"So full. Master..." Jason tugged at the restraints, causing the heavy links of the chains to thump and slide over the polished wood. The St. Andrew's cross had been somewhat of a gift, presented to Jason just two months ago on his thirtieth birthday. Though Dominic had bought it for all of them, he was the only one to utilize it. He couldn't blame Grif, his lover, in the least for avoiding it. Hell, he would have, too, if he'd been in Grif's place. After Grif's blood brother, Tristan, had whipped him beyond endurance, it'd taken several months before Grif would even venture into the dungeon. Turning back to his beautiful captive, Dominic just smiled. The rather large plug had been another gift, this one from Tage. It shot to the top of Jason's toy list the first time he'd taken the entire thing for longer than five minutes. It was the most he'd ever had. Dominic looked at the intercom, with its digital clock that Grif had installed the first time he'd been back down to the dungeon. Ten more minutes. "You're doing excellent, Jason," he purred in Jason's ear. He slid his fingers down Jason's spine, and when he reached the flared base of the plug, he gripped it tightly and gave it a good jiggle. Jason gasped and cried out, that sweet body surging, muscles going taut beneath sweat-slick skin. Dominic saw Grif smile from where he stood in the doorway. Lately, except for when Tage begged him for a play session, it wasn't often that Grif ventured into the dungeon. Though it had been several months, he still avoided the small area where Tristan had chained him. Although Dominic knew the memories were distant enough not to readily feel, the scars lingered. Grif smiled back at him, though it seemed to require some effort to appear so casual. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Grif leaned against the doorframe, wearing nothing but his usual loose white cotton pants. Dominic could tell just by Grif's eyes that he still wasn't thoroughly comfortable being in the dungeon. It had given Dominic a great deal of satisfaction in killing Tristan, but it hadn't fully rid Grif of his fears. "So sweet," Dominic murmured, returning his attention to Jason. He licked at the salty, smooth skin of his sub's neck as he pulled Jason's hair to the side. Peppering Jason's neck with soft kisses and nips, he reached for the flogger on the table beside the cross. Then he stepped back and slid his fingers through the leather tails. It was a game they had been working on for several weeks, and as the first snap of the leather across bare flesh rang sharply in the room, Dominic knew?just knew?that this time would be different. Jason's fingers curled around the leather cuffs holding his arms apart and his breath hitched, small shudders sliding through his body. Dominic changed his angle and snapped the flogger again. A trail of angry red lines crossed Jason's buttocks, just above the base of the plug. Setting the flogger to the side, Dominic stepped up to Jason and whispered: "Come."

Jason jerked immediately, hips thrusting forward as he shot. Dominic smiled and gave Grif a quick wink before turning Jason's head toward him. "Very good." Jason opened to him, whimpering and humming into Dominic's mouth. Deepening the kiss, Dominic reached down and eased the plug out, dragging a throaty cry from Jason. After giving him a moment to come back down, Dominic unfastened the restraints. Jason turned into him, planting soft kisses over Dominic's chest. Placing a soft kiss to Jason's hair, Dominic said, "Off with you." "Thank you, Master." Standing on his toes, Jason lifted his head for another kiss before leaving the dungeon, smiling and nodding at Grif as he walked out. Once Jason was gone, Dominic walked over to Grif and slid his hands up his lover's arms. "You okay, love?" "I'm fine." While Grif happened to be an excellent liar, he always failed in that category with Dominic. His arms encircled Dominic's neck as he leaned in closer. "I thought you might want to go out tonight. Just the two of us. Dinner...dancing." "Liar," Dominic whispered on Grif's lips. The kiss was soft and slow, a stark contrast to moments before. As Dominic pulled back, he kissed Grif's forehead and chuckled. "Dinner? Anyone in particular? Or just to get the edge off?" It was no secret Grif had been avoiding any discussion of his mental state, and he'd been more than happy to take advantage of the kiss so he wouldn't have to answer at all. "I thought we could check out the new crop at Petrie's. Then after publicly arousing you, we can come back here." "And then...?" Dominic licked at Grif's lips, working his way slowly over Grif's jaw and down to his neck. "What would you do after publicly arousing me?" "Obviously, we'll stay at the club until you just can't stand it anymore." Losing track of his thoughts, Grif tilted his head, arching his throat toward Dominic. His fingers kneaded against the nape of Dominic's neck. Dominic purred, the nick of his fangs grazing Grif's skin. He whispered, "I love you," just before sinking his fangs in deep, arms sliding protectively around Grif. In answer, Grif's emotions welled up, seeking the connection between them. He shuddered with the flicker of pain and slid his hands to Dominic's hair, holding Dominic in place. He hadn't the words to respond, so he let his heart speak for itself. Licking the wounds, Dominic pulled away and smiled. "Come on, love. Let's go change and get out of here. Should we leave the boys to their own devices tonight?" Grif grinned. "Some night we really are going to have to deprive those two of their excuses to play with each other." Dominic lifted an eyebrow. "Has Tage actually admitted to how he feels about Jason then? Or is he still trying to deny it?" "He's in worse denial than I've ever been." Laughing, Grif snaked his arm around Dominic's waist as they headed out and toward the stairs. "I take it Jason finally decided to open up to you." "After I finally sat him down and wouldn't let him up until he came out with it." Dominic shook his head and laughed. "Never thought anyone could be more stubborn than you, love." "I think I'll have to do that to Tage. I have no problem with emotions developing between them. It's rather easy to see that they have." Grif let go of Dominic to walk up the steps

and led the way to their bedroom. "Shall I change with you or go as is?" "I assured Jason that it would not affect things, unless he wanted out of the contract. If he does eventually want out, I will grant that," Dominic said. "And Hell, itdoesn't matter how you dress?I'm still going to want to fuck you through the dance floor." Giving Dominic a look over his shoulder, Grif smirked. Then he stopped abruptly in their bedroom doorway and stepped back against Dominic, grinding slowly against him. "There. Now you can think about it all the way there, too." Nonchalantly, he moved away, walking to the dresser and opening one of the drawers. "I still haven't decided if I want to change or not." Dominic was suddenly behind him, one arm going around Grif's waist, pulling him back hard as Dominic ground his hips forward. "Keep it up," Dominic growled, "and I'll bend you over the dresser." "Not allowed," Grif laughed as he leaned back. Turning his head, he begged silently for a kiss. Dominic turned him around and lifted Grif up, sitting him on the dresser. "Just a taste?" Dominic leaned in for a kiss, tongue sliding into Grif's mouth as a hand slipped down the front of Grif's pants. Grif moaned softly as his lover's fingers glided over the tip of his cock. He tightened his hold around Dominic's neck as he opened to the demanding kiss. A small shift of his hips almost had him falling off the dresser as he tried to press harder into Dominic's hand. "Fuck, Dominic, fuck." They were the only words Grif could get out before his lips tightened against his lover's. Dominic had the power to scatter all reason simply with the touch of his hand. Dominic curled his fingers tight around the shaft and started fucking Grif's mouth with his tongue. With every pull up, his thumb grazed the head, pressing into the slit. His other hand worked Grif's pants down just a bit more and then Dominic pulled away from the kiss, dropping to his knees to swallow Grif to the root. Grif couldn't even think about anything else as he felt the hot mouth closing over him. He lifted his hands to Dominic's head, fingers catching in his hair tightly. It would take very little to send him over the edge. An upward thrust of his hips kept him buried inside Dominic's mouth as he began to shake. Eyes rolling up to stare into Grif's, Dominic started a continuous suck-and-slide motion, hands wrapping around Grif's hips to encourage the movement. Come for me, love. A sharp cry rose in Grif's throat and broke free as Dominic's words took over his mind. "Dominic!" He came hard, shudders rolling through him. Dominic swallowed and licked him clean before standing back up, giving him a wink. "Now we can go out." "Bastard." Grif's lips quirked into a smile as he slid off the dresser and tried to pull his pants back up. He always enjoyed the little displays of Dominic's power over him, which was why he egged his lover on. Dominic chuckled and landed a slap on Grif's ass. "Yeah, but I'm your bastard." "You got that right." Laughing, Grif reopened a drawer and pulled out one of his black shirts. He slipped it over his head and tucked it into his pants before retying them. Leading the way out, Dominic stopped at Jason's bedroom door. Just as he raised his hand to knock, he stopped and glanced over at Grif. He grinned slowly as the soft moans grew more intense, needy. "They really are beautiful together," he whispered.

"Now if only they can get themselves to see that," Grif said thoughtfully. Dominic looked back at the door and nodded. Smiling, he took Grif's hand and continued downstairs. "Come on, love. We have a date." Stopping at the front door, Grif slipped on his tennis shoes. He kept a covert gaze fixed on Dominic. How he could resist staring at the man? His lover looked damn hot in the tight leather and loose silk?a combination Grif had come to love. Shaking his head to clear the thoughts, he led the way out of the door. Since the club wasn't that far away, he always preferred to walk the short distance. As they walked, Dominic held him close, arm tight around Grif's shoulders. It was an automatic reaction these days, for Dominic to become overprotective when they left the house. Grif knew his lover no longer trusted anyone. If any looked overly long at Grif, the unfortunate soul?vampire or mortal?would find himself in a dire situation. Since Grif had grown antsy about his own personal space in the last several months, he was beyond thankful. Relaxing against Dominic's side, Grif's arm casually hugged around Dominic's waist. However, his mood could shift far too rapidly whenever someone other than Dominic, Tage, or Jason got too close to him. "I keep wondering if we should nudge those two a little or just leave it be." Casting a questioning side glance at Dominic, Grif asked, "What do you think?" "Tough call. It's obvious there's something strong developing there, but both of them?Tage especially?are too stubborn to admit it. What did you have in mind?" Asthey passed by a group of men hanging around the doorway to one of the other clubs, Dominic tightened his grip on Grif's shoulders. "Nothing in particular..." Grif fell silent as he realized several of the others were watching him. Attention wasn't something he handled very well anymore. A faint sneer curled his lip as he looked away and up to Dominic. For some reason, certain types had an annoying habit of wanting to thrust their attention on Grif. Dominic had his own fair share, but the ones who were attracted to him generally left him alone after Dominic brushed them off. In Grif, others seemed to sense something, and often as not, they wanted to close in for the attack, so to speak. Just as Dominic opened his mouth to respond, anger flashed into his expression. Grif didn't have to look to know they were being followed. Before Grif could form any sort of thought, Dominic had one of the men pinned to the wall of a building in the nearby alley, fingers digging into the man's throat. His other hand was wrapped around Grif's wrist, deathly tight. "Do not even think about looking at him," Dominic snarled. "Do I make myself fucking clear?" The man clawed at Dominic's hand, his eyes wide and pale. Fangs were just barely visible as the man struggled against the iron hold on his neck. With a quick movement of his wrist, Dominic threw the vampire to the ground. The vampire took off, bolting out into the street and disappearing into the night. Grif stood immobile against Dominic, his gaze following the quickly retreating vampire. "What the hell is it about me? Do I have a sign on my fucking forehead?" His normal confidence in dealing with inopportune people had yet to return. It kept him inside their house, like a prisoner, unless Dominic went out with him. "Because they want what they can't have." The words were snarled as Dominic continued down the sidewalk, body still tense as he glared at anyone unfortunate enough to simply

look their way. Shaking his head, Grif decided to forget about it. "Never mind, Dominic. Not important." His arm tightened to Dominic's waist, feeling the tension practically pouring off of his lover. Reaching for the club door, he opened it and drew Dominic inside with him. Catching him just as the door closed, Dominic turned Grif to face him. A hint ofthe warrior beneath was clear in the dark blue eyes. "It is very important. You are the world to me." "I know how you get with me, Dominic," Grif spoke quietly as he leaned against Dominic. Staring into his eyes, Grif had no problem reading the message within them. "You just can't fight the whole world, love." "That doesn't mean I won't try." Lowering his head, Dominic kissed Grif softly, the edginess in his mood slowly fading. "Want to dance with you," Dominic whispered. "Want to feel you everywhere." For a brief moment, Grif's lips molded to Dominic's. "Then we'll dance." He took hold of Dominic's hand and drew him farther into the club. Somehow weaving through the throng of bodies, they made it to the dance floor. Turning to face Dominic, Grif's arms encircled his neck. They both began to move in time to the thrum of the music as Grif smiled up at Dominic. For Dominic, no one existed but the man in his arms. Arms around Grif's waist, Dominic moved to the music, hunger building with every grind of their bodies together. Only then, when the throb of the music seeped deeper inside him, did he begin to catch the racing of sweet blood in veins. Closing his eyes, he could taste the need and desire in the air, mingling with the lingering taste of Grif on his tongue. As the hunger grew, Dominic's movements became harder, more urgent. He opened his eyes and fixed them on Grif. Dominic watched his lover's face as his mood drenched over them both, drawing a soft growl from Grif. Dominic felt the struggle within Grif, felt it surge through Grif's being, pulling hard at his lover's instincts. "You're hungry, love," Grif said. "Maybe we should feed before you take things out on me." The slow smile on Grif's lips widened as his body shifted with each hard press against it. Dominic took a slow, deep breath, eyes closing. "Blame it on my mood earlier." He opened his eyes once more and smiled at Grif. "I can wait." Grinding hard, his voice lowered to a whisper. "Don't stop dancing." Giving him a knowing look, Grif just shook his head. Then he rested his head on Dominic's shoulder. Before long, Grif's body pressed tightly to Dominic's, and Grif whispered, "God, you feel so good to me." The flow of music and voices around them washed over Grif, the scent of mortalbodies kept the beast inside him aware and alert on its own level. "Have you looked around yet and decided on your pick for the evening's hunt?" he asked after a few minutes of silence. Nodding toward the bar, Dominic just grinned. "Redhead, far end of the bar. You?" Grif looked over at the mortal in question and nodded. "Yeah, the blond near him. The one in the blue shirt. I think you have a thing for redheads, Dominic." Lifting an eyebrow, Dominic said, "And you're telling me you don't have a thing for blonds?" Grinning, Grif ducked his head slightly as he murmured, "I think I have a bigger thing for dark hair. Same exact shade as yours as a matter of fact." Not so oddly, his preference

he saw a face that sent a chill rushing through him. Dominic slid behind the young man. and he tilted Grif's head up for a light. As he looked toward the door. he healed the marks. he moved further down the bar to stand beside the other man. Positively grinning like the cat that got all the cream." Resting a hand against Dominic's ass. his chest rising and falling quickly. He paid no attention to the blond he'd mentioned to Dominic. "Believe me. hot blood from him. Grif even preferred the taste of his lover's blood." Dominic hummed against Grif's neck. Before he could say anything. It'd be a kick to watch them. The man's eyes rolled back as he shook in Dominic's arms. Eyes fastened on Grif." Grif answered with a grin. giving Grif a wink before making his move on the redhead. Dominic whispered something in his ear. he rested his elbow on the counter. Dominic licked the bite wounds to close them a moment later. Grif held Dominic's steady gaze for a moment before he leaned in toward his overeager victim. the redhead looked up. drawing the nourishing. cupping the man's jaw and tilting his head back. his smile hopeful. "What do you think? There is a certain something about them together. he sidled up onto a stool. Grif let Dominic lead him. I wasn't talking about watching them now. Dominic sidled up to the bar not too far away and leaned against it casually. teasing kiss. just over his nipple. The redhead's eyes closed slowly and his breathing grew shallow. Keeping his distance. His legs caught at Dominic. Grif wanted to watch him feed. It took no more than a simple mental nudge and the blond chuckled and looked over at the redhead that had so interested Dominic. "It would be. Dominic. Taking a side step toward the bar. the young blond insinuated himself next to Grif at the bar counter. sliding an arm around Grif's waist. licking his lips. Take me home and I'll fuck you through the mattress. drawing him close. watching him approach the redhead. "Good. Dominic stepped off of the dance floor. wouldn't it?" Moving lower." He tilted Dominic's head up and pressed a soft kiss to his lover's lips. The redhead smiled and laughed. and he'd lost interest completely in the blond for a moment. Grif barely stifled his growl. Grif's fingers kneaded into the tight leather. tugging Grif behind him until they reached the bar. A gentle brush of Grif's hand pulled back the long strands of hair as his head descended toward the man as if to whisper to him. "Dinner time. "Or we can go home and you can ride me. his eyes traveling slowly over the other vampire's body. taking hold of his hand to lead the way out of the club. Grif smiled faintly as the man made an obvious playfor him. lips moving slowly down to the curve of the man's throat. Grif struck quickly. As Dominic drew closer. Turning his attention to him. "It's an interesting occupation. His eyes were on Dominic instead. Clouding the man's mind. he let go. When he struck. and his mind . "Playing matchmaker again?" Dominic teased as he walked up. it was swift and discreet. Dominic's laugh was low and sultry. Dominic moved away then. especially when Dominic had been drinking. Turning his back to the bar. Without a word." With that. Finally he stirred from his position when Dominic came toward him. It did make it so much easier when the donor was more than eager to get up close and personal." Dominic stepped back and helped Grif back down. appearing to be nothing more than an extended kiss on the neck." "Mm. When Grif finished. he exhaled on Grif's shirt. Grif remained right where Dominic left him. From there.always came back to Dominic.

"Wouldn't you agree. his cock twitching with every strike to Jason's skin. Echoes of the agonizing pain of skin shredded to ribbons from a bullwhip wielded by Tristan flit over Grif's nerves." Dominic said as two slick fingers slid into Jason's ass. yet he still held his position just as he was supposed to. "Such sweet sounds. "Come. The man who had created him had also damaged him nearly beyond repair. And even deeper from the past came the memories of the rape and torture he'd suffered at Quinn's hand. When he blinked. He nipped at the sub's neck and chuckled. Jason. Each strike of the flogger and the accompanying sound from Jason made him squirm slightly. he nodded slightly. nobody was there. "Yeah. Then Dominic turned to Tage. brought back all the memories of what had been done to him. Jason waited. breathing labored. A beautiful sight. Just the momentary belief of thinking he'd seen his old master. Fingers still deep. The chains groaned and rattled as the sling was lifted. With his ankles still locked in place. Completely naked. Grif pulled his lover quickly out of the bar. he pulled down a black leather sling. After fitting it around Tage's back and shoulders. Tage tried to keep his movements unnoticeable since he'd been instructed to remain silent until Dominic ordered otherwise. holding out a hand." As he withdrew his fingers. Still Grif tried to hide behind a bland facade of being perfectly all right. When Dominic's fingers slid down Jason's spine. By the time he was . There was no way in hell he could have seen his former master. waiting for long fingers to push deep inside Jason. Then Dominic eased him down onto the chair. His body had long healed from that fateful night in the dungeon. Quinn. Jason." Tage nearly stuttered over the words as he swallowed hard. Reaching up to the ceiling. Every muscle in his body tensed. but his mind was far too easily pushed off balance. he swiftly scanned the bar before hurrying to catch up with Dominic. Tage? Is this not a fine sight before us?" Jason's head fell forward and he wrapped his hands around the chains holding his arms to the cross." Tugging at Dominic's hand." he said. "Yes. Tage knew what was coming next. and strapped Tage's wrists up. he pulled out a seat from between the bottom cross-beams. He had to bite at his lip as he watched Dominic's fingers enter Jason. Looking back at Dominic. Every frustrated muscle in his body ached and begged for release. suspended on heavy duty chains. he had no choice but to stay seated?full and breathless. Blinking rapidly in confusion. I'm fine. every inch of descent maddening as the dildo anchored on the seat slid deeper inside Jason. "Griffith? Are you all right?" Nothing and nobody seemed out of place in the bar. the influence the scene had on him was obvious. his hand slipping free of Dominic's. He stopped. He couldn't have seen what he thought he did. Dominic unlocked the restraints on Jason's wrists.blanked. as Dominic unlocked the cross' rotating platform. Dominic positioned Tage between Jason and the wooden cross. Enjoy the show. Jason gasped and rocked. TWO ? ? ? Tage knelt on one of the pillows on the floor. he pressed a button on the wall. Master. "Yes. "Have a seat. turning it until Jason was facing Tage." Dominic purred.

