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Student Observation Guide Engagement Intervention 1 General reading Wide Reading materials (e.g.

, chapter books, comics)

Instructional 2 Titles generally below grade-level; limited reading experiences 2 Vague strength(s) and goal(s) identified; vague or no plan

Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting

1 Vague or no strength and/or goal; may not be directly related to reading 2 3 Intervention 1 Little expression; monotone 1 Short phrases

Score Oral Fluency Expression

4 5 Instructional 2 Some expression that conveys meaning 2 Longer word phrases some of the time 2 Moderate with some pauses and repetitions 2 95-96% 7 8 9 10 Instructional 2 1-2 reasonable predictions and/or questions related to the text 2 Partial summary; generally in own language; some important characters/ events; may include misinterpretation 2 Some information from the text; may include misinterpretations 2 Some understanding of important text implications; little or no details 2 Vaguely related or less significant message or event; general/no statement to support opinion 2 Brief explanation of the use of 1 or more strategies; vague or general statements 11 12 13 14 15 16


Rate Accuracy Score Comprehension Prediction

1 Slow with long pauses & repetitions 1 90-94% 4 5 6 Intervention 1 Illogical or unrelated prediction and/or question 1 1-2 events in own language and/or copied text; may include incorrect information


Literal Comprehension



1 Little information from the text and/or included incorrect information 1 Little or no understanding of important text implications 1 Insignificant or unrelated message or event

Name _______________________ Independent Advanced 3 Some titles within 24 Wide variety of titles 3 genres or multiple across 3 or more books within a genre; genres; many on- and generally on-grade-level above-grade-level texts texts 3 Strengths and goals 4 Multiple strengths related to the reading and specific goals process/behaviors; related to the reading relevant plan process/behaviors; multi-step plan 6 7 8 Independent Advanced 3 Expression reflects 4 Expression reflects mood pace, and tension mood, pace, and tension at times most of the time 3 Longer, meaningful 4 Consistently longer, phrases most of the meaningful phrases time 3 Adequate with a few 4 Very good pauses & repetitions 3 97-98% 4 99-100% 11 12 13 14 15 16 Independent Advanced 3 Several reasonable 4 Several thoughtful predictions and predictions and questions related to the questions directly text related to text 3 Adequate summary in 4 Adept summary in own language; own language; important characters important characters names, many important names, most important events, some details/ events, details/ vocabulary vocabulary 3 Included information 4 Important info from from the text that the text effectively accurately responds to responds to the question or prompt questions or prompt 3 Understands 4 Insightful important text understanding of implications; relevant important text supporting details implications w/details 3 Important message or 4 Significant message event; relevant beyond literal level; statements to support insightful statements to opinions support opinion 3 Adequate explanation of use of 1+ strategies; specific examples from text 17 18 19 20 22 21 4 Effective explanations of the use of more than 1 strategy; explicit examples from text 23 24

Metacognitive Awareness

1 Vague explanation of the use of 1 strategy or unrelated response