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D_istri_ctD_irec_torY .. 20_11-_12 ---~.


Abdul Rauf Rohaila CL Corporate Law SP Ismat Naheed (Late) Off 091-2566723,2216200, 2566200 0321-9290960 Cell Address

HC BO WO Res Email

Peshawar South Nov 01 Oct 24 091-5277860,5287677 raufrohaila@gmail.com

180 Shami Road, New Defence, Peshawar

Member Sh. Ashfaq Ahmed CL Textile Manufacturing & Exports SP Off Cell Address Mussaret Ashfaq

HC BO WO Res Email

Faisalabad May24 Dec 25 041-8710800 ashfaq@ashfaqtextile.com

041-8740101-5 0300-8664949 8-Al,

Officers Colony, Susan Road, Faisalabad

Member Mian M. Shafeeq CL Marketing-FMCG SP Off Cell Address Member Ulfat Shafeeq 042-36360941-46 36360051 0300-8460667

HC BO WO Res Email

Lahore Garrison May09 OctOl 042-35293666 ms@lahoremarketing.com mianshafeeq@hotmail.com

20-A, Alpha Housing Society, Canal Bank Road, Lahore

Talat Javed CL Chartered Accountancy SP Off Cell Address Ruhee Talat


Multan Midtown Nov 18 Dec 25 061-4572948

0300-8730279 Email tjaved@deloitte.com Deloitte, M. Yousaf Adil Saleem & Company, Abdali Tower, 3rd Floor, 77 Abdali Road, Multan 60000

Translation of Rotary Literature: The Board does not encourage indipendant translation and adaptations or Rotary Literature by clubs and agreed that translation of Rotary literature into languages other than English shall be under the control and supervision or Rotary International.


D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12


Chairman SohaiiAhmad CL Advertising HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Central Sep 28 Mar04 042-37840672 almaab@hotmail.com

Off Cell Address

Tauheed 042-35427606 0300-8464613

Almaab, 47 Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore 54570


HC Abdul Qavi Alavi BD CL Financial Analyst SP Qudsia Bano WD Off 0322-4811411 Res Cell 0300-4304003, Email 0322-4811411 Address 686 X, Phase-3 DHA, Lahore Cantt

Lahore Jun 15 Feb 04 042-35726584 aqa234@gmail.com 54792

Peshawar Executives Adnan Rohaila HC Jul14 CL Barrister BD Aug 20 SP Wajiha WD 091-5277860,5287677 Off 091-2566723,2566200 Res Cell 0308-8887878,0333-9303623 Email rohaila@hotmail.com Address 180, Shami Road, New Defence, Peshawar

Member Jaleel Ahmad Malik CL Agriculture Manufacturer


HC BO WO Res Email

Faisalabad Apr01 Apr 22 041-8719732

Off Cell Address

Samina 041-8539740,8546440 0300-7658732,0300-7693632 Commnder Zarai Industries,


Road, Faisalabad

By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. Confucius


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Col Sajid Baseer Shaikh HC Lahore CL Civil Engineering BO Oct 19 SP Azra Sajid WO Dec 26 Off 0333-4664000 Res 042- 35865534 Cell 0300-8415368 Email sajidbaseer@yahoo.com Address 113/IV, Block H, Model Town, Lahore 54700


Zahiruddin Khan HC Rawalpindi Central CL Consultant Mutual Fund BO Oct 22 SP Uzma WO Dec 31 051-111 468378 051-5473446 Off Res Cell 0300-8558446 Email Zahir.khan@live.com Address Arif Habib Investment Ltd, C/o Khan Associates, 60-A Canning Road, Rawalpindi Cantt

Anwar Ahmed Batla HC CL Iron/Steel Business BO SP Jui Anwar WO Off 042-37355123 Res Cell 0321-9404093 Email Address 168-0, Faisal Town, Lahore

Lahore West

Sep23 Mar07 042-35160921 tintraders@hotmail.com

Member Mukhtar CL

Mirza Manufacturing & Gas Supplies Robina Mukhtar

or Electric


Sargodha May01 Jan 20

Off Cell Address

Res Email Millatabad,

048-3210313 0300-6035505
Allied Industries,



The world's first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, was formed on 23 February 1905 by Paul P. Harris, an attorney who wished to capture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth. The Rotary name derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among members' offices.

Member Imtiaz Mahmud CI Sp Off Cell Address Talat Sheikh He BD WD Res Email Islamabad Down Town Aug 21 Mar 28 051-2654270-1 ims@imtiaz-faiz. nearly every hand went into the air . When comedian and author Anh Do asked Condell Park Public School students who loved books. Member Hisham Ullah Khan CI Law Practice Sp Off Cell Address Hina 048-3220944 0345-8600051 He BD WD Res Email Sargodha Oct 22 Dec 25 048-3217651 hishamullahkhan@yahoo. 051-2650174 0321-5572150 H. Islamabad Member Kiran Kamran CL Home Management M Kamran Nasir 0306-4734258 SP He BO WO Res Email Lahore Gullberg Central Jan 12 Off Cell Address kirankamranlhr@yahoo.com Mehr Dastgir House.and most were still up when he asked who would marry their books if they could! . Muhammad Hussain CI Textile Management Zahra 061-6740811 0300-8632311 Multan He BD WD Res Email Multan Jan 24 Jan 09 061-4546911 kmh@mehrdastgir.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ BOOK BANK PROJECT Kh.com Lahore House # 2A. Shaheed Younus Dastgir Road. Block # 8. Sargodha. St. Guiberg-III. # 15. # 153. Sector E-7. Satellite Town.com Industrial Water Treat.com 106-A.

