*Harry‟s POV* I log onto to twitter and immediately see a picture of Sierra and I from the concert.

I click on it then scroll through the comments. “Oh my gosh. I just love how cute they look together. Harry looks so happy.” One says which makes me smile. I keep scrolling and come across a mean comment: “Wow. That Sierra chick is so ugly it makes me sick. Why can‟t Harry see that? I do NOT support this relationship!” I click on the comment then reply to her: “Hey! Stop hating on Sierra. She‟s perfect, if you don‟t support our relationship that‟s fine, but you don‟t have to hate on it!” I then go to Sierra‟s profile and send her a message: “Hey babe. How are you? I already miss you… xxx” I then log off of twitter and walk to Niall‟s apartment. Instead of knocking on the door I walk straight into the apartment and yell to him that I‟m here. He comes walking out of the bedroom in a tank top and sweats. “Um. Hi Harry, do you need anything?” he asks me. “I‟m so mad! People on twitter are horrible, they were saying stupid things about Sierra!” I yell at him. “Woah, Harry calm down. You know that those things aren‟t true and their only saying them because they‟re jealous!” he says trying to calm me down. I sigh, “I guess you‟re right I just don‟t see how people can be so mean. She hasn‟t done anything.” I need to get away from here, away from the haters who have nothing better to do then make someone feel bad about themselves. “NIALL! We can get a yacht and us four can go on it for the weekend, sail around.” I suggest. “Oh Harry… I don‟t know. Can we?” he says. “Who CARES?!? Come on let‟s go! They wouldn‟t mind!” I say before pulling out my phone to call Sierra. Sierra: Harry? Hey what‟s up? Harry: Hi Sierra. Do you want to go somewhere this weekend? We could all get a yacht and go out for a couple of days. Sierra: Oh, yeah sure. Let me ask Courtney one second. Harry: Ok. Sierra: Ok, she said she wants to. When would we go? Tomorrow? Harry: Yes, we‟re leaving at noon so we‟ll pick you guys up. I‟ll see you then. Bye love. Sierra: Bye Harry. “See? I told you they wouldn‟t mind!” I say to Niall. “Ok… should we pack? Do you even have a yacht?!” he asks me. “Yes Niall I have a yacht I can use.” I call up one of my friends and ask if we can borrow his family‟s yacht and he agrees, telling me to come get it tomorrow morning. *Courtney‟s POV* I wake up and start to get ready to go on the yacht. This is such an adventure, so sudden and so unplanned. I walk over to Sierra and nudge her awake telling her we only have an hour until Harry and Niall come to get us. I get into the shower and think about how this weekend will turn out. When I get up I see Sierra is already dressed in white wash shorts with a light purple blouse on. “Hey, you look nice.” I tell her. “Thank you! I‟m so excited for this weekend. I could use the break.” She says to me. I go into our closet and pull out a pair of black shorts and a blue top, get dressed and head to the bathroom to dry my hair. Only about 30 seconds after I finish getting ready the doorbell rings. Sierra gets up from the bed to get it, letting Niall and Harry inside our apartment.

