---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 01-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The Two Dimensions Of Being A Detached Observer There are two dimensions of being a detached

observer - the inner dimension and the outer one. Let us look at the inner dimension of detached observation. It is the ability or the technique to stand back from or observe in a detached way our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and behavior. We are creators and our thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes are our creation. In fact, this is the first step to becoming a ruler of the self and making the self powerful. If we fail to detach from our thoughts and emotions then they will be our masters, they will go out of control and will, as a result, leak away or waste our energy. Practice simply being the witness of whatever you are thinking and feeling. This is an important aspect of any good spiritual practice and after a while you will find it an experience that both, frees you and empowers you. The external dimension of detached observation is the technique of being a witness to or an observer of the scenes, of the world around us. As we stand back and watch the scenes of life being played, on the world stage around us, without being actively involved, we can see the 'big picture' more clearly. This makes it easier to judge clearly what is the most suitable contribution that we can make and the most suitable role we can play - through our thoughts, words and actions. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 01-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To live in the present is to be free from the influence of the past. Expression: Many times the past keeps coming back again and again in the mind, influencing the present too. The present is lost in thinking about the past. So there can be nothing done to enjoy the present. All words and actions then are totally coloured by the past. Instead the one who is able to free himself from the influence of the past is able to move positively towards the future. Experience: To be free from the influence of the past it is important to have a powerful consciousness of the present. To be able to be free from the influence of the past is to forget the past. Because there is the understanding that it is gone. Also there is no worry about the future. When I am able to learn to live in the present I am able to discover how full it is of peaceful moments. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 02-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Self Management It is only in our relationships that we can truly know ourselves. We are a mirror for each other. What we give to others at the level of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes is what we give to ourselves, and will finally come back from others. Our relationships are the real workshop, classroom, learning laboratory of our life. Relationship is not simply getting along with others, it is about understanding, building, nourishing and caring.

Every interaction carries a lesson. Take one relationship, look at it, explore it and ask yourself what does it tell you about yourself and your life so far. Let your relationships reveal you to yourself. As you do you will naturally learn what makes relationships work, or not work, as the case may be! And the more you get to know yourself in the mirror of your relationships the more easily you will be able to understand others. Think of two people who are close to you. Now think about each relationship and write down what each of these people seems to bring out in you when you are with them. What part of your self would you want to see more developed in each of these relationships e.g. humour, patience, humility (egolessness) etc.? What will you do today to develop these aspects of your personality? ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 02-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be free is to be free even from the bondage of things. Expression: The one who is dependent on the presence of a particular thing to succeed in a task is also under the bondage of that thing. Such a person will not be able to put in effort to his full capability since he is always thinking of what is lacking. On the other hand the one who tries to find a way to do the task at hand even when there is nothing available is the one who finds new resources. He is then able to use these resources too for accomplishing the task. Experience: When I am thinking more about what is to be done rather than thinking about what is lacking, I am able to be content with what I have. I am able to appreciate every small thing that is present in my life that I could use for my own benefit and that of others. I am able to work for what I want to achieve without being caught up only with the desires. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 03-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Limiting Influences On Your Decision Making Ability It is extremely important to realize that, in any situation, you have the power to choose whether your response in that situation will be passive or pro-active, positive or negative, indifferent or attentive etc. You choose what action you take and how you feel. But do you exercise your power of choice all the time? You need to check which factors influence your decision making and push you either in one direction or the other? There are many factors that control and limit your power to make the right, and more importantly, free choices.These factors primarily include influences of people that dominate your ways of thinking, your beliefs, your attitudes, even your complete personalities, etc. You are also limited by the influence of your own fears, attachments, desires, biases or other negative and waste thoughts, which result in a lack of focus. There are a lot of people who are not used to thinking for themselves or even prefer being a .yes. man going along with what others think and say, without having an opinion of their own. Also as you pass through your childhood and teenage life and enter adulthood, you acquire many preconceived ideas or beliefs from your family and social

and cultural environment; that is why you assume inside that some things or people are always positive and others are always negative when, in fact, that.s not necessarily true. This directly affects the type of decisions you make, each time there is a requirement for one. In any particular situation, courage, wisdom, high self-esteem and focus is required to sit down calmly and make an assessment about the possible choices before you, and then finally make the right decision. The more you practice relaxation, positive thinking and meditation, the more you rise above all the negatively influencing factors mentioned above , the more you experience the positive qualities and powers mentioned above and exercise your power of choice accurately and with confidence... ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 03-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be merciful means to transform the pain and sorrow of others. Expression: The one who is merciful always has the feeling of mercy and is able to help those who are in need or in distress. Such a person is able to bring about transformation in others too because of his own pure feelings. He is able to put in effort that becomes a contribution for the progress of others. Experience: When I have mercy for others, I am able to accept their feelings, emotions and behaviour and provide them with the right kind of mental support. Then I am able to give them courage without being influenced negatively with their feelings of pain and sorrow. So my mercy influences myself positively too as I am able to keep myself positive under all circumstances. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 04-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Limiting Influences On Your Decision Making Ability (cont.) With whom does the choice to make your decisions lie? Are you going to be dominated by your fears and others. negatively powerful influences, which paralyze your judgment power and confuse you sometimes or are you going to exercise your choice? When someone dominates you, they control you and make you feel irritated, frustrated and weak; they satisfy their own ego like that by controlling you and bringing you under their influence. You need to decide if you are comfortable being a victim of the other by being the one who satisfies the egos of others. It is not a very healthy attitude, on their part, but it happens in many relationships and we fall prey to that, because of a lack of spiritual power. Get back your personal ruling and controlling power and do not be afraid to be free and responsible for your choices. From today on, promise yourself that you will not allow your husband or wife, or children, or your friend, or mother-in-law, or your office colleague, anybody for that matter, influence the power of choice, the power to decide, that you possess. In the end, that way they will be happier; perhaps not at first, because a power game is created. Your personal freedom will lead to a healthier relationship, in the long run. Its fine to take an opinion or a viewpoint or support from someone, but there is a fine line between that and being controlled by someone, which we, many a times cross, and become a victim. You are free when you take responsibility for what you are and how you feel. In meditation you can realize everything that has influenced you and know how to clear it,

