. (July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012). Dolphy & daughter, on the way to Anthony’s Restaurant @ the Embarcadero San Diego, CA. Bottom. Dolphy with Zsa Zsa and Orly Dy. Posted September 6, 2010 (©2012 Orlando Dy on Facebook)

July 13-19, 2012

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Phil - Am Law 101
by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr.
Member, State Bar of California & Integrated Bar of the Philippines

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American Husband Stood as Child’s Father in Birth Certificate
PHIL-AM LAW 101 by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr.

Chapter 1. Skirmish in the Rice Paddies
A month earlier, in a village in Samar....

The Dark Nights of Father Madrid

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southernmost jungles of the Philippine Islands. In due course, his successful exploits earned him a handful of coveted medals and commendations. He certainly had attained a near legendary status and was a well-respected, if feared, adversary of both the NPA (National People’s Army) and the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front). In classic military strategy, Col. Sulog orders his men to cover the flanks and plug the exits. Sustained firepower from 105 Howitzers, M60 machine guns and M16 assault rifles light up the early morning sky, as wisps of deadly gun smoke rise to blur the rising sun. The panicked farm workers are quickly scattered and subdued but the NPA rebels, retreating from the sticky rice paddies, take cover at a nearby banana grove to establish a position and retaliate. Even then, it was only a matter of time before the government’s

Page 9
A strapped factotum, nicknamed the “incredible Hulk”, scoops Gusi like a sack of rice onto his massive shoulder and sprints to a nearby jeep. He unloads the injured commander on the back seat and barks to the driver, who guns the vehicle zigzag deep into the jungle. Surprisingly, the jeep barrels through potholes and rocks without flipping over. But Gusi feels lightheaded and throws up. Back at the banana grove, which now mimics the stark open rice fields after the attack helicopters had done their job, the PC special forces ramp up their offensive even as three dozen guerrilla fighters take a final stand to keep the government soldiers from pursuing their fleeing comrades. The human firewall surprisingly lasts a half hour. Most of the remaining rebels die in the encounter. “Always outnumbered but never outfought!” is the PC Corps famous motto, Col. Sulog muses. Today, it

e Dark Nights of Father Madrid
a historical novel by Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD

elinda is a Filipina who has been married to her American husband for 2 years now. She met John some 5 years ago through the internet. They chatted for many months. She told him about the beauty of the Philippines and the hospitality of its people. After about a year, John visited the Philippines. Belinda and her Filipino boyfriend toured him around. John went back to the United States impressed. They continued chatting and became very close friends.
John returned to the Philippines after a year. Belinda was then already 7 months pregnant. When he learned that her boyfriend had abandoned Belinda, John quickly proposed to stand as father in her child’s birth certificate. It was a confusing moment for Belinda, especially when John told her that he loved her and wanted her to be his wife. But Belinda was able to maintain her composure. She told John that she was not ready to enter into another relationship, and that all she was thinking of was the child in her womb. John respected her decision but insisted on his proposal to stand as the child’s father. In fact, he stayed in the Philippines for 2 months until she gave birth so he could sign the birth certificate. John continued pursuing Belinda when he came back to the United States. He was nice and thoughtful and she eventually fell in love with him. He filed a fiancée petition for Belinda. He also filed an immigrant petition for the child as his biological son. Belinda was able to go to the U.S. as John’s fiancée, but her son’s petition was denied. Based on his stays in the Philippines, the U.S. embassy rightly concluded that John was not the child’s biological father. (Apparently, John was ill-advised about which petition to file for the child.) After they got married, John filed an immigrant petition for Belinda’s son, claiming him as his stepchild. The petition was approved by the USCIS, but they again encountered another problem in the U.S. embassy. The consul told them that they need to correct the son’s birth certificate. They were given a year to do this. As we can see in John and Belinda’s story, a basic mistake could cause adverse results, no matter how good the intentions were. John was admirable in offering to spare the child from the stigma of an unrecognized child. But they should have known that the simulation would not go unnoticed, not only based on the dates John wasn’t in the Philippines, but perhaps also on the absence of physical resemblance. When John filed the fiancée petition for Belinda, the child could have come along under a K-2 visa. But because John’s name appeared as the father, he had to stand by it and file a separate immigrant petition for the child. That early, they could have salvaged the situation by amending the child’s birth certificate. Anyway, although already late in the day, the situation can still be remedied. As advised by the U.S. embassy, they need to amend the child’s birth certificate. They have to file a petition in the Regional Trial Court in the place where the child is now residing. They will need an attorney to do it because it requires the filing of a formal petition and trial. If they act quickly, they will be able to meet the one-year deadline. Many other people share John


“Wipe them out...kill them all!” PC Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Sulog and Belinda’s predicament. In their hissed into a mud-caked megaphone. desire to protect their newborn, “I want them all dead,” he turned to parents misrepresent certain entries his trusted aides. “Payback for the in the birth certificate. Of course, Negros massacre,” he explained to most if not all of them knew that it his American advisor, who nodded was wrong, but somehow they felt his assent. justified that they were doing it for Armed with the latest weaponry, an honorable purpose. At the same courtesy of the CIA and the United time, they were perhaps hoping that States Military advisory group, crack the simulation would not be noticed military commandos of the Philipand would stand as truth. But, as pine Constabulary chased the hapless they say, truth always has a way of rebels through hectares of muddy coming out. rice paddies. They had explicit shootto-kill directives from the highest Atty. Rogelio Karagdag , Jr. is military echelons. Lieutenant Cololicensed to practice law in both nel Sulog was confident it would be California and the Philippines. He a quick skirmish. practices immigration law in San The PC advance team had spotted Diego and has continuously been a the rebels camped out at the southtrial and appellate attorney in the west periphery, half a kilometer up Philippines since 1989. He travels the hillside from Barrio Castaneda. between San Diego and Manila. His The National People’s Army (NPA) office address is located at 10717 guerrillas led by the elusive ComCamino Ruiz, Suite 131, San Diego, mander Gusi were regrouping. The CA 92126. He also has an office in rebels had sustained a significant the Philippines located near the U.S. casualty – they’d lost twenty-three embassy at Unit 230, Manila Execu- men -- in last weekend’s encounter tive Regency, 1200 J. Bocobo Street, with government troops. Luckily, Ermita, Manila, with telephone num- the impoverished peasants of Barrio bers (02)3537047 & (02)5221199. Castaneda were sympathetic to the Please call (858)348-7475 or email cause of the Communist Party of the him at rkaragdag@attyimmigration. Philippines and its armed wing, the com. He speaks Tagalog fluently. Ar- NPA. The local herbolarios* went ticles written in this column are not out of their way to treat the wounded legal advice but are hypotheticals while the barrio captain and his intended as general, non-specific henchmen mobilized the women to legal information. Readers must seek feed the freedom fighters. legal consultation before taking any Steamed rice, dried fish, and assortlegal steps. ed vegetables expeditiously wrapped

in banana leaves were distributed to nourish the famished warriors. The welcome respite from two weeks of pick-and-roll gun battles had lulled the NPA rebels. They were unaware that a Special Forces contingent had picked up their scent three days earlier. Additional government troops were radioed in, as Commander Sulog patiently waited for the right time, the right terrain to pounce on the unsuspecting rebels. At daybreak, just as the sun peered over the mountain ranges, Sulog gave the order to attack. The lightning maneuver caught the barrio peasants and rebels by surprise. The sacadas* were no match against professionally-trained Philippine Army soldiers who’d been fine tuned by US Army Special Forces. The NPA’s battle-scarred communist guerrillas, however, were trained to expect the unexpected. They instinctively whipped out their AK-47s and ferociously fought back even as NPA leader Gusi, realizing his men were outnumbered, looked for an exit strategy. PC Lieutenant Colonel Sulog was a veteran fighter. An outstanding graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, he had, early in his career, turned down a comfortable, though not a lucrative, faculty position offered by his Alma Mater in favor of actual warfare. He was an avid student of insurgency tactics and welcomed the opportunity to test and hone the didactic military lessons he had learned at the elite academy in countless blood-and-guts encounters with dissident fighters deep in the

superior forces overcame the rebels. Sulog calls in four AH-1 Huey Cobra helicopters to flush out the rebels. He silently thanks General Henry Morris for facilitating the release of the attack helicopters from Clark Air Force Base for use by his special forces. Sulog was fond of the helicopters’ Cobra missile subsystem. Sweet chasers, he calls them. Gusi realizes the mismatch. He rushes to the front line to bolster the firewall and allow as many of his men to escape towards the hills, and scatter deep into the jungle. As he maneuvers his way across rapidly falling banana trees, he is felled by a spray of bullets. He pulls out a bandana from his leg pocket and applies it as a tourniquet above the squirting thigh wound. But he could hardly stop the bleeding. Camilo, a trusted aide, rushes to his side, tamponades the wound and calls for backup.

was the vaunted People’s Army that was outnumbered…. and demolished. As the fighting ceases and the gun smoke dissipates, bloody streams turn Barrio Castaneda’s muddy rice fields to a shade of port wine. Or some expensive dark red wine the poor sacadas and freedom fighters could only dream about... ___ Notes: 1. Herbolarios – gifted healers who treat local town folks with a concoction of herbal, native remedies, supplemented with prayers and religious rituals. 2. Sacadas – underpaid and exploited farm laborers in agriculturebased rural economy of the Philippines. ©2012 Dr. Ed Gamboa. All rights reserved.

