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The 10th International Conference of Asian Academy of Preventive Dentistry (AAPD)

Theme: The Future Trend is Oral Health Prevention-Asia


14-16 September 2012 (Draft Final 1 JUNE 2012)

13th SEPTEMBER 2012. (Thursday)


Activities (Venue)


AAPD Presidents Dinner for Guest speakers and Board members (Invitation Only)

DAY 1: 14th SEPTEMBER 2012. Friday


09:3011.00 Chairmen: Prof O. Sakai 1st AAPD President (Japan), Prof. B. Amarsaikhan President of AADP (Mongolia) 1. Opening speech of First lady of Mongolia Mrs. Bolormaa 2. Opening Address of Minister of Health Prof. N.Hurelbaatar 3. Opening speech of President of Health Sciences University of Mongolia Prof.Ts .Lkhagvasuren 4. Greeting from President of Japanese Association for Dental Sciences Prof. K. Eto (Japan) 5. Greeting of WHO Representative of WHO in Mongolia Dr. Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn 6. Greeting from Prof. Jhee Heung Taik Former President of Asian Pacific Dental Federation and KDA ( Korea)

Tea break

11.20 13.00 Moderator: Deputy Health Minister of Mongolia Dr. Tsolmon , Prof. B. Mizuho Nishino ( Japan) 11.20 11.50 1. Prof. Bazar Amarsaikhan (Mongolia) Dean of School of Dentistry, HSUM and President of AAPD What we achieved and what we expect from National Child Caries Eradication Campaign in Mongolia 2. Prof. Samaranayake (Hong-Kong) Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hong Kong 3. Prof. Jennifer Neo (Singapore) Ass. Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, National University of Singapore - The Bond, the Whole Bond and nothing but the Bond 4. Discussion Lunch

11.50 12.20

12.20 - 12.50

12.50-13.00 13.00-14.00


Asian DENTAL DEANS LUNCHEON ( Deans of Japan, Hong-Kong, Singapore, China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries (Invitation Only)

14.00 16.00 Moderators: Prof. Johng Bai Kim 2nd AAPD President (Korea), Prof. B. Oyunbat President of Mongolian Dental Association 14.00 - 14.30 14.30 - 14.50 1. Prof. K. Eto (Japan) President of Japanese Association for Dental Sciences 2. Prof. U. Hulan (Mongolia) President of Mongolian Section of IADR National survey results of dental caries and periodontal status in Mongolia 3. Discussion

14.50- 15.00

15.00 17:00 PLENARY 3 Moderators: Prof. P. Prathip, 3th AAPD President (Thailand), Prof. A. Horowitz (USA) 15.00 15.30

1. Prof. Tao Xu (China) Dean of School of Dentistry , Beijing University


15.30 16.00 16.00-16.30

16.30 17.00 17.00 17.10 17.10-17.30

2. Prof. Ghazali Mat Nor (Malaysia) Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, The National University of Malaysia 3. Prof. Y. Kawaguchi (Japan) Professor of TMDU, Dental support activities in times of disaster -from the viewpoint of prevention 4. Prof. Y. Songpaisan (Thailand) Visiting professor of Niigata Univ, "Global oral health education" 5. Discussion Tea break


Classic Mongolia Concert (World class opera and ballet) at Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (3 minutes walking distance from Hotel Ulaanbaatar)

19:30 22:00 Gala Dinner at Ulaanbaatar hotel

DAY 2: 15th September 2012. Saturday Time

08:00 16:00 REGISTRATION

Activities (Venue)


9.00-17.00poster presentation

Moderators: Prof. A. Bahar, 6th AAPD Moderators: Prof. T.Watanabe, 7th AAPD 09:00 10:30 President (Indonesia), President (Japan), Prof. C. Macher Prof.S. Uehara (Japan) (Germany)

Preventive Dentistry and Oral Health Literacy

9.00 9.30 1. Prof. Dr. Elmar Reich (Germany) Modern preventive and treatment approaches for caries 2. Prof. Alice M. Horowitz (USA) The Invisible Barrier: Literacy

Caries & Periodontal Disease Prevention

1. Prof. Hyun-Duck Kim (Korea) Is periodontitis associated with systemic health? 2. Prof. Matsuo Yamamoto (Japan)

9.30 10.00

10.00 - 10.30

10.30 - 10.40

and Oral Health 3. Prof. Shin, Seung-Chul (Korea)Management of the newly developed & Prevention Based Dental Care System 4. Discussion