or beg God for something for selfish reasons. flatter. an exercise not physically visible to oneself and others. But internally I will experience lightness ato play. This connection is not difficult when the mind is truly in love. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 05-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Mind Empowerment Meditation is an inner mental exercise. In our present society. I am able to play whatever part I have to. This depends on each one of us. Through this exercise we link ourselves to the Source of unlimited and complete purity (the Supreme Being). there are many influencing factors. like "I". burdens of the past and negative feelings for myself and others. we require a daily connection and recharge every morning. the mind. Connection fills the mind with a spiritual strength which we use in our everyday life and keeps it constantly positive. It would be easy to understand the significance of the part that I am playing and remain happy. Expression: Even when the most difficult problem comes my way. Because I never experience being subservient to the problem. to the purest. otherwise the using up of the energy of the mind in actions throughout the day causes its spiritual strength to get depleted very soon. I am able to give my best when I understand the significance of whatever is happening. which not only purifies our mind but also liberates the mind from the limits or various different forms of impurity or body consciousness. most of all. In silence. highest and most spiritual. say something. or chant something.so that only the highest. At the present moment. The desire for connection enables the soul to fly beyond all mental barriers such as "I can't".During meditation the mind let.s go of the threads of the limits of the physical body and physical world. which is impure. the most positive influence you. "How do I?" and "No time!". To maintain such strength. uninfluenced by any external negativity. a lot of us have completely lost the simple enjoyment of His presence. corrupt and mediocre. experiences a magnetic pull for this pure Source and flies upwards and connects with this Source. from the most negative. and not just trying to demand. "my". ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 04-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To consider problems to be a game is to move forward with lightness. we will find a personal and very loveful friendship with God. externally. Experience: When I understand that problems are just a game. It is enough just to be still in the silence of that spiritual meeting and experience its bliss and enjoy the stage of spiritual fulfillment. who not only listens and helps but. I am always a master. Love for the Source emerges inside when we have complete knowledge of God as the Ocean of truth and purity and have an inner spiritual thirst for experiencing a connection with Him. Like a bird. we feel we have to ask for something. violent. It depends on each one what you want to consume and allow to be influenced by. . is just there.

holistic perspective which places a sacred significance on what we eat. by eating the wrong type of food then the individual is not able to enjoy meditative serenity (peacefulness). tranquility and love. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 06-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To have attention to accumulate is to experience constant progress Expression: The one who has the attention to accumulate each and every moment makes sure that he uses well his treasures like thoughts. Practitioners of the Raja Yoga meditation.s energy can touch. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 06-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Effect Of Food On The Mind In harmony with our great spiritual. Such words are free from all kind of negativity. I find that I am light. Only such powerful words can bring about a change in others. The others too are able to immediately correct themselves. Instead each treasure would be used for the benefit of all. Expression: When there are good wishes combined with the words that I speak. the Brahma Kumaris places great importance on food. there is love. They believe that non-violence is an essential characteristic of the spiritually awakened individual and that the essence of the human soul is peace. This also enables me to gain good wishes for having taken them a step forward. Whatever is spoken with love has its effect on others. We shall be explaining the different types of foods tomorrow . knowing that I have no selfishness in whatever I have said. in a similar way in which alcohol or intoxicating drugs can dramatically change our mood and power of judgment. Experience: Having attention to accumulate makes me realise the importance of whatever I have. which the Brahma Kumaris teaches. seeing how the food. .---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 05-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Words filled with good wishes bring change in others. there would never be anything waste or even ordinary. If the internal workings of the soul are disturbed. Whilst modern science tends to take a technician. Thus I experience constant progress. time etc. are typically lacto-vegetarians (diet is a vegetarian diet which includes dairy products). Experience: When I speak with love and good wishes.s approach and sees the molecules. heal and nourish the soul as well. The meditator sees that whatever food is eaten has an effect on the mind. This makes me pay attention on even little things and I find myself benefitting from each moment and with each thing that happens. religious and wisdom traditions. so they naturally have a lot of power. Then. chemical compounds and nutrients that feed the body. The body needs sustenance but so does the soul: we must absorb. we look at a more spiritual. in a subtle form. assimilate and integrate spiritual energy as well as physical energy from our food.

. dairy products and a moderate amount of spices and herbs. Experience: When my words are to the point. fowl. The purer ones diet. Then there is stimulating (or . there is a lot of lightness experienced within me and my physical energy is saved too. stale food and also garlic.sattwic') food constitutes the staple diet of a yogi (meditator). seeds. fish. However. Pure (or . radishes.) items. tea. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 07-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Lightness comes when words are accurate. onions and chives.) Food may be placed in one of three categories. eggs. Others too experience benefit through my words and so I naturally get blessings from them. bringing tranquility to the consciousness and greater clarity to the mind and intellect. They bring about the result needed accurately. Ordinarily onions and garlics are recommended to non-vegetarians as blood purifiers and to help counteract the buildup of harmful animal fat and cholesterol. sprouts. passions which reduce serenity and peace of mind. the healthy vegetarian is not in need of such protection and a spiritually sensitive meditator will be aware that they (onions and garlics) tend to arouse anxiety and irritation . which helps me move forward with lightness. Finally there are impure (or .---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 07-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Effect Of Food On The Mind (cont. colas. Expression: Accurate words means there is nothing extra spoken. grains. It includes fruits. Whatever has to be said is said to the point. the more the emotions remain in a state of equilibrium. vinegar. most vegetables. Such words being short are sweet to hear too and are those that never hurt others. and includes coffee. nonprescription drugs.tamsic. alcohol. spices and watermelon.rajsik. such as tobacco. These should all be completely avoided.) food which may be consumed in moderation. all meat.

.. I am looking through these eyes. Being impressed by people..... is a precious vehicle. I will be able to experience constant selfprogress... I experience positive feelings because of having put in the right effort... but will always experience success as a right.. but we can fall into the tendency of staying trapped in the superfluous (excessive and unnecessary) and in appearances. we need to make sure that we do not have an impressionable intellect.. Using the power of visualization. a medium.. I will then never have the slightest feeling of failing....... and in the awareness of this inner light. aim to experience them in your mind: I withdraw my attention away from the physical limbs and sense organs..... What impresses us influences us and even moulds our awareness at that ... that which is more valuable and more precious is the being (soul) making this instrument function..... ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 09-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Being Impressed By Others ..... I become aware of the power within this point of light. I spread rays of peace in all directions... Expression: The one who puts in accurate efforts for the success of every task....... the physical body. But........ my talents..... In the awareness of who I am I radiate this light within.... I am light..... my powers. But the body is not I. In the centre of the forehead is a point of light ....... in itself.. Within this assembly of bones and muscles and amazing organs is a being of light......... Within my own being are my qualities.. This instrument of mine.... is not bad.............. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 08-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Success is achieved through accurate efforts.... Experience: When I do the right thing.... I hold my head held high in self-respect. Is It Beneficial? To keep our self esteem intact. I am listening through these ears. So there is success in everything............. I the being of light express myself through this body........... Within I the being of light is everything that I am and everything that I have... I focus on myself. a valuable instrument... naturally tries to do the best... others too help him and contribute whatever they can to achieve what he sets out to do. Because of his own contribution....---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 08-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Meditation For Experiencing Soul Consciousness Read over the following words slowly and silently. I am this being of light.. even if the result is not what I have expected......