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July 13-19, 2012

GK Update
Pinay and Proud
(Continued from page 1)

classroom. I remember that my education started when I was 12 years old, the year my parents decided that all of their four kids were old enough to explore our country. My mom each bought us backpacks to carry our stuff and in mid-April of 1992, we boarded the Superferry to tour Visayas and Mindanao by sea and by land. We visited all the quaint and historic monuments in Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo. It was also then that I dug my toes for the very first time on the powdery sands of Boracay. This was a completely different era before the branded sailboats, real-estate boom and pulsating nightlife; just pure, unadulterated paradise. Then we set for Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Every new place was uniquely wonderful and my young impressionable heart swelled with love for our people, our food and our land over and over again. That year, I learned independence, adaptability, resourcefulness and most importantly, a deep love for the Philippines. No amount of hours logged in Araling Panlipunan and Filipino could have taught me the valuable lessons that I gained that summer. I would go on to travel the world and see more than a dozen other countries since then but my parents made sure that before I fell in love with other shores and other cultures, I would

learn to appreciate the riches and the beauty that we had back home first. I guess that’s why I never really thought that the grass was greener on the other side; my heart had already been captured by the beauty and charms of my homeland when I was just 12 years old. That summer of 1992 was the start of my real education. Love of country anchored me to what was important and tied my own personal dreams to the hopes and dreams of the rest of our country, many of whom do not have the same opportunities that we all have. WE ARE ALL THE SAME My second real lesson also happened in the most unlikely place, this time it was nowhere near as beautiful as the beaches of Boracay or the majestic falls of Mindanao. In fact it was the opposite – it happened in the dark, dangerous and dank alleys of one of the biggest slums in Metro Manila, Bagong Silang. My father had just gathered a rag-tag group of juvenile delinquents -- drug addicts, pushers, prostitutes and criminals ranging in ages from 12 to 25 years old for a youth camp to reach out to them and help figure out the root causes of poverty in the Philippines. I was just 16 back then, a freshman in Ateneo and I met another young girl during the camp who was about my age. She was funny and very smart, she loved singing and having a good time just

like any other teenager. But whereas I spent my time attending classes and burying myself in books and term papers, she spent her days stealing for food and her nights working the streets as a prostitute. Looking into her eyes, I realized my second life lesson --- that we are all the same. The poor were no different from us. Had luck been on her side, I

Harvard; the only difference is the opportunities that are available to them. BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL BUT LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND I talk a lot about my father and obviously, he is one of the biggest influences in my life. But on the flip

real world, go through pain, earn my own battle scars and leave my own mark. Many of you no doubt, also have very successful and protective parents in the audience and so I’m hoping that you can relate to these feelings that I had back then.

brilliant ideas and use your business skills to create a beautiful country for everyone.

would’ve been the one living in that miserable slum as a prostitute and she would’ve been the one snoozing in the library in between English 12 and Math 1. Needless to say, it was a life-changing moment for me. We are all the same, each person is our equal and we need to treat everybody with dignity and respect. That should be the most basic foundation of everything that we do. The kids in Bagong Silang have the same intelligence as the kids in ESA or in

side of the coin, when I was your age, my biggest hang-up was having such an accomplished and highlyregarded father. He had started a world-wide movement for eradicating poverty in the Philippines which had transformed the lives of thousands of Filipinos. How could anyone measure up to that? What he had done was incredible and noble but I wanted to blaze my own trail and be recognized for my own achievements. I yearned to be thrown in the

It’s not going to be an easy path. You will find that building a business that is profitable and competitive but just and caring at the same And so I defied many expectatime is going to be tough. It will tions when I decided to enter the constantly push you to be innovacorporate world instead of joining tive, efficient, prudent and bold. Gawad Kalinga, the movement that But even in the face of challenges, my father founded to help rid the DON’T QUIT. Believe me there Philippines of poverty. I also fell in will be many times that you will be love with the art of brand-building tempted to do so but always have and communications and set my faith that your mission and your career on this path. I had a lot of fun, goals are worth the heart aches and attended a lot of parties and fancied the sacrifice. Social entrepreneurs myself as being smart for coming up have more reasons NOT to fail and with great ideas and witty cammore motivation to succeed because paigns. But although I was living out we don’t just chase the profit botmy own personal dreams of success tom line – we need to make it work and recognition outside my fathers’ for the sake of our country and the shadow, I had a nagging guilt for planet that we live in. living the good life while many in There are a few things that you our country still suffered daily. The have probably already heard before memories of Bagong Silang haunted about creating great businesses but me. I remember sitting in my desk which you will need to be reminded one day thinking, “So many othof everyday as you set out on this ers before me had sat on this chair exciting path. When you create your and done exactly what I was doing, own businesses: surely anyone can do it. I’m spend- Come up with the best product ing advertising budgets that was and don’t ever short change the cusenough to transform a whole village. tomer to make a profit. Your product Out there, in the slums, in the poor and your business are extensions of rural communities, there is a real op- yourself. A social enterprise doesn’t portunity to make a difference. What mean that people will be buying out am I doing here?” A few days later, I of charity. It should never be a pity handed in my resignation and found purchase. Always come up with a my way back to Gawad Kalinga. high quality product and it will stand on its own. Somehow, I’ve found that when - Treat all your employees with you make one important decision, dignity and respect from the drivers, the whole universe conspires to to the managers. We are all equals bring you everything else that your and each one will contribute to the heart desires, just like Paulo Coelho success of your business. said in his famous book, “The - Do not think any job is beneath Alchemist”. It was also around this you. Roll up your sleeves and time when I met my husband, Dylan learn every aspect of your business Wilk, a brash, young British entrebefore you delegate it to someone preneur who came to the Philippines else. When we started out, we did in search for his own purpose in life. everything ourselves from manning He fell in love with the Philippines the phones, packing the products and and the work of GK at the same time making deliveries. It will build your that I was having my own epiphany. knowledge and your character and Apart from the undeniable attracno one will be able to deceive you tion, our shared values and purpose because you know your business brought us together and we were inside and out. married in 2004. Little did I know - Make business decisions that will that our union would also bring benefit our country. Source locally about the fulfillment of not just my and partner with other Filipino busipersonal dreams but my dreams for nesses before you consider making my country as well. other countries rich by importing In 2008, together with my sister all your materials. Hire from the and my husband, we started a social poor and invest in their training and enterprise called Gandang Kahuman development. You will find likasan, Inc, a company that would that they have the potential to be become the biggest producers of the most loyal and hard-working natural personal care products under employees you will ever have. Build the brand name Human Nature. This capacity by investing your profits in was the fulfillment of my dream, the poor communities. perfect marriage between business - Support other Filipino social and nation-building. Our vision enterprises and buy Filipino. I was to transform business in such a recently came back from the World way that it can be a leading force in Economic Forum and one of the restoring dignity to our people and things that really struck me during eradicating poverty in our country. the meeting in Bangkok were the Our battle cry was Pro-Philippines, local trade policies instituted by the Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment. Thai government that has enabled a Our goal was to establish a global lot of patriotic businesses to flourish. Filipino brand that we can all be For example, 20% of all retail space proud of where one day, “made in in Thailand is reserved for local the Philippines” can be known to products. Thai consumers patronbe as good as “made in Italy” or ize local cosmetics over imported “made in France”. Finally, this was brands because they genuinely bethe frontier, the path where I could lieve that the Thai companies know contribute to the cause that I firmly Thai skin best. Patriotism is not only believed in but at the same time new expressed in words but in their buyand different. Blaze your own trails, ing choices as well. Korea used to pursue your passions, chase lofty be as backward as many third world goals but always let it be connected economies in Asia but the Koreto your dreams for your country so ans patronized local products even that many more will benefit. when they were still not as good as You have been trained by the Japanese or German goods. Today, first ever specialist institution for Koreans are the number 1 producentrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs ers of TVs in the world, number 1 like you have the power to positively in smartphones and number 6 in affect the lives of millions of people. exporting cars worldwide. Love of It should be your personal mission country is good for the economy and to create the best and most successgreat for business. ful social enterprises that the world And so I hope that I have conhas ever seen. I have no doubt that if vinced you today that social enteryou set your mind to it, many of you prises are the way to ensure not only can build multi-billion dollar busiyour success but the success of evnesses. But instead of just creating a eryone around you. You have chosen business purely for profit, I hope you the path to be entrepreneurs but it build a multi-billion dollar social is my fervent wish that you become enterprise. more than that. Become a social Twenty or thirty years ago, entrepreneur. It will test all your business was purely about profit creativity, determination, faith and because it was a much harsher your capacity to love but the returns environment and your parents had will be immense. I look at you today to survive in a dog-eat-dog world and I see much hope for you, and in order to provide you with a good for our future. The key to progress is life. Nowadays, we live in a very love. We must love our country with different world with more conscien- our minds, hearts and our pockets. tious consumers who no longer just Build the country of your dreams. go for prestigious brands or value You have the power to do so. for money. They demand more With resolute hope, I am with you. from the products and services by Thank you all very much. asking important questions such as environmental sustainability, busiAnna Meloto-Wilk ness ethics, fair trade and morality. President & Co-Founder Now is the best time to be a social (+632) 931-5787 entrepreneur because you have the opportunity to give life to your Pro-Philippines. Pro-poor. Pro-environment.

July 13-19, 2012

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Spiritual Life
Because of the great emphasis placed on hospitality by Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, it is not surprising for the early Christians to consider hospitality as an integral part of their Christian life and ministry. A fourteenth century document, Diby Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez daskalia Apostolorum, advised bishRead Monsignor’s previous articles by visit- ops to be hospitable to the poor. “If a ing our website at poor man or woman comes, whether they are from your own parish or from another, and especially if they July 15: 15th Sun. in Ord. Time are advanced in years, and if there is no room for them, make a place for them, O bishop, with all your heart, even if you yourself have to sit on the ground. You must not make any Joke of the Week: Jesus ethnicity. Paul, it is in Jesus Christ that all peo- distinction between persons if you wish your ministry to be pleasing Jesus was Italian: he talked with his ple, places, and things are blessed to God.” Just as Christians practice hands; he had wine with every meal; and gain the reason and meaning for their existence. God has planned hospitality among themselves during he worked in the building trade. Eucharistic celebration, so the same this marvelous work out of love for Jesus was a Californian: he never his Son. In the end, we also became Eucharistic celebration is the basis cut his hair; he walked barefoot; he of their hospitality to strangers and established a new religion. Jesus was participants of this love. the poor. Hospitality is not only a Gospel: Mark 6: 7-13. Amos was Black: he called everybody brother; moral imperative, but also an esconfronted with a dilemma: to narhe liked Gospel; he couldn’t get a row the scope of his mission and be sential characteristic of the followers fair trial. Jesus was Irish: he never of Christ. accepted by Israel or to widen the got married; he was always telling The US Immigration and extent of God’s message to include stories; he loved green pastures. Naturalization Service estimates that Jesus was a Latin American: his first both kingdoms of Israel and Judah, three to four million undocumented name was Jesus; he crossed the bor- but to be rejected. Similarly, Jesus ders; the authorities always harassed in being rejected by his own kin and workers hold jobs in the United States, many of which earn poorly, townsfolk faced the same dilemma. him. Jesus was a Filipino: he went unsafe, and dangerous. Many face fishing; he used “tsinelas” (slippers); Jesus had either to suffer rejection by his own people and preach God’s discrimination in the workplace and he called everybody aunt, uncle, on the streets, the constant threat of kingdom to all, or be accepted by brother, sister, and cousin. arrest and fear of deportation. Most his own townsfolk and miss the opScriptures: First Reading: of them have lived in this country portunity to preach to other people. Amos 7: 12-15. Amaziah, the priest for years, establishing roots in the Both men did not fear rejection. of the schismatic temple of Bethel Jesus and Amos also preached away communities, building their families in the northern kingdom of Israel and raising their children, payand Amos, a prophet called by God, from the centers of power, brought God’s message to the downtrodden, ing taxes, and contributing to the represent two contrasting and opeconomy. If arrested and deported, posing views on ministry. Amaziah, the humble, the poor, the nonthey leave behind their children who influential people, and outcasts of beholden to King Jerohoboam, did are American citizens, their families society. Rejected by a few people, not want to antagonize his patron are broken apart and uprooted from both men reached out to many. and employer. He was saying and their community. Without approving Reflections: Ancient writers, doing only those that would please undocumented and illegal migrasuch as Homer, Plato, and Ovid the king and the civil authorities. tion, the Catholic Church supports extolled hospitality as one of the On the other hand, Amos, who was the human rights and dignity of most important virtues. The Greeks a simple shepherd and a dresser of sycamores, delivered only the Lord’s and the Romans saw a link between all human beings, and offers them pastoral care and social services, no a needy stranger and the gods. Difmessage. Whether the message was matter what the circumstances of pleasing or not to civil rulers, Amos ferent Greco-Roman myths tell the their entry into the United States are. story of gods in disguise as needy went ahead and did what the Lord A good Christian doesn’t have to ask strangers. The ancients dared not to had called him to do. Amos was be unkind to strangers, because they a helpless stranger for identification driven out of the northern kingdom before ministering to him. Though could be inhospitable to the gods. and rejected by its citizens because the Church recognizes the sovereign he delivered an unpleasant message: For the ancient people, hospitality right of every nation to protect and was a religious act. Those who dehumiliating defeat of the northern nied hospitality to a helpless stranger guard its border, yet it also upholds kingdom and Israel’s catastrophic the fundamental dignity of every loss of homeland and power. Second incurred the wrath and punishment person, created according to God’s of the gods. Reading: Ephesians 1: 3-14. For