Blinking. Unfortunately." Jason replied. he was cursing it. and increasingly tightening sensations made him cry out as he tried to change the angle of his body. Finding himself completely restrained and hanging in mid-air. "Once again. Jason nearly jumped. Keeping his eyes fixed on Tage. Turning his head. He couldn't begin to stop the rocking of his hips. his eyes closing as his lips parted. It was then that Jason realized Dominic had unhooked Tage's arms from the cross. Jason neither heard nor saw anything beyond Tage. It wasn't unusual for either Dominic or Grif to order them to play with each other while they watched. the dildo slid over his prostate at just the right angle and Jason cried out. "Jason. Unable to move. driving him mad. He looked up at Dominic and Dominic just grinned. Tage looked down at Jason impaled on the chair and shivered. Tage's hands curled to the sling and the smallest wiggle of his hips sent more sensations rocking through Jason. Tage's legs were restrained as well. but your tongue is the only part of you that will enter him. A soft whimper escaped Tage with the teasing anticipation running through him. Control was something Dominic had taught him long ago and now. as he ground his hips against the chair.done. Jason moaned as he licked Tage's hole. pushing his tongue in just enough to tease before licking around the rim again. Fingers tightening on Tage's buttocks. Tage is allowed orgasm. Master." "Yes. and Tage whispered his name." "Oh. fucking himself on the toy as he fucked Tage's ass with his tongue. he was denied movement and the soft whimpers rose in pitch." Tage whispered hoarsely. Jason plunged his tongue in and out. however. fuck. He silently pleaded with his eyes before they closed as another wave of torturous pleasure hit him. He groaned as he leaned forward. he wanted to feel Jason's tongue buried in him. but all that mattered was the man spread out before him like a buffet. sucking on the puckered skin. thesound muffled by Tage's body. Each thrust of Jason's tongue into him drew a shuddering response." Jason whispered as Dominic lowered Tage just enough for the head of Jason's cock to push inside him. Jason. The position left him completely exposed and gave its own feeling of vulnerability. he knew Dominic and Grif were watching. The friction of Jason's tongue shot exquisite ripples through him. is allowed?but only by your tongue. When the sling started moving again. "you should enjoy this." Dominic said. His cock throbbed. the dildo shifting and sliding. Tage saw Grif and Dominic. On one particular move. fucking himself harder and faster on the dildo. still in the sling. since you two seem to greatly enjoy each other. In the back of his mind." Tage's fingers clawed at the air as he writhed. leaking pre-come steadily. dragging in a deep. You may hold him open. you are forbidden to come. you are not. Tage. holding him open. Jason spread him open and leaned forward. ragged breath. wanting and needing to reach Jason. Tage was helpless with the little Jason gave him. "I need you to fuck me. looking up at Tage suspended before him. Jason soon found himself staring into Tage's eyes as Tage hovered in front of him. his ass level with Jason's face. . "Now. Jason. A breath hissed between his teeth with the teasing wetness of Jason's tongue.

Keeping his voice low enough to be heard only by Dominic. Grif spoke quietly to him while Jason regained his feet. It always required time for him to come down. His own eyes were wide as he listened to the other sub and felt the surge of Jason's body to his as he came. allowing the time needed. helping him to relax. then pulled it out. it pervaded the room. A violent shudder rocked his body as his muscles constricted around Jason's cock. He still wasn't fully certain that he saw what he thought he saw at the bar three nights ago." Though he begged Dominic. Grif reached for Tage's arm to help him up and out of the sling. Tage ground tightlyagainst Jason. Trembling now. please. Master.. After a nod in Jason's direction. he rested his hand on his knee as he closed his eyes. With a smile.. shoving his cock inside Tage as he pulled Tage down hard. Losing himself in the overwhelming rush." "I know. The man had looked like his old master. and he completely lost it. desperate to reach for him. He was already shaking uncontrollably. pushing Jason balls-deep into Tage. Tage's heart raced and the high state of anticipation kept his body literally on the edge. Jason's eyes never left Tage's face. Thoughts of Quinn made Grif wince involuntarily as he tried to suppress the flicker of fear nagging at his mind." Dominic's command seemed to ripple through the room and Jason roared. and finally between his lips. As Dominic stepped back again. Grif watched silently. he smiled slowly. "You are a devious bastard. Drawing one leg up. A few minutes later. the couch dipped just between his thighs and then a tongue slid up the middle of his chest." Dominic whispered in Jason's ear. Nodding to Dom. Tage's awareness slowly returned to him and he whimpered softly." When Dominic finally unlocked the restraints from Tage's wrists. **** Reclining in their sanctuary. Tage snaked his arms around Jason's neck. Grif said. Jason gave Dominic a kiss and then turned to Tage. cock pulsing. clad only in a pair of flimsy white cotton pants. "Come. Slowly he drew in a deep breath." Dominic chuckled. though he didn't struggle against the restraints. he screamed Jason's name as his body strained on Jason." Dominic purred. Finally moving. Brushing a soft kiss to Tage's ear. the only sounds he could make were the pleading whimpers that escaped him. Then they stepped aside as Dominic helped Jason to stand." Jason answered. he slid his arms around Tage and kissed him softly before turning and leading the way back upstairs. . the sling lowered. riding the edge as he rocked on the dildo. Grif released Tage to Jason's care. fingers clutching Tage's hips tightly. Grif stretched out on the couch. The stretching sensation inside him short circuited Tage's brain. He needed the calming scent of his lover. Jason gathered him close. "Both of you did very well. albeit breathlessly. He was right there. to feel the release Jason would give him. he clung to Jason as he burrowed in against Jason's throat. Jason knew their ordeal was ending. love. lingered at the hollow of his throat."Master. "Thank you. He needed Jason in the worst possible way. Still trembling slightly. Every part of him ached to be filled. When Dominic reached down to slick up his cock. "Very good. "You both are free for the rest of the evening. Every move he made pushed the head of his cock into Tage's ass. He knew his slave best of all.

He wanted and needed Dom to brand him beyond doubt. eyes locked onto Grif's. He slid his thumb over Grif's lips. he said. Biting down on first his tongue and then Grif's. Dominic walked around him." Dominic released him and helped Grif to stand. hungrier. and he wanted far more than blood. It became defined in his words. he waited for his master's command. As he moved lower. When Dominic stopped. body. and proudly arched his body for Dominic's inspection." Grif answered quietly as he let Dominic position him to the cross. parting them. "Perhaps we should try the cross for ourselves. He accepted pain or pleasure. tone. mouth lingering over the taste of Dom's skin. moving toward his ear. he kissed a path . Grif implicitly trusted Dominic to never damage him. touched Dominic's thumb before he opened his mouth willingly. then slid his hands down his arms. Dominic pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the side. "Mine. "Everything you can give me. capturing Grif's mouth." Without hesitation." With that. Master. Pulling slowly from the kiss. "I love you. Hunger and desperation tinged the kiss as he suckled at Dom's tongue." Grif shuddered. deep love. so far away from this world?" Groaning softly. Within the warmth of love. "Do you miss the kiss of a whip? That place it takes you. Grif knelt on the floor. falling over them both as Dom's body pressedto his. the possessive sound growing deeper. he lifted Grif's head. only intense. the truth was laid bare in them. he could feel the edge of control slipping away from him as he allowed Dominic to take it. and soul?all that he was?would be Dominic's. "Kneel. Now. "No safe word. Untangling from Dominic. palms up. "I know. I know. "Yes. dropping a kiss to his neck before reaching up to the restraints at the top crossbeams." Dominic growled. "What can I do. love? What do you need right now?" Not wanting Dom's lips far from him. whatever Dominic chose to give him. Lowering his eyes respectfully. Giving Dominic a look over his shoulder. Dominic locked Grif's wrists into the restraints." "As you wish. Turning him toward the St. he moved Grif toward the cross. Once inside the dungeon. Grif turned his head. Pulling back just enough so Grif could see his face. Dom brushed Grif's cheek with his lips. Only me and the hand of the man who owns me.Dom's hair tickled his bare skin. he slid out from under him and stood. There was no distance in Dom's eyes. Automatically. From somewhere deep inside. pushing up against Grif. Grif's arms encircled his lover and the arch of his body pressed to Dom's. He rested his hands on his thighs. No holds barred." Dominic said under his breath. There is only trust here. and posture. Those words went through him far deeper than a physical level. leaving him in his leather pants and nothing more as he closed the door. To leave neither of them in question as to whom he truly belonged. all visible signs of his unquestioning obedience. the movement of Dom's body held Grif's rapt attention. he filled the kiss with their combined blood. As he opened his eyes. "Downstairs. His mind. fingers tracing along the tops of his shoulders. Dominic brushed Grif's hair away from his ear and whispered. Dominic thrust again. tracing every stretched muscle with his fingertips. parting his legs wide to Dominic." Dominic rocked his hips forward. I need you. at his whim." The word escaped in a soft hiss breath. Andrew's cross.

Closing his eyes. please. Twin sensations of pain and pleasure blossomed through Grif and a low groan escaped him as he bowed his head. his trust in Dominic was far stronger. Grif nearly lost it then and there. When he returned. moving it back and forth. Dominic stepped back. soothing touch of Dominic's hand. Grif had calmed the worst of what had hit him when he felt the stretch of his body. Dominic stepped forward and crouched down behind Grif. Dominic slid the crop between Grif's legs. Giving Grif one last tap. He was completely naked and vulnerable to Dominic and that knowledge sank deep into the core of Grif. he pressed back. Being chained had been something he'd never allowed before. the licks tracing each angry red line over his ass. Then he parted Grif's legs and secured his ankles into the restraints at the bottom. leaving him exposed. he spread Grif's cheeks apart with one hand and tapped his hole with the flat end of the crop. He reached for the riding crop hanging on the wall nearby with the rest of the whips and floggers. Master. Thankfully. or denied if it were Dominic's whim. The burning sensation of pain flowed over Grif and he welcomed it. "Deep breath. leaving him shuddering in the restraints and crying out. stroking his fingertips lightly over Grif's balls before sliding back to graze over his ass. Grif heard him rummaging in one of the cabinets. Though Grif felt fear at being restrained. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of the thin pants. yet he said nothing. "I know what you need." Another strike left a second welt over his skin and was followed by the cool." "Yes. Leaning forward. He was Dominic's slave. . His breath caught in his throat as his body trembled slightly. Drawing in a deep breath. Grif arched into it. Dominic slipped a hand between his legs. Grif pleaded silently for his master's attention. the arch of his body searching for more." Dominic murmured as he pushed the head of a dildo against Grif's hole. The touch of Dominic's tongue surprised Grif. Dominic kissed Grif's hole before sinking his fangs deep into the puckered skin as he pushed his tongue inside. Only a slight tug of his arms tested the restraints as a faint flutter of fear stirred in Grif's stomach. The slight sting brought out the craving for more in an overwhelming rush." Grif barely got the words out as his ass jerked slightly. then he stood. Dominic pulled them down and helped Grif to step out of them. Stepping to the side. Dominic parted Grif's buttocks again. "Master!" Dominic growled against Grif's ass before giving it one last sucking kiss to close the wound. but he remained dutifully silent as he waited for Dominic's pleasure. "Yes. his breath hot as he exhaled.down Grif's spine. a toy to be taken whenever his master wished. "Remember: it is me. Then hepulled it away and snapped it against Grif's hole again. Moving back up Grif's body. he let himself begin to more fully drown in the whisper of promise in Dominic's voice. The continued trembling of his body betrayed the need coiling inside Grif. A few minutes later. "Only you. trying to accommodate Dominic's toy. but instead of trying to get away. Always. He struggled to contain the almost overpowering urge that rode his body." Then he snapped the crop across Grif's buttocks." Dominic whispered. Thrusting slightly back. spreading Grif open. The unexpected bite sent reverberations of pain through him. Then Dominic parted his cheeks. Yet he still welcomed all of it.

Need to feel you. The cry fell off into whimpers with each movement inside him. Grif wasn't so sure he could do the same with Dominic's probing touch. his knuckles grazing over Grif's prostate with every turn. He cried out incoherently as the pressure filled him. Slicking his cock with his free hand. and Grif . He added a fourth finger. he quickly worked his pants open and moved to stand behind Grif. Then he started pumping his hand.. then he came again. While he could withstand the assault of the toy. Dominic thrust hard." Grif clung to the sheer power of his will as the exquisite waves enveloped him. Grif fell mindlessly into the void of intense sensations runningthrough him like lightning. Dominic struck suddenly. letting it fill him." he breathed across Grif's ear. never leaving Grif empty. drops glistening at the tip. Dominic held Grif close. He could hold nothing back.feeling the entire girth fill him. his come spilling onto the floor.. then came out in a groan as he pressed into Dominic's fingers. Standing.. Once the restraints were undone from Grif's ankles and wrists. Master. Dominic eased the toy out and stepped away. his teeth drew blood as the friction rubbed against his most sensitive spot. nearly sending him over the edge. he pulled out before easing his hand out of Grif. he pushed it inside. his body shuddered violently and inner muscles contracted around Dominic. Grif writhed against Dominic with the engulfing pain and pleasure as his body stretched beyond what he had ever known. Deeper pulses centered in his ass and spread through him." "With what?" Dominic chuckled low. Dominic grabbed a towel from one of the shelves under the table and wiped them both off.." He tucked in his thumb and pushed. cradling him protectively as they both came back down." Dominic twisted his fingers inside Grif. The movements of his body pushed back on to the toy. Grif drowned in a rush assailing him. As he licked the wounds on Grif's neck. As he screamed. With permission. Growling. Desperately he clung to the knowledge he couldn't come. As much as he needed the release. making his body tremble. A sharp breath hissed between his teeth. Come inside me. "Feels so damn good. Then he returned. His cock was hard and aching. Use me. Oh. The control Dominic had over him was excruciating. The spasms of internal release wracked him. He couldn't come yet. before he plunged back inside. "So hot." Dominic worked the dildo in and out of Grif's body. no matter what. increasing the pressure to a new intensity. spreading him open. not until Dominic told him to. sliding against his other hand still buried inside Grif's body. "You. fuck. His body still trembled. With his other hand. Biting at his lower lip. pleading. Giving the toy a twist. Grif equally had to have Dominic's embrace. "Love. sliding three fingers inside Grif." Easing them both to the floor. "Do not come. Grif struggled with the restraints before he stopped. "My cock. Master. please. Come. sliding in and out. "Or my hand?" For a moment. he sped up the thrusts. driving both hand and cock deep inside as he came. "Yes. fuck me. making him feel as if he would split in two. He sank gratefully into Dominic's lap as he clung tightly to him. hand and cock alternating. working them in and out. As he drank. pulling out just enough so the outer ring of Grif's ass was stretched taut. fangs driving deep into Grif's throat. he started moving.

it's me! Just me." "I don't want you out of the house. Clinging to Dominic. "When we were at the bar. and he screamed with the pain.tucked his face in against Dominic's neck. but after what happened the lasttime. Dominic's body stiffening. baring his neck to Grif without easing his hold on him. the tone brooking absolutely no argument. draping his leg over Dominic's. Not right. reality had become a twisted blur." Dominic said sternly. "Count them." The harsh voice cut through Grif's thoughts. Momentarily forced to the past.. staring helplessly up at Dominic." Dominic eased them back down to the bed. the burning sting of a lash cut across Grif's skin. before he sighed. Somewhere in his mind. "He has black hair with a white wing. it wasn't so easy for his mind to realize what had been happening. With no thought. His fingers curled tightly into those strong arms. leaving him uncertain of even his own eyesight. Dominic. When he finally could focus on Dominic's face. Something is seriously wrong. Simply because he'd imagined he'd seen Quinn." Dominic murmured. "I know. Part of him finally recognized how little he'd truly accomplished over the years. Grif trembled in stark fear. damn near trying to crawl into Dominic. his mind sought its full place inside the other vampire. Things had gone too far lately. baby. refusing to let go. "I will kill anyone . Grif understood the value of telling the truth. tugging the covers over them before enveloping Grif. Grif. "Shh. He remained silent for a moment. What's going on?" Generally. keeping his body flush with the wood. Yours. But that's impossible. "What does he look like?" At a loss to describe Quinn. "Drink. Gripping Grif's chin. Barely coherent yet. "What?" The word was growled." Grif sobbed out the words." Dominic held Grif's head to his neck. his fangs pierced Dominic's throat and Grif shuddered with the rush of power within Dominic's blood. he burrowed tightly against his lover. love. burrowing deeply into him. Dominic. a sobbing cry tore at his throat before he twisted to get as close as he could to his lover. Biting at his lower lip. You're safe. Most people are instantly attracted to him. Isn't it?" For Grif. letting him take what he needed. They started the last time we went out. I thought I saw Quinn. "You're safe. With no preparation. "Griffith." He tipped his head. These nightmares of yours have been getting worse over the last week." Grif wanted desperately to believe that. "Always. "Everything is yours. Dominic pulled back slightly and tilted Grif's head up. His body jerked away from the sensation of pure pain. Grif lifted his head." Still gripped by the nightmare. yet he found his world turned upside down. No one is going to hurt you. He had yet to get away from his former owner. he did try to keep things to himself. Dominic fixed a dark stare on him. THREE ? ? ? The face grinning at Grif was a nightmare from hell. Grif knew he had to get away.. and his master had listened to none of Grif's pleas. Yet all Quinn did was laugh as the next hit drew more blood. it took him a moment to form the words. He is very distinctive. "No!" "Grif!" Hands cupped Grif's face. "I'm not right. Griffith. Ties held Grif to the cross. always yours.