rather it will create a dependency and dependencies weaken us. to us. but when we allow them to impress us. I experience positive feelings because of having put in the right effort. I will be able to experience constant selfprogress. I am able to remain cool and light because of my regard for others and their ideas. Without realizing. words and actions. siblings (brothers and sisters). It is good to recognise and appreciate the achievements and skills of others. Because of this I am able to constantly learn and experience progress. such as that we are not as good or effective as them. it is fine to respect the authority and the position of the other. they start transmitting the energy of this belief through their thoughts and later on when we are physically present in front of them. This can make it difficult for us to be the authority in our own life.moment. which we catch. As we grow up. Our parents are the people whom we grow up with and are closest to in our childhood. We lose the ability to create our thoughts and feelings and these are influenced by the impression that we have allowed the other person to leave on us. worrying is caring. our ability to relate to the person in a smooth way is blocked. Experience: When I do the right thing. in fact even before we are born. Another example is when we are impressed by the achievements of the other and put them on a pedestal. All of this acts as an obstacle on the path towards our own achievement. in some way. this false belief keeps reaching us from everyone on a subtle as level as physical level from whom we meet and are close to including our friends. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 10-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Worry Confused With Concern One of the most incorrect beliefs that we have acquired since childhood is that to worry is to care. through thoughts. Sometimes the impression is such that we completely give ourselves to it. and we allow them to dominate our emotional world. even if the result is not what I have expected. The results of allowing oneself to be impressed are varied and on different levels. because we being a spiritual energy. I will then never have the slightest feeling of failing. when we are impressed by the other's position. and slowly we start accepting this belief as being completely true and lead our lives according to it and even transmit the same to others. we use the other to fill a gap that we feel in ourselves. That is . we submit ourselves to their influence and we weaken our self-esteem and our respect towards ourselves. but when we allow their position to impress us. This will not always work. or we might feel jealousy or guilt. spouse etc. We give up our power to the other.s womb. even when we are in our mother. It will not strengthen us. We compare ourselves with him or her and have weak thoughts of ourselves. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 09-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To give regard to others' ideas is to be a learner. As soon as we are born. but will always experience success as a right. For example. not only transmit or radiate but also absorb energy. Expression: Even when my best plan and ideas are rejected or criticised.

She doesn. Suppose the class teacher of your child (we take the example of your son) calls up and says that while playing in the school playground. which is like nourishment that keeps one happy. we shall demonstrate how on a subtle energy level. your son has injured himself. Experience: Knowing that my effort will surely be fruitful makes me enjoy everything I do. But worrying is not caring. perhaps our parents or spouse or children about where we have been and why hadn. stress.t explain much but says there is nothing to worry. and communicate with others invisibly. but our family members explain that we were worrying for you because we care for you. We not only send but also pick up the energy that others radiate. we are asked a thousand questions and by our family members. they are two opposite emotions which can never exist together at the same time.t we bothered to call and also informed about another thousand negative assumptions they had made in that much time. My mental happiness and well being thus keeps me healthy. She requests you to come and pick him up from the school. We are normally surprised with the fact they are worrying. because 9 out of 10 times we are late because of a not so serious reason. true love and concern is more beneficial than worry in coming out of negative situations. it becomes easy to continue making effort. Once there is this understanding. you only have a rough idea of what situation he is in exactly at that moment because you are physically far away . On reaching home. At this point of time. anxiety and sorrow (although the teacher has informed you that he is fine). We demonstrate with an example how this can work positively as well as negatively when we find ourselves in negative situations in our practical lives. even when things are not going right for me. in which we find ourselves every now and then. In tomorrow's message. You are driving to his school to pick him up. keeps me enthusiastic and free from tiredness.why it is extremely difficult to find a single person today who does not live according to this belief or does not bring it into their daily lives to some extent or the other. At the same time he is also picking up your subtle spiritual or mental energy. Worry is fear or anxiety and care is love or concern. It makes me remain happy. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 10-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To know the fruit of efforts will surely come is to remain happy and healthy. A very common example of the above belief which we all have gone through sometime or the other is when we are late by just a few minutes in coming back home from office. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 11-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Worry Confused With Concern (cont.) We are all linked together at a subtle. Why? Because they had been worried for us. So effort is never stopped till what has to be achieved is achieved. invisible level. At this point of time your son is radiating his own spiritual energy which is most probably the negative energy of fear. especially the ones that we are close to. Expression: To know that the fruit of my effort will eventually come one day is to understand the importance of making effort.

rather than surrendering to sleep at this moment. . which is true concern or care? What will you send him to support him from far away? Worry vibrations or the vibrations of love in the form of your good wishes for them? Vibrations of love will keep you also in a positive state as you drive through the city.e. it is better to do some light housework until the stage of tiredness passes. especially when there is no time for an afternoon rest.m. .) . Guessing about the exact situation is making assumptions and is a waste of your mental energy. Experience: When I am looking only at the positive aspects. If you make negative assumptions i. If I am very. but everything becomes enjoyable for me. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 12-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Principles for the Body To Make Early Morning Meditation Successful .from him. but the one who has the eye for positive things sees only positively even when there is negativity around. Light eating with plenty of fresh fruits and salads makes the mind light. Be warm. then you are sending him the same vibrations of fear. a negative energy. Do not talk unnecessarily before going to sleep. and a heavy breakfast. I am able to remain happy. very tired at night. . even if it is visibly negative. what is care or concern? It is you sending your positive inner spiritual light to help another and worry is definitely not that. What will help him? He needs your support. If I go to bed with a heavy head I rise with a heavy head. Besides. Such a person is like a swan. you worry and are scared. Rest well each night. yet avoid over-heated rooms. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 11-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The beauty of things lie in the ability to appreciate them. Make sure the evening meal is taken early or only have a light meal before bed. because you are going to take some time to reach the school and provide him physical support? Your negative vibration of fear which you may mistakenly call concern or care as you imagine something bad has happened? Or the positive vibrations of your unconditional love and your good wishes. Expression: Nothing is positive or negative in itself. (To be continued tomorrow . I find nothing to be a problem. You have been told that there is nothing to worry but still you know he is in a slightly difficult emotional situation and only he knows how he will come out of it. which he is going to pick up and it is not going to empower or help him in anyway but is more likely to weaken and disturb him and even disturb you in your driving. which separates and picks up only pearls from stones. Avoid going off to sleep later than 10 p. . If I am able to appreciate everything that comes my way.we are talking about subtle support. but what will support him the most .