Lower Your Nets

Hospitality and the Immigration Debate

image, to live a life worthy of that image. This holds true also for Filipinos in their relationships with foreigners and those of different creeds and race. A statement published by NCCB/USCC states, “Without condoning undocumented migration, the Church supports the human rights of all people and offers them pastoral care, education, and social services, no matter what the circumstances of entry into this country, and it works for the respect of the human dignity of all—especially those who find themselves in desperate circumstances. We recognize that nations have the right to control their borders. We also recognize and strongly assert that all human persons, created as they are in the image of God, possess a fundamental dignity that gives rise to a more compelling claim to the conditions worthy of human life. Accordingly, the Church also advocates legalization opportunities for the maximum number of undocumented persons, particularly those who have built equities and otherwise contributed to their communities.” Quotation of the Week: “I was the son of an immigrant. I experienced bigotry, intolerance and prejudice, even as so many of you have. Instead of allowing these things to embitter me, I took them as spurs to more strenuous effort.” Andre Bernard Buruch

by Virginia H. Ferrer
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Sa Aking Buhay (6)
Sa aking buhay sinubukan kong makipagkasundo kausapin ng maayos ang aking mga kasosyo at sa kanila, aking tinupad ang bawat pangako at lalong gumanda ang galaw at ikot nitong mundo. Sa aking buhay ay hindi ko binigyan ng halaga ang maidudulot ng pakikipag-usap sa kanya tanging ang alam ko ay gawin ang sa akin ay tama at wala ni anumang kabutihan akong nadama. Sa aking buhay ay masarap palang maging bayani sa aking pamilya na siya kong kasama palagi sa lahat ng kaibigan, maging sa mga kalahi at sa lahat ng dayuhan kahit ano pa mang lipi. Sa aking buhay maraming ulit ako’y naging duwag mga problema sa paligid na hindi ko hinarap basta na lang iniwasan, tinakbuhan, at nilabag maging ang mga mahal ko sa buhay, aking nilaglag. Sa aking buhay nakahanda akong magsakripisyo sa ikabubuti ng lahat mahirap ma’y gagawin ko iwawaksi ang mga mali, sa tama patutungo marahil ito lang ang dapat para masaya tayo.

Come to “A Day of Divine Mercy for Families & Youth” August 5 at the Pearson Park Amphitheater, Anaheim CA
Please come and bring your friends, family, prayer groups
Dear Divine Mercy devotees, Praise God! We are inviting you and your family, friends and prayer groups to come to A Day of Mercy for Families and Youth Event on August 5, 2012, Sunday, from 9 am to 8 pm, at the Pearson Park Amphitheater in Anaheim CA, from 9 am to 8 pm. We will be honored by your presence. We are offering this Spirit filled event for free. Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC is one of our featured speakers. There is holy mass at 11 am, and confessions are available. Please share this event to others and bring them to the event. Preregistration is required and deadline is on August 1, 2012. You may also do walk- in registration after the deadline, however, please call us with your names prior to coming to the event so we may have enough seating for everyone. The amphitheater has a capacity of 2000 persons. You may register online at www. or by email at angelstar73@earthlink. net. You may also register by phone and by mail. This information is on the back of the flyer as attached to this email. Please refer to the attachments. We also need volunteers for the mass, ushers, registration, medical/ nursing team, security, and for the book store. In addition, please refer to us sponsors/donors you know who may be willing to financially support our event. We also appreciate your love offering/donations – any amount will be a big help to finance our expenses. We hope to evangelize to as many teens and young adults through this event. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer, donate a financial gift, refer donors, and for any other questions. May our Merciful Lord fill your hearts with His abundant graces in the name of Jesus, and with the powerful intercession of Mary, Mother of Mercy. Amen. All for His Greater Glory, Estrelle & Angel Mijares Cell (562) 972-5675 or (714) 469-3161

©2012 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Retired Filipino Language Teacher at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.

say every morning My Beloved Father, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven .Be Thou my Father. Be always my Eternal Father. Do not leave my soul . Do not abandon me . Do not leave me out of Your sight, my Father,for I am Your child, whom You have created to please You, to adore You, to honor You, living my days as You have given me the license to live it. (I offer up this Fiat through Mary, to Jesus, to You, Eternal Father]
“Day after day, my children, say that in your mind. That will be the way you will say your FIAT to your Father. And I your Father will open My arms like this (and He stretched out his arms) and I everyday will gather you in My arms and I will hold you and I will rock you as your BELOVED MOTHER (Blessed Mother) rocks each baby in her arms. For yes, you are My children. Remember the FIAT of each day as you live. As you do this from the beginning of the day, I promise you, My children, I guarantee you I will cover you in My arms. I will send you My angel s with St. Michael to protect you and all the saints of your baptisms and of your devotions to be with you during the day to guide you and assist you. I promise you, you will feel the power of My great LOVE for you that I will send you day in and day out. But you have to offer me - everyday - as you get up in the morning - that FIAT.” -- Mary’s Call, 12400 Olive • Kansas City, MO 64146. 816-942-9783 • Fax 816-942-4313 •


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July 13-19, 2012


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6/4/12 10:35 AM

July 13-19, 2012

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Showbiz Watcher
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By Ogie Cruz Nagluluksa ngayon ang buong bansang Pilipinas dahil sa pagpanaw ng nag-iisang Comedy King na si Dolphy o sa tunay na pangalan Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. Binawian siya ng buhay last Tuesday ng gabi 8:34pm(umaga naman dito 5:34am Tuesday sa San Diego) sa Makati Medical Center dahil sa multiple organ failure , pag-atake ng pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary desease at acute renal failure sa edad na 83 yrs old. Hindi natin malilimutan si Dolphy o John Purontong sa ‘John & Marsha ‘ sa channel 9 noon every Friday, top rating ito sa lahat ng mga tv shows sa Pilipinas, kasama rin dito sina Nida Blanca at Maricel Soriano.Ang katatawanan

by Ogie Cruz

Paalam Dolphy , Salamat Sa Tuwa At Kasiyahan………

Arts& Culture

ni Mang Pidol noon ay kailanman hindi matutumbasan na kahit na sinong artista noon at ngayon.Naging kaparte ng pinoy sa buhay ang naturang show every Friday, kung hindi mo ito mapapanood ay parang kulang ang buong araw mo. Matagal ding nasa ere ang ‘John & Marsha’ na halos kinalakihan na namin ang nasabing show, kaya hindi rin namin ito makakalimutan. Sabi nga ng mga kaibigan ni Mang Dolphy, a man of few words ang comedy king mas nakikinig siya kaysa sa nagsasalita pero tiyak lagi siyang may punchline sa anumang usapan, yun daw ang hindi nila makakalimutan. Dati palang tagatinda lang ng mani o pakwan sa isang sinehan noon,habang ang una niyang napanood na movie na colored ay “Gone with the Wind”.Golay ang una niyang screen name,pangalawa siya sa 10 magkakapatid at July 25 ,1928 siya pinanganak. Una niyang tv show ay sa ABS-CBN “Buhay Artista” na kasama niya noon ang kanyang partner na si Panchito. Nang mawala sa ere ang ‘John & Marsha’ at bumalik siya sa ABS-CBN via ‘Home Along Da Riles’ na muli niyang pinatawa ang sambayanan. Kahit din sa mga international news kagaya ng Fox nabalita rin ang pagkamatay ng Comedy King. Basta, maraming salamat sa tuwa ,

kasiyahan at aral na binigay nyo sa amin. Hindi namin malilimutan na nagkaroon kami ng isang Dolphy na nagpasaya sa aming buhay , alam namin kung gaano ang pain pinagdaanan nyo dahil sa inyong sakit. Ngayon, Malaya na kayo at wala ng sakit na nararamdaman.Rest in Peace Dolphy at maraming salamat. JOSEPH ESTRADA NANGHIHINAYANG SA AWARD NA NATIONAL ARTIST NA PARA KAY DOLPHY !!!Naniniwala ang dating Pres. Joseph Estrada,long overdue na ang National Artist award na dapat para kay Dolphy.

