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Management Maintenance in Building By : Viky Muruatut, 1006760342 A building, services and facilities require maintenance to ensure its optimal

performance over its life cycle. Maintenance is defined as the mean of proccesses, activities, procedures, and services. Lateef et. al suggested that while carrying out maintenance, the strategy must take into account current advancement in building regulations, standards and technologies. There is a tool for measuring performance in an organisations to achieve their mission which called Critical Success Factors (CSF). In building maintenance, CSF is becoming very important as it could identify the cause of failure as well as improving the system. There is also the formula that expressed the succeed of maintenance management, R = Q X A X E (results = quality in actions x acceptance by people x enthusiasm). It is very important aspect because it related with human, which is the most difficult and important aspect when doing a project. There are many examples of management maintenance in building and we can solve them by using the formula. One of the examples is maintenance management in S building where there are twenty employees including ten females (five are old and five are young) and ten males (five are old and the others are young). S building has many types of rooms, there are toilet, classroom, mushola, architecture studio, and teacher’s waiting room. Therefore we should divide the quality in actions because the characteristics between one room and the other rooms are different, so the maintenance is different too. Beside that, we also should divide the employees to the each type of room in order to make a clear division of labor and ease labor jobs. In here, we can divide evenly the employees into four employees in each room, consisting of two females (one young and one old) and two males (one young and one old). The first is toilet, quality in actions or missions are : the toilet always clean, there is not tarnish on the floor, there are always tissues, there is always a soap, the toilet is always in a state of fragrant, the toilet should always have water, the tap in the toilet always operates properly, flash also should always operates properly, always make sure the dustbin is not in the full condition, locks on the toilet door always operates properly, and the lamps also alway operates properly. The second is classroom, quality actions or missions are :the classroom always clean, there are always markers which operate properly, the chairs always operate properly, the tables always operate properly, the air conditioner always operate properly, the classroom always in the state of fragrant, infocus always operates properly, there is a clock which always operates properly, and the lamps always operate properly. The third is mushola, quality actions or missions are : the mushola always clean, there are always the equipments prayer such as mukena, sajadah, and Al Quran which should in the state of clean and fragrant, the mushola always in the state of fragrant, there is a rack for saving the equipments prayer, there is not tarnish on the floor, the tap always operates properly, the lamp also always operates properly, the windows open from the morning to the evening and close in the night in order to maintain air circulation and the place of ablution always has water. The fourth is architecture studio, quality actions or missions are : the studio always clean, always make sure the dustbin is not in the full condition, there are always markers which operate properly, the air conditioner always operates properly, the lamps always operate properly, the chairs always operate properly, and the tables also always operate properly. The fifth is teacher’s waiting room, quality actions or mission are : the room always clean, the clock always operates properly, the air conditioner always operates properly, there are always

I. pens.andriewongso. OM=Old Man. 1 YM 1 YM. I also will try to always facilitate their skill development through additional training.A.30 06. Z. 2011.M. 1 YM 1 OW. In addition. YW=Young Woman References : Zawawi. 1 OM 1 YW.30 06. Kamaruzzaman. If my workers made a mistake at work.00 02.30 06.00 02.00 02.00-19.H. held the competition to be the best worker where he/she will has a huge advantage. 1 YM 1 YW.00 02. Otherwise when giving a compliment to the workers. S.00 02.00-19. and Zulkarnain.30 06. 1 YW 1 OW. Job Description and Working Hours among Staffs Work Place Toilet Classroom Mushola Architecture Studio Teacher’s Waiting Room Working Hours 06. The next step is acceptance by people. Moreover. I should call it in the back of other workers so he/she will not feel intimidated. S. YM=Young Man. according to webster dictionary enthusiasm is a nice feeling to achieve something. therefore I have to use the language that understood by my workers.00-02. as the maintenance manager should have a good relation with the people who led so that they will generate the optimal work. The 2nd International Building Control Conference 2011. and dividing the work hours as shown in the table . 1 YM 1 OW. I will be holding events such as console or just eat with my workers for establishment a sense of comfort. appreciating a worker who has done a very good job. for example.00-19. 20. The third aspect is enthusiasm. 1 OM 1 YM.30 Person In-Charge 1 OW. then I need to do in front of other workers in order to feel appreciated and that other workers are motivated to do a good job. Communication is related to the understanding between the parties that involved in the communication it self. It will make my workers to do their job with feeling of pleasure.00-19. Table 1. Last.N. and pencils that operate properly. E. and also the clock always operates properly. 1 OM 1 OM. 1 YM 1 OM.00-02.markers. always in the state of fragrant. The following are some things that I can do to build the enthusiasm of my workers : inform the vision and mision. 110-117 http://www. Ithin. I must always keep my promise that I make to my workers.00-02.. I should not feel ashamed to involved directly in providing examples to my workers when they do wrong when doing their job. 1 YW Note: OW=Old Woman. Communicating with my workers is the important thing to build a good relation.00-19.00-02.00-02. A Conceptual Framework for Describing CSF of Building Maintenance Management. by providing additional salary.