Bernard M. Paderes MA Linguistics Litt 516 (Children and Adolescents’ Literature) Dr.

Jennie Jocson Once Upon a Time…Happily Ever After I think that Children’s literature, as a discipline, is the study of the characteristics, histories, and surveys of stories, poems, and plays intended to be read to children, or in some cases, narrated to them. I think that the purpose of children’s literature, aside from entertaining children by stimulating their imagination, is to pass on the cultures, traditions, and values of the society they belong to. I think that it needs a specific discipline because children have limited language and cognitive abilities in processing texts. When I was young, I remember collecting books. I would even engage in a competition with my cousin on who had a bigger collection. Though I had a number of books, I did not remember being excited to read them; instead, I would demand my folks to read them for me. I did not like reading no matter how short the texts were. I would just look and marvel at the illustrations then asked someone read the story to me. I did not just ask people to read my books for me, I demanded the story to be performed before me, with all the dubbings and theatrics. Of all the books I remember having had as a kid, I should say that I remember these the most: Berenstain Bears series because the stories have clear lesson at the end; the classic fairy tales of Enid Blyton because of their illustrations of fairies and wizards.; All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradburry, a selection from my reading book in 3rd Grade, because compared to most children stories, it did not have a happy ending nor a clear lesson in the end well, actually, I even found it traumatic ; As for the local literature, I remember seeing the Batibot adaptation of Farncisco Arcellana’s The Mats, which I later discovered to be a classic in Philippine literature because of its ideal depiction of a Filipino family and its values.

localized illustrations and translations. I admired how publishers struggled to attract children to engage in literature by creating pop-up books. overly simplistic plot. Sleeping Beauty. I also liked them for the same reasons. And since the Internet was still just a military tool at that time.When I was in my teenage years. I never get tired of reading books about Snow White. and Cinderella because each book had its own way of illustrating the characters and the setting. as a child. In addition to these. Sometimes. the most important feature of children’s literature (limiting the definition to a “book”) for me were the visual illustrations. I would still look through a book in order for me to enjoy how the characters were illustrated and how different they were from the other books. eventhough I had read the story a lot of times. . 3D illustrations. But then. and moralizing tone. I thought of children’s stories to be lame because of their one-dimensional characterization. and read-along audio cassettes.

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