“Ibibigay na nila ang National Artist award kung patay na siya, sayang dapat matagal na nilang binigay ‘yan,” maramdamang panghihinayang pa ni Ex-Pres. Joseph Estrada.Nakakalungkot raw , at hindi naibigay ang award habang buhay pa ang Comedy King. Sabi pa nga ni Ex-Pres. “Ipagdasal na lang natin ang kaluluwa,”. Unang nadalaw ni Joseph si Dolphy noong nasa St.Lukes pa lang ito hanggang napunta nga ito sa Makati Medical Center, kamakailan lang ito. Masayahing tao raw si Dolphy, mabait

,mababa ang loob at matulungin.Hindi sila nagkasama sa isang movie ni ExPes. Pero siya raw ang nag-produce ng movie noon ni Dolphy,hindi raw niya makakalimutan ‘yun . Tama nga si Ex-Pres Joseph,matagal na dapat na nabigyan si Dolphy ng isang award tulad ng National Artist,napulitika kasi ang pamimili. Sayang ,sana nakuha na ni Comedy King para at least katumbas ito sa di mapantayang kontribusyon niya sa showbiz industry.
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PASACAT will hold open rondalla workshops at the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, July 16, 23 and 30, 530 pm 630 pm. PASACAT will utilize the tablature or the numbers method to instruct novice students how to play the instruments of the Rondalla. “This is one of the fastest ways to learn how to play the instruments,” said Anamaria Labao Cabato, PASACAT Executive Director and Rondalla Director. She continued, “fortunately, because of my piano studies, and learning the theory of tabs, it was easy for me to learn the bandurria.” This method was first shared with PASACAT in 1979 at the Center

the Rondalla and have hands on experience with the music and playing the 14-string instrument. No music experience is required but it is preferable for the three-week workshop. “My children enjoy the rondalla music and sometimes prefers it over the violin,” shared Cliff Goniea, father of Benjamin and Cody who will mentor other students at the workshops. For more information, contact PASACAT at, or 619-477-3383. Their website is and can be found on Facebook at PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company. The Rondalla workshops are funded in part by grants from the AT&T Cares Foundation, Alliance (Left Photo) PASACAT Rondalla with new generations of bandur- for California Traditional Arts and rista’s rehearel at the PASACAT Center. (Right Photo). PASACAT Ron- the County of San Diego Commudalla plays at the Fil-Am Fest 2011 Left-right: Juliet Sangalang, Pe- nity Enhancement Fund. ter Sangalang, Carlo Nepomuceno, Cody Goniea, Benjamin Goniea for World Music at San Diego State University. Bayani Mendoza De Leon, was in San Diego as a Fullbright-Hays Scholar, attending UCSD where he received his PhD in Music Compsition. De Leon provided the initial instruction from 1979 to 1983 as well as Conducting workshops where Cabato was one of its students. De Leon has since moved to the East Coast but continued his support by scoring folk dance music, rondalla and choral accompaniment for PASACAT. Today, PASACAT has accumulated a library of close to five-hundred music pieces in the tablature format. Students will be given a history of

Rondalla workshops at the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center

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“I am still pushing for the boundary. You know, I have to raise the money for the taxi owner first before I earn my keep. But I am getting there.” “I’m glad.” “We just have to be careful, too. You know, in selecting our passena novel by Rudy D. Liporada gers.” Available from Read Rudy Liporada’s previous “How so?” articles by visiting our website at “You know, we are careful of “So,” the nun said as he hovered drunks. They could be trouble espeover the case teeming with bibles. cially when they come in fours or “Is it for you, your mom or your even just two. We avoid them. They girlfriend?” could be hold-uppers. If you are really malas, they could even kill you “It’s for a friend, sister.” like the one we had last Christmas.” who had invited him for a New GOD OF THE OPPRESSED By “Really?” When Julius stepped out of the Year’s Eve dinner. Rudy D. Liporada -- Available at “Yes, poor family he left behind. Marian Catholic Bookstore, the He waded through the waves The wife was even pregnant. They cracking of firecrackers at Session of people as he crossed the street (In the last chapter, Alinew and say they have four kids.” Road was becoming more furious. towards the Marian Catholic BookPaulo believe there is a traitor “God! Very sad Christmas for store. among their ranks because their them, huh!” After giving in to an elderly couple camp appears to be surrounded by “Yes. Really, you know. He should and a bunch of nuns, Julius man“Anything I can help you with?” government soldiers.) have just given his collections but aged to snag his own in the battle for the elderly nun in a black habit he decided to fight them,” the driver taxis. greeted Julius as he entered the Chapter 6 - Julius Madrigal again let out a series of deep coughs. “Whew! Thanks for stopping by store. me, manong,” Julius said, hustling “A Bible, Sister. I need a Bible.” Baguio City, Philippines Julius sighed. himself and his paper bags at the “Come right here. They are down New Year’s Eve – 1969 backseat. there by the corner.” The nun gesThe taxi now rumbled along the “You’re welcome, boss,” the driver tured and ushered Julius towards the Session Road crackled with the outskirts of the City. The cracks of said followed by a deep cough. end of the store. early bursting of firecrackers in firecrackers became distant. “Where to?” They passed showcases upon anticipation of the New Year as dusk “Aurora Hill. By Ledesma.” showcases filled with religious just hid the sun. Crime has risen. That much The driver flagged down the meter knick-knacks and more. One showCadet Julius Madrigal jostled Julius knows. Could be or should with his lanky hand. He coughed case had crystalline, plastic, and down the inclined Session Road be because of rising poverty due to where the Americans held their ses- wooden beads of rosaries. Price tags again drawing it deeper from his the increase of prices of goods and lungs and its sound drowned only tasseled among the beads. Copper, sions when they have just occupied by the rattling of the engine’s motor services while wages have remained gold, and silver images of Jesus the Islands at the century’s turn. stagnant. and crackling of firecrackers along Christ, the Virgin Mary, St. Peter Cold bit on his ears, pleasant coldThe flag down on the taxi’s meter and other apostles stared at nothing- the road. His eyes sunk deep in his ness that had led the Americans to had creaked to .50 centavos. It used sunken cheeks. Flickers of white christen Baguio City as the summer ness within another case. Price tags to be .25 before Julius entered the hair peeped beneath his worn out gleamed beneath or by the side of capital of the Philippines. The City, academy. It used to be .10 when he the images. One case was dedicated bonnet. cloud kissed and nestled amidst “You are sick, manong. Shouldn’t was in high school. The ticking of to Christ alone – sculptures and interlocking ranges of mountains, the taxi’s meter now also appears to artworks during His crucifixion, the you be resting?” Julius said. became the escape of troops from be even faster than the taxis’ before. “I wish I could but I could not the enervating heat of the lowlands. Last Supper, preaching among the Julius cannot do anything about pharisees and the multitude, a Baby miss out from making a killing In his grey uniform, Julius swagthe rising prices. He could do sometonight. After the season, business at Nazareth, helping His carpenter gered like in a march with his back thing about the rising crime, howwould be slow again. I mean, you father, curing the sick, raising the straight like a pole was fastened to ever. He was destined to curb that. know, with two sons in college, I dead. Price tags hang by His finger, his spine. His chin was tucked to Aside from pledging to protect the have to make the most of it.” by the bar of the cross. On a rack, his Adam’s apple and his Pershing motherland from invaders, he would “So, what are they taking up?” there were pamphlets of biblical cap hid his eyes. His glossy black be a guardian of internal security, “The eldest is in second year shoes squeaked in non cadence with quotes and prayers. They pleaded for crime being part of an imperative to engineering. The other one barely graces for the living and the dead, the rattling firecrackers as he side be quelled. started. Expensive, you know. That stepped every time he might collide for better life on earth. Price tags He would also be fighting against is why my wife is also doing buy were attached on all of them. with so many in the late shopping forces that rise against the governand sell. That’s all she does. We Julius, when asked, still professes rush crowd. have to sacrifice. You never know. If ment rousing followers on their to be a Catholic but did not necesOut from the Philippine Military sentiments like being against my eldest becomes an engineer, he sarily believe in religion anymore. Academy for the holiday break, he, spiraling high prices and land for might land abroad, maybe Saudi.” He had outgrown Catechism a long too, was shopping late. He clutched the landless. They have come and He jerked out a series of prolonged a paper bag containing gifts already way back. He contended that if the gone, though, those trouble makers. coughs. Spaniards did not come and impose for his Aunty Sonia and others he Toppling the government is not the “So, how are you doing so far?” Catholicism on the natives for three would be meeting tonight. He just solution. Working through the demoJulius asked. hundred thirty three years, the Philhad to get one more for his friend cratic processes of change should be the way. And while the process is still being perfected and followed through, Julius would be quashing crimes and evil forces that would not fall within the systems. “So, how many years more for you to go, boss?” The driver asked breaking Julius’s deep thoughts. “I mean at the academy.” “Two.” “Then you would be fighting those rebels, too, huh!” “It’s part of it.” “You know, those aktibistas are trouble makers, too,” the driver let 50% O Consultation fee until April 15, 2012 and out a single sputtering cough. “They 20% O Income Tax Preparation on each paid consultation keep marching down the streets shouting those pesky slogans which I don’t even understand. They just cause traffic, often making our business slower than should.” He coughed. “I heard they will have another one this coming Monday.” “Really?” “Yes, really. I wish they would really stop with their foolishness. I mean, you know, it could be okay to complain about high prices but against the Americans…?” “That’s just a fad. Copycats from those Woodstock kids in America.” “Wos tak, what?” the driver jerked again in a prolonged series of coughs. Julius did not bother to explain. They have reached Ledesma St. “Down there by the lamp, manong. Stop by that gate,” he said. As the taxi eased by the curve, the meter flicked to 25 pesos. Julius got out and fished out a 20 and a 10 from his wallet. “Keep the change,” he said as he handed the bills. “Thank you, thank you, boss.” “You take care now and be safe, manong. Don’t let those drunks get you.” ippines should have been a Muslim nation like its neighbors down south in Java or Jakarta. The Islanders could even have been Buddhists or Shinto as neighbors in China or Japan. Yet, he respected those who still believe and those who believed in other beliefs.

God of the Oppressed

Mga Tulang Tagalog by Romeo Nicolas
Read Romeo Nicolas’s previous poems by visiting our website at

Chapter 6 - Julius Madrigal

Kay sigla-sigla ko ngayong makita ang minamahal, Na may ngiting pasalubong na sa aki’y kumakaway. Pangalan ko’y tinatawag at sabik na naghihintay, Bumilis ang aking lakad at siya’y aking kinamayan. Ngunit ito’y laking bigla, biglang yakap sakin mandin, Na damdam kong humihikbi ngunit ayaw na aminin. Ang luha nya’y nagpatuloy, hinding hindi nya mapigil, At ang bulong, malungkot sya’t nagdusa ang puso namin. Inamin nyang ang pagibig sa amin ay naging tukso, Sa pangarap na yumaman ang puso’y ‘pinagkanulo. Tumalikod sa sumpaan sa akalang mananalo, Na makamit ang pangarap na hindi nagkatotoo. Mandin ako’y nakikinig sa lahat ng salaysay nya, Hinimay nya ang salaysay sa lalaking nakasama. Kilala ko naman ito, matalino at maykaya, Kaya’t ako’y nagtatakang ‘di humantong sa maganda. Ang puso ng dati kong “babe” ay tangan ko ng kay tagal, Ito’y aking tangan-tangan magmula sa kamusmusan. At ng kami’y magkalayo, pilit pa ring sinusundan, Ngunit ng siya ay magbalik, ako ang syang nahiwalay. Sa pagkakataong yaon ang “babe” ko ay naghahanap, Wala ako sating bansa upang siya ay malingap. Kung kaya’t nabatid ko lang ang lalaking nagmapalad, Ay lalaking karibal ko, syang umagaw sa pangarap. Mula nuon, tanggap ko na ang palad na hindi akin, Ngunit bakit sya nagbalik, ano ang ibig na sabihin? Ang sumpa kong binitiwan noong puso’y pagtaliin, Maybahay ko ang may tangan, ‘di ko na ‘to babawiin. Kathang tula ni: Romeo Nicolas 7/7/2012

ROOM FOR RENT. Quiet Neighborhood in National City. No smoking. No drugs. 619.746.3416

(Next chapter – Carlo Paterno waits for his friends for New Year dinner and recalls life in the seminary.)