I notice that Harry and her share a very passionate looking kiss before I walk over to Niall to hug him hello and give him a small kiss. “Hey Niall. How are you?” I ask him. “Better now that I‟m with you babe.” He says. I smile up at him and take his hand. “Let me get my bags and then I‟m ready to go.” I walk into the bedroom, pick up my bag and my purse and then walk to the door where I see Sierra and Harry are already waiting. We all walk out to the car and get in; I can tell everyone is excited. We drive for about an hour to reach the water and as we approach the dock I see a beautiful yacht. I look over at Niall in awe, and lean over to kiss him; relaxing against his body. Harry parks then we all walk towards the yacht- what a fun weekend THIS will be… *Sierra‟s POV* I walk around the yacht- which is now headed out to sea, admiring it. It huge- to say the least. Inside there‟s a mini bar, a booth with a table in it, two bedrooms- each with a queen bed, and a small bathroom across the hall from them. The bedrooms make me think of something I hadn‟t thought of before… will they expect us to split up and each couple share a room? Things could happen… „Come on Court, let‟s put our stuff in a room!” I say. I walk into one of the rooms and set my bag beside the bed, turn around and see that Harry is standing right behind me- slightly startling me. “Harry! What are you doing in here?!” I ask him. Instead of answering he starts to walk towards me… and this is when I notice he has a rather… lustful look in his eyes. When he reaches me he puts his arms around me and pulls me to him, leans down and presses him warm lips to mine. I let out a light sigh and let my hands go into his hair, bringing us even closer together if that‟s even possible. His hands slowly slide down my back until they‟re resting on the small of my back. Out of nowhere Harry pushes me onto the bed and lays on top of me, just looking at me. Impatiently I pull his head down towards mine again and our tongues dance together in a saucy tango. I gently tug on the bottom of his shirt and he pulls it off. I pull back and look at his perfectly toned torso, running my fingers over the soft skin. I sigh, Harry is too perfect. I guess I must have been staring because Harry asks me what I‟m looking at. “Oh, sorry I was caught up in how perfect you look right now.” And he does, his curls falling slightly into his eyes, his abs perfectly toned, his lopsided smile, and his beautiful green eyes that are gleaming. I roll us over so that I‟m on top and start to move my kisses down his jawline and to his neck. He moans softly and starts to play with the bottom of my shirt. He starts to pull it off of me and this is when I know it‟s time to stop things before they get too heated. I pull away slowly and then get up off the bed. Harry frowns- “Where are you going?” “Look harry, I feel like if we go too far we‟ll regret it. I‟m sorry.” I tell him. He sighs and then pulls his shirt back over his head and walks out of the room in a huff. After a few minutes I walk out of the room also and see that Niall and Courtney are at the front of the boat, looking over the side together. I scan the boat for Harry and spot him at the back, sitting in a lawn chair looking down. I walk up behind him and put my arms around his neck. „What‟s wrong my little Harry?” I say in a motherly type tone. He snorts- “Nothing‟s wrong Sierra. I just needed some time to think.” He says. “Ok good. I don‟t want you to be mad at me for what happened back there. Come on, let‟s make some food.” I say as I grab his hand and pull him to the kitchen. We set out making tacos. After about 30 minutes we have finished them and I go and get Courtney and Niall to come eat. Once we‟re all seated I look around at the other people around the table. How weird it is that just three weeks ago my life was so much different…

*Niall‟s POV* After dinner I take Courtney out to the front of the boat. I take her hand and point to the sun set that‟s just starting. “Isn‟t that beautiful?” I ask. “Yeah it really is. I‟m so glad we get to get away for the weekend!” she says, smiling. I move so I‟m standing behind her and put my arms around her and tucking a strand of her perfect red hair behind her ear. I can tell she‟s smiling by the way the corner of her eyes crinkle, which makes her look beautiful. “I‟ll be right back.” I whisper lightly into her ear before heading inside to get some blankets and some candles. I set down the blankets and light the candles; I then get some cushions off of the couch inside and lay them out. I motion Courtney to come sit down with me and after she does I cover us with the blankets. She rests her head against my shoulder so her head‟s right below me chin. I can smell her shampooit smells like green apples and raspberries. I start to play with her hair when she suddenly turns to me. „Why did you pick me? I mean there must be tons of prettier girls you see every day!” she says to me. I smile at this because she has no idea how much she means to me already. “Court. You‟re the prettiest girl I‟ve ever met. And besides from that you‟re smart, funny, and easy to talk to. I feel like you really like me, for me.” I tell her before leaning in to plant a soft kiss on her lips. She takes my hand and starts to trace soft designs on my palm, making me sleepy. Before I know it I‟ve fallen asleep. When I wake up it looks to be the middle of the night. I look beside me and see that Courtney is still with me, asleep. I get up slowly and notice that we aren‟t moving but anchored in a small secretive cove. I walk inside and check the rooms- Sierra‟s in one and Harry‟s in the other. I walk into the kitchen area and grab a water then head back to where Courtney is sleeping. I lay back down next to her, kiss her hair and whisper “Goodnight my princess.” into her ear. I next time I wake up the spot next to me is empty and I can smell eggs and bacon cooking. I get up and head into the kitchen where I see Courtney and Sierra cooking breakfast and Harry laying lazily on the couch. “Good morning Niall!” Sierra says cheerily. “Hey Sierra.” I say to her. “Go ahead and sit down the food‟s almost done.” Courtney says. I sit at the table and take a long drink of the glass of milk that‟s there. “So, what are we doing today? We could go swimming!” I say to them all. “Yeah we should, that would be fun.” Harry says. “Ok, after breakfast we can!” Sierra exclaims. The girls set breakfast on the table and we all dig in… *Harry‟s POV* After breakfast we all go to put on our bathing suits. Once Niall and I have changed we walk to the back of the boat where we can jump off. Five minutes later the girls walk out. My breathe is literally taken away; Sierra‟s wearing a hot pink bathing suit that makes her look incredible. I turn my gaze away from her, noticing I was staring. We all make our way to the edge of the boat and I take Sierra‟s hand. Niall stars to count down and at “one” we all jump off the boat and into the water. When I surface I see that the others are swimming towards a small waterfall. When we reach it I swim underneath the water and resurface on the other side, and into a small cave. Sierra resurfaces right next to me and I see that she‟s smiling at me. “This is so awesome!” she says to me. “Yeah I know, let‟s see if there‟s a place to stand shall we?” I say to the others. I make my way to the side of the cave and see that there‟s a ledge there, pull Sierra to me and hold her steady as she balances.