3. Prof. Krishan Gauba (India) Early diagnosis and prevention of dental caries: Recent Developments 4. Discussion

10.40 11.00

Tea break & Chaired Poster Sessions SYMPOSIUM 4

Moderator: Prof.Rahimah Abdul Kadir, 9th AAPD President (Malaysia), Prof. Hirohisa Arakawa (Japan)

11:00 13.00 SYMPOSIUM 3 Moderator: Prof. Seung-Chul, Shin, 8th AAPD President (Korea), Prof. Yoko Kawaguchi (Japan)

Promoting Oral Health In The Communities

11.00 1.30 1. Prof. Dai Il Paik (Korea) Oral Health Promotion Programs in Small Group

Addressing Concerns In Other Oral Conditions

1. Prof. Claus Macher (Germany) President of Dentists without limit 2. Prof. Armasastra Bahar

11.30 12.00

2. Prof. Huang, B. Oyuntsetseg (Chinese Taipei- Mongolia)

(Indonesia) "New Approach in the Indonesian School Dental Health Program

12.00 12.30 3. Prof. Risqa Rina Darwita (Indonesia) "Decreasing ECC Risk Factors by Oral Health Promotion Intervention in the Community" 12.30 - 13.00 4. Dr. Puangtong Lekfuangfu (Thailand) A milk fluoridation programme in Thailand: One component of a wider strategy for the prevention of dental caries in children 13.00 - 13.10 5. Discussion 3. Prof. Hiro-O Ito (Japan) Periodontal disease as a risk factor for several systemic lifestylerelated diseases 4. Prof. Shuguo Sheng (Japan)

5. Discussion

13.10 14.10

Lunch & Chaired Poster Sessions


13.10 14.10

Board Meeting of AAPD SYMPOSIUM 6

Moderator: Prof. Krishan Gauba (India), Prof Park, Yong-Duk (Korea)

14.10 17.00 SYMPOSIUM 5 Moderator: Prof. Tao Xu, 11th President Elect AAPD (China), Prof. M. Yamamoto (Japan)

Dental Operating Clinicians: Oral Health Care & Dental The Backbone of Dentistry Products Evolution
1. Prof. Park, Yong-Duk (Korea) Cost estimation of oral diseases from smoking in Korea 14.40 15.10 2. Dr. Amer Siddiq Bin Amer Nordin (Malaysia) Dentists as Important Agents of Change in Achieving A Smoke Free Nation 15.10 - 15.40 3. Ms. Chang, Yeon-Soo (Korea) 14.10 14.40 1. Prof Baek Il Kim ( Korea) "Q-ray: New technology of optical plaque and white spot detection 2. Prof. Prathip Phantumvanit (Thailand) - SMART Preventive Restoration for Primary Teeth Caries 3. Prof. Takashi Miyazaki (Japan)

The Roles of Dental Hygienist on Public Oral Health Program 15.40 16.10 4. Prof. Mizuho Nishino (Japan) Caries Arresting Treatment and Surface Modification of Dental Devices 16.10 16.40 5. . 6. Discussion

CAD- CAM in dentistry 4. Prof .Arakwawa (Japan) New challenge to the caries prevention using newly developed fluoride dentifrice 5. Prof. Shuguo Zheng (China)


6. Discussion

17.00 17.30

Tea break & Chaired Poster Sessions

Cultural Night
19.30-23.00 Traditional / National costume party at Hotel Mongolia (about 20 km from the center of the city) Participate preferable in national costume


DAY 3: 16th September 2012. Sunday


Activities (Venue)

8.30-12.00 9.00 11.30

9.00-12.00 poster presentation



Moderator: Prof. Hiro-O Ito (Japan), Moderator: Prof. Dai Il Paik (Korea) Prof. N.Purevjav President of Prof. Takashi Miyazaki ( Japan) Mongolian Association for Dental Sciences

Oral malodor control

9.00 9.30 1. Prof. Cho Ja-Won (Korea) Select of malodor control method according to the classification 2. Dr. Honda ( Japan)

Oral Health For The Special Needs

1. Prof. Susumu Uehara ( Japan)

9.30 10.00 10.00- 10.30

2. Prof. Ariuntuul G. 3. Prof. Zhu Ling ( China )


10.30 11.00

3. Ass Prof. Sayaka FURUKAWA( Japan) 4.Prof. .(China) 4. Dr. Chiu, Yao-chang ( Taiwan)

11.00 11.30 5. Prof. .(China) 11.30 11.40 6.Discussion 5. Diiscussion

11.40 12.00 Tea break

Poster award
12.00 -13.00

Closing Ceremony