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Health and Wellness
regardless of treatment attempts. With all this talk of grilling outHow subversive. doors, picnics in parks, road trips The culprits: Escherichia coli, and other reasons for food to be As children blossom into young men or E. for short, has one incredibly served in less-than-sterile condiand women, most insist on planning and powerful strain: O157:H7, although tions, we’d be remiss not to at least running their own lives. Parents worry other related strains can cause infecbriefly mention food poisoning. If about all the basic essentials for their you’ve ever had it, and you probably tion as well. This bacterium is found kids’ independent living, like housing, eating properly, staying warm, being care- have once in your life, your skin just crawled. Sorry. ful at night and more. But most parents forget to teach their youngsters one of the Campylobacter Enteritis most important lessons of all – financial responsibility. The resulting turmoil can A common bacterial infection prospell disaster for a child’s future. ducing severe gastrointestinal upset Consider this: The average young adult amasses $45,000 in debt by the time they that can hang around as long as two turn 29, according to a recent PNC Bank weeks. It’s rarely fatal in healthy people. report. The culprits: Improperly slaugh“This generation of 20-somethings was tered or processed meat not thorraised during an economically-thriving oughly cooked, contaminated period,” says financial expert Mark Hansen, author of Success 101 for Teens vegetables, milk or water. Pets can ( “Undis- also shed the bacteria through their ciplined spending habits, student and car “business.” What it feels like: You’d pay closer loans, and a tough job market have styattention to the flulike symptoms (femied their financial growth. Perhaps the ver, aches and pains) if you weren’t worst culprit is financial ignorance, but running to the bathroom every 15 we can count this as a lesson for future minutes of your life. 20-somethings.” Maybe you shouldn’t have: For young people, organizing finances Plucked that mass-processed pack can be intimidating to the point of proof pork chops out of the “manager’s hibitive, he says. special” bin. Also, if you really need “We need to have a curriculum in to be told, leave seagulls alone. schools, from kindergarten through 12th They’re neither friendly nor tasty grade, that ensures our kids graduate with financially literacy,” he says. “From and are known to harbor higher con- in mass-processed ground beef and centrations of the bacteria. Common on vegetables that were improperly balancing a checkbook to understanding what it means to pay – and earn – interest, sense and decent kitchen cleanliness cleaned or handled by contaminated fingers. kids need basic money management skills should protect you from needless What it feels like: You’ve been downfall. to survive in the world, and most aren’t stabbed in the colon, which would getting them.” explain the crippling cramps and Cholera Hansen says all teens should know and other things that might happen if one practice so they can control their financial were actually stabbed in the colon, Contrary to what literature might destinies: including blood. Not that there’s a have you believe, there will be no • Saving for dreams – the three“better” food poisoning to get, but love in the time of cholera, only envelope method: Use the first envelope this is one you really want to avoid. misery, woe and lots of diarrhea. for your day-to-day expenses: gas or Maybe you shouldn’t have: Eaten The culprits: Contaminated water lunch money. Pause before blowing this that rare burger of questionable and eating raw or undercooked money at the movie theater or a fast-food seafood that was hanging out in that origin while chugging raw milk in restaurant! Envelope No. 2 is for shortthat crazy crowded public pool, all water. term goals, which might be clothing or of which have been known to harbor What it feels like: Being slowly a new laptop. The third envelope is for dried in a dehydrator that looks sur- the bacteria. long-term goals such as a car, college or a prisingly like your bathroom while “future millionaire club” fund. Ciguatera (Fish Poisoning) your abdomen is squeezed by a giant • How to create a budget: A budget godlike fist. You might just want to lets us know what’s possible, and not An incurable disease caused by set up shop in there for a spell, the possible, with money. There are six eating fish contaminated by coral toxin in the cholera bacteria causes steps to creating a budget. 1. List all of any water in your body to “release.” algae toxins. A real doozy, with an your expenses. 2. List all income. 3. List estimated 50,000 cases each year. Replenish as you might, it likely monthly expenses. 4. Add up these lists won’t stay in there very long. Keep separately. 5. Tweak your budget so you The culprits: Ciguatera is limited at it diligently, though, and you’ll be can meet your expenses with money left to fish of tropical origin. It’s imposfine in about a week. over for savings. 6. Review your budget sible to detect by seafood procesMaybe you shouldn’t have: every week. sors, and can’t be killed by cooking Splashed around in a stagnant por• How to set and follow through on or freezing. Live in fear of grouper, tion of the Meekong Delta for so goals: First, figure out what your current long, or eaten those Mexican oysters or continue on with your life with finances are, then determine what they relatively minimal risk. with quite as much gusto. will be in the future -- one year out, then What it feels like: At first, typitwo years out, then four years later, etc. cal food poisoning symptoms may E. Coli Enteritis How will you get to your one- or twopresent, but the bigger problem with year goal? You need a plan, and most of ciguatera is its severe and often irreThe black sheep of the food the time that means either earning more versible neurological effects. These poisoning world, E. coli’s the one money, spending less, or a combination of with a strain that’ll actually kill you can include trouble sensing hot or the two. Finally, you have to stick to your plan in order for it to work. • Understanding interest rates, such as credit cards: Interest is a fee paid for using someone else’s money. Simple interest is straightforward: 5 percent accrued in your bank account with $100 * additional charge for contact lens tting yields $5 in interest at the end of the year. Compound interest, however, means everincreasing amounts. This is crucial to understanding debt you may take on from lenders. Know what you are borrowing, and the terms thereof. Just as your money can work for you in a bank account, money borrowed can work against you if it is not paid back in a timely manner. • How to write checks and balance a checkbook: These days, it’s easier than ever to review accounts online, which automatically tracks exchanges. HOWEVER, banks do make mistakes, which is why it’s wise to track your accounts independently. Ask. Don’t be embarrassed. Banks are putting a premium on service and want to establish a positive relationship with young customers. If you have a question, speak to someone at the bank. As you take control of your money, you’ll also take control of your life.

5 Tips for Teaching Teens About Money

8 Kinds of Food Poisoning to Know (And Avoid)
cold, tingling “phantom limb” pain in the extremities and other symptoms that may be confused with anything from multiple sclerosis to heart failure. Maybe you shouldn’t have: Hit that fried “mystery tropical fish” The bacteria that causes salmonellosis, or salmonella poisoning, has a serious reputation among poultry and their handlers, and BOY does it love hanging out on the stretches of counter you missed with the sanitizer. The culprits: Although eggs, processed chicken parts and other raw meat are particularly good at spreading the bacteria, pet reptiles and rodents are also carriers. Wash everything any dead or live animal comes in contact with and maybe don’t allow live animals in the kitchen while you’re cooking, period. What it feels like: Your small intestine betraying you entirely. Expect a week or so of your typical diarrhea, abdominal cramps and possibly a fever. Maybe you shouldn’t have: Attempted your own Japanese-style chicken breast sashimi or let Shelly the turtle roam around willy-nilly on the cutting board. Especially before slicing said chicken sashimi. Shigellosis Similar to salmonella but yet so very different is shigella, which attacks the large intestine rather than the small. The culprit: You’re going to love this -- human waste. While plenty of food-borne illness can be spread this way, particularly by catching a ride in food or water, many cases of shigellosis can be directly attributed to contact with... well, you know. It can also be resistant to antibiotics, so definitely practice safe sewagewading. What it feels like: Salmonella, only with more blood. Maybe you shouldn’t have: Taken on that blackout drunken dare to see what’s really under that manhole by the creek, then gone straight to In-N Out. Just maybe. We live in a developed nation, you almost have to try to get this one. It’s Darwinism, people.-- Link: html?m=1

What it feels like: A bad flu, although more serious complications like meningitis can occur in people with weakened immune systems, as well as in young children, pregnant women and the elderly. Maybe you shouldn’t have: Eaten all those root vegetables straight from the ground without washing them right after milking your cow. Staphylococcus This is the picnic food poisoning everyone warns you about, especially you, dude who brought the mayo-choked potato salad . The culprits: The bacteria releases its toxins at the comfy incubator that is room temperature food, which gives staph food poisoning its signature cookout-ruining reputation. The worst part? Reheating contaminated food won’t kill it off. Actually the worst part is the symptoms. What it feels like: Explosive, and not in a romantic feelings kind of way. Within an hour of ingesting contaminated food, both ends will be entirely occupied for up to a day. The good news is, once it’s out, it’s out and you can get right back to the picnic. Oh wait, it’s over. Maybe you shouldn’t have: Microwaved that leftover potato salad thinking no bug could possibly survive the ordeal. Salmonella

eating contest at that Margaritaville in that tropical location with your buddies. To minimize your risk of catching this seriously unfun bug, make sure you know what your fish is and if possible, where it came from. Larger fish from shallower waters in a tropical environment are your worst bet. Listeria The range of listeria infection, or listeriosis, lands you somewhere between asymptomatic and dead and can occur from eating or drinking basically anything that was grown, raised or milked. The culprits: Raw or improperly pasteurized dairy products, vegetables grown in contaminated soil (yup, it can live in soil), preserved and smoked meats (can be identified by a slippery or slimy film), canned and raw seafood and fresh fruit.

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About Mark Hansen A successful businessman, a former Palm Beach County, Fla., elected school board member and motivational speaker, Mark has dedicated his life to helping young people overcome obstacles and deal with the challenges of daily living. Struck by a car and nearly killed as a child, Mark fought back through positive actions and reactions to all that he had to overcome. As a result, he relates to teens in a very special way. Through books such as, “Success 101 for Teens: Dollars and Sense for a Winning Financial Life,” and seminars, Mark Hansen is driven to make an impact on teens and young adults and to empower them to rise above and triumph over life’s obstacles.