"Don't think I've given up arguing when you're wrong. I thought I better just listen to you. Dominic licked Grif's lips. Lowering his other hand to his cock. . Anything and everything you want. Grif couldn't even begin to explain everything they were to each other." Grif shot back tongue in cheek." "You didn't mess anything up. Master. and with every buck of Grif's body. pressing Grif back into the bed. licking his lips as he watched Grif. "On the contrary." He danced the fingers of his free hand across Grif's stomach. Dominic just tickled harder. "Only when I have to. so Grif ceased to struggle and could only watch as Dominic played with himself. A bit of a smile peeked out as he whispered. He just needed to remember that he was safe with Dominic. What they had between them encompassed not only those elements but also a deep friendship and love. Dominic. Grif watched the movement of Dominic's hand intently. "At least you know when to rein in that stubborn streak. whatever shall I do with you?" Lifting his head. Grif stared up at Dominic. but Dominic was stronger. "Perhaps you are in need of a reminder. "Now that I have your full attention." His gaze never leaving Grif's." Dominic owned him now. though I'm glad you're finally listening to me. hissing as he pressed his thumb to the tip. keeping a firm hold on Grif's arms." Dropping his gaze. still laughing." he hummed softly. "Feels so fucking good. Would I listen to you if I didn't have to?" "Oh. from one side to the other. The glistening drops at the head of Dominic's cock had Grif licking his own lips." Taking both of Grif's wrists in one hand. but it went far beyond that. "Only when you have to?" Squirming to get out from beneath Dominic." Suppressing his grin.. Twisting as best he could to avoid the hand. laughing as Grif squirmed and writhed beneath him. he said." Dominic said as one dark eyebrow rose. "Of course. Leaning down. "No fair. "Mmm. Grif tried to look completely unknowing of the pot he stirred with his words. Grif tried to get a kiss but couldn't quite reach. "I was going to argue. but after I messed everything up so badly with Tristan. Laughing helplessly. Dominic straddled Grif. making a point to move slowly over Grif's ribs." Pressing a kiss to Dominic's thumb. "Dominic!" Grif gasped his lover's name out between his own gales of laughter. Dominic growled and rolled them over. The tension in Dominic's body eased and he slid his thumb over Grif's bottom lip. looking everywhere but at Dominic. "Whatever you want.who comes anywhere near you. As ticklish as he was. he stroked himself." The very tone of Dominic's voice helped Grif begin to relax. The squirming increased with the ticklish sensation over his skin. Dominic never relented. "Yes.. Grif broke out laughing. A persistent tug of his hands yielded no freedom. Grif murmured. You're taking advantage of me. I'm quite enjoying this. Grif's body bucked slightly beneath Dominic in an attempt to free himself. Dom pinned them to thepillow above Grif's head. never releasing his arms. Trying to tug his hands free. Smiling. he stared up at Dominic. the feel of Dominic's hand became pure torture. and he couldn't get away from it. he ended up writhing beneath his lover. his fingers sliding back up Grif's side. Dom slid one fingertip down Grif's side." Grinning wickedly. trying to avoid the tickling hand. really." Dominic smiled slowly and sat up.

Just you and me. "I've wanted to feel you before. nor had he ever asked to.. feeling the grinding ofhis cock against Dominic's ass. His hand worked its way to Dominic's cock. baby. He did make a considerable effort to still the rising urge inside him."When I close my eyes. Please." "Oh. but I was never sure if you wanted that between us. Grif had the feeling the tables had been turned on his lover." Dominic's head fell back and he thrust slowly into Grif's fist." Dominic said. rocking his hips over Grif's cock. You have me. the lube was always kept near at hand. Thankfully.. . my love.. Grif watched Dominic silently. God. gasping as he pushed a finger inside himself. His movements stilled momentarily. sweet cock of yours. he couldn't say anything through the wash of desire that enveloped him. Dominic's eyes went wide as he began lowering himself onto Grif's cock. "What do you want. "Yes. For a long moment." Shifting back. Grif suddenly had to struggle not to thrust as hard as he could into Dominic. When the incredible tightness surrounded the head of his cock." Chuckling at Dominic's sudden impatience. drugging kiss.. Dominic leaned down and whispered on Grif's lips. "I can feel your lips around my cock. shaking as Grif's cock pushed deeper inside him. sucking and stroking. Give me a few seconds to enjoy the moment.. my love. "Love. God. voice gone deep and rough. One of his hands remained tangled in the strands of Dominic's hair and the other slid downward to Dominic's hip. Dominic? I'd do anything for you. his fingers dug into the bare skin and a sharp hiss escaped Grif. Oh. "Griffith.. Grif's groan mingled with Dominic's as a rush of awakening need flooded him. Then he reached down and slicked Grif's cock. "So long. "Want to know one of my greatest fantasies?" Unable to help the movement. The feel of Dominic's hand sent a shiver through him.Grif. and soul. "I want that long." Fist still pumping slowly on his cock. "In me. Lifting his hand to his lover's face. and his first chance to make love to Dominic was something he wanted to savor. wrapping around it and stroking slowly over it." He'd never made love to Dominic. working his fingers up and down the shaft. Need this. heart. Grif's hips pushed upward. In a split second. "So fucking tight.. No Master..deep inside me. Mind." he whispered." He groaned and tugged on the shaft." Dominic released Grif's arms and kissed him. no sub." Grif stared up at Dominic as his hips rocked. Grif wanted nothing hurried between them. Grif. Once his hands were freed. body. popping the top before he handed it to Dominic. beloved. Raising his eyes to look at his lover's face. Need you. Dominic slicked his fingers and reached behind him." Dominic gasped... Grif gently caressed the line of Dominic's jaw. tongue sliding into Grif's mouth as he rocked his hips. As his hands reached for Dominic's hips. The sheath of Dominic's body played total havoc with him as he fought for self control. I won't hurt you if I can help it. But at times the thought had crossed his mind." "I will. they moved quickly to Dominic's head as Grif returned the slow. Grif reached for it. he whispered. "Relax." A deep groan answered Dominic as Grif fully penetrated him... "Need you. he realized what Dominic's initial hesitation had been over." "I..please. A look of wonder crossed his features as he whispered. grinding rock of his hips." Dominic panted. pushing his lover against the slow... "When you're ready to move. Tilting his head slightly when he caught the odd inflection in Dominic's voice.. and Grif hissed softly.

. "Master?" Grif looked up from the ledger he'd been working on to see Tage hovering uncertainly near the open door. it's been so long. don't move." Tage gestured helplessly as he spoke. After spending two weeks cooped up in the house. tightened sharply by Dominic's uncontrolled movements. "Do you need something.oh. taking slow. Chances are he hadn't seen Quinn. the movements increasing. body shaking uncontrollably as pleasure drove him over the edge. Dominic. A split second later. Dominic's fangs were embedded deep in his throat. Grif continued balancing the account book. Thrusting more deeply. He took Grif's hands and put them on his hips. How long has it been?" "Too long. Dominic roared. coaxing the pleasure to last." "Don't move. his nails curled into Dominic's skin with the harder rhythm. He opened his mouth. "Can we talk?" . he began rocking his hips." Dominic shook his head and closed his eyes. Dominic shuddered and his fingers curled against Grif's chest.. the upward grind became thrusts. Grif pushing deep inside Dominic. crying out Dominic's name. He had no problem shelving everything crowding his thoughts to deal with Tage. His fingers flexed against Dominic's hips. His own need became paramount. Understanding. The stroke of his hand matched the rhythm of his hips as Grif kept control just long enough to ensure his lover's pleasure. Grif watched the fire of need ignite in Dominic's eyes and one hand released his hip to move to Dominic's cock. relishing the exquisite friction over his cock. Grif bit at Dominic. Remaining completely still. baby. it took quite a bit of Grif's control to subdue his own instinctive whatever you want. "God. "Grif. God." The tender drift of Grif's hand trailed over Dominic's features. and he felt Dominic's seed slicking his hand.. Grif remained still. Tage?" "I. The intensity of his sounds rose in pitch right before Grif tumbled into his own release.. fingers twisting in Grif's hair." Dominic started shaking. love. "I didn't realize what you were offering me. Instantly his mind changed gears and his own mood slid away in the presence of his slave. nearing the edge of release quickly. Grif had gotten to the point where he felt a bit ridiculous. his own expression a quiet reflection of the deep emotion within him." Dominic smiled slowly and opened his eyes. A sharp growl rumbled from Grif as Dominic came.. Dominic drank deeply. then shook his head. "F-fuck." With the pleas. he'd started to rethink his original problem. The fact that fear still ruled him annoyed him a great deal. His voice softened over his words. deep breaths." Wanting Dominic to control the movement and depth. Dominic licked the wounds closed. Determinedly. As they both started to slowly come back down.. The rest of the world washed away leaving Grif balanced for once. Turning his head. sliding and grinding slowly on Grif. and he'd already spent the last few hours castigating himself as a fool. he smiled slowly as his hand cupped Dominic's cheek. holding tight. hundreds of years.. "Feels so good. "I know." **** Drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair.. Dominic started to move. So deep. "Don't stop. Resting his own hands flat on Grif's chest. Dominic's thighs tightened and his eyes widened suddenly. Staring at Dominic." Hips snapping. With deliberate slowness. Grif healed the wounds and drew slowly back.

Grif had Tage bound by restraints hanging from the ceiling on this side. Though Grif frowned. he didn't reprimand Tage for the words. Tage. Master. The time for worrying about what he might have seen was now over. and groin. Tage scooted down until his head rested in Grif's lap and his body stretched out on the couch. but it's nothing for you worry to about. Grif stroked a hand gently over Tage's hair as he listened. Tage's body arched slightly in Grif's direction. He wasn't surprised Tage had caught onto the sense of unease. Grif moved around the desk and motioned to the nearby couch. silently begging for the touch of the leather as the sub moaned softly." "But. "You want more. Tage's eyes never wavered from Grif's. I think it has already. Grif stroked a hand gently over Tage's hair as he listened. The minute he sat down. I think it has already. Grif draped his arm around Tage's shoulder." Greatly daring to speak as he did. Ever since they had dealt with Tristan. "That is something I will quickly rectify. "Now what did you want to talk to me about?" Grif asked quietly"Something is wrong. Tage had always been extremely sensitive when it came to his master. "Something is wrong." **** While Dominic had Jason on the other side of the room. "You don't spend as much time as you used to in the dungeon with me. but I don't know what it is. Tage seemed to need the protective contact with his master. Tage was next to him." "But. He wasn't surprised Tage had caught onto the sense of unease. Tage rolled to his back to look up at his master." Curling against Grif. Smiling. Though Grif frowned. "There are some matters I have been dealing with. He would never allow it to intrude on his sub. Tage's eyes never wavered from Grif's. my pet. "How do you believe it has?" Drawing a deep breath. I can feel it." From Tage's expression. but I don't know what it is. The time for worrying about what he might have seen was now over. nudging against his side. "There are some matters I have been dealing with. I can feel it. Already welts striped Tage's ivory skin across his thighs. No matter what else was in his life. Grif had to quell his problems in order to give Tage the safety his slave needed." . Grif had to quell his problems in order to give Tage the safety his slave needed. "You don't spend as much time as you used to in the dungeon with me. but it's nothing for you worry to about. He would never allow it to intrude on his sub. ass." Curling against Grif. Anticipating each strike. applying flicks of his whip to random areas of his sub's body. Tage had his moments of needful clinging. Instead he asked.Standing. It will never affect you. Tage scooted down until his head rested in Grif's lap and his body stretched out on the couch. and Grif easily provided it. staining the flesh a beautiful red." Greatly daring to speak as he did. don't you. Tage had always been extremely sensitive when it came to his master. It allowed Grif to slowly circle around him. Instead he asked. No matter what else was in his life. Grif knew Tage only spoke to him out of deep concern and love. "How do you believe it has?" Drawing a deep breath. he didn't reprimand Tage for the words. Tage. Tage rolled to his back to look up at his master. Master. my beautiful toy?" Grif spoke softly as he wielded the whip. It will never affect you.

drawing a harsher groan from him. "Kiss him. silently begging for the touch of the leather as the sub moaned softly. and another jolt ran through Tage. and everything blended within the straining line of his body. . Dominic moved up behind him and licked his neck. "if you could touch him?" Jason gasped as all three fingers pushed deep. Tage meet Jason's eyes in a pleading look. As he looked over at Jason. ass. The simple action made Tage shudder again as his giving Tage three more successive blows against his inner thigh. His fingers itched to slide over that beautiful skin. Jason bit at his bottom lip so hard he saw stars. Grif stepped up behind Tage and his hands caressed over Tage's flesh as he nuzzled against Tage's throat. he saw Dominic playing with him." Dominic's fingers disappeared then and Jason moaned as a plug replaced them. he saw Dominic playing with him. "That is something I will quickly rectify." he panted. As he looked over at Jason. giving Tage three more successive blows against his inner thigh. and another jolt ran through Tage. "Soothe the pain. his master spreading him open. soothing over his hot flesh as it slid downward over the curve of Tage's ass before slowly sliding a finger inside him. he wanted touch. Tage's body arched slightly in Grif's direction. Tage shuddered in the restraints as the blows rained down on his skin harder and faster. soothing over his hot flesh as it slid downward over the curve of Tage's ass before slowly sliding a finger inside him. Lost in the sublime world of increasingly burning pain. Anticipating each strike. It allowed Grif to slowly circle around him.From Tage's expression. "You want more... keeping Tage right on the edge. staining the flesh a beautiful red. Already welts striped Tage's ivory skin across his thighs. Jason groaned softly as two fingers slid deep inside him." **** While Dominic had Jason on the other side of the room. Grif's hand replaced the stinging whip. trying to grind against his master's hand. After several hits. The snap of Grif's whip on Tage followed on the heel of Dom's crop to Jason. applying flicks of his whip to random areas of his sub's body. Lost in the sublime world of increasingly burning pain. The simple action made Tage shudder again as hiships arched back. to feel the searing heat as he stroked the welts lining Tage's body. adding a third finger. His gaze locked onto Tage's just seconds before the first blow from Dom's riding crop landed across his ass. crying out as he came. drink in the burn as I sank inside him. "Master. Jason's hips jerked suddenly and he shook." Jason had only a second to draw in a breath before the warmth of Dominic's body disappeared. body shaking as he rode the sensations. my beautiful toy?" Grif spoke softly as he wielded the whip. drawing a harsher groan from him. Jason gritted his teeth and arched. "What would you do. Grif applied the whip with a skillful ease. Grif's hand replaced the stinging whip. Welcoming the pain." Dominic whispered. The blows from Dominic's crop stopped just as abruptly. He knew what was coming. Tage shuddered in the restraints as the blows rained down on his skin harder and faster. don't you. After several hits. and with it the intense sensitivity of his own body. Tage needed to feel more. and groin. Grif knew Tage only spoke to him out of deep concern and love. my pet. Grif had Tage bound by restraints hanging from the ceiling on this side.

and a half-ass grin peeked out as he took the meatball from Jason's fingers." he whispered. I will unlock it. His stomach rumbled. "Jason Richards." Jason hung his head down. "Open wide. Egbert's narrowed. "I have a new gift for you. "What are you drinking tonight. Tage stepped back. Master. Jason's eyes went wide. he tried not to laugh as he chewed." Pouting. After quickly looking over at the busy butler. sticking his tongue out at Egbert as he did. you will have no genital contact and no orgasms of any sort. The plastic cage was just barely long enough for him while limp. "then you will relearn control. "Master." Despite the words." Laughing. gorgeous?" . "That wasn't fair. right. Tage's wide-eyed gaze returned to Jason." FOUR ? ? ? Jason waited until the butler's head was turned before he stole a meatball out of the bowl. Tage opened his mouth. "Hey!" Jason jumped. "You're no fun. Looking over at Tage. Egbert turned and lifted an eyebrow at him." Tage came in just in time to see Jason's grin." His entire body trembled with each drifting touch of Grif's hands and lips on him. Jason. leaning back against Grif as he whispered. a soggy dishrag flew across the room. Dominic's punishments were harsh at best. There's a hole in the tip for urination." He coated Jason's softened cock in oil and slipped it into a clear cock cage. "Since you seem to have lost the ability to control yourself. Turning his head slightly. Tage tried to hide the fact that he was chewing." "Man. When you need to bathe. "You get dishes tonight. Jason got two glasses out. Jason. This remains on at all times except for bathing." Knowing the drill." He licked his dry lips and shuddered. smacking Jason's bare back. Egbert returned to finishing the dinner. Popping it into his mouth. He was just licking the spaghetti sauce from his fingers when Egbert turned around." Jason just grinned. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes. "Yes. and I'll give you dishes for a week. there was a good hint of humor in Egbert's voice as he set the baking sheet on the stovetop. almost bumping right into Tage. "Keep it up. With a wink. and they never failed to serve their purpose. he asked. Jason swallowed as Dominic situated the chastity device snugly on him and locked it with a tiny padlock. Yeah." Dominic said to Jason. hotshot. "You think he doesn't see everything. A few seconds later. Grinning as Egbert bent down to take out the garlic bread from the oven.. I'm going to pretend that I did not see you steal another one." Jason rolled his eyes and laughed.. Master. Tage obediently got out the dishes and cutlery to begin setting the table. "For one week. Dominic walked around to stand in front of him and tilted Jason's head up. but he wasn't as daring as Jason in trying to steal a tidbit for himself. body lax against his bonds.Instinctively Tage sought the contact. Jason stole another meatball and walked over to Tage. "It works better if you eat it with the spaghetti. totally unrepentant. his deep voice stern.

Catching Tage's cloth-covered nipple in his teeth. Jason's sultry voice and the very words themselves had Tage reacting far more than he should." "Hey."Grape juice. and he groaned inwardly at the thought of Jason with him in the shower. Hesitantly he stood and moved around the table. "Sit." he said. Jason. Just as he set the glasses down on the table. Tage's breath caught in his throat and even through the fabric. Tage felt very uncertain when it came to Jason. making him squirm. Tage had grown somewhat used to Jason's antics. Gripping Tage's hips. Applying himself to his food. Outside of the controlling situation they were in. "Though I'd much rather make Egbert good on his comment and feast on you. Once he finished. "Egbert might be a great cook for a vampire." Still. Egbert?" Jason asked as he poured their drinks. he'd been forbidden to take care of his problem himself. Jason leaned over to steal a kiss from Tage." Jason said as he made good on his word. "No wonder you're so skinny. As it was. Jason scooped up some sauce on his fingertip. No matter the things they had done. patting his lap. "Still say I'd rather have my tongue in your ass. After he had his food on his plate." "You'd waste away to nothing if you ignored the food in favor of me. as Jason sucked on his finger." "Want help?" The look Jason gave him was purely devilish. Of course. stretching you. especially when it came to Jason. then sucked it off in the most suggestive way imaginable. Tage squirmed down to meet the slow rock of Jason's hips. Tage couldn't get rid of his shyness. though." Giving Tage a wink. "And watch all my hard slaving over a stove go to waste while you two feast on each other?" He gave them both a knowing look before leaving the room. but I'll take you over food any day. he devoured the plate of spaghetti. he covertly watched. "You gonna sit with us tonight. Unable to resist. Jason pushed his chair back from the table and reached out for Tage's hand. Egbert snorted." Thankfully. "Master Dominic wants us for a session soon." The delicious scent of the food made Tage's mouth water as he settled in one of the chairs to wait for Jason to join him. taking a bite of his spaghetti. I eat. Jason moaned softly and a slight tug pulled Tage's head back." Scrambling suddenly from Jason's lap. he slid onto Jason's lap. Unable to hide his own responses. deepening the kiss. "Can't wait to see those restraints around your wrists and ankles." Piling some spaghetti on his plate. "I probably should take that ." Jason murmured." Jason laughed as he sat down. Jason tugged just enough to tease. "You're as bad as Dominic. "Time to eat. Tage spooned some of the sauce and meatballs on top of it before he reached for a piece of the garlic bread. Damn hard not to think about Jason's tongue in his ass. He purposely ignored the stirring between his legs. or tried to. Tage had to stand or risk coming. Jason leaned close. Jason had a way of talking to him that caused a tightening in every part of his body. "Maybe I should go take a shower before Master Dominic calls for us. he seemed to pay more attention to Tage than to his food. he could feel the scrape of Jason's teeth. resting his arm across the back of the chair. Tage's breath escaped him with a soft sigh." Jason murmured. "spreading you open. or he would have been flustered by now. Can't wait to see what Dominic slides in your ass. "Love the way you taste." Tage couldn't hide the flush he felt burning over his cheeks as he lowered his gaze to his food.