If the body is ill. there is not too much thought about what is not there or what should be there. Burn incense sticks ("agarbattis"). and do not expect anything both from situations and people. This insecurity leads a person into forcing others to act and think in the same way as them. I can then appreciate and enjoy everything that comes my way. So I find myself being special and making my own fortune. achievement or talent. for my benefit and that of others. I find myself content. Expression: When there is the awareness of one's fortune. nationality. and do not force the self. Since the mind is free from all these kind of waste thoughts. An egoistic person. So the mind is free from waste thoughts and questions. only if it doesn't irritate your and others' eyes and throats.) . There is also the pure desire of sharing with others. Experience: When I have the recognition of my own fortune. Have a good circulation of fresh air. away from the walls or comfortable chairs. whatever is done is the best. . Subtle lighting creates an atmosphere of meditation. religion. rather than recognizing that everyone is unique with a . Avoid speaking before the meditation. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 13-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Principles for the Body To Make Early Morning Meditation Successful (cont. If it is too dark it will lead to sleepiness. creating an attachment to the self. . which always compares and competes with others. which also makes one special. . I have no expectations but continue to make the best use of what I already have. Freshen the self before morning meditation. When there are no expectations. if it is too light there will be eye-strain. with a shower or a hot drink. or superior. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 14-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Understanding And Overcoming Ego Identification with the ego and the external self creates a false identity and extremes of feeling inferior. because of wanting to make the best of everything. I am able to always remain content. there is speciality seen in every word and action. awaken but sit comfortably. depending on the circumstances and people. . Experience: When I am free from wants or desires. Sit with an upright posture. and am aware of what I have. Expression: The one who is free from wants is the one who is free from expectations. which is based on gender. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 13-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be free from wants is to be free from waste. It brings with it the thought of 'I am'.---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 12-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Speciality lies in experiencing one's fortune.

I am a blissful soul who gifts everyone with the treasure of happiness.g. . An ego less person acts. We need the courage to look into the self honestly and acknowledge that the characteristics of 'I know' and 'I control' exist and have to be removed. awakens and then moves on. there is naturally the ability to give the best in spite of all the obstacles. only 'yes' people (who have the same opinion as yours) are allowed to come close: anyone with a difference of opinion is rejected. but is completely whole within itself. In fact obstacles only serve to strengthen determination. . The expression of this pure entity is not selfish but selfless and the person begins to share with others. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 15-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Understanding And Overcoming Ego (cont.I am a knowledgeful soul.s (God. Where there is such ego.unique personality and has a right to express his/her respective personality.humanity has lost its soul.s) heart throne. This is why. . interacts and expresses themselves in this way. (To be continued tomorrow. if there is to be truth and happiness inside. We need to remember the original 'I am' e. specialties. With ego. It steps in.I know best' and consequently the misunderstood duty and right to control and manipulate others. sold its soul to external traditions and attractions. Situations will not deter such a person from achieving what he set out to. Light is a great facilitator. It is determination that enables me to add power to my thoughts and make them practical.I am a child of the Supreme Soul. whatever happens. virtues etc.. Experience: When there is determination in my thoughts. facilitating the awakening of the true potential of others. Through meditation and remembering the true . just like sunlight. similar to him in qualities and powers. or rather. or anyone. the original uniqueness of the self is denied. then: is the idea of . etc. in their best interests (supposedly)! This results in the spoiling of the creativity and uniqueness of others. And so there is naturally constant victory for the one who is always determined. everything that he/she possesses . where necessary. there is such an identity crisis . Expression: When there is determination in thoughts. . humility and honesty are required. talents. these days.I am. sees difference in personalities as a threat to himself/herself. .) ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 14-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To stamp every thought with the stamp of determination is to be victorious .. the pollution of the selfish ego is gradually replaced by the remembrance and the experience of the pure self: the 'I' that is not attached to anything.. knowledge. With ego. (shared above). I am never afraid.I am the soul which is seated on the Supreme Being.) To conquer ego. I never give up what I have started. unrecognized and buried deep in the layers of wrong identity.

the faith in the Sculptor. Being still means having complete faith in myself and him and being patient means having the third faith . Also when I come in front of God. This awareness then reminds me of my original qualities and the spiritual beauty and perfection hidden inside me.e. knows me and has full faith in me. waiting to emerge from my present imperfect self. Holding the vision that God has of me. his love and the knowledge he gives me makes me aware of myself as a spiritual being similar to him. Such a person takes each situation as a chance to learn something new and bring about some change for the better. There are three types of faith in this consciousness:1. When I do that. strong in all three faiths while he continues his work on me. but I will be able to enjoy everything that comes my way.the faith in time. I should not move or be impatient i. by shaping materials which may be hard like wood or stone or soft like clay. I may not know myself completely or have full faith in myself. all the Sculptor wants me to do is to be still and patient. in his vision of his finished work i. No situation will make me have negative feelings or make me stop. place myself in his safe hands. So there is constant improvement in his life. a sculptor. that allows me place myself in his hands. otherwise I will not become perfect. I feel I must regain my original condition. which helps me in having the second faith. and how I am at the present moment. I am able to trust the Sculptor. which he foresees. Initially. not let any of my faiths waiver. the thoughts inside my mind get focused spiritually on him and as a result I receive his spiritual energy. the second faith. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 16-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The Spiritual Sculptor And The Piece Of Art A sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork created by an artisan. which reshapes and transforms me. a perfect and complete me. I being like a rough living block of wood or stone or a plain piece of clay.---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 15-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The one who checks himself constantly is the one who experiences progress. It's my first faith. the Sculptor. I have to just surrender my mind to the Spiritual Sculptor and keep myself in his hands. and restore my truth and beauty. His knowledge and power gives me the strength and courage to be still and patient i.e. I will be able to experience constant progress. Expression: The one who keeps checking himself is also able to bring about a change in himself. 2. That which is highest and most beautiful in me begins to emerge gradually. knowing that the knocks I receive will chip away at my weaknesses. but God. With that consciousness. Experience: When something goes wrong. who is a perfect spiritual being. my faith in the Sculptor. His vision of perfection is so clear that knowing it. God or the Supreme Being also has been remembered as the spiritual sculptor. .e. the faith in myself. There is a vast difference between how God sees me. if I learn to check myself and bring about a change immediately. the faith in myself and 3. the faith in time.