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July 13-19, 2012

Tech IT
from My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo

International CES 2013
TECH IT FROM MY BARBER by Benjamin Maynigo -- Yesterday, I received a reminder from the international headquarters of the International CES organizers that registration to the conference and exhibit show just started. I wasted no time to register as a member of the Press again. Like in previous years, it will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The actual conference will be on January 8 – 12, 2013, but I will be going a little earlier to attend the Pre-Conference Media events. The latter starts January 6th. I am encouraging Asian Journal readers who are consumer technology professionals and/or enthusiasts to attend and register early. Registration now until August 31st is free but it will cost $100 starting September 1st and will increase to $200 on January 2, 2013. This is the most important global technology event of the year. I have attended it every year for more than a decade now. It had grown in terms of attendance and exhibit participation annually since I started going. During the International CES 2012, there were more than 140,000 of us attending. For International CES 2013, it is expected to attract more than 150,000 top executives, retail buyers, content providers, entertainment executives, venture capitalists, engineers, government officials and media from 150 countries. Innovations, Inventions, and Initiatives in several aspects of life will be on display. New innovations in hardware, software and apps, cloud computing, lifestyle technologies, digital health and automotive technologies will be featured. As I have described in my previous articles, attending the likes of the International CES is like witnessing “little miracles” created and performed by finite beings as if guided by some Infinite Being. I always enjoyed watching the demos of new products either vying to be in the Top 10 Gadgets Standing or just exhibiting them in their respective booths. It is always nice to see the best Mobile Apps demonstrated by developers, and analyze their relevance as tools to inform or be informed, to educate and be educated, to entertain and be entertained, and to be efficient and effective. As a member of Press, I am lucky to be provided with samples of some of the new products and technologies for review. I also get to interview the CEOs of the companies that are launching and demonstrating their new gadgets. The 2013 CES will feature 3,000 global technology companies unveiling the latest consumer technology products and services. Among the major categories of these products are electronic gaming, entertainment/content, digital imaging/ photography, connected home technologies, automotive electronics, audio, video, TV, and many more. The new President of PANASONIC, Kazuhiro Tsuga, will deliver the Opening Keynote Address. He is expected to address the “opportunities ahead for consumer electronics.” Tsuga’s address will follow the State of the CE Industry keynote address by Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA ,which organizes, runs, and owns the celebrated conference. Samsung’s President Stephen Woo will also deliver a Keynote Address to open day two of the conference. He will present his “insight on the role of components in enabling consumer product innovations.” I expect Samsung to launch and unveil during the conference some new products and technologies that would affect the lives of consumers in the years to come. I will update you on the other speakers, as we get closer to the event. Most importantly, let me remind you again – register now! Do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime!

Ford predicts self-driving, rity of each system must be reliable. We will become more conscious Electric cars that communicate traffic-reducing cars by 2017 about data protection. For example, July 4, 2012 | Source: ExtremeTech who should have access to the infor- -- According to Ford, the self-driving Electric cars will be able to conmation, and how do we ensure that nect to the smart future grid. Each car will be here within five years, usit is secure, yet still available to the car will contain a unique identifying ing technologies available today. person who needs it? SIM/MIM card, like the card in your The technology concept, known Thomas Nortvedt of the Norwemobile. as Traffic Jam Assist, uses adapgian Consumer Council is the Euro- tive cruise control, lane keep assist, ‘Charging points for electric cars pean representative on the ‘Transat- and the sensors from its active park currently only have one socket, lantic Consumer Dialogue’ forum. which is used for charging. In the assist. When Gemini phoned him, he was future, they will also have a comWhile driver safety is the primary reading a resolution about IoT. munication socket that will transfer benefit, the environment wins as ‘We think that this technology information. In this project are well. If one in four cars has Traffic is exciting,’ he says. ‘However, it working on developing a smart charJam Assist or similar self-driving is very clear that we will have to ger -- so that when a car is plugged technologies, travel times are safeguard data protection as this into the socket, it will be possible reduced by 37.5% and delays are technology develops. We have had to see what type of car it is, what reduced by 20%. That’s because Web 1.0, which was about entertain- adaptive cruise control (ACC) is sort of battery it has, and how fast it ment, and Web 2.0, which had a should be charged -- for three hours, better at pacing the car ahead without social agenda. Now we are well into continual brake, speed-up, brake six hours or half an hour,’ Vermesan Web 3.0, which we can describe as tells us. cycles. a semantic and personal Internet. When electric cars charge using For Traffic Jam Assist to work, Most of what consumers do on the traditional outlets, or when several Ford says you need a limited access Internet is personal -- just like when roadway with no bicyclists, pedestricars are charging at the same time, I go jogging with my phone, where I ans, or animals (that you care about), this can result in grid overloads. But have downloaded a program telling when electric cars can communicate and well-marked lanes. me about time, calorie consumption with the grid, energy can be distribOthers, led by Volvo with City and speed, etc. All my jogging runs uted in a much smarter way, reducSafety and Pedestrian Safety, have are stored on this service’s website, ing the risk of overloads. created technologies that stop cars in but obviously they are only of inter- potential accident situations on urban Vermesan claims that this can est to me. My telephone must be make the grid more stable, since roads. Volvo doesn’t need a limitedconnected to the internet for me to fully-charged electric cars can supaccess road, but City Safety is stopuse this service, but that also makes only; it’s not continuous self-driving. ply a certain amount of energy back it open for other people. to the grid to cover short-term peak As an offshoot of Traffic Jam `The same thing applies to the loads. Assist, Ford says it will extend the new electricity meters that will soon capabilities of Active Park Assist, be installed in Norwegian homes,’ The Internet of Traffic which is offered on cars now, from Nortvedt tells us. Norwegians are in parallel parking to perpendicular favour of the service, since we think parking, meaning parking at the mall When vehicles and road infrastructhat the environment and saving ture come online and communicate or supermarket. In both cases, the car energy are important. Americans, on measures and steers while the driver with each other, the range of opthe other hand, are sceptical: ‘Are portunities will be enormous. When controls the throttle and brakes. the energy companies going to see What will all this require? your car is connected to the Internet A robot takes stock inside my fridge?!’ With a box on of Traffic, you will be able to receive Image-processing and machinethe wall, information will flow both learning algorithms could help stores All of the scenarios and plans information about everything that is ways, but exactly what data will go linked to the Internet of Things happening around you. How many manage inventory out? sound fascinating. However, it is other cars are on the road? Which July 4, 2012 | Source: Technology ‘Norwegian engineers believe that Review -- The Andyvision robot bound to cross many people’s minds is the quickest route, taking traffic there may be no need for data to go that this inter-connection of large into account, and how fast should scans the shelves in the Carnegie out, and I hope they’re right,’ says you drive if you want the next traffic volumes of data from all these difMellon University (CMU) campus Nortvedt. He is more concerned that store to generate a real-time interacferent fields will inevitably create light to be on green? a company like Google now has 60 If there is a problem with the road problems and challenges. That is tive map of the store, which customof its services in one big pool, and is ers can browse via an in-store screen. why it is also important to plan surface, or if weather conditions have resulted in poor driving condi- ahead, and put in place the processes thereby getting a completely differAt the same time, the robot perent picture of its users than before. necessary if we are to extract the forms a detailed inventory check, information generated when comput- ‘We must put some mechanisms identifying each item on the shelves, ers and systems start talking to each in place that give users much more and alerting employees if stock is ownership of these data,’ says Nort- low or if an item has been misplaced. other. vedt. ‘If the Internet of Things is to SINTEF ICT is working on setWhile making its rounds, the work properly, it is important that ting up two-way communication robot uses a combination of imagebetween vehicles and infrastructure, we also develop it as an ‘Internet processing and machine-learning aland is looking at how a new charger for People’. That means establishing gorithms; a database of 3-D and 2-D principles such as user control and can transfer energy from the grid images showing the store’s stock; clear rules of responsibility. to the vehicle, and from the vehicle and a basic map of the store’s layout back to the grid. They are working — for example, where the T-shirts Avoid wiretapping on standardising the design of the are stacked, and where the mugs live. socket, developing communication The robot has proximity sensors so One positive feature of the Internet between car and infrastructure, and on how users will be able to receive of the future is that it could be useful that it doesn’t run into anything. Naked mole rat may hold the in dramatic situations, such as after this information. a natural disaster or during an armed ‘If we are to access energy and secret to long life conflict. Since it will be made up of data through the same channel, we July 4, 2012 -- Naked mole rat a number of networks of computers not only need miniaturisation but (credit: Frans Lanting/Corbis) sending information to each other, also new semi-conductor techResearchers in Israel and the U.S. the Web could prove to be vital in nology,’ says Ovidiu Vermesan. are working to uncover the secret areas where infrastructure has been ‘This will require an infrastructure to the naked mole rat’s long — and destroyed. It will be possible to send active — lifespan. with energy ports, i.e. connection sound, images and other information points like those we use when we High levels of brain-protecting prophysically connect a computer to the from the scene of an accident, with- tein are unique in the rodent, say Tel out being connected to an official network via a cable. We will have Aviv University (TAU) researchers. network. That could save valuable to have electrical charging points, Compared to the average three year time and help save lives. Smart Grids and fast-charging stalife span of a common rat, the 10 to tions. This infrastructure will have Link: 30 year life of the naked mole rat, a to be able to connect all the power releases/2012/06/120626065009.htm subterranean rodent native to East electronics, integrated circuits, Africa, is impressive. sensors, processors, algorithms and And compared to the human body, software. the body of this rodent shows little Follow @asianjournal ‘Charging points for fast charging, decline due to aging; it maintains on Twitter what does that mean?’ ‘We will need (Continued on page 19) charging points that can charge an electric car in less than half an hour, which means a much higher power output than we have now. An entire 美國陽光國際旅行社 SOT# 2065240-40 house, with its electric wall heaters, WWW.HAPPYSUNTRAVEL.COM * Headquarters: Manila * cooker hob, washing machine and so on, is capable of using an average of San Diego: (619) 618-1288; (858) 380-5598 about 10-25 kilowatts of power. LAX: (310) 787-8688; (562) 735-0891; (909) 895-3889 A fast charging point will have to Toll Free: (866) 923-3588 * Email: supply 50-80 kilowatts. The solution could be to store and distribute energy from large battery banks, and two major firms in the UK and Germany are working on this type of Roundtrip Ticket pack. ABB and Siemens Infineon are Per Pax $ among the companies putting this technology into practice. This rate is Booking for valid in conjunction $ Inge Krogstad of SAS Institute with the purchase of an airline tkt from us. also brings up another challenge that Valid until Apr. 30, 2012 is complicating the way forward for the Internet of Things -- the volume of textual information. In an area Promotion such as health, we find incredible Limited Seats amounts of unstructured data such as notes and reports. Studies show that Next Fare as much as 80 per cent of data in the $ 888 Up health sector could be unstructured, & Next Fare and that the volume is increasing by 60 per cent each year! $ 30 $ 928 Up
municate this to each other and to the agency responsible for the road, so that the problem can be sorted out quickly. The work of getting traffic onto the Internet is well under way, and a number of applications are in the development phase. These will be useful for car-to-car and car-to-kerb communication. The WiseCar project -- which is about intelligent cars -- has involved a number of Norwegian companies who have come up with various new products: Norsk Navigasjon’s ‘Waste Management’ product is offering the opportunity to administer and manage waste collection. Triona AS has developed Norway’s first system of automatic speed adaptation, (Intelligent Speed Adaptation), and SINTEF has been testing out vehicle-to-vehicle communication services, in which long-distance lorry drivers can notify each other about incidents on the road via display screens on their dashboards. The system has been tested out on the Oslo-Trondheim route. Air traffic will also undergo changes. Up to five old systems are now being replaced in order to prevent future chaos in European airspace. Air traffic across the whole of Europe will have to be reorganised if it is to meet the challenges of the future, and instead of pilots communicating verbally with air traffic controllers, the information will be digital, and stored in an ‘Internet cloud’, says researcher Jan Erik Håkegård of SINTEF.

