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Evan Zimmerman Astronomy 5th Per Constellation Project (Unable to submit in page form due to program used)


This is a long expose picture of Sagittarius. The left 4 stars are very bright and blue.

This is an image of Sagittarius shows the Archer style, rather than the often seen "Teapot" design. Sagittarius Sagittarius is a Zodiac constellation, and is located in line with the galactic center. Due to this, many nonstellar objects can be found. M54, M69, and M70 are all located on the bottom of the "teapot", and M22 and M28 are located near the tip of the teapot version of the constellation. Sagittarius is bordered by Capricornus and Scorpius, and is very near the ecliptic, located at -10 degrees and the 19th hour. The number of starts greatly varies in the different interpretations of this constellation, and are generally in the rough shape of an archer drawing his bow or a teapot. As with Sagitta, the stars are not named in brightness order. Sagittarius and its lore focuses around it's shape of an archer and his bow. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is portrayed as a centaur. Centaurs are creatures with a human torso and a horse body. Chiron is one of the most

notable Greek centaurs, and is also immortilized in the constellation Centaurus. The arrow in the constellation points towards the star Anteres, the "heart of the scorpion" in Scorpius.


This is a photo of the constellation Sagitta, The Arrow. Eta is the tip of the arrow, with Alpha and Beta finishing off the tail.

This is a drawing of Sagitta, minus the tip, Eta. Alpha is also known as Scham,

which also means "Arrow". Sagitta Sagitta contains 4 main stars, Gamma, Delta, Alpha, and Beta. Gamma leads off, followed by Delta marking the end of the shaft, and Alpha and Beta making up the feathers. M71, a globular cluster, is located on the middle of the shaft. It is the 86th largest constellation, being relatively small. It is located to the left of Hercules, and is below both Lyra and Vulpeca. It is best seen during the month of August, located on the 20th hours and 20+ degrees above the ecliptic, and is visible to those between +90 and -70 degress. The stories for "The Arrow" are wide and varried, taking the shape of any myth surrounding an arrow. In ancient Greek myth, it depicted the weapon which Hercules used to kill the eagle Aquila, or perhaps the Stymphalian birds. Other versions of the constellation consider it to be the arrow that was covered in Hydra venom which hit Chiron. Chiron ended up forfeiting his immortality, and also has a place in the sky. Another competing explanation is of a more Roman variety. Apollo, the god of Archery, completed many tasks with his exceptional archery skills. He wounded Achilles in his heel as revenge for Achille's sacrilige, and also killed Niobe's children after she bragged of having more than Leto.