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Mission Statement Pro Life provides family resources to restore, strengthen, and equip couples to live according to God’s principles We recognize the vital role of the family in transforming nations and we believe in the importance of fathers, mothers, and children all sharing a call to missions and contributing in unique complementary and vital ways at God’s Kingdom. We recognize that family values and principles must not be attached or limited to a particular culture or historical time period. We affirm the family as a primary place for discipleship, training, and character development. We affirm the need for Biblical family models to be established worldwide. We recognize that each family has a destiny and that they need to be mobilized to participate actively in fulfilling the Great Commission.

How can you be a part of this project?
As a supporter of the ProLife International 100% of your gifts to our organization are income tax-deductible. Funds are receipted and distributed as a donor requests. Simply call the number below to receive more information or just write checks indicating donations to “ProLife International Brasov”. And as always, your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Brasov – Romania
Str. Lunga, Nr.57, Ap.2, 500 035

In Romania, a baby is aborted every 5 minutes… On December 26, 1989 abortion was legalized by the Romanian Government; since then, over 22 million babies have been aborted, roughly the equivalent of the current population of Romania. The high abortion rate and mortality caused by pregnancy termination situates our country on the top of the list in the world. According to estimates done by the World Health Organization, approximately 40-60 million abortions occur every day worldwide. Each time this happens, the miracle of a new life is killed in a mother's womb and removed.

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ProLife Identity
„ProLife International” is a non-profit government organization. It is formed of 90% of christian volunteers motivated by their love for people and their wish to support the women facing an unwanted pregnancy crysis in a professional, emotional, and spiritual way. We are Promoting Christian values through Social-Caritable; Cultural-Education and Pastoral-Misionary Projects.

ProLife Motivation
Passion for God: Gospel - Growth - Glory Compassion for people: Instructed - Inspired - Involved

Condemned to death, saved at PROLIFE

ProLife Vision
“Choose life, that both you and your descendants may live” (Deutr.30:19) A blessed Romanian society, freed and healed from the curse and trauma caused by abortion, in which human life is seen as a gift from God. The goal of our foundation is to rebuild the values of our community and the civic responsibility through public and private partnerships, by developing and implementing educational campaigns and a wide array of programs focusing on issues like health, charity/social actions, cultural/educational actions, and pastoral/missionary actions. Our role is to build trust and get support for a coherent endeavor, educating and encouraging people to make good decisions both for themselves and the wellbeing of their family.

Romania Contact:
President & Pastor Iosif Belea

Rebirth Church Outrech

Tel +4 0268-47.47.79 Banca Transilvania Brasov Str. 13 Decembrie - 500 199 Nr. 17 CIF 25470059 SWIFT BTRL RO22 BVA Cont IBAN RO85 BTRL 0080 2205 K423 69XX - USD RO61 BTRL 0080 1205 K423 69XX - RON RO36 BTRL 0080 4205 K423 69XX – EUR

Medical Department Spirometry Abdominal Echography (ultra sound scan) EKG - Medical check-ups; Distribution of medicine Educational Department Seminars on health and theology Scholarships for high school and college students Motivational seminars for students Charity projects for needed people Spiritual Department Pregnancy crisis counseling - Vocational counseling Premarital and marital counseling - Religious events Planting Churches and equipping leaders for God’s Ministry
One hand reaching out – one saved life!

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