Reprinted from Science Daily

The Internet of Things: Smart Houses, Smart Traffic, Smart Health, Part systems interact, the secu2 When tions, cars will automatically com-

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July 13-19, 2012

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Stanley Villavicencio: His Personal Encounter with Jesus Christ of the Divine Mercy
18th in a series from the booklet of the same name
Just be a good protestant. Just be a good protestant.” And then they said. “What do you mean by a good

Page 17

On the first of every month, our Lord gives Anne a new message about His call to service. -- www.
July 1, 2012 Jesus My dear apostles, it is time for Me to announce Myself as King. I am truly the King of heaven and I am the King of all God's children on earth. I am the King of all that is good and I am the King of love. Most of all, and most importantly for you, I am your King. Yes, it is to Me that you owe allegiance as a follower and servant. I ask that you speak of Me in relation to your contribution to the good of humanity and also in relation to your contribution to the good of the Church. Why do you serve? Is it not because you believe in the power and the goodness of your King? Do you serve Me because you trust Me to care for you and to care for that which is important to you? I believe this is true. I believe that you understand something about both My power and My goodness and I believe that you rely on Me to care for your loved ones even in their sufferings and rebellions. Dearest apostles, to make way for your King you will have to fall back from drawing attention to yourself. One falls back, in this instance, by giving constant credit to the One who is fighting the battles and winning the souls. And the war is for souls, dear apostles. I am craving allegiance from all of God's children because I am craving what is good for them. Those who are away from Me must see the goodness in you. You are truly offering the best possible message for everyone you encounter. Your message is one of love and welcome and you give the message as the messenger of the King. Be at peace. I am all powerful and you are on the side of heaven.

A : Well Jesus said, by refusing His mercy, you are refusing to believe that He is a God. So that is the sin that He cannot forgive. He said, all sins can be forgiven except when you do not believe that you can be forgiven for your sins becau e Jesus said by refusing His mercy, you are also refusing to believe that He is God.

Q: What can you say about people who refuse to believe in God’ s mercy?

protestant?” So I said. .. “a good protestant do not quarrel with the Mother of God because, if you quarrel, you are bad. If you don’t quarrel, you are good.” Isn ‘t it if you quarrel with your neighbor always, you are bad, but if you do not quarrel with your neighbor you are good. How much more with the Mother of God!

A Sustainable Life of Dignity, Rio+20
Fr. Shay Cullen, PREDA My faith is greatly challenged when I look upon the earth and the ongoing destruction of the beautiful valleys, hills, rivers and forests. Does the Lord of the Universe allow the ravages of mining, river pollution, reckless forest destruction, the depletion of marine life and destructive greed? No! Humans with free choice decide and cause it all. The run-away over-consumption that drives economic growth is unsustainable and the UN Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro this June is one of the most important this century as it attempts to persuade the world leaders and industry to turn to more sustainable energy, clean the planet and provide a decent life for all their people. The first summit in Rio twenty years ago called world attention to the polluted planet and global warming and its impact on all life on earth. Future generations will be greatly affected by the environmental destruction around us today. Coal and oil burning power stations are pumping out deadly gasses that not only cause many diseases arising from the dangerous chemicals CO2, mercury, uranium that they spew out, they also create the greenhouse effect. The drastic changes due to human activity and unhealthy life styles will soon become irreversible. The greenhouse gases, accumulated over a hundred years in the upper atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels are acting like a

blanket around the globe, increasing temperatures will threaten life as we know it. When the planet’s temperature reaches a tipping point, there is no turning back, we can’t cool it. That point is fast approaching. Climate change will be irreversible. The warming will get worse and melt more of the arctic permafrost and release billion more methane into the atmosphere. The ice caps are melting already and ocean levels rising as a result. Low-lying coastal areas will be devastated. The ocean currents will be affected too and will have a catastrophic impact on climate. Hunger is spreading due to devastating floods in some places and droughts in others. West Africa is experiencing a great food shortage due to lack of rain, Australia had years of drought then devastating flooding. If this sounds like doom and gloom it is. Is this the future that we want? This is the question poised by the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Can humankind work together to turn to a more sustainable form of energy production like solar, wind power, small scale hydropower and geothermal and reduce over dependence on burning fossil fuels? Can we correct the unjust gap between the rich few and the billions of poor? For the past two hundred years it has been believed that economic growth and non-stop production and consumption are good for mankind. But what a fallacy that is. The drive to increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and call it the measure of success and prosperity is vastly over rated. It is a false unjust, exploitative and destructive economic model. There has to be a limit to wild uncontrolled economic growth based on greed, consumerism and selfish prosperity. It has led to unrestrained

A: One time I gave a talk to the Protestants . After my talk, they said, Brother Stanley , is it necessary to be a baptized Catholic if we make a devotion to the Divine Mercy? I told them.”No.

Q: Some denominations do not belie ve in the Blessed Mother. They even break or destroy her images. What can you say about this?

A: Well you have to trust blindly.

Q: How do you demonstrate complete trust in Jesus? Q: What is the difference between a venial sin and a mortal sin?

A: A mortal sin is committed when you know it is a sin but still you do it. Meaning if you do it with full knowledge, it becomes a mortal in. Venial sin is a sin that was not intentionally done so it is a venial sin.

Free Divine Mercy Posters for Families (9”x15”) while supplies last. Call 619.851.9547
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina

The Hour of Great Mercy
At three o’clock, implore My mercy, especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy. In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My Passion (Diary, 1320). -- Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska You expired, O Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls and an ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us. O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You. Amen.

Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God. On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938). Eternal Father, I o er You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world. On the Hail Mary beads say: For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. In conclusion say three times: Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

desires and wants and excessive borrowing has plunged much of the developed world into recession and stagnant growth. That may not be entirely a bad thing. Millions are unhealthy from eating junk food, two-thirds of the United States population is overweight, even obese. The US armed forces will not have enough recruits that can march and fight wars. National security is at stake as a result of the hamburger and sugared drink. There must be more to life and happiness than possessions and money. People obsessed with getting rich have forgotten how to love, have families and help their neighbor. In Japan, couples are having more pets than children. National survival will be at stake there too. Now that the borrowed dream has turned into a nightmare there are street riots demanding free handouts and an end to austerity. The days of unending state and welfare benefits are great reduced. They have to
(Continued on page 19)

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is the proper implementation of policies in manufacturing sector, specifically in luring the high value investments in this industry. At present, the country’s exRead previous articles by visiting our website at www.asian(Continued from page 1) port basket is only limited to few by Michael R. Tagudin by ADB and the Cebu Cham- products like garments, electronics, technology, mangoes among others. ber of Commerce and IndusBut, the country has to see the wide try (CCCI) dubbed “Taking Read about Michael’s upcoming book of poems “Crushed opportunities in manufacturing Violets” by visiting our website at to sing ‘AMAZING GRACE, how the Right Road to Inclusive One Sunday morning, a pastor where at least there are 650 more Growth.” sweet the sound.’ decided to products that can be maximized in Usui said that the reason why do something a little different. terms of making the Philippines as most Filipinos do not feel the good The pastor said ‘POWER.’ He said production site. The congregation sang ‘THERE IS economic state in the country, its be‘Today, in church, I am going He said the country has to immedicause it is currently walking on “one ately set up a good policy for manuPOWER IN THE BLOOD.’ to say a single word and you are Poem No. 5 leg,” which means that opportunities facturing sector, such as providing going to help me preach. are only available to some segments, incentives to both foreign direct The Pastor said ‘SEX’ Whatever single word I say, but the majority do not get the same investments (FDI) in manufacturing, Wars are costly affairs The I want you to opportunity of employment, because subsidy to local manufactures, in congregasing whatever Love has no price tag tion fell into of its weak development in the hymn that order to pave the way for high labor total silence. manufacturing sector. comes to your Just a therapy in madness absorption capability. In BPO or tourism sectors, only Everymind -Although, the Philippines specifiI'd rather die in battle the college graduates, or those that one was in the pastor cally in Manila is considered to have have good education background shock. shouted out Than leave you dissatisfied. the highest electricity cost in Asia, will be able to get the employment They all ‘CROSS.’ thus making an impression that it is opportunities, but the other on the I sweat when I f ear nervously Immedilosing the manufacturing advantage, side of the spectrum, those that used Usui believe otherwise, saying not began to ately the I bleed when I get hurt look around to get employment in the manufaccongregation all manufacturing plants require high turing and agriculture slowly losing energy consumption. I am for real babe at each started singing livelihood, or job opportunities. other afraid to say anything. in unison, There are sub-sectors in the manuAnd so is my love for you. Usui dismissed impressions that Then all of a sudden, away from ‘THE OLD RUGGED ROSS..’ facturing industry that only consume in the back of the church, a little old the Philippines is losing its manuless energy requirement, and that facturing attractiveness to other 87 year old grandmother stood up The pastor hollered out GRACE.’ this concern should not discourage countries like China, and Thailand, and began to sing The congregation began the country to neglect the “golden saying the country still has the com- opportunity” that is offered in its ©2012 Michael R. Tagudin. All rights reserved. petitive edge because of its people, front door. About the Author: Michael R. Tagudin Educated as an however, the government must fix its engineer in the Philippines, the City of Los Angeles employee This golden opportunity in manupolicies in attracting the manufactur- facturing however, although the hopes his legacy of poems will provoke a dialogue about ing investors. the human condition. He is donating the proceeds from the Philippines has good opportunity book “Crushed Violets” to the “Coalition to Abolish Slavery “Walk in two legs”, he said exto grab it, is not available also to & Trafficking (CAST)”, a non-profit that provides public plaining that the Philippines will not other countries, thus it has to work awareness and advocacy efforts against human trafficking in be able to take off economically and immediately on identifying its core the City of Angels. To learn more, visit To reach its potential, if it is not going help, call the CAST 24 hour hotline 888.KEY.2.FRE(EDOM) competence in the manufacturing to fix its policies in attracting oppor- and do not only limit to traditional or 888.539.2373. Contact for more information about ordering the book “Crushed Violets.” tunities in manufacturing. products, but see all the sides of the He said the manufacturing sector spectrum. hindi raw niya makakalimutan nang in the world is so wide, that the He reiterated that focusing on the sabihin nito sa kanya na tagahanga mo Philippines, has to identify its core promotion of BPO related investrin ako Willie.Kinilabutan daw siya , dacompetence—specify what products ments, can do help save the Philiphil sa isang Dolphy nanggaling ganitong the country has competitive edge, pines, it has to move on and walk comment. and make good and attractive poli(Continued from page 13) with “two legs.” (FREEMAN) cies by product qualification. RAJO LAUREL TINANONG KUNG Kahit naman din si Gov. Vilma Santos, If the Philippines will be able to SINO ANG STYLISH NI CHARICE!!! matagal na nitong sinasabi na huwag tap the wealth in the manufacturing muna siya, unahin muna si Dolphy dahil Isang sikat na designer si Rajo Laurel, sector, more and more Filipinos will Follow @asianjournal on nagtataka lang siya ta nagtatanong kung mas naniniwala siya na mas qualified si be able to get employment, thereby Twitter Dolphy dahil sa tagal na panahon na nito sino raw ang stylish ni Charice habang spreading its economic vitality even napapanood niya ito sa ‘X Factor’. sa Filipino Movies. to the undergraduates down to the Mukhang hindi nagagandahan sa inEwan lang namin kung ngayon pa farmer or fisherfolk level. aayos at pananamit ng naturang sikat na nila ibibigay ito kung kailan patay na Usui said the Philippines competisinger na si Charice ang nasabing sikat si Dolphy,lalong maraming magagalit tive advantage is in attracting the din na designer ng mga artista. na tagahanga sa Pilipinas pati ang mga high value manufacturing sector. In Pero sabi nga namin, ganon ang pinoy dito sa Amerika. fact, it is still ahead with other coungustong hitsura at pananamit ngayon ni Samantalang si Gov. Vilma Santos (Continued from page 1) tries like Indonesia, and Vietnam. naman, ayaw muna magsalita bilang re- Charice at mas komportable siya.Ofkors What is missing though, he said the Supreme Court’s decision to speto sa pamilya ng Comedy King,basta kami, ayaw namin hitsura niya ngayon mas gusto namin ibalik ang dating nakikiramay raw siya sa pamilya ni uphold it,” said Obama. niyang hitsura. Dolphy. The constitutionality of the health Parang naudlot yata ang popularidad “He was a such a good person in care law was challenged by 26 flesh,” sabi pa ni Vilma.Ang natatandaan niya bilang international singer, bakit states, particularly the “individual kaya parang wala na yata siyang palabas daw ni Gov. Vi kay Dolphy,may flying mandate,” that requires individuals sa Tv o concert sa ibang bansa at mas kiss raw ito bago magsalita ito ng ‘I not covered by insurance via their abala siya ngayon sa mga local producemployer or the government to pur- love you’. Si Willie Nepomuceno rin nagsalita rin ers sa Pilipinas? Nagtatanong lang kami. chase and maintain minimal health about kay Dolphy, isa sa mga favorite insurance or pay a penalty. niyang gayahin ang comedy king.Ang But Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., a conservative nominated by Been living in San Diego since 1977 President George W. Bush who had *Member, California State Bar sided with the court’s liberal wing Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court on this decision pointed out, that Southern California and California Supreme Court the health care act survived because the “penalty” for not buying health *Author,”How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa” as listed by insurance functioned as a tax and is worldwide bookseller Bookstores sufficiently modest that individuals remain free to opt out of the man*Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immidate if they wish by simply paying gration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic a tax. Diocese of San Diego The Supreme Court ruling, which was the most anticipated in years, *Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City now allows the government to conAssociation, Inc., San Diego, California tinue implementing the health care *Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985), law, which doesn’t take full effect Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and until 2014. Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984); Presumptive Republican presidenBachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983); tial nominee Mitt Romney vowed to Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979) continue the fight to repeal the law if elected in November.

