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How to update e-TDS Data Software.

Step 1. Open website Step 2. Click on Login button Step 3. Input your email id (ID by which you have registered with saibex network) Step 4. Input your password (If you have forgotten password click on Forgot Password? button) Step 5. Click on Login button Step 6. Go to Navigation section and click on Download Software . Step 7. Select Product and Financial Year Step 8. Download , , to our computer. Step 9. Copy all the three zip files and past in your software path

How to find software path

Right click on your desktop shortcut icon / etds icon you will find Properties Find Target Step 10. Paste all the three zip files here in this folder. Step 11. Unzip the three files one by one, by right clicking on the file and Extract to Here . Step 12. Edit Company Master and update Status for company K- Company

How to get .csi file for validation.

Note : This file is required in validation process, for second input field. Please follow the following steps Step 1. Open website Step 2. In New Updates section, Click on Challan Status Inquiry Step 3. You will get OLTAS- Challan Status Inquiry Step 4. Click on TAN Based View button Step 5. Input your company TAN number Step 6. Select period Step 7. Click on Download Challan File Step 8. Save this file in your computer. For example Filename can be MUMM11111A040909.csi This file required in the validation screen for Challan Input File Name with Path

Your company TAN number

How to Validate ?
Run the Software After Updation Select the particular Company Name Click on etds Returns button 1 steps 2 Steps Select Form Name enter - select quarter- enter Click on Gent. Txt After Clicking on Gent Txt its open one window i.e. (TDs - Tcs File Validation Utility-2.128) And copy and past the path automatic in 1st column and 3 rd column and open browse for select challan file which is download form nsdl website and click on validation button. If at the time of validation one error shows i.e. (invalid input file name with path and error and upload file name with path)

3 steps

than click on ok and click in 1st column and click on your keyboard cltrl+V same as in 3rd column and remove frm26Q3.txt name . than select challan file in 2nd column and click validate button. 4 steps Click on Form 27A and make form 27A

-:: In this way to will successfully update your e-TDS Data Software for 2009- 2010 ::-

If you dont understand above steps feel free to give us a call on 2825 8159 / 2826 1255 / 9892606006. We are here to help