silently watching the session." Tage had to bite at his lower lip to stop himself from saying 'please'. He possessed a type of mental radar that warned him in some indefinable way he couldn't understand. Addressing Grif. "Go get your shower. In one of the far corners of the room." Taking the dishes from Tage's hands." Returning his gaze back to Grif. Tage shifted slightly closer to Grif's chair." "I think a hundred is a fair enough offer. Lately Tage had a hard time keeping his focus where it was supposed to be. Tage knew Bran Holden had been watching him for some time. a scene was taking place with another sub. "I was going to help you. I've got the dishes. **** Tage knelt obediently beside Grif. Lowering his eyes. he leaned down and kissed Tage softly. "I'm willing to seriously up my offer. Tage tried not to tremble. Grif looked up as well with a questioning look. Yet every time he caught the man's look on him. As another man approached them." Fear flickered in Tage's eyes as they darted up toward Bran. Jason got up and stopped him. The young man had been tied to a St. Pausing in his conversation with Dominic. All around them others went about their business in the club. and you know that. or fuck you on the countertop. "We need to talk. Bran. Occasionally. Bran let his gaze travel slowly over Tage.shower by myself. He really didn't care for dealing with other people that much and some made him exceedingly nervous." Smirking faintly. Grif's gaze drifted slightly between Bran and Tage." Just barely stopping himself from melting. listening as his master spoke with Dominic. "I will agree that it is more than a generous offer. Tage would always quickly look away." Quickly he picked up some of the dirty dishes and took them to the sink. He's interested me for some time. Tage would have to obey. and a small crowd stood in a half circle. It was the form of the contract they had between them. does it? I am curious as to your offer this time. With a small smile. remember?" Smiling. but if Grif decided to the contrary. It wasn't often such displays were given since very few masters used bull whips. "If you stay in here. "It doesn't help that I've mentioned before that I'm not interested in selling him. The other subknelt near Dominic. Grif owned him completely. Hastily spinning around. covertly looking in Jason's direction. denoting thoughts already of a possessive nature." Bran seemed entirely confident in his notion that he had only to name the right amount and Grif would give Tage to him. "Such a precious toy. I figure that's what you wanted. Tage raised his eyes. Griffith. Tage murmured. Bran. but Tage paid little heed to anyone else. Jason set them in the sink before turning to Tage. Griffith. But one I'm not interested in. Bran said. He could feel the man's eyes on him and knew the man's name. "My job tonight." Turning down a hundred thousand dollars for a slave wasn't something a person did . he kept his gaze fixed on the floor. A gleam of avarice glittered in the vampire's eyes. Bran looked down at Tage. Looking back down at the floor. I'm likely to just bend you over the table. he retreated from the kitchen. Grif's fingers tightened on Tage shoulder as he smiled. Andrew's cross and his body writhed beneath the expert touch of a bull whip. he continued smoothly. and his hand reached to brush over Tage's shoulder. He didn't believe Grif would let someone else have him.

obediently keeping his hands folded behind him and his eyes downcast enough to be respectful. Jason stood. Jason reached out and pulled Tage close. Dominic knew?without Jason needing to say a single word. Tage pushed in against him. Tage: it is who you are. knowing stare. Tage raised his face to his master's." "Good idea. and take Jason and Tage with us." Dominic said as he stood. He could feel eyes on him and had been too afraid to look anywhere else but the floor. "Go ahead and get yourselves some dinner. "Just nod and say 'okay. Tage pressed a kiss to his master's hand. "Maybe some night you'll get it right. But I'm not going to. "I don't ever want to go through that again. seeing the other sub's look of sheer relief. As soon as Dominic closed the front door. Quietly. Jason'." he whispered. A flicker of anger was directed at Grif before Bran veiled the look in one of congenial acceptance. meeting Grif's gaze with a grateful look. there would have been nothing Tage could do." After Bran was out of earshot." Tage gave him an unsure look." "I know. It was the closest he'd come to losing Tage and it left a bitter taste in his mouth.everyday." he muttered." A smirk crossed Grif's lips. waiting to see if Tage would take it further this time. Grif said. "I'll come up with the correct figure sooner or later. he kept to the sedate pace Grif and Dom set. . Jason fell back against the wall." As Grif's hand slipped lower to beneath Tage's chin. Tage kept his position behind Grif. and certainly never to someone like Bran. Daring a quick look in the other sub's direction." Reaching for Dominic's hand. The walk home was quick and quiet. Jason found himself under a sharp. but it was clear that Grif wasn't willing to sell Tage at any price. "But I'd fight like hell over it." "That makes two of us. When he looked at Dominic. we will call you later. A narrowed gaze followed Bran until the man disappeared into another room. I won't be selling you to the likes of him. Without any protest. Bowing his head." Jason slid a finger under Tage's chin and lifted Tage's head to see his eyes. If either I or Master Dominic want you." He leaned in for a kiss then. Even if Grif had decided to sellhim. keeping it light and chaste. And I do have the right to sell you whenever I wish. "You are right. But I highly doubt it. Tage said nothing to Grif about the matter. he caught Jason's eyes on him. Turning to glance back at Tage." Grif muttered. Master. "Thank you. a proper demeanor in place as he moved beside Jason. "I would have to obey. No matter how badly he wanted his own form of reassurance. Anticipation makes the reward all that much sweeter." Nodding gratefully to Grif. "Don't worry. clinging tightly. Griffith. Even Grif's hand on him hadn't stopped the frantic beat of his heart. Grif seemed to sense his thoughts. Jason smiled and said. "I thought I was going to lose you. and it took everything he had to remain obediently kneeling where he was. Tage hadn't looked at anyone during the whole conversation. When Dominic snapped his fingers. eyes closed. As he drew a shaky breath. love." Jason opened his eyes and gazed at Tage. A panicked edge still remained in Tage's mind. Dominic growled low. Grif headed for the stairs. pet. his eyes lifted to Jason. Still. but still high enough to see where he was going. "I don't fucking trust him. he remained silent near Jason. "I think we should return home for now.

" Jason whispered. Startled eyes met Jason's before they closed. Tage. the counsel requires an explanation." Jason said softly. "You have no idea what Grif has been through with that monster. Jason hummed happily. The law is clear on the matter. relaxing back against the wall. They were his peers. "Okay. Grif is not safe with that bastard. Tage laughed softly against Jason's lips. Sucking hungrily on Tage's tongue. please have a seat. The press of Tage's body kept him there as Tage's tongue teased his own. "You really have no idea how special you are. That's why you are here. Parting his lips. he rested his head against the wall and just looked into Tage's eyes for a moment. "Bed. pulling Tage close again. "I'm not sure what you mean. giving in to the kiss. Dominic sat down and looked at each of the other elders in turn. Pulling back slightly." Andrew spoke up quietly." FIVE ? ? ? "Dominic. "If you have some reason to dispute this. and I think that makes me something to be acquired by others.Smiling a bit at the comment. James to his creator. Dominic reined in his temper in record time." . "What?" Dominic read over the paper and felt his blood run cold. "No. Plucking at the material of Jason's shirt. "I know most won't allow a full contract. James' request. Elder Marcellus. He'd sat at this particular table for longer than he really could remember. he held up his hand to silence any more outbursts. A sound somewhere between a moan and a sigh escaped Jason and he practically melted right then and there." Tightening his hands around the paper. All the other members were already present. but when he did? God." Andrew glanced down at the official document before he picked it up and handed it to Dominic. it took all Jason had to keep from going to his knees. He licked at Tage's lips. Tage. Apparently that was enough." Pausing. loving the way the muscles moved just beneath the smooth skin. "You have no idea how special you are to me. "This is not a matter of choice. "Quinn was abusive to Grif?in every way imaginable. it was obvious Tage was confused." The startled look in Tage's eyes was clear before Tage dropped his gaze back to Jason's chest." "Let me rephrase that." "No?" Jacob Littleton blinked over at Dominic. He lifted Tage's head and kissed him softly. "The Counsel of Elders does not call a meeting without reason. Dominic. It wasn't often Tage took such initiative." "I'm saying that this is about more than just sex." The soft pressure of Tage's lips met Jason's as Tage's arms snaked around his neck. Tage's breath warmed Jason's as Tage opened to him." "We've had a petition requesting the return of Griffith St." Andrew gestured toward the one empty chair at the counsel table. sliding his arms around Tage as he opened to the gentle kiss. "I want you. "The counsel sees no reason not to grant Quinn St. Griffith is his creation." Jason murmured." Dominic looked up and glared at Jacob. do you?" The comment earned Jason a quizzical look. Jason slid his hands up Tage's sides. Jason. Jason. Want to touch and taste every inch of you.

"In order for us to bypass the clear legal right St. James' household. "Is there any opposition to this?" Each of the counsel members voiced a nay except for two of them. If it warrants further investigation." Dominic said dryly. there are some gentlemen here to see you. "If the situation warrants it. have them report it. Until we've gathered proof either way. he spoke quietly." Looking around the counsel. . Grif studied their features." "But there is!" Dominic gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. bowed his head. His slave straddled Jason. and walked out. Elder Marcellus. I acknowledge your statements and concern. Marcellus. "Do you have proof of this abuse?" "I have Grif's word. watching Jason and Tage play. there must be severe abuse to Griffith St. Andrew asked. You know that as well as I. Nodding." "You know we cannot do that without Quinn St. both of you. "Very good. "Would you object to an investigation?" "What sort of investigation?" Dominic did not like the sound of that. Marcellus. James has to his creation. "I can bring Grif in." Jacob sat back in his seat and drummed his fingers slowly on the varnished wooden tabletop. Grif reached over lightly slapping his sub's ass." Egbert announced as he entered the room. Grif took a drink as he lightly ran his fingers downward over Tage's back." No more than a few seconds later their shuddering bodies and groans answered Grif as they came." "Master Griffith. James will be returned to his creator. **** Chuckling. another elder?Lawrence?rested his chin on them as he spoke. Send someone in. With nothing more than a nod. James. James' request. nor would he likely give it. "I want you both to come. the counsel will see that it is undertaken. but the fact remains that we must honor Quinn St. When Tage collapsed against Jason. but I don't know what good it will do unless you go into his memories. "That won't be enough for us to set aside the law. After they had tortured each other for long enough. "Then we will begin the proceedings to investigate your claim. "What the bloody hell do you want?" Dominic glared at Jacob. Leveling a grave look on Dominic. Reaching for his brandy." Dominic was sick. Grif relaxed in his seat. rocking his hips slowly back and forth with Jason's cock inside his ass. The tight grip of Jason's hands clung to Tage's hips as his own bucked upward. he stood. Andrew looked back at Dominic. James' permission. Andrew shook his head." Jacob carefully stressed his words. If Grif goes back to him. "we will send a servant of the counsel into St. Low groans of pleasure sounded from both of them." Clasping his fingers together. understanding how lost they were in each other. Griffith St."As an elder of this counsel. yet they were intent on attempting to send the other completely over the edge. driving himself deeper into Tage's ass. Both had to wait for his permission for their orgasms." Jacob glanced around to the other counsel members who each nodded their agreement in turn." "But nonetheless you may further explain what you know." Jacob said with infuriating calm. That is the law. "There is severe abuse in Grif's past with Quinn. there's no doubt in my mind that Quinn will return to his old ways. But you have yet to give us any particular reason to do so.

"It's taken me long enough to find you. "I have every right to be here. take us home." "No. "By order of the Counsel of Elders. Grif growled. "You should know better. pulling him closer. Grif didn't even flinch with the punishing hold on his arm. Egbert. opening the letter. Grif pressed up against the opposite door to keep distance between them. "Marks." Quinn said as the door closed. He'd known it the moment he saw Quinn in the house. If anything. Griffith St." With a nod. And these gentlemen are here to ensure that. Griffith." He patted the seat beside him in a far from loving manner. he got a clear view of Quinn standing in the foyer. But there is still much for you to make up for. An unpleasant smile crossed Quinn's lips as he saw Grif. my toy. Walking down the hall. I will not return with you. When Quinn got in. Quinn gave him a piercing stare. Grif nodded as he stood and left the room. "On the contrary. jerking his arm away from Quinn. "Very good. "No. He'd been afraid Quinn would find him." Grif snarled out the words. Or have you forgotten disobedience gains you nothing?" Holding out his hand." Quinn waited silently for Grif to obey and when a second too long passed. "Now give your Master a proper kiss. "Now. In silence. Quinn. Cornered. that's better. Griffith. the bastard knew exactly what would get to him." Grif knew. Grif walked through the door when one of the guards opened it for them." When Quinn's fingers curled around his hand. Quinn?" Folding his arms against his chest. grabbing Grif's arm in a bruising grip. You have no business in this house. "You are to return to your home. "What do you want. Shock rushed through him and nearly froze him on the spot. Quinn's fingers curled to Grif's wrist. "Is something wrong. The chauffeur opened the door for him and he slid into the seat. "Go. Grif forced himself to a brave front that he didn't feel at all. Griffith. Quinn. the nails dug into Grif's flesh. Grif stopped several feet away from him. The menacing smile widened on as Quinn moved toward Grif." "Get the hell out of here. Unable to get too close.. When Grif refused to move." Quinn scowled at him." Masking the sheer terror he felt. he just knew. "Very well.Setting his brandy down. or will you make it difficult?" Looking quickly over at the three guards who stood near the front door." Quinn said." Quinn took a folded sheet of paper from one of the men standing behind him. "You have no choice. Grif knew he had no choice. Egbert had no choice but to retreat toward the back of the house. Nodding with whatever dignity he could muster. one of the . my little pet. Quinn St." Quinn sneered and tilted his head toward the door. bitten back as Grif closed his eyes and shifted closer to Quinn.. Master Griffith?" Egbert asked as he moved up behind Grif. James. I'll take care of this. he moved to the black limousine parked in front of the house. "Ah. So do we do this the easy way. trying to suppress the cold chill of fear rising inside him. and you know that. it's all right. "Perhaps a night spent on the block will change your tune." The sound abruptly faded. his posture taking on an aggressive edge. James is to return to his creator and master." Grif said between gritted teeth. come here.

"They took him from me!" "What happened. he entered the library silently." Blinking. "I love you. Master?" Egbert stared calmly at him as he moved to clean up the mess Dominic had made." "I'll get it." Dominic spun around and glared at him. unlocked it. Master. "Yes. wall. I know you will. "What about . "I'm sorry. Quinn's tongue forcing its way in. "Do you fucking hear me? He's gone!" "Dominic. "Christ. Tage.. to both of you. Glass and liquid rained over the floor. Egbert closed the door.. he sent everything on the desk crashing to the floor. getting Dominic to turn around. "He's fucking gone!" Dominic screamed. I'll help you clean it up. We all love Master Griffith. and headed for the kitchen." Egbert whispered. "Master?" Dominic knelt down in front of them both and looked down at his lap. Divorcing his mind from the reality. you'll get him back. Even Jason was shaking. and bookshelves. and Jason came running to the doorway. clearly terrified.nails pierced Grif's skin. taking care to lock it. throwing the bottle of scotch against the far wall. laying his hand over Egbert's. "I'm sorry. but he knew what Quinn would do to him if he did. And you have to believe that as well." "It's okay.. the sound ragged." "Oh. I never wanted you to see me like that. but not in pleasure. "Master. "I didn't mean to hurt you. When Dominicslammed it shut. Motioning the other two away.. They're terrified." Dominic hurried to the door." "You didn't hurt me. **** The front door nearly snapped off its hinges as it burst open. He stormed into the library and with a thunderous roar and one swipe of his arm.much better. Dominic seemed to return to his senses. Egbert. causing the suit of armor to sway slightly on its stand. We all do. Then Dominic turned away. presenting himself to Quinn as he parted his legs. Grif slipped quietly into the part of himself where Dominic resided. Please. though not nearly as much." "I know. he tried to impart some calm and order to Dominic's thoughts. It was all he had. Not knowing what to say. Fear and loathing nearly choked him.. I made a mess. Grif shuddered.. Grif lifted his face slightly. Dominic had Egbert's shirt fisted in his hands and he slammed Egbert up against the wall. the impact shook the entire entryway." Dominic nodded before he looked around. working to gather his scattered thoughts. He loosened his hold on Egbert and set him down on the floor." Quinn's other hand came up to hold Grif's chin in a firm grip as the older vampire's lips molded over Grif's." He reached back." Egbert exerted a bit of pressure.. "Quinn could easily kill him. Dominic sighed." Egbert said.. Leaning in toward Quinn." Jason said quietly. Egbert laid his hand on Dominic's shoulder. reaching out to touch one of Dominic's hands. wanted to fight. As Quinn's mouth claimed him. As Dominic entered. "Tage and Jason need you." Feeling helpless." "No matter what happens. Egbert blocked the way when he saw the state Dominic was in. Within seconds. "I am sorry. Tage didn't even look up from where he sat huddled next to Jason. God. He desperately wanted to escape.

I don't think any of us can handle being alone tonight. Jason sat on the edge of the bed. he buried his face against Dominic. he put the young man into sleep. So does Grif." He held up a hand when Jason started to speak. I become a part of you?and you become a part of me?in a way that can't be undone. "It can't be challenged. "Come here." When Jason's gaze met his. "I know. though he'd hoped for a time less troubled. Although sex was the farthest thing from his mind. "Stay here.if it was anyone else." He followed Jason into his sub's bedroom. We will get him back. Sitting heavily down on the bed. "I think that's a really good idea. he did his best to appear relaxed. Sitting in the chair near the bed. "You will. "that I promise. however. but I want to know your reasoning for wanting it." Jason said with a shrug. Clearly needing reassurance. Tage pulled away from Dominic. "I am not saying yes. There really was no easy way to approach this. "I love you both." Dominic had to do nothing more than turn around.. pressing a soft kiss to both of their faces. His gaze fixed on the door and he sighed. he opened to it. Leaving the kitchen. Dominic glanced over at Tage. the expression on the sub's face reminded Dominic just how strong the bond was between them. but the tears spilling down his cheeks said everything. Tage just stared silently at them before he turned his back. He didn't speak. Dominic released him and went over to the bed. With a soft kiss to Tage's temple and a quiet thought. desperate. He'd been expecting it. Let's go to bed. "I wouldn't want it. Jason. he headed up the stairs to Grif and Dominic's room. "Turning isn't something to be considered lightly. "Sleep with me. "Shh." Jason . I will think about it. Jason's mouth was on his. "Can we talk?" Jason asked as Dominic turned to face him." Making a visible effort to calm himself." Tage pulled Jason with him as he scrambled to get closer to Dominic." Dominic said with renewed determination. Jason nodded. actually. looking everywhere but at Dominic. he added fiercely. "Master." "Look at me. closing the door behind them." Dominic whispered." Before he could say another word. It seemed to Dominic that he would be the one to initiate this line of discussion. Pulling away from the kiss." Jason nodded. This one would take time to heal. either. stunned at the barrage flooding him through Jason's kiss. the kiss sharp and hungry." he murmured. curling up on the bed." "How long have you thought about it?" "A while." Jason got up and walked over to Dominic." Tage clung to Jason with one hand as the other reached for Dominic's. I know you will." "Come on.Master Griffith?" "We're going to get him back. He pulled them both close. It's almost dawn. kneeling between Dominic's legs. Dominic continued. hugging tightly to him. "I'm so sorry." As Jason looked up. Dominic and Jason followed behind him. shaking uncontrollably. Dominic walked back over to Jason and nodded." he whispered to Jason. Looking at Tage. "Several months. pulling the blankets up around Tage." Dominic stood and helped them both to their feet.. "But I am not saying no. Jason was suddenly in his arms.

