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By D. Aravind PGP/SS/07-09
Under The Guidance Of

Mr. Santosh Mahto, Sr. Research Analyst, Prognosys e Services.


” .Information Technology. Prognosys helps their clients with innovative solutions to their marketing problems. COMPANY PROFILE (PROGNOSYS) Prognosys is in the business of providing Business& Market Intelligence to its client’s in the area of Information Technology. cost-effectiveness. lack of job security. According to NASSCOM.6 billion. ethics. IT services. privacy. Vision Statement: “To become a partner in progress of organization by providing them with Accurate and Timely Business Intelligence. software products. bridging the cultural gap. dominant culture. professionalism and teamwork as our pillars for success.6 percent (CAGR) annually between 2000 and 2006. IT enabled services. and e-businesses thus creating a number of opportunities for Indian companies. According to a NASSCOM-McKinsey report. form $4 billion to $23. The advantages of IT are Globalization. ICT (IT)-related services exports grew by 34. We will continuously strive for perfection while even attracting the best talent across globe and we will keep integrity. annual revenue projections for India’s IT industry in 2008 are US $ 87 billion and market openings are emerging across four broad sectors. creation of new jobs and disadvantages of IT are unemployment.” Mission Statement: “To be one of the world’s leading strategic input provider while maintaining highest quality & confidentiality standards with a global outlook. It is estimated that export value could reach $60 billion in 2010. We will even contribute in the local communities continuously within the geographies we operate in.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY India is now known globally for its new mantra. communication.

SD Road emerged as one such big hardware market in Hyderabad. It also has selected client engagements such as estimation of IT Potential and channel mapping for IBM India. While there are also other companies that employ nearly 100 employees but still have limited use for computers. MY WORK: PROJECT DETAILS: This project consisted of 3 phases. Parklane (CTC). Initially I started with the 3rd phase of the project where we were supposed to find the IT channel partners in Hyderabad city. In this phase I had to go to all the companies in these areas and find the details of their employee size. The first Phase.Prognosys has offices in Delhi. Mumbai & Hyderabad. Prognosys has given me a list of Verticals and Sub Verticals to be considered while collecting the data. and their usage of IT. in this location and all over India. consisted of finding Hyderabad’s total IT potential. In the phase 3. a study on the brand perception and image association of Airtel across various telecom circles viz a viz its competition. HP & Bharti Telecom. There were many companies that were employing less than 10 employees and use computers for their daily operations. it alone has around 100-200 computer shops. middleware platforms. which is called Galaxy. . Competition Tracking for SUN. application tools was done to familiarize myself with the terms in the questionnaire and to equip myself to handle my respondents better. I took part in Phase I and Phase III. Second phase known as Magnet. It also has the skilled manpower with extensive past experience in Market Research specific to the IT and the workforce consisting of MBAs and engineers. It has extensive database of respondents across the IT verticals. Distribution structure and Mapping study for Toshiba. was targeted at identifying the segment details in IT industry of Hyderabad and third Phase involved studying the channel market of Hyderabad. the various kind of software available. Cisco. Every city has an IT hub where any computer part and peripherals are obtained at a reasonable prize. The Phase 3 consists of Channel partners study. I had been given a questionnaire of 12 pages where I have to fill all the information about their company and the revenues that they generate through out the year. First of all an extensive study of IT and IT products in the market.

89 Cr. From this project I have analyzed that Hyderabad. Out of these.e. The total size of IT market in Hyderabad is about Rs. Hardware segment contributes 51% share of the market i. .61 Cr.e. is one of the biggest IT market in India. 2) What is the total hardware. I also found the individual market share of each product whether it is software.34 Cr and software segment contributes 30% share of the market i. 484. 768. 4) Where are the major IT clusters located 5) What is the kind of service that is being provided and what are the popular products in the market. 2581. 3) With which all brands are the different dealers here associated and what kind of partnership do they have with the leading brands here.76 Cr and services contribute 19% of the market share i. hardware or services. software and services market in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of the most important emerging markets in the field of IT.e. 1327.From this study I came to know: 1) Who are all the dealers and resellers in each segment and by each component.