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Lectures of Medicine Clinic-1 (Med 405)


Restraining of Different Animals

Dog: mouth gag Dog boker: in boxer dogs. Cats: collar Equines: Twitch on ear, upper lips, lower lip, Up lift fore limps Single side line Double side line (for castration) Cow: Crush Casting, casting by hobbles there are four hobbles and one chain having at end. Master hobble is used it only in fore limb. Rope in fore limb for milking in buffalo. Rope in hind limb for milking in cattle.

Clinical Examination
Pulse: Horse: Cattle: Cat/dog: Camel: Temperature: From rectum Auscultation: With the help of stethoscope Percussion: With her help of fingers Grunt Test: It is used to check pericarditis. Mandiblar artery Coccygeal artery Femoral artery Femoral artery

Routes of Drug Administration

Intra muscular (I/M), intra venous (I/V), sub cut (s/c), intra dermal (I/d), intra thecal, intra peritonial, intra mammary, intra rumen, intra cardial, intra osseous, intra ocular, per oss, topical, epidural, intravaginal, intra synovial, intra uterine, nasogastric. Intra mammary: Within teats by branula Intra thecal: In space between coccygeal vertebrae

3 Intra cardial: In between third and fourth ribs. Intra dermal: In skin e.g. in malein test, glanders. Intra peritoneal: In peritoneum. Lateral to umbilical. Third is best Intra muscular: Neck and thigh muscles. Nasogatric: If direct pass to stomach from the nose. Intra synovial: In joints, specially knee joint.

Sites of Blood Collection or I/V Routes

Buffalo: Dog: Lion: Horse Sheep/goat: jugular vein, ear vein cephalic, saphenous, jugular tail vein Jugular jugular

Killed or attenuated organism inoculated in the body of animal to enhance immunity. Antibodies fixed with antigen of microorganism, Ag-Ab complex is formed and protect the body. Vaccination is used as prophylactic measures

Pre exposure vaccine

Two main types of vaccines are: Water base (old vaccine): 2 times a year. Oil base (new vaccine): 1 time a year Oil base has more duration and less absorption.

Vaccination in Cattle and Buffalo

FMD: Done at 6-8 weeks. Booster dose after one year Aftebin: 1 vial for 30 animals Rs. 3500 Fizar (Ghazi brothers)

4 Rinderpest: From 6 months. Annually boost Black Quarter: In all ages but usually at 6 months Anthrax: At age of 6 month HS: At age of 6 months Nayab HS (oil base), 30 ml vial, 3 ml per animal for large animals, 2 ml per animal for small animals. Given through sub cut.

Sheep and Goat Vaccination

January: March: April: May: June: Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia HS and pox Enterotoxemia FMD and rinderpest Black quarter

Dogs and Cats

Measles and canine distemper Hepatitis 6-8 weeks Rabies 3-4 weeks Canine leptospirosis 9 weeks Parvo 6-8 weeks. If date of birth of pup is 01-01-09, first vaccination will be done at 01-02-09 Vaccine Age Date Pentadog Half to one months 01-02-09 Primadog 1-2 months 15-02/03-09 Hexadog 3 months 01-04-09 Booster After 21 days 22-04-09 Second booster At age of 6 months 01-07-09 Rabies vaccine could be injected at 3 month along hexadog. If age of dog is 6 months and is not vaccinated then use 3 shorts of hexadog with the interval of 21 days. If hexadog is not available then you can give Suramine + Rabisine If dog of one year comes and vaccination history is unknown, to start vaccine give hexadog and booster after 21 days. Cats: Felovoc + Rabisin: 6-8 week First booster: 21 days later Second booster: 6 month later Then repeat annually. Price of felovoc is Rs. 375-475, and price of rabisin is Rs.150.

Post Exposure Vaccine

Rabisin is used Dose in Large animal: Dose in Small animal: or 3ml 2ml 0d 2ml 2ml 2ml 7d 2ml 1ml 1 ml 21d 1 ml

o Vaccination should be done early in the morning or at evening to avoid exposure to sunlight. o For transportation vaccination should be wrap in news paper wrapper and then in polythene bag. o Always check manufacturer and expiry date. 15-21 days are required for the development of immunity after vaccination. After biting of monkey or donkey AST is used after 6 months.