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ossington community association

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introducing the OCA welcoming the entire Ossington community residents of our neighbourhood, storefronts in our business districts, friends of the community.
our Neighbourhood above Queen to Harrison, Crawford to Dovercourt a place of creativity and tradition, leafiness and urbanity, density with breathing room, diversity with congeniality clean, safe, friendly, fun, supportive of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles the Ossington Strip Torontos restaurant row, a city-wide destination prized for high-quality eclecticism our town square, providing for car, home, body, health, wardrobe, eye, mind, soul, fun sustained by the Strips openness to sky, its low-key, lowrise, intimate built form the Dundas Bend a quirky segment of one of Torontos great corridors with a vibrant mix of locally-owned main street businesses and restaurants a major shopping street providing for the daily needs of residents and enriching the mix for visitors the Ossington Community Association welcomes as members all residents of the neighbourhood, storefronts in the Ossington Strip and Dundas Bend business districts, and nonresident friends of the community.

the OCA objective to promote the flourishing of the neighbourhood and its business districts.
the OCA works for its objective by increasing communication, information, and access through networking the OCA is a forum for our community to spread the word, build consensus, and determine what our common goals are and how to achieve them through research the OCA learns about development proposals and other important government and business activities, keeps members up to date on public meetings and other events, including Councillor Layton's upcoming visioning study for the Ossington Strip through unity through the OCA, ours will be a networked and informed community what it takes to get us a seat at the table. the OCA welcomes three member classes storefront members nearly all concerns operating in the business districts are welcome resident members all residents of the neighbourhood are welcome friendly members friends of the community are welcome.

the OCA chartered on 3 July 2012, operating under provisional bylaws the OCA summer membership drive welcomes all members of the Ossington Community cost-free join up at