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Indicate your answer by mentioning a simple YES or NO, beside the question given below:

1. Do you personally guide your employee so that they are more focused on their work? _________

2. Do you try to find out the weak points in the employees in your firm? ________

3. Do you try to reach the employees at their personal level, or do you motivate them about their future and prospects inside the firm? _________

4. Do you reward your good and regular employees properly? _________

5. Do you ever conduct an orientation program for your new comer employees? _________

6. Do you ever ask your employees the methods and means to improve their efficiency levels in their respective works? _________

7. Do you keep vigilance and track the Hr policies of the companies that provide you a tough competition? _________

8. Do you provide proper training to those employees who are not that skilled? _________

9. Do you have a good and regular supervision? _________

10. Do you provide proper group benefit programs to your employees in the firm? _________

Sample HR Policy Questionnaire:

Name of organisation: _________________ Address of organisation: _____________ zip code: ______________

State: _________________ country: ____________________ Phone number of office: _________________ Email address: _________________ Website URL: ____________________________ Name of HR policy maker: ___________________ Number of employees in HR department: ________________ Contact number of HR Head of company: _________________ Please answer the following questions about HR policy making: Q1. What is the most effective HR policy adopted by your department in the recent past?

__________________________________________ Q2. Who all are the members of your HR policy making team? __________________________________________ Q3. Does the company function according to the policies or is it flexible to these policies? _________________________________________ Q4. Mention few of your HR polices which have not provided expected results? ________________________________________ Q5. The need of human resources keeps on expanding day by day. Does this mean that more policies must be implemented by each company in todays date? _______________________________________ Q6. Name and describe a few of the HR policies implemented by you which have been very successful? ______________________________________ Q7. What part do you play in your organisation in policy making?


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