IOCL Products Indian Oil is a heritage and iconic brand at one level and a contemporary, globa l brand at another

level. While quality, reliability and service remains the cor e benefits to our customers, our stringent checks are built into operating syste ms,at every level ensuring the trust of over a billion Indians over the last fou r decades. Benchmarking Quality, Quantity and Service to world-class standards is a philoso phy that Indian Oil adheres to so as to ensure that customers get a trulyglobal experience in India. Our continued emphasis is on providing fuelmanagement solut ions to customers who can then benefit from our expertise inefficient sourcing a nd least cost supplies keeping in mind their usage patternsand inventory managem ent. The Retail Brand template of IOC consists of XtraCare (Urban), Swagat(Highway) a nd Kisan Seva Kendra s (Rural). These brands are widelyrecognized as pioneering br ands in the petroleum retail segment. Indian Oil sleadership extends to its energy brands - Indane LPG, SERVO Lubricants, Autogas LPG, XtraPremium Branded Petrol, XtraMile Branded Diesel, XtraPower Fleet Card, Indian Oil Aviation and XtraRewa rds cash customer loyalty programme.

Servo Indian Oil's SERVO range of lubricants reigns as the undisputed market leader in the Indian lubricants market. Known for its cutting-edge technology and high-qu ality products, SERVO backed by Indian Oil's pioneering R&D, extensive blending and distribution network, sustained brand enhancement and newgeneration packagin g is a one-stop shop for complete lubrication solutions in theautomotive, indust rial and marine segments

INDANE LPG GASIndane is today one of the largest packed-LPG brands in the world. Indian Oil pioneered the launch of LPG in India in the 1970s and transformed the lives of millions o f people with the introduction of the clean, efficient and safe cookingfuel. LPG also led to a substantial improvement in the health of women in ruralareas by r eplacing smoky and unhealthy chullahs with Indane . It is today a fuelsynonymous with safety, reliability and convenience. Indian Oil s Indane LPGgas is used in 40 million homes as cooking fuel and commands over4 8% marketshare in India.

AUTO GAS AutoGas (LPG) is a clean, high octane, abundant and eco-friendly fuel. It isobta ined from natural gas through fractionation and from crude oil throughrefining. It is a mixture of petroleum gases like propane and butane. The higher energy co ntent in this fuel results in a 10% reduction of CO2 emission ascompared to MS.


SWAGAT HIGHWAYS FLAGSHIP RETAIL OITLETS There are number of such retail outlets planned across the country out of which many have been commissioned with a complement if fuel and non19 fuel. rest. XTRAMILE has brought in a huge savingsin the high mileage commercial vehicle segment. both in the lifestyle and passenger cate gory. healthcare. Tr ansport fleets that operate alarge number of trucks crisscrossing the country ar e using XTRAMILE to notonly obtain a higher mileage but also for low maintenance costs. credit and debit cards. enhancedengine cleanliness and lower emissions. Automobile. Non-fueling offering through Best-in-class alliance on exclusive basiswherev er possible communication. food.XTRAPREMIUM Petrol is India s leading branded petrol boosted with newgeneration mu ltifunctional additives known as friction busters that preventscombustion chambe r deposits.Apparel and Hospitality sectors.covering prominent FMCG. Food. parking vehiclecare etc. Travel. Additional points can also be earned outside the In dian Oil network. XTRAMILE SUPER DIESEL Indian Oil s XTRAMILE Super Diesel. XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD The XTRAPOWER Fleet Card program is a complete smart card-based fleetmanagement solution for fleet operators and Corporate for cashless purchase of fuel & lubes from designated retail outlets of Indian Oil through flexible pre. the leader in the branded diesel segmentis ble nded with world-class Multi Functional Fuel Additives (MFA). A growing secti on of customers who own diesel automobiles. Indian Oil s XTRAPOWER Fleet Card hasemerged as the largest fleet card in the country with the widest retail outle tcoverage. lower maintenance costs and improvedengine protection. more power . Entertainmen t. faster acceleration. . and better pick up. XTRAREWARDS LOYALTY PROGRAM Indian Oil XTRAREWARDS is India's first on-line rewards program thatseeks to inc ulcate the habit of redeeming points.Commercial vehicle ow ners choose XTRAMILE because they see a clear value benefit in terms of superior mileage.paid and cre dit facilitiesThe fleet card program also offers an exciting rewards program and unique benefits like personal accident insurance cover and vehicle tracking fac ilities.Each transaction is confirmed on-line through a charge slip and customerscan earn points on fuel/lube purchases at participati ng Indian Oil RetailOutlets. In just under two years of its launch. prefer XTRAMILE as a fuel for its added and enhanced performance. The loyalty programrewards customers payin g by cash. XTRAPREMIUM is custom designed to deliver higher mileage.

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