If we want to change a habit. We want to rid ourselves of them: but how? When we look at the creation and fulfillment of thoughts. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 17-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Creating Positive Habits Some habits do not upset us. Expression: The one who is loving. In many cases. Such a person will never try to be away even from people who are not loving towards him. where do we change the system or how do we get out of the cycle? First of all. I am able to maintain this love for every person I come into contact with. Experience: Since I am a loving person. if we do not replace them with something better. but because we have not understood deeply why we wanted to do it. and these impressions are responsible for similar thoughts. frustration and desperation. we can try changing our negative actions: for example. I find that I never lose my love because of being aware of my true nature. through different therapies. although we change our behaviour. or painful experience behind a fear which causes us to cling on to a negative habit. with a more beneficial and healthier alternative. There is always some traumatic event. this is a vicious cycle. stop a negative habit like smoking. And although we can see and recognise our fears and anxieties. but others can cause irritation. likes to be with the others. the actions create a series of impressions (sanskars). it looks like a closed system: the thoughts lead to actions. is quite possible that one day we will go back to this old habit. Whether the other person is able to be loving or not. the results are not altogether satisfactory. So the one who is loving is always successful in relationships. We can try changing this system in our subconscious. By analysing what is recorded in our subconscious. To eliminate certain things we .---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 16-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------True love brings success in relationships. then where do we start? In other words. but will be able to change the one who is not so loving with his own love. even though they do not work and they make us unhappy. very often we will feel tempted to cling on to these old systems. which lead us to similar actions.

) which are harmful. Expression: When there is quality thinking. yet remain so unshakeably calm that the inner strength becomes a shelter and inspiration to others lacking in that strength.Will Power.karmas. but to introduce it into the system of beliefs we hold. happiness and self-respect.sanskaras. When we speak of weakness or strength in the soul we are referring to the intellect. meditation and silence are the most effect non-violent methods.will-power. In the case of a weak soul (one with lower . a powerful soul (one with higher . .? The expression "will-power" is often used to refer to our ability to put into practice the ideas we know to be for our well-being and to resist actions (. This is directly related to the soul's intellectual strength. It is vital not to repeat this affirmation mechanically. Another method is to try and change our beliefs with positive affirmations (thoughts) that strengthen our willpower. but they come as if pushed by the .have recorded in our subconscious.) enjoys the experience of its own choice regardless of external stimuli (influence). thoughts are not many. but each thought is special. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 17-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Creating quality thoughts brings happiness and lightness. and thus introduce a new habit to replace the old one. (mainly in the form of habits) or are triggered by the atmosphere around or the moods of others. On the contrary.) it is almost as if the intellect plays no part in determining which thoughts arise in the mind. Rajyoga meditation develops the intellect to such an extent that this degree of control is possible. I am able to recognise my own greatness and move forward with lightness under all circumstances. and act as if we already were what we express in this affirmation. I experience sweetness. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 18-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------What is . Experience: When I have good quality thoughts. Quality thoughts are reflected in quality words and quality actions.will-power. They reduce tiredness and carelessness as thoughts are fewer in quantity. A practitioner of Rajyoga meditation can be in the midst of a situation of intense disturbance.

I will then not be judging others on what my past experiences with them are. From a spiritual perspective. is to be creative. To look at the clear sky means to look at the present moment and make the best use of it. anger is never ever natural or beneficial.spiritual. Insead of being like birds holding on to the branches of the past. It totally destroys the ability to create meaningful and deep relationships based on trust . Many authors of self development books. While we are all used to getting angry. I also find myself experiencing the benefit of each and every moment. it. If it doesn't destroy our physical body (that too it manages to do in the long term). While this can be respected as a point of view. So in short. each one of us to different extents. which means a view based on the absolute truth because the word . Experience: The ability to free myself from the negative influences of the past. philosophers.The weak soul is like a leaf at the mercy of the storm. psychologists and experts on the human nature have argued that anger is a natural. anger deviates us from reaching our very purpose of life. on a little introspection. And after all the very purpose of our life . Anger is an absolutely unwanted emotion if we want to live a peaceful. Anger is never every good for health . biological and psychological response which is an integral part of human sanskara and life. the one who looks at the clear sky gets the inspiration to move forward. it is not at all true. contented and blissful life. never ever positive or empowering and never ever allowable or justified.s alright to conclude that anger destroys. So I experience constant progress. enables me to have a vision of equality. it definitely destroys our capacity to be creative. the strong one. means that which is the truth. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 19-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The After Effects Of Anger If realized deeply. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 18-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be free from the influence of the past is to have the ability to fly forward. we will realize that it drains us out and is counter-productive. a rock in the face of a rough sea. mental or physical. Expression: There are so many things of the past that keep coming up in the mind again and again.

But in this heap of information. so should be the state of mind of those in the kitchen. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 20-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Consciousness In The Kitchen .and respect and brings the efficiency of our actions. holds a special place in our hearts. If we believe in the necessity of anger. and how it negatively influences the contentment and fulfillment of those around us. we are continuously bombarded with details about the physical aspects of what we eat and the effects that different ingredients may or may not have on us. at home or anywhere else. performed at the workplace. and thus also on those who eat it.s mother. and naturally this is important. (To be continued tomorrow . we need to stop for a while and reflect deeply and see if we can see how it is a huge obstacle to our own contentment and fulfillment. has total faith in the self and in the progress of the self. A simple and familiar example of this concept at work can be seen in the way that home cooking. arrogance and greed (in the restaurant environment) may flavour the dish of the day. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 19-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The one who has faith is always victorious. The love and care with which it is prepared sometimes gives us more joy than perhaps food eaten in a restaurant setting where food may be prepared with greater technical skills but where stress. The one who has faith is always successful because he gives his best in everything he does. down. Cooking With Love In today. especially that of one. Expression: The one who has faith. we tend to overlook one crucial factor: the consciousness (state of mind) of the person cooking and the effect that this will have upon the food. because I have the faith that I am progressing. And just as the physical surroundings are best kept clean and in order. but also in a spiritual or inner space.) . I am able to learn and improve from everything that happens. Experience: When I have complete faith.s information age. A cook prepares food in a physical place. He is never deterred by obstacles but progresses constantly. I am able to experience lightness even when I am faced with my weaknesses.