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July 13-19, 2012

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Mixed reactions Filipinos have mixed reactions over the Supreme Court decision. “Off-hand it will cost people to buy insurance. Generally, it will cost the poor and middle class more expenses,” Jesse del Rosario, peer educator of the Filipino American Service Group, Inc. said. “This is not constitutional. I don’t know where they got their decision, where they based it upon. But I think, being a physician, ObamaCare is not good,” Dr. Catalino Guzman of North Caldwell, New Jersey said. Republican lawmakers have vowed to repeal the law. But Dr. Carmelo Roco, who used to head the Philippine Medical Society is in favor of the decision because he believes “it’s about time everyone in America has healthcare coverage.” Roco also said ObamaCare will provide people more jobs. “There are so many Filipinos now in the healthcare. More kababayans should be part of this industry, now that more people will need more care under this law,” he said.


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July 13-19, 2012

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Philippines, Japan So you won’t go to Tapping the Treacollege sure of Ideas (Continued from page 1)
patrol boats. “They’re considering 10 40-meter boats on official development aid and two larger ones as grants,” Del Rosario said.
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or 20, or 5 or even only one might make it. My question is this: Don’t you want to be that one? Remember, the stakes are so high. You must insist, no, you must demand that you are that one who will make it, Minister Shinsuke Shimizu, head among the thousands who will try. of the embassy’s chancery, told the Hindi kasalanan ang mangarap. Ang Inquirer that Tokyo would continue kasalanan, pag wala kang gagawin to help the Coast Guard deal with its maritime safety and law enforce- para matupad ang iyong pangarap! It is not a sin to dream. What is a sin ment concerns. Shimizu clarified, however, that “it is if you do nothing to fulfill your is of different nature from establish- dream. Imagine drowning in a swiming the minimum credible defense ming pool, alone. It is your choice. capabilities” of the Philippines, “nor You can just let go, do nothing and is it aimed at addressing a specific die. Or you can struggle, try to stay regional situation,” referring to the dispute between Manila and Beijing afloat until you reach and cling to the sides of the pool. I am reminded regarding Panatag (Scarborough) of the movie “Catch Me If You Shoal. Can.” In that movie, the lead charThe diplomat noted that “since acter played by Leonardo DiCarpio 1990, Japan has been helping the Coast Guard in its capacity-building was inspired by an anecdote told to him by a mentor. program.” “There was this rat,” he was told, Before Del Rosario’s three-day trip to Japan, Shimizu said the DFA head “which fell in a pitcher full of milk. would discuss with Gemba “ways to He was drowning. Instead of giving continue Japanese government coop- up, the rat struggled furiously. He did not stop kicking even when his eration with the Coast Guard.” legs became so tired. He wanted to “But it is cooperation for the pursurvive and live so much that after pose of dealing with various marimany hours, the milk he was kicking time safety and law enforcement and therefore stirring settled and issues, such as piracy and searchgelled, until it was converted into and-rescue,” Shimizu explained. butter. Once the butter was firm and solid enough, the rat stood on top, got out of the pitcher and survived.” No, there was no cat waiting for him as he got out of the pitcher in the story. That would not be fair. Now imagine yourself with no (Continued from page 17) money for college. Either you give up and remain poor forever, or you live on less but are still way better struggle hard and furiously like what off than the billions of poor people the rat did. If you choose the latter, that barely survive on a dollar-ayou can imagine yourself finishing day without jobs, water, food, fuel, college, being gainfully employed, homes and security. being able to support your family, What needs to be developed is and providing for your parents. And reverence and respect for every other who knows? You might be able to human being, the earth and all living afford to enjoy vacations by travelcreatures. This is what the summit ling around the world. All because in Rio will try to promote. The earth you worked hard and chose to saccannot endure unrestrained growth rifice to achieve success! By giving and environmental destruction that up, there is nowhere to go but down. it brings. The only economic growth You are in your teens, yet you are that is good, right and just is when giving up? You are young and you the environment is protected and all have all your life ahead of you! You humans can have a life of dignity will have many opportunities to try. where in the their basic needs are If you fail, try again. Just keep trying met and happiness is a spiritual hanggang magsawa ang kabiguan sa experience. What we need is a spiri- inyo. Until failure gets tired of you. tual revolution, a global change of Won’t you even give good life a try mind and heart that will establish by working hard to go to college? the inalienable rights of all to a life You are one of the millions lucky of justice free from basic needs in a enough to be born in this world, clean planet. END survive your childhood, and reach this stage of your life. Do you want to just waste that chance and resign yourself to being poor the rest of your life?

their full potential. It is true indeed that many people go to their graves with their music still in them. The famous poet Thomas Gray wrote in his poem Elegy in a Country Churchyard these very beautiful analogy showing how tragic it is for people not to realize their full potential: “Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The dark unfathom’d caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, and waste its sweetness on the desert air.” Tragic, isn’t it? So let your flowers bloom and let your music play. Let the beautiful music of ideas thrill you. Let it feed you, let it teach you. Let it touch you, let it arouse you. Take you on wings of intellectual and emotional journey – your stepping stones out of the darkness and into the light. Remember, success and happiness is not what you get. It’s what you become. Success is not what you have, it’s what you are. So come on, tap the treasure of ideas. The greatest investment you could ever make is the investment in yourself. –

I am an Honest White Christian Gentleman seeking a healthy lady for a long term romantic relationship. I am financially/emotionally secure, fit and health conscious. I am 5’9” and 160 pounds. I am romantic and caring, and I enjoy giving flowers, candy, and small gift-wrapped surprises. Hopefully, you enjoy walking hand in hand, long intimate talks and kisses in the moonlight. If you like dining out, movies, and exploring tourist sites, you will have fun with me. I am faithful, kind, sincere and reliable. The lady I seek is 45, affectionate, fit and healthy, and about 110 pounds. If you have time in your life to give to a truly appreciative man, then carefully leave a message at 858-204-5504 or call me on my cell at 619-792-2270. You can also email Thanks.

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Regional bourses shrugged off a lacklustre performance on Wall Street, as investors hoped the Federal Reserve would take stimulus measures after weak US manufacturing data, and that the ECB would cut rates at a meeting on Thursday. Tokyo closed up 0.70 percent, or 63.11 points, at 9,066.59, and Seoul ended 0.87 percent, or 16.17 points, higher at 1,867.82. Hong Kong was up 1.24 percent in afternoon trade, while Shanghai put on 0.13 percent. Sydney finished down 0.14 percent, or 5.80 points, at 4,127.2, although analysts said a central bank decision to keep interest rates on hold at 3.50 percent after two recent cuts had little effect on the market. Peso strongest since 2008 Meanwhile, the peso settled at P41.72 to the US dollar, the strongest finish since April 11, 2008. Reuters reports investors dumped the greenback amid talk of one-time dollar flows of some $700 million that’s linked to Banco de Oro’s recent stock rights offer. The Henry Sy-led bank said on Monday it raised over $1 billion from the sale of shares to be listed on the stock exchange this week. - With ANC, Reuters, Agence France-Presse

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high activity, bone health, reproductive capacity, and cognitive ability throughout its lifetime. Dr. Dorothee Huchon of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Zoology, Prof. Rochelle Buffenstein of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and Dr. Yael Edrey of the City College of New York are working together to determine whether the naked mole rat’s unusually high levels of NRG-1, a neuroprotecting protein, is behind the naked mole rat’s three-decade life span. Because rodents have an 85 percent genetic similarity to humans, it may hold the key to a longer and healthier life for us as well.

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