FEAST & FIRE, Domus Kaotica; KHAOS, 156/663 Class E Frater Alysyrose (-11°, 5°) 01-05-2008

You are Unique. You are Creator. They would have me shot for such simplicity. Drop your acid now. This is meant to be read & spoken aloud in fervor, and amidst incense, music, heat, and archaic decadence. Painted masks, exotic plants, skinned drums, tortoise shell flutes, pearls, skulls of the hunt, coal pits, wild boar, bamboo spears & skewers, spiced rum, sticky eastern ganja, shark teeth, oil paints, dyed cloth, spices, meats, curries, rice, flavour & colour, totems, fetishes, jaguars, coconut grubs, eternal doorways, snakes, gigantic trees, naked bodies, explosions of fulfillment... It must not be assumed that the meaning of this will fall on the deaf ears of many, although Afterall, for those Men and Women who are of The Dance The immediate experience, as Chaos Heralds of the festival, or Authors of Shamanic Ecstacy The Full Bellies and Instinct as Revolutionary Weather All is upon you Mercurial bliss, as flower petals drown your sensitive skin Not as you once were Only now, and as you are, living within the Totality of the Fire. "Feel the feeling of feasts." --Nahla Sahla ******** THE MANIFESTATION OF GLORY This is where my life inverts & decides upon a singularity. This is where I weep for myself and in my tears the reflection of Everything I had ever held dear, worshiped & desired. There is no turning back. I can no longer deny my heart - I can no longer hold anything back, and I can no longer be defeated by Time. Rise to the occasion.

Though my ego may be screwed, though my mind may be fucked, though my heart may be full of holes, though my confidence may ebb & tide, though it may seem as if there is no hope - Here I am. I have a hunger within me that I cannot attribute language to. I have no idea of what it is, what I want, though I know it cannot be found here. I give birth to myself. I will make a mark. --Karma Mitchell, Preliminary Birth Rite (Khaos Trance) LANGUAGE IN FAVOR OF AUTONOMOUS BEAUTY The resurgent cosmology of what we call ‘paradigmal application in the pursuit of desire and fulfillment’ lends itself to the ghost economy of metaphysical discourse, that spiral annex where every man is a King in the land of no-thing, the territory itself being too timid for “natural law”, or so it would have us believe. The Shaman then, in not so much a spectacular amniosis of experience, but in the discovery – far be it from creation – of that old door to the underworld of the Jaguar – in our dialect, subsequent of an elaborate dive into spontaneity, The Dance of Revelation, sole grand imaginatory requisite which dines on explosions with family & friends while curious flowers - perhaps snowflakes of ash, or tears wept from heaven over the death of God, never sharing the same color nor fragrance from one to the other, transubstantiary in simplicity and far too festive for the senses and innocuous by mere sight to be of any origin besides Nature’s own Will to Joy - rain down upon us to invigorate the blossoming of the central mandala; Autonomous Beauty; Heart of Being, the Song of the Universe. THE TAO OF DISORDER Whenever you break some law, or rule, or version [culture], you feel so much Joy. Why do you think people feel so much Joy in the dance? Because they don't truly mean Order, and I tell you if you are dancing orderly you will lose the whole Joy of it. The moment you learn any dance in rules & regulation, you will lose the Joy of it. That's why they say that real dance is just an expression of your being, not the form of some exercise -- you learn something, and repeat it. Unless you are a professional dancer, others may enjoy it, but not yourself. If you are to enjoy it, it should be rule-less, it should be Chaos. When you are expressing the Chaos you will be creating energy. That's why, if you want to make somebody dull, just put some rules, that's enough -- make some rules, the person will be dull. In the ultimate Chaos, there is an Order. And, please understand, the whole Universe is sole Intelligence. It is not just Power, it is Energy -- there's a difference between power & energy. Power, plus the Intelligence is Energy. The Energy without the Intelligence is Power. Power is just like a force, it is force from Intelligence. It responds to us, because it is Intelligence. Somebody goes to Buddha, and asks, "what is the creator of the Universe?" Buddha says, the Universe Itself is the Creator, and it says beautifully, that Creation itself is a Creator. The cosmos itself is a creator, because it has got it's own intelligence. Its a living Energy; you are sitting inside a living Energy. If you are orderly, without releasing the Chaos in your being, not only are you suppressing, you are supressing everyone. So realize, the order in chaos, realize the chaos inside the order, you will start expressing the compassion. When you realize the Chaos within the order, you will accept yourself, and others as they are. Until then, you can neither accept others, nor accept yourself. You will continuously condemn others with anger and condemn yourself with guilt. Guilt and anger is just because you are not realizing the Chaos in your Order. Whatever you think is order, your boundary, it has got chaos in it. Your being, the ultimate being, is a deep chaos, and it is pure energy. When you realize that, you will