"I understand. Tage lifted his head and pressed a small kiss to the corner of Jason's lips. but if it's what you really want. Moving quietly. he approached the bed and finally slid under the covers. As for what I want. "It would take a fool to miss the love there. the only person he's ever turned is Egbert. Tage's hand reached up to touch Jason's face." "I know." "Only Master Griffith can give me away." He looked back up into Tage's eyes. Dominic carded his fingers through Jason's hair. I need to speak with Egbert. Tage's tears wet the pillow until he'd fallen back asleep. "Now off with you. "Are you really sure you want that? It's not something I've ever thought about.. threading his fingers through Tage's. and there was the truth of it." He leaned forward and kissed Jason softly. Curling up in the bed. Nobody can take you away unless you decide to leave. Jason looked down at Tage. "He hasn't given me an answer. Tage frowned slightly.?" Dominic smiled and slipped his hand down to cup Jason's face. "Why?" Propping himself up on his arm. And now he had his own troubles to deal with." he said quietly. He wanted to be the one Tage came to. He'll need you when he wakes. Tage." Rolling onto his back. "What do you . feeling more helpless than he ever had before. mumbling in his sleep before he began to wake up. holding him close. Reaching out. Tage stirred. then no one can take us away from here. and Tage only had Grif. but he knew that wasn't the case. "Hey. Tage stared at him blankly for a long moment before he asked. I hope Master Dominic gives it to you.. Jason. "I know I can't bear the thought of someone taking us away.. If that alone gives him the right to take Grif. still clearly puzzled." SIX ? ? ? Sometime the next day." Jason nodded and pressed a soft kiss to Tage's fingers. Tage. "I talked to Dominic after you were asleep. Jason. then what protection do you and I have? If we are turned. Ah. "I wish I could bring you back. "What about you?" Jason turned his head slightly and kissed Tage softly." "Did he say he would?" Covering Jason's hand with his. and his master wasn't there." Completely confused. "I wish I could make this all better. go to Tage. spooning his body against Tage's." "Hi. smoothing a hand over Tage's chest. For now. Tage had gotten up and wandered to Grif's old room. He draped his arm around Tage. Shutting down proved to be no problem for him." "How did you know." "I asked him to turn me." "I'll be all right.." "You needed him." Jason sighed and turned his hand over.whispered. "And Master Dominic will get Master Grif back. Jason. Jason had Dominic. He turned his head to look back at Jason with a wan smile. "Quinn created Grif." Jason hugged him and sighed. Jason stood in the doorway. I'll give it some serious thought." Smiling a bit. He said it's something he would have to think greatly over.

"It's all right. the look of gentleness on his master's face soothed through Tage as he scrambled out of his chair to go to Grif. but I think you should really think about being turned." Though he had to obey Grif. Raising his hand. a fingertip smoothed over Tage's lips." "And you need to listen to him because he's right. white hot rage followed and Tage wanted to kill the bastard who had taken his master away. He just didn't dare tell Grif the rest of what he'd overheard Dominic and Egbert talking about. Tage. Jason fell silent.want?" "I don't know what I want. Then shock froze him in his seat when he saw Grif in a collar and led by a leash in another man's hand. For a moment." Grif nodded obediently and the man headed toward the back of the club and disappeared into another room. his mood had calmed because of Grif's presence." Opening to him. "I will be back shortly. Tage sat in the chair at the club. you know that. He snaked an arm around Tage's waist and held him tight. Turning to face Tage. Master Dominic will take very good care of you. his voice trembled as he whispered. Moments later. not because of fear. If it is something you really do want. "I love you. I always will. "I expect everything to be delivered to my home. Don't worry about me. "I love you. Not to 10 Wellford." Quinn unfastened the leash from the collar and set it downon a table. pressing their bodies together as his tongue swept through Tage's mouth." . leaning down to kiss Tage again." Tage's tone remained low so that nobody else would overhear them. Jason. setting up a demonstration." "You'd still want me if I was turned?" Jason asked. Master. and he no longer felt the nagging emptiness of the last several days." "I miss you. "Now I want you to go back to where you were before Quinn comes back and sees you. Bellingham. he daringly gave Grif a kiss of his own before he quickly turned. but to 16. silencing him as Grif's other hand cupped Tage's cheek. Tage. Grif stepped back. "Stay here. Swiftly. Grif's expression completely opened. It has to be something you really want." Tage almost broke out into tears then and there. Griffith. staring morosely around at the others. "Master Dominic is going to get you back. "You don't even have to ask that. It grated on Tage and brought out the earlier rage. **** Four more nights passed with unbearable slowness. He already talked to the counsel. reflecting the depth of emotion inside him." The warmth of Grif's calming touch flowed through Tage. "You sound like Dominic. Nodding." Jason laughed and shook his head. a small whimper emerged from Tage as he shifted closer. releasing him. Tage felt exceedingly reluctant to do so. content to lose himself in Tage's kiss. quieting the turmoil." After pressing a gentle kiss to Tage's lips. Never in his life had Tage ever felt so helpless. The chair he had vacated was already occupied so Tage moved toward the back of the room to an empty chair. he heard Quinn's voice coming from the hall behind him. "Master?" Tage's voice didn't rise above a whisper yet Grif heard it. Jason. He'd left Dominic and Jason in the other room. then I'm all for it.

he got back in his car and pulled into traffic. looking for a house with the number sixteen." As they moved passed Tage. Entering the house quietly. he knew Dominic and Jason would join them. Tage decided to look there first. he made an immediate right from the off ramp. His mind raced while he discreetly moved behind them as they exited the club. he rummaged through the drawers for a black vest. he sped up the car. you will be out a very lucrative customer. Tage figured if he dressed similar to the clothing he'd seen on Grif. After opening the garage door. Tage hit the steering wheel in a frustrated impatience as he realized there was no number sixteen on the street. Wellford Drive was a couple of miles to the east. he might be able to move through Quinn's house without raising suspicion. "If it happens again."I apologize for the mistake. The six looked like a zero to the delivery men. As he . So there had better be no mistakes on this order. he got into his car and started it. Tage waited for the light to change. Thankfully there was no rush hour traffic. Watching Quinn nonchalantly reattach the leash to Grif's collar and drag him off only strengthened the hatred. He could only take out four hundred dollars. but it would be better than the forty he had on him. After getting out his keys from the top dresser. Tage flicked on the radio to drown out his own thoughts as he drove onto the 183 freeway. As he passed the one hundred block. he didn't want to alert Egbert that he'd come home early. he continued across the intersection to North Wellford. Racing up the steps. and your phone number wasn't written on the order form. Tage turned in the direction of home. After leaving a quickly scrawled note in the study. Realizing he was at the eight hundred block. Or at least he hoped so. Now he felt grateful that he had. His plan had already started to formulate in his head. Tage wanted to get to Grif as soon as he could. he slipped on the vest and grabbed his wallet. They wouldn't be able to come back to Dominic's house. Though he didn't drive much anymore. Keeping calm wasn't an easy thing to do knowing where his master was. he went to his bedroom. Stopping at the light. Pulling off the shirt. Hurriedly walking the distance. Grif looked back at him before he entered the limousine. Instead of following. Maneuvering through the traffic. but once they found some place to hide. After getting the money out. he turned left onto Wellford and quickly looked at the street sign for the numbers. The idea would be to get Grif away from Quinn's house and run like hell. he sprang from the chair. When the green arrow flashed. Not finding it. Doing his best to keep his temperunder control. There were two Wellfords in the city. Since Wellford Street was closest. or Tage would have been pulling out his hair. He had more money in the bank if he needed it. Turning off onto Exit 222. he crept quietly through the house and outside to the garage. Tage couldn't sit there and do nothing. he'd still wanted to keep his old car. After pulling into a driveway." The man's annoying tone oozed an apologetic whininess. When they walked out. Drumming his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. Tage cursed every red light he had to stop at. just in case they needed it. he stared at Quinn with a deep loathing. and Tage just smiled at him. St. He shoved the wallet into his back pocket and headed back downstairs. he slowed down. Tage backed out and drove back down the road. Tage saw a branch of his bank and decided to pull into a parking spot to get more money. James.

Relieved. Master. Grif looked up at him. Before Tage could react. "Master." When Tage didn't move. he opened it and looked inside. "Tage.." Nodding." As Quinn held out his hand. The surprise attack blindsided Quinn and both of them fell to the floor. the other continued his work as he watched the two of them. to the left and the last door.. he parked the car slightly down the road from the house and got out. praying he didn't run into Quinn. "Well. Grif drew back to turn him around and gently pushed him toward the door." One of them stopped and looked over at Tage. Master. Run now! Get the hell out of here! SEVEN ? ? ? . he headed toward Grif's room. Both looked at him and since they weren't Quinn. he didn't wait for Tage's answer. his tone commanded Tage to obey him. nuzzling in against Tage's throat and drawing a deep breath. Tage hurried out of the room. Stretched out on the bed.approached Wellford Drive. The servant he passed didn't even question his presence. and a distinct glitter appeared in his eyes as they traveled over Tage." Grif reached for him and held him at arm's length." Grif trailed off as he turned his head. Please. Once he was inside. however. savagely tearing at Quinn with fangs and nails as his mind screamed to Tage. The houses were spaced farther apart on the street and it took Tage a few minutes to find the right one. Saying a thankful prayer. aren't you?" With a roll of his eyes. he said. "Second floor. he looked up at the sign and turned right. Grif jumped up." Raising his voice slightly. "If he finds you here. Instead he muttered." Tage walked toward the bed." Pushing in against him. Tage wrapped his arms tightly around Grif. Quinn. but before he could get to Grif. When he opened it and stepped inside. Determinedly he strode across the street and up the driveway to the door of the house. he closed the door behind him. "Idiots. "Tage. Two men were in the room cleaning it. Grif growled angrily in warning before he launched himself at Quinn. is it? Come here. he didn't see anybody in the foyer. the bedroom door opened and Quinn came into the room. So far away that bastard will never find you. Grif landed on top of him. "Where's Griffith? Master Quinn wants him brought to him. Master Quinn is hiring idiots. he received an impatient look from the man. shock registering immediately. Walking toward the closest door. Grif yanked Tage back and stepped in front of him. "Probably upstairs in his room. what the hell are doing? You can't be here." Before either of them could move. "We can run. A brow rose as Quinn saw Tage." Tage briefly felt a presence in his head as he pressed up against Grif's back. now. Taking the steps three at time. he shut it quickly behind him. Tage stopped at the door and opened it." "It appears he broke into my house. "You're new. Tage. we've got to get out of here. Griffith. Trying to slow his speeding heart. "I've got to get you out of here. I think not. Tage felt safe in asking. His only hope would be to boldly enter the house like he belonged there. Who is this?" With a snarl. "He's going back home.

we have a problem. "That's it. Dominic helped Jason sit up and guided him to his neck. He groaned as Jason's fangs pierced his throat. "Take it slow. "Dominic. When survival instincts kicked in and Jason started clawing and fighting. Jason. eyes wide." Jason said. "And who is this? You know it is forbidden to bring mortals into?" "He's mine." Nodding. sitting down beside him. He gave Jason a weak smile. Dominic snarled." Dominic twisted and eased Jason down onto his back on the bed. Dominic leaned down and sank his fangs into the sub's throat. Jason. Jason's arms snaked weakly around Dominic's waist. The pull was strong and he held Jason tightly to him. Dominic willed the wound to close. I demand his return immediately. Master. Dominic swallowed his fear with every mouthful of blood." Dominic murmured as he pulled away. stroking a finger over Jason's cheek. "Welcome back. Several long minutes passed before Jason's eyes opened once more. but Egbert stepped into the room. "I demand that Quinn return my property!" Several of the counsel were already present and turned in their seats to look at Dominic. "Elder Marcellus." He shivered when Jason did as told."Yes." Jacob leaned slightly to the side and peered at Jason." Dominic said quietly. You must be patient until we've looked into the matter of Griffith St. "Just know I'm here. "Quinn has Tage Gilbert. "Sit down. "Shh. Dominic smiled down at him. lick first." He pressed Jason to his neck and growled softly when he felt the pull of the sub's mouth. "It will hurt." Slamming his hands down on the table. Master?" Dominic sat up on his bed and patted a space beside him. "When you are done. and it's a terrifying experience.. "Thank you. letting the sub take what he needed." Dominic growled. even when his sub took his last breath." With Jason's nod." Jason's voice shook as his body trembled. and that I would never leave you. one lick will seal the wound. Giles has yet to return from his assignment. holding on. Now feel your fangs?" Dominic didn't have the chance to finish." "I understand.." "I'm hungry." "How do you know Master Quinn has Tage Gilbert?" Andrew inquired mildly as he . who stood quietly behind Dominic. A small whimper followed and then Jason ripped away. "Master!" Dominic pinned him to the bed as Jason screamed and bucked with the throes of death. Dominic held him down. "Jason was turned last night. slowly losing its strength." Jason nodded and smiled." Dominic opened his mouth to respond. Calmly." **** Dominic flung the doors of the counsel chamber open and stormed into the room. James. Andrew addressed him. Tage is my property. blanketing Jason's mind with promises of peace and love. "Master. A moment later. Jason. "Yes?" "You were right. Jason gasped and shuddered." Jason closed the bedroom door and walked over to Dominic. He made a quick cut on his own throat and gathered Jason to him. Jason right behind him. When Jason pulled away. and find the vein with your tongue. nodding slowly. "Drink. "What do I do?" "Nothing yet. Dominic's gaze never left Jason's eyes.

" he said. "Giles. "Quinn St. James. "Here. When I was cleaning. And Griffith bears physical marks of abuse and torture.settled back in his seat. "The reports of abuse are not false. though he refrained. along with a photograph of Tage. "You will enter Quinn St." Every one of the counsel members nodded their heads in agreement with Andrew's pronouncement. he came into the main room and asked where the subject. James into custody. We want them and Quinn St. "This. followed behind Quinn as the guards pulled him into the counsel chambers." "Aye. "What have you found regarding Quinn St. I thought he was a new servant. "Jacob and I will also accompany them. Bowing his head respectfully. James. he added. Andrew held up the picture." "I see." Andrew carefully looked over the contract as well as Tage's note before he passed them to Jacob. Dominic." one of the elders announced as he stood. "Yes." Andrew said with a slow nod. I promise you that. James and Griffith St. Elder McComb. Elders." Jacob added. "You can speak to Griffith if you wish. He must be returned to Elder Marcellus. "Elders. **** Grif. was." Andrew said. Griffith St. "you have been brought here to answer to the crimes of abuse and rape of Griffith St. yet no one listened. The lounge is at your disposal. James' house and take both Tage Gilbert and Griffith St. from struggling against the hands that held him." Quinn snarled in anger." . "It will be dealt with. Looking to Dominic and Jason." Dominic's blood ran cold and only the soft touch of Jason's hand on his shoulder kept him from nailing Giles to the table in a rage." "Thank you. James?" Andrew asked Giles. "To insure cooperation. James brought before us immediately." Dominic slapped Tage's note on the tabletop and shoved it over to Andrew. you've just returned from the St. Several of the members nodded in greeting to Jason with polite smiles before their attention returned to Dominic. for the moment." Jacob nodded his agreement as he handed the papers to the next counsel member. James household. Did you see this man?" With his question. Jason's hand tightened on his shoulder. Andrew sighed quietly. I witnessed several of Quinn's slaves rape Griffith St. Elders. When we return. he approached the table. the Red Guard will escort them. The counsel doors opened and an auburn-haired man stepped inside. James. "You must remain here. "And you have proof of ownership?" Dominic turned to Jason and took the papers. He picked up the picture of Tage as he glanced over at the man standing near. "This is a mistake. waving them before setting them on the table. Elder McComb." Dominic said with a bow." "That is a lie!" Quinn yelled as he stood before them. James. carrying Tage. Glancing over at Dominic." Andrew turned to one of the guards near him. "I warned you all. we have no question of the ownership of Tage Gilbert. there will be a formal trial. issuing the orders.

I love you. A faint smile quirked Grif's lips as he held both of them. James. "Let it go. claws and fangs only. and Quinn St." Quinn sneered at Dominic. Carefully Grif set Tage down and slipped his arm around him. He nodded to the guards and two of them approached Tage and Grif and took them safely out of Quinn's range. I would not. Quinn St. As soon as Tage and Grif were moved. love. looking into Grif's eyes. Dominic and Jason following behind him. "No. on orders from Quinn St. "Giles. You both must remain in full human form. When he was close enough. Elder Marcellus." "By order of this counsel. he looked at Dominic questioningly." Quinn glared as he stiffened." None of the counsel spoke in Quinn's defense as they sat in their seats. James' rights as Griffith's creator have been terminated by order of this Council." Andrew spoke quietly yet decisively." Jacob barked sharply at him.As he woke Tage. With an abrupt nod. he leaned in to whisper. which every counsel member has. Sliding his arms around both of them." "It has been decided. Tage Gilbert must be returned to Elder Dominic Marcellus. it has been decided he is free to leave the household of Quinn St." Dominic said with conviction. turning to face Grif fully. but he remained calm under the influence of Grif's power. "I bear testimony to witnessing the brutal abuse of Griffith St. "No weapons. jerking his arms free from the guards. "No one will dispute your right. Quinn signaled his agreement and a second later he was on Dominic. "Would you let it go if you were in my place?" Dominic asked." "Not in this territory. would you be so kind as to restate your report?" Nodding to the elder. James. "remember that I love you. "You have broken our laws with your barbaric treatment of your own creation. Dominic and Jason stood silently off to the side. Are the rules clear?" "Yes." Andrew said. Giles stepped forward and stood at the head of the table. James on two separate occasions. Quinn St. As Andrew looked at each one. "To the death. A quiet sigh escaped Grif as he shook his head. as well as the rape of Griffith St. Grif released Tage and Jason. Jason ran to them. I want to kill him myself. he drew them back further toward the wall. James by Quinn St. appearing utterly confident in his own ability. In the matter of Griffith St. Grif spoke silently to him as he headed back to Tage and Jason. The full details are in my report. James. "It has been determined Dominic Marcellus has right ownership of Tage Gilbert." Dominic whispered. James willfully retained his property. they remained silent. James and choose his own domicile. Grif said nothing to Quinn as he kept Tage tightly held against him. and moved toward Dominic." He kissed Grif softly and turned back to Quinn." "No matter what happens. "This is an outrage!" Quinn roared. Both Grif and Tage reached for him at the same time. Finally Andrew spoke. Tage's eyes flew open. "I will fight this!" "Then I challenge you to the death." All eyes turned immediately to Dominic. . James by several members of the household. Glancing over their heads. "Is it now?" Andrew walked into the room." The chorus of the counsel voices echoed in the room. "My household is mine to do with as I please.