“Guys I‟m hungry!” Niall complains, even though we ate not 30 minutes ago. “Niall we just ate!” I say to him. “Hey, I can‟t help that I‟m always hungry! Come on let‟s get some food! Please?” “Fine.” I say as I start to swim back to the boat. Once we all climb on board I go and lay down on the couch, and fall fast asleep. *Sierra‟s POV* It‟s almost 10 o‟clock at night and Harry hasn‟t woken up once from his nap. Man the guy can take naps! I walk quietly over to him and kiss him awake. When he sees that it‟s me his eyes like up; “Hello beautiful” he says sleepily. “Hi Harry, you took a really long nap!” I tell him. “Really? What time is it?” he asks. “Almost 10! Come on, let‟s go join Court and Niall.” I help him off the couch and we walk hand in hand to where Niall and Courtney are. I see that they‟re messing around- dancing weirdly and laughing their heads off. “Hello everyone. Look whose finally up.” I say jokingly. “Hey! Let‟s play a game!” Courtney yells out. “Ok, how about truth or dare?” I suggest. The other‟s agree and Harry volunteer‟s to go first. “Ok Harry. Truth or dare?” Niall asks. “Dare.” “Alright then, I dare you to prank call Caroline Flack.” Niall says while laughing. Harry sighs then pulls out his phone and does the dare. After he hangs up we all burst out laughing. “Ok ok. Courtney, truth or dare?” I ask her. “Hmmhmm… dare.” She says. “Ok I dare you to jump off the boat!” She looks uncertain for a second then gets up and heads towards the back of the boat. She takes a breathe then jumps off the boat. We all cheer and clap for a few seconds, surprised she actually did the dare. 20 seconds later she hasn‟t come up. “Why is she not coming back up?!?” I yell. “I don‟t know! I‟m going to go get her!” Niall say‟s back to me. He quickly pulls off his shirt and then dives into the water. “Oh my gosh Harry. What have I done?” I cry to him. “Shhh, you didn‟t do anything. It‟ll be alright.” I walk over and hug him, burying me face into his chest. A minute later Niall resurfaces, holding Courtney in his arms. I run to help him get her onto the boat and between the three of us we easily lift her up. I shake her hardly, trying to get her to move, breathe, do anything. I start to cry like a mad man when she doesn‟t move at all. “Courtney! Courtney please, please move! DO anything!” I scream at her, even though she probably can‟t hear me. Niall tries to get me to move but I don‟t budge, I‟m not leaving my best friends side. Harry comes over and picks me up, pulling me away. I start to kick and scream; “HARRY PUT ME DOWN! SHE NEED‟S ME” I yell as tears stream down my face. Niall starts giving her CPR and mouth to mouth, trying to get air into her lungs. Harry takes me inside and holds me while I sob into his chest. “It‟s not your fault Sierra. Don‟t you dare think it‟s your fault.” Harry whispers into my ear. “But it is Harry. It was my dare!” “Guys! She‟s breathing!” Niall screams to us from outside. I jump off of harry and run to where Courtney‟s laying. I fall to the ground and hug her: “Court I‟m so so sorry. It was a stupid dare!!” I tell her, fresh tears running down my face. She coughs weakly- “It‟s ok Sierra. It wasn‟t your fault, I shouldn‟t have done the dare.” She says as she smiles up at me. I help her stand and

Niall picks her up and takes her to one of the beds. I let out a long breathe and relax, happy that my best friend‟s alive. *Courtney‟s POV* Niall carries me into one of the bedrooms and lays me on the bed. I smile at him; “Thanks for coming in after me.‟ I tell him softly. He looks surprised at this. “Oh course I did! Come on Court, I would have nothing without you.” I laugh weakly, he‟s perfect. “What happened in there by the way.” He asks me. “My shirt got stuck under a rock I think, I couldn‟t pull it free but after a minute or two I guess I passed out, and then you came in to get me. You saved my life Niall. Thank you.” I prop myself up on my elbow and kiss him. His whole body seems to relax and he kisses me back hungrily. Before I want him to, he pulls away and looks deeply into my eyes. ”I thought I‟d lost you Courtney.” Niall says as a single tear moves down his face. I lean forward and kiss it away; “Shhh, Niall I‟m here, I‟m fine. Don‟t worry.” I say quietly. I pull him down next to me and cover both of us with the covers, and then kiss his cheek. “Goodnight Niall.” I say. “Goodnight my princess.” He whispers back to me, sending shivers up my spine.

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