accept yourself as you are, and you will accept others as they are. --Thanks Paramahamsa Nithyananda FESTIVAL CONSCIOUSNESS AS MAGIC The ancient Chinese, in celebration of Hun-Tun, would enact Chaos Day on the winter solstice, usually ending in a good number of rooftops being set aflame due to the massive display of fireworks set off in the sudden spirit of immediatism; the taste of Chaos. This infernal end had most likely contributed to it's eventual slip into the foggy memory of time, now dumbfounded as to the very notion of true Celebration, true Feast, true Dance, itself. Love & Joy in all Teaching, Heads like Grenades, Every Path an Economy of Dream, Fire in All Things, Festival Consciousness as Magic, The Dance, The Feast, Invert Thyself, Perform Thyself, Destroy Thyself in Laughter, be Quenched, Be Fulfilled, Be Enlightened, Be... "Do not remember, do not worry, do not think, do not examine, do not control... Life is a game, and you can always restart. Don't worry about tomorrow, because it will never come. Look up at what you have today and make something of it, because you already have everything you need. There is only beauty in waking thought, and thought only in sweat and fullfillment only in conquest. Beware of those who try to take the fun out of death." --Frater Sheosyrath


FEAST & FIRE; ADDITIONS: O BROTHERS & SISTERS! Ye of the singing rock, the beautiful storm, the old black mountain. Terrible Nobodaddy in his cave cooking up a fish. Indulge, Indulge! Fan that fire, play that zither 'till thee strings break upon the rocks of passion! Speak thee Language of Self unto the Stars above, and the grains of Sand below! Know ye They Know, ye Are Thee Absolute Truth! Wild Abandon, let loose the chains of Self-Control, and Become... We of Domus Kaotica desire Juice. Never shall we say, "No! Enough!" Such is the discourse of those who Love not Life, and the plentiful fruit she conjures. Do you see? You have been given Everything! The Key is offered Freely, and is to something which is already open, like your very eyes upon the face of darkness... Every sentence read a subconscious trigger, manifesting personal Glory. The spacing of words, the Err of the hand, Apotheosis. Every Man & Woman an Epitaph to the spirit of Conquest. Trustworthy Asshole Zen. Festival Consciousness as Magick. Awake! Revolt! Rebel! This is War on Submission. Total -- Fucking -- War. Know that ye, in your Domination of Pleasure, are not alone. When the bomb falls, we all shall dance in the streets, ashes rain as flower petals -there will be no more paint in the color of repitition, stagnation, death. For Death is what we Shall Bring, and it's Child of our very own. That Synchronous Majestic we would so boldly name, Change. Hear now! Self my God, foreign is thy name except in blasphemy, for I am thy iconoclast. I cast thy bread upon the waters, for I myself am meat enough. Hidden in the labyrinth of the Alphabet is my sacred name, the SIGIL of all things unknown. On Earth my kingdom is Eternity of DESIRE. My wish incarnates in the belief and becomes flesh, for, I AM THE LIVING TRUTH. Heaven is ecstasy; my consciousness changing and acquiring association. May I have courage to take from my own superabundance. Let me forget righteousness. Free me of morals. Lead me into temptation of myself, for I am a tottering kingdom of good and evil. May worth be acquired through those things I have pleasured. May my trespass be worthy. Give me the death of my soul. Intoxicate me with self-love. Teach

me to sustain its freedom; for I am sufficiently Hell. Let me sin against the small beliefs. AMEN. --A.O.S. ******** ON DOMUS KAOTICA-We are going through some vital shifts as a group, and whole. I encourage all members to frequent #domus on IRC every Saturday and/or Sunday Night for group mingling/discussion/drunken gatherings, what have you. If you are not a member, though are interested in w/e it may be, if only to join in on the party, then you are more than welcome to attend. Khaos is the nutshell, the members are the pulp, All. A Toast. A Celebration. A Realization. An Illumination. Unseen Chaos (po-te-kitea) Unpossessed, Unpassing Chaos of utter darkness Untouched & untouchable --Maori Chant DTTI;HTNF

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