"I'm so glad to see . Dominic. Struggling beneath him." Quinn snarled. Quinn bared his fangs and lunged at Dominic. straddling him and keeping him pinned. Grif's quiet words reached Dominic through the haze controlling him. snapping Quinn's spine as he ripped open the vampire's throat with fangs and claws. Movement stilled as Quinn's back broke. When he broke through the other side. **** When they reached the house. I will have all three of them. not on protecting you if you get in the middle. "Jason. Quinn grabbed him by the leg and pulled him down. still slashing awayat his clothing and skin. It took him a moment to collect himself before he moved forward to lay his hand on Dominic's shoulder. All eyes were on them. they supported Dominic between them as they left the counselhall." With a hard thrust of his hips and shove of his hands. Dominic growled and shoved his fist through the vampire's back. Grif carefully helped him up as Jason hurried toward them. Tage followed silently behind them and drove them all home. "It's done. nothing of his mind remained human. Tearing away from Quinn's throat." Leaning over.. "With your death. Quinn's heart was in his hand. unable to say anything else. The loss of blood was great and he began shaking. As the myriad of cuts on his face healed. he gave no advantage to Dominic as he crowded him. Dominic. aiming a jarring kick to Dominic's head. The same animalistic twist marred his features. tearing to the bone beneath. We need to get him home. "Grif. Grif's. As Dominic went down. but he remained immobile beside Tage and Jason. eyes turning blood red. he grabbed Quinn's throat and slammed the vampire face-first onto the floor. Flipping over. "The car is outside. slamming Quinn back into the wall. swaying slightly as the beast subsided. Grif had to tighten his hold on Jason. Dominic sent Quinn flying over his head and across the room. in particular. As he pushed from the wall." Without a word. Egbert smiled weakly. The loss of blood from the massive wounds weakened him. Dominic roared in pain and shook his head." Dominic twisted and shot to his feet again.. Though he remained in pure human form. don't. The carcass of Quinn's body rapidly degenerated to nothing more than dust. Dominic was on his feet within seconds. The cuts began to heal and as he held Quinn at bay. "Dominic!" Jason struggled against Grif's hold on him. Pure bloodlust drove him and he lifted Quinn over his head." Dominic dropped to his hands and knees. The impact shattered the marble tiles beneath them. slamming the vampire back down onto the floor. Quinn lunged at him again and Dominic caught him. kill him. Out for blood. distrust etched on his features. Quinn couldn't gain the upper hand. Dominic jerked him up. He watched intently. Egbert followed them up the stairs and hurried to open the bedroom door for them. When Dominic came at him him no room as he sent Dominic to the floor. Quinn rolled out of the way before he leapt up. Dominic let the beast take over without shifting. Grif's face twisted slightly the moment Quinn died. nails slashing at Dominic's face. landing several blows with his feet before jumping back. "I think not. Looking up at Grif. Straddling Quinn's back. He needs to focus on Quinn.

Grif helped Dominic up off the bed and toward the bathroom." "Jason? Tage?" Dominic blinked up at Grif and smiled." Leaning back." Jason hung back near the door. James. "Thank you. holding Tage close. "He asked me to. "You are the world to me. if you were so easily taken away from us because Quinn created you. I never wanted them to see that side of me." Dominic said firmly. Grif hovered over Dominic as he began to undress him. Egbert coaxed Dominic to stop and offered his own throat. Griffith St. Our family has been torn apart." "What they saw was you willing to protect all of us. Dominic was able to stop on his own. he began gently washing off Dominic's face. all three of you. the more I realized his fears made sense. drawing it to his lips and pressing a fervent kiss to it before letting him go." Nodding.. Dominic." Rinsing off the wash cloth. he said.. "I do have a question. Everything is fine now. "Egbert. "Yeah. Griffith. You're home and you're safe where you back home. swallowing mouthfuls of Grif's blood. Why did you turn Jason?" Dominic moaned softly. Dominic's movements were reactionary and he bit down. Grif washed the blood from Dominic's chest. Grif reached for the wash cloth and soap. I didn't like the idea. Grif supported him. "Grif?" "Egbert. Dominic murmured. "Will he be okay?" Grif answered him quietly. you need to feed. "Dominic." He opened his eyes and looked up at Grif." "I've known you for ages. helping to support Dominic.unless they belonged to me. Dominic groaned and stumbled back to the bed. Let me get him cleaned up and fed. Master Griffith. then what was to stop someone from taking him or Tage." Lowering his eyes. A few minutes later. love." "Both of them are relaxing right now." Helping Dominic into the bedroom. and began gently washing Dominic off. "Love." Tage grabbed Grif's hand." Dominic groaned as Grif helped him into the bathtub. When he closed the wound. brushing a soft kiss to Dominic's lips. That's all that matters. Egbert will go get them. "His reasoning was that." Egbert went to the bathroom to start a hot bath for Dominic. lathered them. After several minutes. Grif smiled a bit." Grif knelt besidethe tub and leaned forward. Grif. Egbert followed quietly and shut the door behind them. drawing Dominic to his throat. Jason." "I can't say I'm surprised it affected him that way." With a tug on Grif's arm. At first." "Yes. settling back against the tub.. Master Griffith.. Egbert moved up behind him. would you please change the bed and give us about ten minutes before you go tell Jason and Tage to come to the bedroom." Smiling. Slipping a finger beneath Grif's chin. "Do you need me for anything?" Egbert asked quietly. "I'm here. Dominic tilted his head up. When he'd taken enough from Grif." Returning the kiss. Dominic. You two go relax. "It's ready. but the longer I thought about it. get a bath ready for him. love. please. Dominic had him in the . "You're home now." Sitting on the bed. and I'll have Egbert come and get you when I'm done. "Let's get you cleaned up so Tage and Jason can talk to you. His other hand tugged on Jason's to pull him down the hall." As Grif tilted his head. though. eyes closed. "Don't you dare think I'm going to let you retreat into a shell. "Everything hurts. "He'll be all right. "We both may need to feed him. They need to see everything is okay. and as soon as we get you cleaned up.

Dominic thrust his tongue into and out of Grif's mouth. As he helped his sopping wet lover to stand. watching. drawing blood. "At least the bed is big enough for four. the sound growing stronger as Dominic's tongue swept through Grif's mouth and licked one of Grif's fangs. "We really need a bathtub for four. Grif drowned himself in the sound." Jason whispered. Grif looked back at Dominic and winked. "Into the bed with you. "Come here." "I take it you're okay now?" Jason asked tentatively." Dominic said as he crawled onto the bed. Grif smirked at him as Tage happily snuggled up to his side. and taste of Dominic. "It was worth it just to hear you laugh again. Dominic. Dominic. need to reconnect. I was trying to be stoic for both of us." "Yes. I want equal access for all of us. Love the way you feel." Holding Grif close. Mentally. Jason. Dominic stood. Just the four of us." "Not quite." Dominic urged Grif toward the bed and waited until Grif was sandwiched between Tage and Jason. pressing a series of kisses to Grif's chest. Laughing. he saw Jason and Tage standing in the bathroom doorway. Surprised. crimson drops. "What is it you want. "Are there rules?" Jason asked before flicking his tongue over Grif's right nipple. Just before Jason knelt before him. Then he heard a startled laugh. licking at Grif's fangs. however. Fingers tightening in Grif's hair." "Get your sweet ass on that bed with them and I'll agree to every word. When Grif pulled his head back. dropping kiss after kiss along Grif's stomach. Dominic chuckled. parting . As Tage finished drying off Grif. "I am." Quirking a brow. "No man in his right mind could resist the three of you for long. Grif struggled to get out of the tub." His smile relaxed a bit and he crooked his finger. Instantly the urge translated to action and Grif bit down. Dominic's only answer was a low rumble of pleasure as he threaded his fingers through Grif's hair." Snaking his arms around Dominic's neck.water. Dominic stopped him. Just remind me to talk to Malcolm about designing a new tub for us. Now. clothes and all. scent. and a low growl vibrated at the back of his throat. Grif eyed his lover with a raised eyebrow before he leaned in slowly. With a slight tilt of Grif's head. We need this. Grif slipped his arm around Dominic as Jason and Tage climbed into the big bed. Grif spluttered and laughed. His mouth tightened to savor the rich. "No rules tonight. the smile needy and happy. Dominic deepened the kiss. "Damn it. not missing the way his sub's eyes were glued to the lines of water running off of him. a low growl rumbling deep as Jason dried him off?with tongue and towel. He worked his way between Grif's legs and leaned down." Tage moved quickly to strip the wet clothes off of Grif. "Bed. Dominic had a satisfied grin on his face. "Now there is my idea of Heaven. Love those sounds. Standing patiently. You're still over there and we're here. Master. Master?" The touch of his lips parted over Dominic's and the teasing lick of his tongue wet them. "One of the most beautiful sights in the world to come home to." Tossing the towel back into the bathroom. the way you taste." Grif answered as he shifted slightly. Grif pulled the towel from his hand." Dominic nodded and grinned.

A shudder ran through Grif with the full bite of Jason's fangs as his hips pushed downward toward Dominic's tongue. The slow backward grind of Tage's ass to his cock sent a familiar stirring . giving them both some much-needed friction. Grif chuckled as his hand reached over Tage to get to Dominic's chest. Tage nipped playfully at his other nipple before his lips moved lower. Tage and Jason held his legs. Then he sucked it into his mouth. "No fucking rules at all. Jason reached down and touched Tage's hair." Tage nudged his head under Grif's hand as his mouth fastened to Grif's left nipple. Dominic found himself flat on his back with Tage and Jason hovering over him. pushing his fingers deeper. "God. moaning around it as his hand drifted down to hold Grif's right leg up for Dominic. When Tage got Grif's other leg. he bit down fully. "Good. hungrily kissing Jason and Dominic as his hands ran over their chests. Grif's hand encircled Tage's cock. Tage's hand lifted Grif's cock and wrapped his mouth around the hard flesh. "Come for us. A hard jerk of Grif's hips buried the fingers in his ass as he came in Tage's mouth. A slow smile drifted over his lips as his other hand reached for Jason's cock as well. Tangling the fingers of his free hand in Jason's hair. Lifting his head to watch Grif's face." Dominic urged. both of them working up and down Grif's cock. he held his lover wide open. thrusting his tongue in and out. Rolling to his side. Turn around was fair play and Grif wanted to see Dominic get his fair share. Jason rose up and joined them. sliding his fingers through the soft curls. raising his hips and spreading him for Dominic's pleasure. Dominic groaned and when Tage finally pulled off of Grif's cock. Slowly moving lower. Jason moved down to join Tage. working one of his own fingers into Grif alongside Dominic's. and Dominic's fingers inside him. fuck. baby. Lazily. drowning in the taste. The sound of his moan rose in pitch each time Dominic's fingers rubbed over his prostate. Somehow. fangs sinking into the soft flesh around Grif's nipple. both men grinding against his thighs. fingers pinching sharply at Dominic's nipple. Dominic leaned down for a kiss. Hands on Grif's buttocks." he warned them with a growl. turning it into a three-way kiss. Dominic settled lower. Tage grabbed the lube and quickly slathered Dominic's cock as Grif nudged against Tage's back. Grif moaned low in his throat." Licking the bite marks. Grif screamed with pleasure. Quickly swallowing it all. flicking his tongue over Grif's ass. wetting Grif's skin with his tongue. Dominic took the lube from Jason and slicked two fingers. you're beautiful all spread out like this. then returned to lavishing kisses on Grif's body." As Tage swallowed Grif's cock to the root." The word was breathed over Grif's skin as Jason nicked the nipple with his fangs. he eased both fingers inside.his legs further for Dominic. his body writhed as it began to tremble. Tage lifted his head to watch Jason feed." "Oh. His tongue swept through Tage's mouth. "Come on. "I'm going to lose it. knowing he was in for it. Tage's mouth continued massaging his cock. Tage moaned as his body rubbed against Grif's side. Jason moved lower and sucked one of Grif's balls into his mouth. Grif couldn't answer. With Tage's and Jason's mouths taking turns on him. With a deep growl." Already Grif's body squirmed. stroking over it as the three went at it above him. He spread his legs. "Open him up for me. As he lost himself in the bliss of his orgasm. curling them forward. Dominic moaned as he pushed his tongue into Grif's hole.

"Oh. "Are you upset with me because I was turned?" Jason asked quietly. that's hot. Tage ducked his head so Grif could reach him." Nodding. Reaching behind him. Tage didn't seem to mind at all. fuck yes.gonna come. Tage had regained a great deal of his balance. damn. Tage cried out. He screamed into Grif's mouth as his own prick pulsed. Tage's hand ran along the length of Grif's cock. though it had taken him a few nights to do so. His own hand smoothed over Jason's hip. driving his cock deeper into Jason's body. "Fuck. Grif fully relaxed as he spooned against Tage. hips working over Dominic's cock. God." he moaned. He'd not said anything when he returned home and discovered Jason had been turned. One of Dominic's hands gripped Jason while the other reached for Tage. Grif's mouth caught Dominic's moan as his tongue explored every inch of his lover's. Tage watched silently as Jason bent down and rummaged through the refrigerator. Jason's sounds grew in intensity and volume. With his master back in the house. "Just like it should be. Dominic groaned and his hips rocked up. His own orgasm was quickly approaching and when Jason cried out." Chuckling. Jason. erotic mixture of sound and motion. Ride me.through Grif. A low groan built in Grif as he felt Tage slick his cock with the lube and guide him into his ass. Jason closed the door and set the bottle under the tap. With both slaves in hand." Hands on Dominic's chest. filling Jason with his release. tight heat. body swallowing Dominic's cock in sweet." . "Jason. "Oh. Oh. Grabbing a bottle. "Oh. "So sweet. but he guessed it was no big deal." Jason murmured. Tage's hips worked between Grif in his ass and Dominic's hand around him. Jason began riding and grinding. Dominic brought both hands up and grinned at Grif as he licked their slaves' come off his fingers. "Just like it should be.. grinding against Grif until the throb of Grif's cock rewarded him. Grif's cock repeatedly drove into his slave as his mouth suckled at Dominic'stongue." Jason slumped down onto Dominic. "No. A few seconds later. As Grif leaned over to kiss Dominic. He thrust up repeatedly. his nails digging into Dominic's chest.. It bothered him a little because he'd wanted to be there for Jason.." Tage had yet to get used to Jason's more uncanny senses.. breathing ragged. Dominic rolled his hips under Jason and fucked Grif's mouth with his tongue. kneading into the flesh as he rocked against Dominic." EIGHT ? ? ? Leaning against the doorway. thrusting into Tage's fist. "I think we're one big happy family again. baby. I'm not upset. Dominic followed." Dominic's smile reflected in his eyes as he slid his arms around the most important men in his life. The four of them together became a heady." Grif said. cock throbbing and pouring wet heat over his fingers. Jason moved quickly and straddled Dominic. When Grif didn't pause in his rhythm. body shaking as he came in Dominic's hand." Dominic tightened his hold on Jason's cock. Tage pressed back tightly into the forceful thrusts. "I just wish I had been here. "Dominic. letting the hot water run over it. reluctant to let his slave go. jerking harder and faster.

down his neck. but kept his thoughts to himself. Without hesitation. but then again he'd never been sure of anything with Jason. feeling the hungry pull of Jason's mouth on his skin. encouraging him. He had his own hunger for Jason to appease." Jason's fingertips ran down Tage's spine. Tage straightened with a box of chocolate candy in his hand. Tage. After the sharp pain faded. Closing his eyes tightly. "I'm glad he gave you what you wanted. Unable to still his shivering response to the touch. "I will only do it if you ask me to. just below his left ear. Tage opened immediately to him. Tage swayed slightly." Jason kissed him softly." Bending. Jason. He carried Tage upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door with his foot." He hovered over Tage and kissed his lips softly. and I want to feed you. Please. "I would never do anything to hurt you." Dazed. He recognized the look of hunger. peered into its dark red contents. I want nothing more than to please you in every way possible. Tage pressed lightly against it. Tage. Jason slipped an arm under Tage's legs and scooped him up. Tage held on. Jason. Jason stood up and pulled his shirt off. his arms drawing Jason down to his body. Then Jason tipped Tage's head and kissed a slow path over Tage's jaw. You won't hurt me." Jason whispered. He just wasn't sure what he was to Jason. "I don't think you know how much I need you. He lifted the bottle. Jason crawled onto the bed between Tage's legs. His words were very simple. Jason finally pulled away. Jason drew Tage back against him. but he didn't think Jason had understood him. Seeing how Jason stared at him. Tage lifted a hand to his throat. Tage opened the fridge to get a snack for himself. "I want you." Tage smiled. then turned slowly to face Tage." He brushed a soft kiss to Tage's neck." Jason said. "Go ahead. As the last of his clothes dropped to the floor. Come whatever may. "No. At this point. Arm snaking around his waist. wrapping his legs around Jason's. After laying Tage on the bed. he stepped back toward Jason." "This isn't about feeding. Feeling the stirring against his skin." Moving past Jason. He'd come to rely on Jason's calming presence in his life. The slight arch of his body to Jason was a clear signal and invitation. The slow rock of his hips rubbed their cocks together as Tage let . he tilted his head slowly. to the nape. Jason. Tage wasn't quite sure how to take it. he wiggled out of his pants and took his shirt off. parting them with his tongue. As his hand lifted to Jason's head. pressing his body tightly to Jason's as his arms slid around Jason's neck."Dominic kinda surprised me." Tage knew that without any doubt whatsoever. Being part of the food chain changed things. Then Jason sank his fangs in." "You have me. "You're right." Jason raised his head and turned Tage around. "Do you fear me now?" His breath warmed Tage's skin." The words were breathed across Tage's skin. Tage. Tage. The bottle remained unopened. "You need to feed. "For you. rubbing against the spot where Jason had bitten him. It felt different somehow. "It's not all I want. he couldn't deny Jason's effect on him. Tage had meant far beyond the obvious. he was now the only mortal in the entire household. in a way he never expected. but he didn't bite. Closing his eyes. licking the wounds closed. as Jason drew life from him. "I need you. yet eloquent in their truth. I will always want you.