peace and the pure desire to serve. it is therefore definitely beneficial to develop a positive attitude towards cooking. Before undertaking any food preparation. spiritual aspect of cooking is taken into consideration. The aim will be to touch and fill the heart as well as the palate and stomach. when there sometimes seems to be hardly enough time to cook. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 21-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Consciousness In The Kitchen . nourishing meals with fresh ingredients. Thus I find myself to be in total happiness in all situations. Expression: The one who is a self-sovereign never finds difficulty in being in control. creative activity. Even in today's demanding society. time-consuming activity. and his or her motivation to offer sustenance. the role of the cook extends from simply creating tasty. let alone do so peacefully and caringly. depressed or full of arrogance or hatred will have a different effect from food cooked with feelings of love. is to meditate before cooking and then to let preparing the meal itself be a creative.) When the subtle. will nourish as much as the chemical components of each dish. He doesn't have to go out of control and then bring himself back in control. remind yourself that the project at hand can and should be an enjoyable. then. meditative experience which yields a balanced. health-promoting diet for the body as a temple for the soul. A good practice. word and action is immediately in order. In other words. rather than an unpleasant. Food always tastes better when it has been flavoured with love and happiness. (To be continued tomorrow . Food cooked by a person who is angry. The love of the cook. to including a spiritual connection with those who will be eating that food.---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 20-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be a self-sovereign is to be in control. When I am a self-sovereign I experience myself to be free. we are what we eat but also the thoughts and attitudes that go into what we are eating. Cooking With Love (cont. Experience: To be a self-sovereign means to be aware of my own specialities and work with them. every thought. This is because nothing binds me but I am able to win over my weaknesses too.) . The moment the order is given to the self.

but acts positively whilst being in a stage of self.from others and situations. whether you are a new. but I am able to experience freedom. it will also help the body to prepare itself to receive and digest food. Cooking. the last step is to eat. shared spiritual experience.---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 21-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Greatness lies in humility. while also creating a powerful. too. Expression: The one who is humble is always willing to learn . The information which we have shared in this and the last two days messages does not pretend to be a complete guide to cooking with a spiritual touch. which would be beyond our scope. with its emphasis on the soul as well as the body. will bring an added dimension to your kitchen and dining table. should be a joyful and significant experience.respect. and eating. However. Experience: Humility brings an experience of being full and complete. to the Supreme Father). So naturally I am available for service.) Having prepared food with attention (which we have explained over the last two days). and have always the thought of bringing benefit to as many as possible. Of course. Humility also gives an experience of being a master. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 22-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Consciousness In The Kitchen . So whatever happens a humble person never reacts to the situations. Expressing gratitude in this way serves to increase the spiritual quality of the food and deepen the individual's personal relationship with the Divine. So cook and enjoy! . the Brahma Kumaris' practice is then to offer the freshly-prepared meal to the Supreme Soul (we call it offering . So there is greatness visible in the one who is humble. unhurried and harmonious state of mind and environment: we are what we eat and also how we eat. is best done in a peaceful. and this. we hope that the information. Cooking With Love (cont. aspiring or trained cook. On a very practical level. because no situation or person binds me.bhog.

Thus I experience success every moment in all situations. Expression: The ones who are ever ready are active and so when a task comes up. their dressing sense. they quickly understand it and attain success. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 23-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Seeing With Spiritual Eyes My eyes are the most powerful medium through which I. joy. feelings. A spiritual vision helps me see others with a sense of equality. and many a times. on a physical level. I make various . They recognize the importance of the task and involve fully in it and attain success Experience: When I am ever ready I am able to be easy. jealousy. positive virtues. can shower others with anger. caste. I create all sorts of impressions of another person from just one glance through my eyes. Because I am easy. hatred etc. if not used appropriately. As I look towards others. nationality etc. All that the soul possesses inside it or is made up of in the form of thoughts. gender. the soul. my eyes are used to see others in the same way with a non-spiritual or a body-conscious vision. When I stay in the awareness that I am a soul. They do not waste time and energy thinking too much about it. position in society. When I stay in the awareness that I am a body. situated at the center of my forehead. in fact all personality traits. power etc. attitudes. looks. and the same eyes. how rich they are. a spiritual being of subtle light.---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 22-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be ever ready means to guarantee success. about their age. This brings me down on a spiritual level. very commonly. My eyes also express whatever wisdom or knowledge I possess inside. not only absorb information from the outside to the inside but also express myself to others from the inside to outside. my eyes can be used to shower others with pure love. job. all tasks seem easy for me and effort put in for the success of the task also becomes easy. peace. even weaknesses. my eyes are used to see others in the same way with a spiritual vision. This leads to my spiritual upliftment. are expressed through my eyes to others and shared with others. So I don't have to do a lot of effort but give my best. instead of with feelings of comparison or competitiveness. criticism. Usually.

that changes. I am a traveler. It means not carrying the baggage of the past into my present and future. I'll enjoy the journey more. This makes me rise above comparisons and I am no longer judgmental about the other. I have to make some firm choices about I what will take with me on this journey. on exactly the same level as me. Experience: When I am able to recognise and use the specialities that are within me. The same soul has been in the past and will be in the future in different physical costumes or roles.The Power To Pack Up On the path of meditation. where all these have been and will be different and the same applies to me too. A spiritual vision reminds me of the original. gender. and move faster in the direction of my choice.assumptions about their personality or behaviour. letting the past be past. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 23-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To recognise the uniqueness of my own personality is to be free from negative influence. Age. nor lower. status etc. I am able to be light and happy. Because I am constantly in touch with my own specialities. I am able to remain powerful within. Expression: The one who is aware of one's own uniqueness is able to create a strong influence on others of his own personality. keeping only what is most useful to me. then to move on. . ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 24-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation . It also reminds me that each soul has incarnated from the soul world to play its various roles through different physical costumes in this unlimited drama on the world stage. To pack up means to learn the lessons of the present. That way. In all circumstances and with all people I experience this innate power. which are visible to me today are just temporary ones. positive qualities of each soul. on a magnificent journey. In the state of soulconsciousness. So. instead of their present personality. Looking out I see souls. such a person is not negatively influenced by anyone's personality traits. and I see them as my brothers. but traveling lightly from one day to the next. appearances. neither higher. Even when there is a person with a very strong personality. he is still able to be free from negative influence.

