Science Module Form 1- Chapter 4

Name : __________________ EXERCISE 1 Answer the following questions 1. Classify the following materials as metal and non-metals. Carbon Aluminium Chlorine Sulphur Polystyrene Silver Mercury Iron

Form : ____________ Date : _____________

Glass Diamond

Lead Copper


Non- metals

2. Write out six basic resources on Earth needed to sustain life. (a) _____________________ (d) _____________________________ (b) _____________________ (e) _____________________________ (c) _____________________ (f) ______________________________ 3. Classify the following substances as elements, compounds and mixtures. Nitrogen Blood Copper Elements Coffee Iron Sand Common salt Sulphur Silicon Compounds Petroleum Rust Sugar Apple juice


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One of the resources on Earth is living things. All metals are solids at room temperature. An _____________ cannot be broken down into any simpler substances by physical or chemical methods. c. The Earth has the _______________ needed to sustain life. a. b. j. We need food.Science Module Form 1. 6. e. Green plants are able to make their own food through a process known as _________________. Choose the correct answer from the given below. Soil is the _________________ for various organisms. Water is a mixture. l. . e. h. The only non-metal which can conduct electricity is _____________. Recycling refers to the processing of __________materials to be used again.Chapter 4 4. Write (T) for a true statement and (F) for a false statement. f. A layer thick air known as the _________________ surrounds the Earth. b. Substances that are made up of two or more types particles which combine physically are called ________________. i. Prepared by : Abiana Binti Ja’afar(GCSC) 2 Email : abianajaafar@yahoo. k. d. A mixture of sand and water can be separated by _____________. atmosphere fossil mixtures compounds habitat survive photosynthesis resources element filtration waste graphite a. air and shelter in order to water. Animals are able to make their own food by carry out photosynthesis. c. Soil is a natural habitat for various type of plants and animals. d. f. Substances that are made up of two or more types particles chemically combines are called ________________. Copper is malleable and ductile. g. Petrol and diesel are examples of ____________ fuels.

Chapter 4 7. other shapes Ductility Can be wires. The table below shows the comparison between metals and non. Malleability They can be beaten into e. Poor conductor of electricity ( except graphite) Conductivity of heat Good conductor of heat d. For each of the mixtures below. Conductivity of electricity The components of a mixture can be separated by physical methods. Characteristics Appearance of the surface a. Metal Non-metal Dull and cannot be polished Hardness Hard b.Science Module Form 1. pulled into f. Mixture A mixture of iron fillings and sulphur powder A mixture of sugar and sand A mixture of cooking oil and water A mixture of common salt and water Method Prepared by : Abiana Binti Ja’afar(GCSC) 3 Email : abianajaafar@yahoo.metals. . Fill in the blanks with the correct descriptions. state the appropriate method used. 8.

Mercury C. Which of the following pairs consist of mixtures only? A. Compound Prepared by : Abiana Binti Ja’afar(GCSC) 4 Email : abianajaafar@yahoo. Which of the following is not the property of nickel? Solid C. Nickel is a metal. Shelter 2. The following are needed by animals in order to survive except A. This means that metals A. Air C. Food D. Which of the following is a compound? A. Hydrochloric acid B. The diagram shows a/ an A. Which of the statements regarding element is true? A. Fossil fuels 3. C. Carbon dioxide is an example of element B. Metal D. Which of the following is a nonmetallic element? A. Hydrogen and carbon dioxide 9. Metals are malleable. Nitrogen D. Soil B. In the diagram. Good electrical conductor 6. Water B. Non-living things D. Helium B. Element B. Gold 7. and represent two types of particles. 4. Low melting point D.Science Module Form 1. Air Form : ____________ Date : _____________ 5. Elements can be subdivided into compounds and mixtures. The following are resources on Earth except A. Copper and aluminium C. Can be beaten into other shapes 8. Mercury C.Chapter 4 Name : __________________ EXERCISE 2 Section A 1. Can be\ pulled into wires C. D. Can conduct electricity well D. High density C. . Silver D. Ductile B. Minerals C. Air and sea water B. An element cannot be broken up into simpler substances by any physical or chemical methods. Can be polished B. Elements are substances that are made up of a few types of particles. Sulphuric acid and lead D.

Match the following substances with their respective forms. Water Oxygen Soil Mercury Carbon Air Ammonia Carbon dioxide Sea water .Science Module Form 1 – Chapter 1 Section B 1. liquid or gas) at room temperature of the following elements Element Mercury Oxygen Bromine Iodine Nitrogen Physical state Elements Compounds Mixtures Prepared by : Abiana Bt. Complete the table below to show the physical states (solid. Ja’afar(GCSC) 5 e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo.