"Let me in. baby. Jason slammed into his body as fangs pierced Tage's neck. After pouring himself a brandy. He nudged his head under Jason's chin to press a kiss to the base of Jason's throat. leavinghim exhausted. When he'd taken enough. He wouldn't stop until Jason told him to. We've been through Hell the past few days. Jason rocking against him. Jason's hands slid under Tage's shoulders and tugged Tage down with every thrust. his hips bucked. Tage couldn't stop the trembling and each tug of Jason's mouth flooded him with the overwhelming sensations. Tage squeezed some of the lube out onto his fingers. Jason slicked himself and tossed the lube to the floor before leaning over Tage. he went to the couch. rocking his hips slowly to drive their need up several notches. Breaking off the kiss." Tage's orgasm rolled over him in the crashing waves of pleasure. His hands held on to Jason's head as he parted his lips. "Come on. baby. Given his own personality. Without looking." Jason whispered on Tage's lips as the head of his cock nudged against Tage's hole. baby. Every pull at Tage's throat sent another shockwave through them both. Come for me. Jason moved his mouth down to Tage's throat. he slid his hand down and pushed his fingers into himself. With Tage's plea. His eyes remained tightly closed as everything faded. Spreading his legs wide. and he desperately wanted Jason to take him.himself go to the sensations beginning to race through his body. Jason eased out of him and collapsed onto the bed. "Please. An upward thrust of his hips impaled Tage fully on Jason's cock. completely relaxed for once. he nestled." **** During the nights as Dominic busily attended to the aftermath with the Counsel. Settling into the . leaving him mindlessly shaking beneath Jason." Tage couldn't answer. he grabbed for the lube near the bed and opened it. Sighing quietly. Pulling from the kiss. he wasn't sure where to start anymore." Obeying Jason. Jason. Jason devoured Tage in the kiss. All he could do was hold tightly to Jason as incoherent moans rose in his throat. nailing Tage's prostate. Jason dove into the kiss as he started stroking in and out of Tage's body with long. He couldn't even sort himself out anymore. So many parts of Tage were becoming intricately woven around Jason. baby. Sliding an arm around Tage. It took very little for a groan to escape him. His body felt like a limp noodle. As desire sharpened within Tage. Jason pulled him close." Tage murmured as he burrowed in against Jason. Jason stared down at him. "Sleep. begging to be entered. and his body clenched tightly as he fucked himself on the hard flesh. Groaning. "Show me how much you want me." Jason sat back on his heels and stroked his cock. Grif sought sanctuary in their private study. With a deep growl. gaze drifting between Tage's face and his fingers. deep thrusts. Jason changed the angle of his thrusts. Anchoring hisknees firmly on the bed. Jason's name became a chant until Tage lost his breath as Jason pinned him to the bed. pulling Jason's tongue in his mouth... but he couldn't control it. With a shift of his hips. Jason licked the wounds and slowed the rhythm of his hips. "Damn. The only movement was the faint nod of his head. Tage wasn't certain if it was a good thing or not. Jason growling into the kiss. With so much on his mind. "You okay?" "I'm okay.

cushion. he had managed to drain the contents of half a bottle of brandy. arm sliding around Grif's waist. A short bark of bitter laughter escaped Grif with the thought. love. Tage. Master. staring morosely at the dark amber liquid in his glass. "take Master Griffith's suitcase out to the car." Then Dominic smiled slowly. Though why all of a sudden?" Grif asked as he got into the car. then set it down with a snap." Dominic chuckled. . it was plucked right out of his hand. Dominic nodded at Egbert. Master Dominic will be back soon and you need to have everything packed. yet he now constantly questioned himself. A few minutes later. taunting him for being unable to stand up to his previous master. turning out the light as he went. and Egbert all know we're leaving for a few days." Egbert bowed to them both and went back inside. please. grumbling the entire time. The door opened a moment later and Egbert stepped inside. taking it out to the car. Everything that had occurred had yet to be sorted out and Grif forced himself not to focus on anything that had happened." Dominic called without looking away from Grif. Grif sprawled out. You've been hiding out in the study for a while now. When he was done. Or at least." "You're all plotting against me. When I get there. Reaching for the glass. Grif walked silently toward the main room. I'm kidnapping you. I'vebrought out your suitcase and it's in your bedroom. I don't really give a damn where we're going.. He steered them out of the house. He really hadn't realized Dominic knew he was hiding in the study all this time. Grif let the machine get it. He left the study and went upstairs. Grif entered their bedroom and began tossing clothes randomly into his suitcase. I'm on my way home. Quinn could do damage and still continued to do so. "Master Grif. Why couldn't Dominic just let him seethe about it? He'd eventually get over it. When the phone on the desk rang. "In the car." "And where are you stealing me away to?" Egbert appeared in Dominic's wake and picked up Grif's suitcase. "A little cabin in the woods. "As long as you're there. he drained it quickly. The fucking man was dead and could do no more damage. Then he was turned to face a loving but serious blue gaze. Grif stood." Dominic's voice penetrated the haze of self-disgust in Grif's mind and he frowned slightly. however. I love you. He could hear Tage and Jason playfully arguing with Egbert over dinner. I know you're in there. Setting his case down at the bottom of the steps. Sighing. He had yet to deal with Quinn's influence on him. We'll be back in three days. instead of answering it. He tried to keep his mood shifts hidden from Dominic. didn't want to deal with it. The sound of raucous laughter came from the direction of the kitchen as Grif descended the stairs. Far away from everything but us. aren't you." Dominic kissed Grif softly and released him to walk around to the driver's side. and without fully realizing it. Grif. "We're taking a little trip. "Love." "Yes. He played havoc in the recesses of Grif's mind. "Thank you. Looking up. Egbert?" With a wry smile..that's what he tried to tell himself. I expect you to be packed for a weekend away. "Egbert. he closed the suitcase and left the bedroom. closing the door behind him. Before he could finish the bottle. Anger rose too quickly to the surface in him with just with the thought of the state Quinn had put him in. Jason.

But I'm not sure I ever will. Dominic. Griffith. . "I'm not sure what you have planned. "And because." "You have my trust." Dominic said as he pulled out into the street. You were taken away from me once. watching the buildings along the street pass by.Dominic glanced over at him as he started the car. "We're almost there." The words came out through gritted teeth and Grif didn't look at Dominic. Turning his hand. Grif." "Hiding in the study with a bottle in your hand is not dealing with it." He got out and went around the front to unlock the gate. giving it a reassuring squeeze. leaned over. Dominic's gaze was stern." He looked over at Grif briefly. Dominic?" "Purging. Come Hell or high water. Grif. needing you. I'll be goddamned if it'll happen again. we need it. "When I get done with you. I have a weekend session with you. but I'm willing to let you do it. I'd see why. I'm trying to help. "Why do you even still want me around." "Sometimes we must do things we don't want to do. you will. Dominic? That has possibilities. "Consider it a purging. and I will kill anyone else who dares to get in our way." After the reeling effects of the kiss. a safe word doesn't apply. When he finally let go. love. "I'm not letting you go until I know it worked. "There's no reason to drag you into it as well. and tugged Grif into a bruising kiss." he said as he got back in and started up the long driveway. "Oh." One brow quirked and Grif eyed Dominic. I killed Quinn. "Of everything." "Give me three days to change that. Looking away. The doubt." Dominic turned down a leaf-littered dirt road. he drove through the gate before getting out and locking it once more. but coming out of it in one piece was the ultimate question. Grif more than understood the chaos in his head. I just really don't want to focus on anything to do with him or what happened. his fingers curled over Dominic's. We can do this. When he got back in." A grin slowly spread across Dominic's lips. he stared out the window for a long moment. Grif found his voice. I command it." "You could say that." "Good. "I've waited longer than I care to remember: wanting you. Dominic. "If I had any ounce of sanity or stability. as your Master. but I don't want to." "I can deal with it." Grif drew in a deep breath to ease his own tension and the air escaped him in a sigh. "I'm not trying to be a bastard. I'll break you out of your shell." Dominic pulled back onto the road and started up the mountainside." Uncertainty filled Grif's thoughts. "I know you are. A great deal of his own self-doubt echoed in his next question. the self-abuse. the hiding?it all stops this weekend. Grif. "You have more belief in me than I do. Dominic?" Dominic stopped the car abruptly. He reached over and took Grif's hand. Half-hearted reassurances won't be enough." Dominic stopped the car in front of a rusting gate. His fingers tightened in a painful hold on his lover's." Somehow Grif got the feeling there was more behind Dominic's words than he actually wanted to handle. Finally he looked back at Dominic. "Because for this." Dominic came to a stop at a red light and turned right. I know I have to. but he trusted Dominic. "But it's just us. "Because you need it." Grif smiled faintly and his gaze never wavered from Dominic's. "Purging." Dominic said calmly." Tristan had started Grif on the roller coaster descent and Quinn's return only sped the disintegration of Grif's mind.

" Dominic stepped around Grif and pulled open a drawer. he pulled it over his head before he slipped off his sneakers. When Dominic stopped the car. Dominic kissed Grif softly. though a faint vibration of tension returned as they continued. surrounded completely by trees. the rest had been on equal balance. it begins. It will be your will. resting his upturned hands on his upper thighs. I accept you fully as my Master." Dominic took Grif's hand and led him up the steps. taking the collar out and setting the box down. "Once you step through that door. Grif glanced uncertainly at him before getting out. Everything prior to this had only been play sessions. The wooden log home fit perfectly in the rustic setting. "We will always be equals. In his heart Grif had no doubt of his answer. Looking up at Dominic. Grif spread his legs in the proper position. I understand." Dominic crouched down until he was level with Grif. There are two bedrooms: one for us and one for you should you need it. he returned to stand before Grif. Grif saw the entire front room had been converted into a dungeon and he couldn't suppress a shiver. "But in this. then he slid the collar around Grif's neck.' You are permitted orgasm only with my permission. giving Grif the choice as to whether he would take that step." "Very good. The authoritative aura of control flowed through Grif. I am your Master. but the collar itself meant Dominic was fully willing to take on the complete responsibility for who Grif was inside. and my lover. Griffith. my heart. "I love you. Staring out the window. Unfastening his pants." Dominic took Grif's clothes and unlocked the cabin door. and I have no questions. on either one of us. "You are my life. A moment later. Glancing into the box Dominic held out to him. As he buckled the collar. Stilling several steps inside the door. "Yes. Do you accept me in this?" Grif knew they both would retain their equality. Taking hold of the edge of his shirt. "We will not leave this house for three days. During our stay.Grif remained silent." Dominic said. "Yes. It took no more than the feel of it around Grif's neck to awaken the total sense of his own . The simple collar changed the dynamics and was something Grif didn't think Dominic really wanted until now. Do you have any questions?" So easily Dominic drew Grif into the mindset of a submissive. my soul. he watched the small cabin come into view. "Undress. This won't be easy. Master." Dominic unhooked the collar and opened it. he turned to face Dominic." It said a lot about Grif's trust in Dominic as he slowly took that first step into the cabin. Grif's eyes widened at the sight of the black leather collar. "Everything's ready." He opened the box in his hands. Then he stopped. and the collar would bind them akin to marriage within their relationship. he said quietly. leading him to a place where hiding would become impossible. keeping his gaze directly on the floor. However. He stepped to the side and directed a stern look at Grif. Grif looked back up at Dominic questioningly. Dominic closed the door and stepped up to Grif. "I have something for you. The dynamics of the play itself would deeply change." Dominic whispered. Looking around. you must ask for it. "Yes. he let them fall before he caught the waistband and stepped out of them. pushing him gently to his knees. you will refer to me as 'Master." "Am I to be without clothes for the whole time?" The tone of command in the one word had Grif instantly obeying.

" Dominic nodded and without warning. "What are you thinking about right now?" Grif's chest arched slightly." Grif gasped out the words." The answer came from deeper within Grif. Radiations of tingling pain burrowed beneath his skin. Grif rose and went to the table. "I'm scared. "I want you to see me. Dominic walked over to the table set up nearby. Dominic deepened the possessive kiss." Gripping Grif's chin." Dominic flicked the clamp with his finger before teasing the other one to get it hard. he whispered back. cupping Grif's balls and pulling them downward. "I know. his gaze searching Dominic's. Grif didn't protest being restrained. "Please. Master. and for the first time Grif truly gave that part of himself to Dominic." Once Grif was secure. making Grif close his eyes." The command was followed by a sharp tug on the chain. "You will always get what you need with me." Dominic could and would do whatever he wanted. Though it did make him uneasy. whatever you want. "I don't want you to remain silent. Staring heatedly at Dominic. Dominic carefully clamped Grif's nipple. but it's a rush. "I love you. It was a part of who he was. encouraging Dominic to play with him. sliding back against the leather to lay on it. leaving his ass near the edge of the table. Trust me: I will know the difference. Then he gave the chain connecting the clamps a good tug. Grif really couldn't move except to squirm. who he had always been before it had been nearly destroyed by Quinn. and Grif sank deeply into hisown need. "Now what are you feeling?" A quick breath hissed between Grif's teeth with the teasing ripple of pain radiating over his skin. desperately connecting to him as he fixated on Dominic's face and the sharper pain. beyond the physical sensation but drawn out by it. closed the clamp on Grif's nipple. "On the table. I want you to do whatever you want without listening to me. giving himself a visual reminder that he was completely safe. hurt me. Master. I want you to know it's me. Hands on Grif's hips." "Then you will get more.position to Dominic." Dominic instructed as he pulled out two stirrups at the foot of the table. securing Grif's wrists at the top corners of the table. His gaze followed Dominic the whole time. When he pulled back. Dominic pulled him lower. He tugged off his shirt and smiled down at Grif as he rolled one of Grif's nipples in his fingers." While Dominic tied him down. Other than the upward arc of his chest. "What do you want. he said. Just make me whole. though I don't think I will be using it for even that. Griffith? What do you need to feel?" "I need you to help put me together again. "I want more. Grif shifted. "I want to hear you. "The safe word is only for physical needs. Daring to return the soft kiss. then tugged on the ring. . Master. He placed Grif's legs in the stirrups and strapped them securely. He rummaged through a box and returned to Grif's side with a jar of clear gel and a set of small clamps." Grif's eyes flew open. he stood." He moved to Grif's head and drew his arms up." He rolled Grif's nipple with his fingers. Quickly. Right now. but he desperately wanted more. responding to the minutest signals of pain. "Yes." "Open your eyes. Master. Dominic smiled and reached down." "I know your limits well enough that I don't think you will either.

"Yes. circling Grif's hole with both fingers. capturing Grif's mouth in a deep kiss. Grif's hands clawed at the air as his body writhed to the opening of his body. it's so close. Dominic dipped two fingers into the gel. stroking lightly over Grif's gland. A low moan rose in Grif's throat and his hips bucked slightly with the teasing graze of Dominic's fingers." Dominic added a fourth finger. inner muscles tightening. "Only at my hand can you feel this." Each of Dominic's actions pushed at the inner mechanism. "Always. exquisite pain rushed through Grif. The vulnerability in it slowly sank into his mind. The struggle for control of his own need and the overwhelming demand left him helpless. Releasing Grif's balls." he said. Grif. then slid three fingers into Grif. Dominic fully controlled him and Grif's thoughts absorbed the sensations and feelings it engendered in him. but it felt too damn good. His eyes never strayed from Dominic. Simple need became a desperate craving Grif tried to vocalize. Ride my hand. then bent. Grif. twisting it back and forth. Pushing his hand deeper. pushing slowly but steadily." he purred. the throbbing pulse centered in his body threatening to drive him over the edge.. The sounds from his lips rose in tone and urgency with the increase of pleasure coursing through him. Keep touching me.. What do you feel? What are you thinking now? Grif became lost in the world of sensation Dominic put him in." Grif ground helplessly against the hand inside him. and it had taken very little on Dominic's part to do it. Master!" Dominic pumped his fist slowly back and forth." Dominic reached up and unclamped one nipple. The movement of Grif's hips increased. reminding Grif of his completely open position. Grif could only cry out. deep breath before he nodded to Dominic. "You are forbidden to come. God. The nudge of Grif's hips tried to keep the contact to Dominic's hand. "Let me in." he said." Dominic hissed as Grif's body sucked him in. Sharp. Forcing his body to relax. Pulling back from Grif's lips. he sank his fangs into Grif's skin. Pleasing Dominic had its own small tug on his psyche. "You are mine. controlling a great deal of his movement. After crying out with the initial pain. Grif's eyes widened with the burning sting stretching him. begging for the release forbidden to him. pushing both fingers deep inside Grif. need. and he hungrily opened to the bruising kiss." Dominic said. He curled his fingers slowly into a fist inside Grif. please Master. "Deep breath. Need. Already his cock was hard. Dominic stared down into his eyes. he pulled in a slow. Master." Dominic withdrew and slicked up his hand. Want to please you. immediately sucking it into his mouth. Grif. Grif bit at his lower lip to try to control the relentless sensations riding him. Oh. "Please. He curled them forward. rocking hard against Dominic's hand and leaving Grif shuddering with the intensity filling him. then tucked his thumb in. "Yes. The straps held his arms and legs down. "Come on. It hurt."Very good. Master. straining his body off the table as far as it ." He worked his fingers in and out. Focused solely on Dominic." "Not yet. He tried to bear down harder on Dominic's hand. his body nearly coming off the table. stretching Grif open. "Master. Need your hand. "Never forget that." "Never will." Dominic worked his hand deeper. and he tried to push against Dominic's fingers.

and when Grif turned around. Dominic rested his forehead to Grif's. It brought him close to the nightmare of his own life. Without being told. then at himself. Grif?" Dominic stepped back and turned Grif around. "Quinn made me into this. it left Grif screaming in its wake. Can't." Dominic eased his hand out slowly and reached for a towel hanging on the end of the table. I'm always here. couldn't let his master down. his release splattering him and Dominic. I have to." Dominic bit harder and started pumping his arm in and out of Grif. petting Grif's hair and back. holding him a moment longer. Grif. Grif. Internally. flooding him. clinging tightly to Dominic before he finally released him. with an odd sense of relief and unease. and his mind shied away from that. the sound slowly faded and Grif fell back against the table. pulling Grif into the mindless demand of his body. . More pain and pleasure followed. And he knew. Only for Tage's sake. "You're beautiful. With only Dominic's permission. slow kiss. love. Grif padded silently toward the small back hall and into the bathroom to start the bath. The rock of his hips pushed to a frenetic level. Then we can talk. Let me.." Clinging to Dominic.. Couldn't fight against him. needing the safety and contact. smiling as he looked into Grif's eyes. Sinking beneath the intense rush." Shivering convulsively. Dominic held him close. He unhooked Grif's wrists and legs. Grif couldn't stop. All the more intense for having been denied." Grif whispered. Scream for me. he sucked in several deep breaths in an effort to force back the orgasm that wanted to take over." "Am I? Even as I am?" "And how are you. and his voice came out in a tortured sob of sound. I hate that. Come. Grif couldn't disconnect at all from Dominic. Deep within him. Completely vulnerable to Dominic." Dominic said with particular vehemence. the only place things made any sense tohim was with Dominic. he tried to get closer. This is a part of you. making a concerted effort to divorce the notion of play from what was actually happening. "Let's go get a bath started. that each and every thought crossing his mind crossed Dominic's as well. Is that what happens because of what I am?" Confused beyond words. He was so close to the edge and couldn't fall over it. forcing him to look into the mirror. Dominic was right behind him. I see compassion. "Want to know what I see? I see a man who would give his own life for someone he loves. You know that." Dominic helped Grif off the table. Please. he'd begun the acknowledgment of who he was. staring helplessly. "Shhh. generosity. taking a long. Grif met Dominic's eyes in the mirror. It's the only thing that keeps me going. God. Now let me hear you. As the tub filled. "Come here. Not releasing Grif's nipple from his teeth. right?" "I know you do. whatever it is. Ending the kiss. Master. The moment his master freed him. "Trying to stop. the tidal wave washed over Grif as his mind and body let go and Grif gave in completely to it. Grif burrowed against him.could go. Dominic was naked and watching from the doorway. Grif opened willingly. Make me believe you want it. "What do you see?" Lately Grif couldn't even define himself. "No. Dominic unclipped the other and twisted his arm. at first Grif looked at Dominic. melting against Dominic. Staring into the mirror. Grif saw that he looked terrified and he had to literally force himself to continue looking at his reflection. Dominic pulled Grif to him. not my own. "I'm here. "I love you.

reassuring form." Holding Dominic's gaze. Then he tugged Grif down for a kiss. Griffith. but enough to cause the silicone toy to rub steadily over Grif's gland. Master. Grif's nails scratched at his master's skin. Dominic was still resting and Grif had gotten up early to attend to everything Dominic wanted when he woke. The words soothed over a deep. NINE ? ? ? Standing at the sink. he would get. Dominic was still sleeping. You alone should be the reason. Master. You only need to remember it. In an instant. Dominic tugged slightly?not enough for it to come out. Without you." He stepped into the tub and sank into the water." "You have your own strength. Completely pliable to his master." Taking Dominic's hand. and set it to the side. Grif's lips trailed slowly downward over . Grif leaned over enough to brush a soft kiss to Dominic's lips and whispered. he smiled. "In your eyes. Drying off the bottle. which meant he'd be waking soon." Dominic whispered. I'm not sure I would make the effort anymore. Tongue delving into Grif's mouth." "You won't. groaning softly when his fingers touched the base of the plug. Not anymore. When his gaze fell on Grif. With a sigh. lying on his back. It looked as if he'd moved.." Eager to obey Dominic's will. Grif carefully considered Dominic's words. I'm determined to help you find it again. I trust you've been busy.. Grif reacted." He reached out." Turning to face him. struggling to regain his own. "Pleasure me. I see beauty so strong it hurts. love. Don't make me the reason for anything. settling in front of Dominic. Grif couldn't look away." Grif's answer trailed off as he opened to Dominic. took the robe from Grif's hand. he relaxed back against the solid. "It's eight o'clock. Dominic reached around with his other hand. Master. internal wound and Grif slowly smiled." Settled at the edge of the bed. "I only hope I don't drive you crazy in the meanwhile. sheet covering only the slightest bit of his body. love. "Yes. "Of course I have. I believe I have enough to struggle past Quinn. Grif joined him in the tub. You are the reason I want and need to be who I am. "It does." Dominic whispered into the kiss. only you would give me your strength. Grif. seating the plug inside Grif once more. I could take on the world.determination. it's somewhere inside me. he set it on a small tray along with the crystal goblet and headed silently for the bedroom. he reached for Dominic's robe and pulled it off the bedpost. I see the love of my life. One hand rested against Dominic's chest. Grif knew whatever Dominic wanted. "I'm not sure how much strength I have in myself. eyes blinking open slowly. "But I know you have strength. "Good evening. Does that make sense?" Dominic leaned over to turn off the faucet. Gripping the flared edge. his backside squirming with the sensations shooting straight through to his cock. After setting the tray on the stand near the bed. A grumble sounded and Dominic stirred. He knew exactly how Dominic liked it and part of his duty was to ensure everything was properly ready for his master. Grif carefully warmed the bottle of blood beneath the spray of hot water. I see strength beyond anything I have ever witnessed on a battlefield. then held out his hand to Grif. peppering Grif's neck with light kisses.