and learn from experience. inculcate the power to pack up. Meditation helps me to acquire that discipline of finishing negative and wasteful thoughts i.. Expression: Every human being has an innate positive nature because of the inherent qualities of love.The Power To Pack Up (cont.) ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 24-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Introversion brings out the positivity within. It also gives me the power to recognise and accept my mistakes. these qualities emerge very naturally at the time of need.e. that are within. Experience: The practice of being introverted helps me in experiencing those qualities within me. As the habit of self-observation develops. It helps express these qualities in everything that is done. it doesn't take long to understand how negative thoughts and feelings literally negate my central aim. even thoughts that waste the precious . The power to pack up enables me to fill each exchange I have with others with freshness and newness. thus giving me the courage to work on them successfully. peace. (To be continued tomorrow .) As I progress on my spiritual journey. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 25-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Inculcating Powers Through Rajyoga Meditation . I don't give that person the opportunity to express himself freely: my attitude colours him with the paint of my previous experience. so it does not block my view of how things are today.. Because of having practiced for a long time with them. Thus it makes me have true self-respect and enables me to finish my ego. of re-emerging my true nature. happiness etc.I'll also be lighter in my relationships. Introversion. which otherwise remain hidden during difficult situations. instead of allowing influences from past encounters with them to affect my present attitude and behaviour. Negativity drains the battery of the soul faster than anything else does. but then finish it. It is important to process the past. When I carry emotional or intellectual baggage from the past into my present dealings with an individual. enables one to be in constant touch with oneself and one's true nature. the practice of looking within.

in such mental grooves. There will also be no expectations from others. Experience: When I am able to have this one desire of helping others be more happy. that will rob me of the mental concentration and emotional stability I need to keep moving forward. without realizing what we are doing. there will be nothing negative while dealing with others. Meditation enables me to exercise this option quite deliberately. Soul Sustenance 26-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Experiencing Spiritual Growth Through Group Interactions . the needle of my attention is lifted above the groove. Sometimes we do get stuck. The power of pack up means I recognize the damage caused by such waste. but our attitudes and perception also determine the memories we choose to store. and rejecting memories that pollute my mind and slow me down. letting me come fully into the present. in relationship with the Supreme Soul. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 25-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The one who works to remove the sorrow of others is the one who is loved by all. Turning a scene over in my mind repeatedly is an example of waste. I also learn to be selective in what I choose to remember or forget from the past. Expression: When there is the one aim of helping to remove the sorrow of others. like a broken record. it is being honest to my task. Human beings in any case have highly selective memories. As I renew the awareness of myself as a soul.resources of the mind come to be seen as a barrier. and put an end to it. Working with the natural desire to bring benefit to as many as possible. in fact. picking up those scenes from the past that nourish me and help me move forward. We not only see and understand differently. I am able to make a contribution for others' happiness and progress. according to our individual interests and agendas. enables one to continue to contribute to whatever extent possible. This is not dishonest. I then find that others naturally appreciate my selfless contribution and their good wishes help me feel light and experience progress.

getting rid of the negative shades of the personality and further enhancing the positive traits and skills. positive as well as negative.Anyone who is inclined towards growing spiritually will sooner or later feel the need to taking up a particular spiritual path. Experience: When I am honest. which as a result. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 26-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Honesty brings success in relationships. etc. one of the main objectives of spiritual development is achieving victory over the ego and becoming soul conscious. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 27-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------- . there are also many spiritually motivated people who are not very interested in groups and communities and keep a distance from them. But. the internet. Honesty with oneself helps one to bring about constant improvement in the self. Expression: Honesty means being the same inside out. I am able to maintain harmony in my relationship with others because I am open with them and I find myself successful in my relationships. videos. Honesty with others enables one to relate positively under all circumstances. on the other hand. bringing about greater growth and spiritual development. There is no rudeness but there is an openness that brings about love towards the other person. In relationships and in living together. which provides him/her with an assigned code of leading a spiritual life and helps him/her to incorporate it in his/her life. since the personality is not activated to the same extent as when it interacts with others. the various forms of hidden ego and the different shades of the personality. growth is limited. They are of the opinion that it is easier to work it out alone by collecting information from other alternate sources by books. creating the possibility of being more aware and conscious about them. This also means becoming a part of a spiritual group or gathering or community and participating in spiritual study. practice like meditation or prayer and perform service along with the group. and progress spiritually. are stimulated. But the relationship between spiritual growth and being a part of or participating in a group is clear. so that they can be used for benefiting the self and others. Tomorrow we shall explain the various powers that are required to experience success in groups. After all. the television. I am able to experience progress in my own life and others are benefitted too with my own self-progress. For the isolated and solitary person. get enhanced in group activities and interactions.

is that in groups. they increase further inside us. * discriminate and judge different situations and people. being a part of a group. To . not to get over involved. various powers likethe power to: * adapt and mould oneself with people of different personality traits and as different situations in the group demand. the beauty of group interactions or being a part of a spiritual community or any other group. in order to maintain one's stability and calmness. * tolerate. * face negative situations in interactions. * remain content or satisfied and make the others content. therefore. * forgive and forget. you cannot overcome it. Every thought. if you are living in isolation you don't become aware of the dimensions of your ego and. works towards bettering the situation. amidst the actions and interactions of group activity. understand and empathize. * see and absorb only specialties of each one (inspite of obvious weaknesses being visible) and spreading the specialties (not weaknesses) to the others in the group. brings about greater spiritual growth and empowerment. * co-operate. either within the relationships with others or even with the self. By bringing the above powers into practice in a group. Also. word and action is towards creation and not towards worsening the situation. * show respect to each one and remain in self-respect. This does not happen in isolation.) As explained in yesterday's message. * become a detached observer of situations and people's actions. are absolutely necessary to experience success in the groups. or if it does. whenever required. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 27-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To be a creator means to use all treasures for a positive contribution. by way of praising and not criticizing them.Experiencing Spiritual Growth Through Group Interactions (cont. * go into inner silence. the one who has the thought of creation. Expression: Even in the most negative situations. etc. There is a difference between experiencing success with the self while staying alone and within a group. then the extent is quite limited. Such a person is not concerned about who spoilt the situation or how it got spoilt. So basically. * communicate. * listen.