Complete the classification of matter in the chart below. Ja’afar(GCSC) 6 e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo. . Identify the molecules below by choosing the words given and filling them in the suitable spaces provided. Matter Metal Carbon Sodium chloride Sea water Prepared by : Abiana Bt. Ammonia Methane Oxygen Hydrogen chloride Water Module Form 1 – Chapter 1 3.

Sodium chlorine B. Each component of the mixture still maintains its own properties. Sugar solution C. Supplying plants with minerals and water D. Copper sulphate B. Sodium chloride C. Mixture D. About 70% of our body mass consist of A. Bones D. Element C. Hydrochloric acid B. Mixtures are substances that are made up of two or more types of particles which combine chemically. Habitat of various types of living things C. The components of a mixture cannot be separated at all. B. 8. Sodium compound D. . soil Form : ____________ Date : _____________ 5. D. Ja’afar(GCSC) 7 e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo. Hence. 2. it is a/ an A. Mercury D. Carbon monoxide 3. Muscles B. Sulphuric acid D.Science Module Form 1 – Chapter 1 Name : __________________ EXERCISE 3 Section A 1. Nitrogen C. Nitric acid C. Water C. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combined chemically. Aluminium B. water 4. Which of the following statements about mixture is true? A. Which of the following is a compound? A. The following are the importance of soil to living things except A. Blood Prepared by : Abiana Bt. The compound which is formed by chemical combination between sodium and chlorine atoms is called A. Necessary for the support and growth plants. Which of the following is an example of element? A. atom 6. Graphite D. Providing food to human beings B. An example of mixture is A. The different types of particles must be mixed in a fixed proportion. Chlorine compound 7. Compound B.

Science Module Form 1 – Chapter 1 9. Using separating funnel 10. Poor conductor of heat 14. The following are the characteristics of non-metals except A. High density D. Freezing the sea water D. Nitrogen and oxygen B. . Hydrogen and oxygen C. Cooking oil and water Which of the following substances consists of only one type of particle? A. Carbon dioxide and oxygen 12. Ethanol D. Graphite 13. Evaporation C. Electrolysis Prepared by : Abiana Bt. Ja’afar(GCSC) e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo. Which of the following mixtures can be separated by filtration? A. Brittle B. Hydrogen and nitrogen D. Evaporation D. The following are the efforts in preserving resources on Earth except A. The elements that exist in water molecules are A. Setting up national parks C. Distillation C. Construction of golf courses 11. Filtration B. Iron fillings and sulphur powder 15. Setting up forest reserves D. Setting up marine parks B. Sugar and water B. Filtration B. Common salt C. Which of the following processes can be used to separate the different types of particles in a compound? A. Chalk powder and salt solution D. Dull surface C. Sea water contains various salts which can be extracted by A. Carbon dioxide B.

. Classify the substances given below into elements. Sodium chloride. Mercury Elements Common characteristics Compounds Mixtures Name of substances 2.Science Module Form 1 – Chapter 1 Section B 1. Mixture or Compound Prepared by : Abiana Bt. Label Diagram 1 using the word : Soil. compounds or mixtures based on their characteristics. Sugar. Oxygen. Air. Ja’afar(GCSC) e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo.

Figure 1 shows two experiments. ________________________________________________________ (ii) What is the expected observation when the end of polythene rod is touched? ________________________________________________________ (iii) Explain the above observations. ________________________________________________________ Prepared by : Abiana Bt. Suggest one method which can be used to separate the following substances. __________________________________________________________ (e) Water from sodium chloride solution __________________________________________________________ 4. (a) Based on Experiment P. answer the following questions. Ja’afar(GCSC) 10 e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo. . soil and vinegar.Science Module Form 1 3. (i) State the observation when the end of zinc rod is touched. (a) Sodium and chlorine from sodium chloride compound __________________________________________________________ (b) A mixture of sand and solid table __________________________________________________________ (c) A mixture of iron fillings. __________________________________________________________ (d) A mixture of cooking oil and water.

Label the following diagram Prepared by : Abiana Bt. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ (iv) Can PVC be used to make electric wires? Explain your answer. answer the following questions. (i) State the observation if rod X is a copper ________________________________________________________ 5. Ja’afar(GCSC) 11 e-mail : abianajaafar@yahoo. . ________________________________________________________ (ii) What is the expected observation if rod X is a PVC rod? ________________________________________________________ (iii) Explain the above observations.Science Module Form 1 (b) Based on Experiment Q.

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