Settling across Dominic. A light nip of his teeth teased over each nipple before he continued lower. Pushing the covers downward." Dominic's head fell back. holding him tight against his body. Dominic rumbled. The temptation beneath him was very hard to ignore. Gently massaging beneath Dominic's balls. rubbing just beneath his balls." A shudder ran through Grif with the exquisite rub of the plug. he curled his fingers around Dominic's cock. then handed it to Dominic for his consumption.Dominic's chest. Grif bowed his head slightly as he waited for further orders from Dominic." Grif quickly engulfed the rigid flesh. drinking slowly. Quietly. Dominic sat up and took the glass. "Have you fed?" "No. Greedily. Rising slightly on his knees. Grif had to resist any overt gestures. "Feed. Dominic pulled Grif to straddle his lap. Swallowing quickly. a deeper growl escaped him before he could silence it. "Yes. he opened the bottle of blood and poured it into a glass. he cleaned Dominic off. Dominic groaned and began thrusting slowly into Grif's mouth. Dominic's cock growing hard once more. Dominic's fingers dug into Grif's hips. he quickly inserted two fingers. The gentle glide of his teeth ran along the shaft in answer to Dominic's command as one of his hands nudged between Dominic's legs. I haven't. Grif's fingers flexed against Dominic's skin when he felt the rubbing pressure of Dominic's cock. Though he was desperately needy himself. slicking himself in preparation. More than anything. "Keep doing that. petting. suckling tightly around it. Placing his hands on Dominic's chest. He took pleasure from the hitch in Dominic's voice. "Ready yourself for me. throat relaxing to swallow his master deeply. Reaching behind Grif." Dominic hissed. Let me feel them. Setting the glass down on the bedside table." Properly deferential. When Grif licked the wounds closed. With only a simple parting of his legs. pouring his release down Grif's throat. The shift of his body positioned him where Dominic wanted him to be. The graze of his teeth teased over the flesh with each upward slide and his tongue rapidly flicked against the sensitive underside of the head. hips rolling and pushing his prick deeper into Grif's mouth. stroking. then lifted his head. "Teeth. his mouth quickly followed. he leanedforward and nuzzled against Dominic's throat." The name was whispered seconds before Dominic came. Master. opened it and poured some of the liquid onto his fingers. "Yes. "Grif. Lifting his head. Dominic forced Grif's thighs apart as well. Dominic reached over to the table and picked up the bottle of lube. panting and thrusting. Grif took the tube from him. love. he didn't say anything. Skillfully. His gaze never leaving Grif's. his hips rocking up to press his cock against Grif's ass. Legs spreading.. hands landing on Grif's hair. A soft growl escaped Grif before his fangs sank quickly into Dominic. a betraying rock of his hips literally begged for his master's attention." he commanded. he wanted the taste of his master's come flooding his mouth.. his mouth and fingers worked over Dominic. ." Everything he did was for his master's pleasure and Grif reveled in it. Grif drank every last drop. lips sealing around the head. he pulled the plug out.

Without warning. "You will present yourself at the cross for me. pulling Grif's hand out of the way. "Let me come. Sharp pinches of his fingers and a deepening groan betrayed his own closeness and forced Grif to slow his motions. driving his cock harder inside Grif. relying on the warmth and safety that flowed over him from Dominic's presence. "Grif. he stood in front of the cross. Grif's orgasm exploded over his senses. Master! I can't hold it. Literally begging.." Dominic hissed. Master." Dominic murmured softly." Licking the wounds closed. Dominic whispered.have to. hips pushing up with every slow. quicker.. "Come. "I love you. As each sensation tightened the need within him. deep stroke. Show me how much you want to please me. Sharp vocalizations tore from Grif's throat with the full release. Grif's hips lowered slowly. Then he eased Grif down. "Remember that this evening." Dominic urged gently but firmly. sharper.. cock sliding deep inside him. Dominic met every descent of Grif's hips with a lift of his own. he looked back down at Dominic." Dominic growled. Grif nodded his understanding. he finally began to calm and pressed several kisses over Dominic's skin. Head falling back against the headboard. he felt the sweet stretch as he was filled. "Enough. fangs piercing Grif's throat as Dominic came. Grif's words came out in a sharp cry. his fingers rubbed in small circles around Dominic's nipples and the low sound in his throat rose." Grinding back and forth in a slow rocking motion. It wasn't something he wanted to do and mentally he resisted the idea." Dominic kissed his head. nuzzling in against him. waiting patiently for Dominic. It took a great deal of will not to rock demandingly against the pressure. guided by Dominic's hands. No more than two minutes later. he didn't say anything." Keeping his face buried against Dominic. he stopped in the bathroom long enough to clean up a little before heading to the dungeon. His voice pleaded with Dominic. "You are not to come. filling him over and over. Legs curling tightly to Dominic. It helped him regain his own balance." Before the sound of the word faded. or the cat. letting his master control the movement. and flipped them suddenly." A shudder rocked through Grif as the harder driving need completely controlled him. Tipping his head back slightly. "I love you. Deep waves of pleasure drug him under and left his body shaking." Obediently Grif got out of bed.Staring down at Dominic." Hands strong on Grif's hips. Grif heightened the intensity rippling through both of them. Dominic's movements turned harder. Dominic's gaze remained on Grif. Long moments later. Grif struggled with the pulses of pleasure that assailed him and his body began to tremble. "Now ride me. the bullwhip. . His focus remained on arousing his master and the rise and fall of his hips repeatedly fucked Dominic. He rolled them onto their sides and held Grif close. "Please. his come slicking between their bodies. "Shhh. Always. but the pleading look spoke volumes. "Up.. never straying as the thrusts grew stronger. Padding out of the bedroom. "when I take you deep into yourself. Dominic lifted him and pulled him back down. You may choose between the crop." he said. baring his fangs. Please. Griffith. Drawing a slow breath." Grif clung tightly to him. You will need it. he struck.

I was freaked out and afraid for him. With only a small mattress." "Then we will begin. bedside table." Dominic reached up and placed Grif's hands on the leather cuffs. Not a damn thing I could do about it. "You've been in here for over an hour. "I hardly remember any of that. and being able to deal with the events had lightened part of the burden deep inside him. His voice came out in a low whisper. Dominic entered. Now tell me what I want to know. then I will gladly do it. then moved across the room to Grif. and tortured. You've probably had enough of the details. Normal daily events for Quinn. Master. Grif turned and lifted his arms to the cross. not necessary. He wanted to rescue me. I should have beat his ass for that. spreading his feet in preparation to be tied." His forehead creased in concentration and the words came out slowly. What happened was the same as what used to happen. But Dominic had dragged him out of that place." Rolling to his side. Each threat Quinn had thrown at him had lost its meaning. but I wasn't really surprised. Staring up at the ceiling." Dominic smiled and settled beside Grif. At times it was a nightmare he wasn't sure he'd ever wake up from. How did you do it?" Rolling to his back. Master. propping himself up on his arm. but Dominic no longer allowed him to get away with that. You beat him. "You will not be restrained. "You hold them. "You can do whatever you want to me. Grif had blocked nearly all of his memories about everything. "Do you want me to hold you while you talk?" "No. Dominic had already tested him on many levels. beaten. Grif stared at the opposite wall. keeping his back to Dominic. As he settled on the edge of the mattress. "Tage came into the room. Grif. The burning sensations stung just beneath the surface and he breathlessly waited for the next hit." That was the last thing Dominic said before the crop sliced through the air and landed with a sharp slap to Grif's buttocks. The only thing his mind shied away from was what happened after Tage showed up. Beingraped."And what did you choose?" "The crop." "If it's prompting you need. even when the other vampire nudged at his comfort levels. Grif stared blankly up at Dominic. there was nothing else to distract him from his own thoughts. giving Grif no choice but to focus and deal with his own internal struggles. The sting against his flesh instantly drew Grif's attention and his fingers curled tighter to the wood." It was hard not to shut down as the words poured out of him. You will control yourself and not let go. puzzled by his question. "What happened . "I remember. and Grif remained far too focused mentally on the vivid memories. but at least he could do so without completely falling apart. It cost him considerably to even say anything. "You fought him. and one lamp. he sighed quietly as he let himself remember." Eyes properly downcast." Grif placed implicit trust in Dominic. He'd gotten over his twinges of reluctance about being restrained and felt no real hesitation in that regard. he said. Master. Grif." Dominic reached out and smoothed Grif's hair from his cheek. "No. "You may speak if you wish." Dominic stepped back and tapped the end of the crop against his leg. **** Grif had asked for time alone in the room that had been set aside for him. I remember too much of it. Do you have any questions before we begin?" Obediently Grif grasped the wood as he shook his head.

love. though. Grif stared mutely at Dominic. "I admire you more than you will ever know. I suppose." Slipping a finger beneath Grif's chin. Now. Don't you see? . Do you remember that. "Something neither of us will forget since you saved my ass several times. Or even if my power worked for Tage." "It's how everyone sees you. instead of carelessly. lacing their fingers together. You. were quite impressed with the strength behind your ward. Grif refused to meet Dominic's eyes. though he was not on the Council." "I don't really remember much but going after Quinn. We're all amazed. you would pick fights. but it wasn't enough. In fact. Griffith St.." "Back then." Another small smile broke through at Dominic's comments. "Quinn came in and tried to get to Tage. I should have.. Do you remember that?" Wincing slightly. I did attack him then. are the talk of the Council. you picked fights without regard to whether you would win or not. but I don't know if Quinn did anything to him. Tage might not have made it out. there is little stopping you." Dominic's expression grew serious and he caught Grif's hand. and tried to keep Quinn's attention on me so he wouldn't go after Tage. but I seriously doubt that you just turned the other cheek and let it go at that." Grif mulled over what Dominic said for a long moment. so he wasn't sure at all what happened to Tage. I tried. You had the heart of a warrior. see what you've been through. "Tage was fine." Dominic reassured him." "Sometimes I think only you would see me that way.. Tage didn't get out. James. When you are driven to violence. but not the discipline. "Grif. I put Tage to sleep afterwards. "I would have killed Quinn myself if I could have. Atleast I know I did. I've fought with men who never knew even an ounce of the bravery and courage that you possess." "I didn't talk to Tage about it. he spoke carefully and slowly. He punished me for it repeatedly. "Your ward around him prevented Quinn from laying a finger on him. but I think I was afraid to." "None of us have ever seen such a strong ward placed by a young vampire." Grif reached up." Dominic smiled slowly and smoothed his thumb over Grif's lips. Quinn. and I realize that you are very much the warrior. When he finally found his voice. running his fingers through Dominic's hair." Grif hadn't seen Tage again until the Council's guards came to the house. myself included. Quinn had no choice but to chain you to keep you from attacking him again? You inflicted a great deal of damage to him the first time. It was as strong as an Elder like myself would do. "Is that how you see me? I had thought I was weak. Dominic tilted his head back up to force Grif to look at him." Eyes widening. after you attacked him. Grif nodded good-humoredly . "I had to protect him. Grif. never has been. you've developed the discipline to fight well. "I know you. I think I've been afraid that eventually you'll grow tired of me because I have been so weak. the Council Elders. Grif." It relieved some of the burden Grif had been carrying around inside him. "It did work then? I wasn't sure if it would work against Quinn." "When I first met you. Now I look at you. There's nothing weak about you." Lowering his gaze. and I.then?" "I sure as hell didn't beat him. you are not weak.was an Elder as well.. as brave as any knight I fought alongside. "You have no idea how much it means to me.

a hero made flesh. voice gone husky.." Dominic groaned and arched into the touch. then molded more tightly in a deeper kiss. You are the world to me. "Grif." He couldn't resist adding the last two words." Master and slave had given way to lovers. Now kiss me.. And to Tage. "Need to get rid of these. He loves Tage. "I know I was resistant to your idea of retreat. Right now. Grif lifted his head as one hand tugged Dominic down to him. Dominic ran his hands over Grif's back. to realize how very much you mean to everyone. As his gaze roamed slowly over . human and not. You've believed in me more than I've been able to believe in myself." Dominic chuckled.. however." "Then maybe it's time to change that. returning the soft kiss. deep. and Dom finally pulled away from the kiss. his concern is Tage. then tugged them completely off. When their cocks touched.You're an inspiration to others who think they don't have it in them to stand up for what they think is right." Staring into Dominic's eyes." Grif knew he would have to attend to it when he returned home. Falling silent. Grif began pulling the pants down. For the moment. tongue playing with Grif's as he rolled them. your courage." he hissed." "I know you. bucking slightly at the friction. Grif pressed harder against him. "Good. you two will have some things to work out as well. tracing slow circles over the smooth skin. His kneading fingers played over Dominic's shirt. "Jason and I will talk more later.. his lips followed the path of his fingers. but Grif began to understand his own assessment of himself had been flawed. I wanted the collaring as something between us." "And what about Jason?" One brow quirked and the smile became a grin. he hissed." Grif's arms slipped around Dominic's neck. his fingers strayed in a loving touch over bare skin. "And we're equal in that because you're everything to me." he said. relishing the awakening sensation and the growing hunger in his lover's expression. "Actually." The soft touch of his lips brushed over Dominic's. Griffith. You still have Tage. Out of all the people I've known in my lifetime. Hands on Grif's hips. but I'm glad you didn't take no for an answer. "Yes. and how strong you really are. your determination. after all. "Whatever you command. love. then unzipped them carefully. almost teasing. pulling Grif up to straddle him. Jason has some heavy adjustments to make. I admire you above all others?for your strength. Sometimes it's really hard to tell with him. Lowering his head." Trying to see himself as others might see him wasn't the easiest thing to do. He finally slipped a hand between them and popped the button on his pants. he focused on Dominic. "Thank you. Studying Dominic's face. Stray drops from Grif's cock slicked the leather of Dom's pants. It's time to believe in yourself." Dominic leaneddown and kissed him softly. Grif impatiently pushed aside the material. happily. you are a god. grinding them together." Dominic started unbuttoning the shirt slowly. As always." "I'm not sure how much everything has affected Tage. "I'm starting to think you're right. Dominic hummed softly. Dom rocked up. "I want inside you. sliding along each other. "I love you. very much. though whether it was in answer to Grif's questions or his touch was anyone's guess. Since Dominic took too long with the shirt. itching to reach the skin beneath. With a slight shift. "Besides. it took Grif a moment to form the words." A smile curved his lips as Grif drew back his head. love. pressing light kisses over Dominic's chest.

pain. the rush of emotions and desire swept through Grif. making it clear who and what he was to Grif. reverent kiss to Grif's lips and whispered. Need you now. Only when the beast was satisfied did Dominic stop feeding. His hands curled tightly to Dominic's arms. and pleasure kept Grif in a state of heightened awareness. the touch burning into Grif's soul. With the last of the barriers gone. Without access to his natural mental defenses. He knew what Dominic was doing." Dominic pressed his palm to Grif's skin. He licked the wounds closed and lifted his head. the sound that erupted from him seemed to shake the walls. tied by the bonds of Dominic's demand. sudden. He drank deeply. Feeling the surge deep inside him. taking Grif's mouth in a hard kiss as his cock filled Grif's body. Dominic growled into the kiss and caught Grif's arms. "As are you. love. Reacting instantly to the movement." Without saying a word. hunger and desire turning his blue eyes dark. Writhing beneath Dominic. the growl filling them both. he pushed inside. forceful thrust. literally begging Dominic to take him." Then he turned his head and drew Grif's face to his . the burn itself seeped deeper into his body. writhing beneath him. "Mine. He pressed a soft. Dominic struck hard and quick. The rock of his body increased the friction. His body convulsed with the pain of the runic symbols burning into his skin.Dominic's naked form. I am a part of you. trying to hold his lover in place. painful. he left red marks in their wake. then with one strong thrust. Nails clawing into Dominic's hands. "Drink. With the higher volume of blood loss. Grif made no attempt to stop anything. Dominic tugged open the drawer on the bedside table. Shuddering violently in the throes of release. Dominic's power. "You are mine. Grif's body grew limp and still he didn't protest. he exposed his throat to Dominic to complete the ritual. It took only a minute for him to slick himself. His body arched upward. Dominic came." Eyes that were once blue now burned deep red. a low groan rose from deep within Grif. Griffith. His position left him completely open to Dominic. It rolled through him. the place Dominic took him to shut out everything else but his own body and the two of them. It never took very much effort on Dominic's part to light the fire of need inside Grif. branding him forever. his voice took on a husky tone. The only thing left to him was the sensation of Dominic inside him as he waited for his lover to truly fill him. Raking his nails down Dominic's arm. the flood hit Grif in a tidal wave as Dominic took him over." Dominic reached out. His nails extended into claws and dug into Grif's wrists as he held Grif pinned. Their joining was as necessary to him as blood. driving Dominic deeper inside Grif's body. leaving Dominic's full power rushing through him. Every thrust was brutal and swift. "Now. The change was clear. "You are absolutely perfect. the beast residing in Dominic roared as he laid claim to Grif completely. Grif deliberately pushed his own mind into a near blank state. Dominic brought his right hand down and placed it directly over Grif's heart. He couldn't have tried even if he'd wanted to. Gripping both of Grif's wrists in one hand. hunger for everything boring into Grif. straining against Dominic. With a final. Nothing in Grif struggled against the rising heat between them. the bite brutal. The one word resonated completely through Grif and he screamed as he came. pinning them to the pillow above his head." He tugged Grif down and rolled.

he drank slowly. they would always be together. he still clung to the sharp. feeling Dominic's blood burn through his system and strengthen its claim on him. his head dropped back to the pillow. Nearly exhausted. Grif's mind had given way to allow the ritual its place inside him. After a moment. Dominic was the only thing in him at the moment. and no matter what else happened. more pervasive sense surrounding him. They were indivisible now. When his fangs sank into Dominic's flesh. .neck.

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