ž Ability ž The

to generate funds internally.

coalition is not totally dependent on external donations or grants
significant in-kind support from its lead agency and partners.

ž Receives

ž Diversity ž The

in funding sources.

coalition is not dependent on any single type or source of funding, but instead relies on a variety of sources
funding or contracts and does not have to raise the full amount of its budget each year.

ž Multi-year

ž Inform

local leaders of threats and opportunities in the field of media rights and access
ž Connect local leaders to exchange best practices
ž Support concrete opportunities for local-tolocal collaboration,
ž Mobilize collective action on national media policy issues.

ž Inspire

more collaboration and less competition in the media justice sector
regional anchors and members to leverage their participation in the network to raise money for their organization
collaboration and participation in network activities at appropriate levels

ž Support

ž Subsidize

ž Allow

the network to pursue timely and creative action
network operations sustainable over time - including website development and maintenance, staffing, materials development and distribution, and other management and communications infrastructure

ž Make

ž Managing

relationships between partners
ž Anchors investing disproportionate time or resources
ž Equity, but not equality in distribution of funds
ž Fear of losing supporters
ž Different expectations of partners
ž Different levels of commitment
ž Diversion away from core activities

ž Funding

ž Giving Circles
ž Crowd Sourced Fundraising
ž Membership Dues (goes into the Grassroots Action Fund)
ž House Parties and Events
ž Community –Directed Funds on the Community/Local Level
ž The Media Democracy Fund

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