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National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for Business and Operations Minutes of the Meeting May 5-6, 2005 Committee

members in attendance: Dr. Norine Noonan, Co-Convener College of Charleston Dr. Peter D. Blair, Co-Convener National Academy of Sciences Dr. Wendy Baldwin University of Kentucky Mr. Tom Dausch FPMI Solutions Dr. Sharon S. Dawes Center for Technology in Government, SUNY, Albany Mr. Michael Gooden Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. Dr. Philip Joyce George Washington University Dr. Tom Kirk Brookhaven National Laboratory Dr. Mark Luker EDUCAUSE Dr. Mort Rahimi Northwestern University Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto Central State University Mr. Barry White Council for Excellence in Government Committee members absent: Ms. June Gibbs Brown Dr. Mary Ellen Sheridan Dr. Joyce Bennett Justus* Former Inspector General, US DHHS University of Chicago University of California Ms. Donna Fortunat Ms. Andrea Norris Dr. Mark Coles Mr. Paul Barsnica Ms. Marty Rubenstein Ms. Mary Santonastasso Mr. John Lynskey Ms. Diane Weisz Ms. Shirl Ruffin Mr. Gerry Glaser Ms. Lluana McCann Ms. Mary Ann Birchett Other IRM, BFA, and NSF staff members

NSF staff members attending included: Dr. Arden Bement Dr. Joseph Bordogna Mr. Anthony Arnolie Dr. George Strawn Ms. Joanna Rom Mr. Michael Sieverts Mr. Gary Scavongelli Mr. Joseph Burt Ms. Mary Lou Higgs Ms. Pat Bryant Dr. Craig Robinson Ms. Patricia McNamara Ms. Joan Miller Mr. Jeffery Rich


Day One, November 18, 2004 Dr. Norine Noonan called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm and welcomed all in attendance. She made a number of announcements, including noting that Dr. Joyce Bennett Justus is the new liaison to the AC/B&O from NSF’s Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (CEOSE). Chief Information Officer Update Dr. George Strawn, CIO reviewed developments related to the Large Facility Security, the Chief Information Officer’s Advisory Group, Knowledge Management, eGov Initiatives, and IT Security. Office of Information and Resource Management Updates Mr. Anthony Arnolie provided the committee with a status report of major activities in OIRM, including Human Capital Management, new business systems, and the NSF Academy. Office of Budget Finance and Award Management Updates Ms. Joanna Rom provided the BFA update, which focused on major internal and external drivers (such as the President’s Management Agenda and the NSF Business Analysis) and how they provide starting points for an expected discussion on updating the Organizational Excellence component of the NSF Strategic Plan. Report of the Subcommittee on Large Facilities Dr. Tom Kirk, the chair of the AC/B&O Subcommittee on Large Facilities, presented a summary of the Subcommittee’s March 25, 2005 meeting and discussed the draft report that the subcommittee has prepared. The Committee approved a motion to establish a two-week comment period for the subcommittee’s report, following which the committee will finalize the report and provide it to NSF. Later in the meeting, the committee also approved the public release of the materials presented to the subcommittee at the March 25 meeting. NSF Assessment of Organizational Excellence Dr. Blair chaired this portion of the meeting. Mr. Arnolie introduced the process BFA and IRM used to develop NSF’s 2005 Assessment of Organizational Excellence. Dr. Craig Robinson presented the assessment of Performance Assessment; Ms. Andrea Norris and Ms. Mary Santonastasso presented the assessment of Technology-Enabled Business Processes, and Mr. Joe Burt presented the assessment of Human Capital. When the meeting reconvened at 8:30 on Friday, May 6, the committee concluded that NSF had made a credible determination of significant achievement in the three areas, and the committee also developed a number of specific recommendations for improving the assessment process (as detailed in the committee’s letter to NSF).


Transforming the NSF Academy Mr. Paul Barsnica, Chief of the NSF Academy, provided an overview of the Academy’s goals and major challenges, with special emphasis the Academy’s role in leading Organizational Development activities at NSF. NSF Business Analysis Mr. Burt provided an update on the NSF Business Analysis, using the activities in Merit Review to demonstrated the general framework used throughout the analysis. Discussion with NSF Director Dr. Arden Bement The discussion with NSF Director Arden Bement covered the major issues raised previously during the meeting, including the OE Assessment, strategic planning and alignment, large facilities, the NSF Academy, and the NSF Business Analysis. The meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm. Approved, May 25, 2005 Dr. Norine Noonan Co-Chair Dr. Peter D. Blair Co-Chair

Note: These “Minutes of the Meeting” supplement the letter from the committee to Mr. Arnolie and Mr. Cooley that contains the committee’s general findings and observations.