love. it tends to go from a concentrated state into a state of expansion. In a spontaneous way. power) we accumulate more energy and our inner strength can grow. This means that we are capable of creating. I then experience constant progress. our creative capacity decreases. towards the external world (objects. but only answers under all circumstances. Energy follows a direction in its constant movement. original and genuine qualities (peace. Negative thoughts are a low-frequency vibration that causes the energy to become dissipated. therefore. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 28-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------A Parallel Between Physical And Spiritual Energy Energy is neither created nor destroyed. weakening us on entering into this expansion and not having sufficient power (concentrated energy) to take on negative situations and circumstances that we are faced with. capable of influencing the atmosphere and the consciences of other people in a subtle way. They weaken and block communication. Experience: When I am working towards creation. of having more willpower and. I am able to make the best use of my resources and treasures. however little it may be.the extent possible. This is a law of physics according to which all things tend to go from a high-energy state to a lowenergy state. Applying these principles to the area of our conscience. people and so on). but transformed into other energy forms. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 28-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------- . I have no questions. after a while a full glass of hot water goes cold. possessions. transforming any negative vibrations. he works towards bettering the situation. I also experience contentment of having made a contribution. if we focus on our intrinsic. When our thoughts (which are metaphysical (non physical) energy are focused on the outermost layers of our conscience. They destroy harmony (peace). Positive thoughts are a high-frequency vibration that transports a great deal of concentrated energy. On the other hand. For example. our thoughts and feelings. we can discover similarities to these laws. strengthening our self-esteem.

which then influences our ability to respond to them. Experience: When there is even a little thought to share with others whatever I have. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 29-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The biggest treasure of all is the treasure of experience. speak and act in an angry way. Also there is equality in what he talks and does. decisions and behaviour. We then deepen the sanskara as we express more anger. Within the sanskara is the recorded emotion and experience of our expression towards the object of our anger.To be a giver means to give according to need. Also such a person is able to give without expecting anything in return. . If we encounter the object of our anger the next day. It clouds our mind and confuses our intellect. it will trigger the emergence the recorded anger from within the sanskara. Expression: The one who has the treasure of experience is able to bring benefit to others. even if we only 'think' anger. enables me to get their good wishes also. Expression: The one who is a giver would be sensitive to the needs of others and will be able to give what the other person needs at the right time. weakening and distorting our thoughts. instead of giving what he wants to give. The object is a particular person or situation. whatever I can. The emergence of this emotional energy from within our consciousness then stops us from interacting in a positive way. Essentially we are carrying a negative image of the other person within our sanskara from a previous interaction with them. I would naturally be able to perceive my own inner treasures and experience being full. Sharing with others. we leave an impression or memory of anger within our own consciousness which results in sanskara of anger to be born. So he is naturally able to give directions or corrections based on his own experiences and is also successful in it. And when we see them again it emerges the energy within the sanskara. This often explains why we find it harder to connect and communicate with certain people in our life. I thus find myself experiencing the richness of life. He is clear in thinking and accurate in judgement. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 29-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Understanding The Inner Mechanism Of Anger If we think.

We forgot that we were soul-actors. attains victory constantly. Due to body-consciousness the soul severed (broke) its subtle connection with the Supreme Soul. the soul's relationship with matter changes. He will naturally be able to take the learning from all situations and move on inspite of negative situations. He is also successful in his relationship with others. are threaded by the law of karma. . When there is mental communion (connection) with the Supreme. Expression: The one who brings about transformation in the self learning from all situations.Experience: To be an embodiment of experience means to learn from everything that happens. . shapes and sounds of the material world. which interact to produce the phenomena of world history and geography: souls. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 30-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------To transform the self means to receive blessings. I am able to get the love and . over the colors. as he knows to mould himself. firstly over the sense organs of the body and through that. Experience: When I am able to bring about transformation in myself according to time. The power of my experience enables me to move lightly through all situations. This means that the internal love-link that the soul has with the Supreme is reflected in the performance of the soul in the material world and in the degree to which the soul has mastery over matter. but have lost our sense of direction for various reasons: . --------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 30-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The Interplay Between Souls. . matter and the Supreme Soul (God). without just expecting others to change. We became over-identified with our costumes the physical body. We lost sight of the story of the drama. Matter And The Supreme Soul (God) The forces. We became lost on the world stage. . . We forgot that we were residents of the soul world. We have continually sought to understand which way to act. I am able to feel mastery over every situation that comes my way. So when I am able to become an embodiment of experience.

noise.karmas. mental chatter. basically everything that separates you from your true spiritual self. are appropriate and accurate. Many people feel internally and complain that their intellect is not as clear as they would like. which are necessary but unnecessary to be thought of that time. referring to someone who is acting in an incorrect way. as a result of which there is an increase in the power of discrimination. If we are to act in an appropriate way. my thoughts too would be easy and light. while observing someone. but is able to think and act properly under all circumstances.awakening. we need to be aware and be awake to the consequences (results) of our actions. The voice of the conscience brings with it that state of . An increase in this power helps us maintain a sense of what is right and wrong while performing actions and implement that awareness. Expression: The one who is stable is not influenced by one's own old habits and tendencies to react..realizing.discrimination.Karmas. One of the aims of meditation and spiritual knowledge is to make the intellect strong. ---------------------------------------------------------Message for the day 31-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------The power of stability enables to cross over all obstacles. brings solutions and helps in lessening the impact of the obstacle itself. ---------------------------------------------------------Soul Sustenance 31-03-2012 ---------------------------------------------------------Increasing The Power Of Discrimination To Improve . It is a voice that is not affected by material worries or a preoccupation about one's image and public appearance. . . in meditation you feel quiet and you focus your thoughts inwards. . the sound of the voice of the conscience is perceived and heard. In this way you can listen to yourself within and as a result ensure to the maximum extent that your . we use the phrase: "He/she doesn't know what he/she is doing". you are completely focused on the present moment of spiritual empowerment and not distracted by: .. unrelated ideas of the past and the future.awareness.. Meditation brings about self-realizations whereby you realize what is happening inside you. and . clear and clean. The power of stability brings forth the best decisions in the most difficult times.good wishes of all. In that state. Sometimes. Because of the ability to mould myself. etc.. This is because.karmas. During meditation.

Learning to be stable in the most difficult situations. . I am able to be free from the influence of my own old habits. Instead I am able to transform old habits into new ones. making them into those of power.Experience: When I am stable on the seat of a master. enables me to cross over all obstacles very easily. those that are of weakness.