Sahiwal.com House # 361-S. 37028123 0300-8454361 Cell Address HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Liberty Jul20 Dec 18 042-35724700 tahseengardezi_law@ hotmail. e.com f" -. Chairman Abdul Rauf Rohaila CL Corporate Law SP Ismat Naheed (Late) Off 091-2566723.~' . Peshawar Isaac Ali Qazi HC Peshawar CL Lawyer BO Dec 14 Bibi Shahida Naz Jan 01 SP WO (Late) 091-5817132-5 091-5830103 Off Res Cell 0300-8594555 Email isaac. Lahore Cantt. Member M Bilal Baig HC Rahimyar Khan Rohi CL Civil Law BD May 15 SP Lubna WD Sep 27 Off 0301-8676219 Res 068-5870740 Cell 0321-6723219 Email rotarianbilal@gmail. 20_11-_12 ---~.com Address 12.~ '_ lIF-' . Phase III. Faridia Road. ~~w A r-: .2216200. K-3. ~:~ 9. ~ .com .. Sultan Mehmood Cell Address HC BD Petroleum Product WD Marketing Res Fahmida Email 040-4220982 0300-7837042 31. CONSTITUTIONS & BYLAWS HC BO WO Res Email Peshawar South Nov 01 Oct 24 091-5277860.com Address Ajmeri Bazar.: _&.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . Shahi Road. 2566200 0321-9290960 Cell Address Member 180 Shami Road.__ •• _" __ .~.5287677 raufrohaila@gmail..aILqazi@gmail. 57000 Sahiwal Oct 18 Dec 23 040-4220542 sultanm33@yahoo.. _ A_. New Defence. Rahim Var Khan Member CL SP Off Ch.' ~. Hayatabad Peshawar Member Syed Tehseen Nawaz Gardezi CL Law practice SP Dr Huma Tahseen Off 042-35789241. Phase-II DHA.

25 MassonRoad. 1-9 Industrial Area. Pvt. Plot # 317.com Jhang 5addar Member Mian Zamarud Shah CL MechanicalEngineer SP Taskeen Off 091-5843378 Cell 0300-5915671 HC BO WO Res Email Unitown Peshawar Feb-18 Sep-05 091-5701178 zamshah2002@yahoo.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . St # 4..Peshawar Member Muneer Ahmed CL SP Off Cell Address Alluminium Asmat A'ara Manufacturing HC Rawalpindi Jan 09 Jul 29 BO WO Res Email 051-4433459. shahzamarudehotmall. district. 047-7623459 0333-6723459 Rasool Menzil.com Address ZaffarCottage.com Co. MATCHING CLUBS Chairman Khalid Haider CL Agriculturist SP Off Cell Address 5aeeda Haider HC Jhang 5addar Oct 25 Apr 20 BO WO Res Email Burjiwala.corn Address 59-C/EUniversityRoad. Clubs must operate efficiently to provide service to the community.com. Islamabad 44000 Member ShaziaZaffar HC Lahore Jinnah CL Educationist BO May09 SP WO Off 042-36305344 Res 042-36305344 Cell 0300-4827055 Email shaziazaffar@hotmail.__ •• _" __ . and Rotary International.UniversityTown. 20_11-_12 ---~. Ltd. . 042-36651517 miankh@gmail. attract and retain members.4433621 0300-8551841 AI-Ahli Alluminium 051-2262301 alahlipk@gmail.Lahore Effective Rotary club administration involves organizing people and resources to achieve common goals. and develop leaders for the club.

Gulshan Iqbal Colony. A memorandum of understanding between the two organizations was first signed in 2002 and renewed in 2005 and 2009. and IRA councils and affiliates.com fayyazahmadsheikh@yahoo. Qasim Bela.__ •• _" __ . Opp Canal Bank.com Address Nisarsons Associates.pk Mutual Fund HC Rawalpindi Oct 22 Central SP BD WD Res Email Dec 31 051-5473446 Zahir. Member Zahiruddin CL Khan Consultant Uzma 051-111468378 0300-8558446 Arif Habib Investment 60-A Canning Member Mahmood Ali Khan Cl Insurance Management Asmat Zareen 041-2625001. Block-X.khan@live.com Cantt Off Cell Address Ltd.2. Faisalabad The cooperative relationship between the Intemational Reading Association (IRA) and Rotary Intemational (RI) provides a way to collaborate and combine resources to promote literacy worldwide. Road.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . are encouraged to share resources and information and to develop cooperative literacy projects. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Mumtaz CI Sp Baig Banking Safia Sultana 068-5888405 0300-8672353 HC BO Rahim Var Khan Jan 15 Oct 23 068-5872353 mmumtazbaig@yahoo. Satiana Road.net. .4576374 0300-8632374 WO Res Email Off Cell WO Res Email Off Cell Address 115-0.. Near Fish Farm. 20_11-_12 ---~.comsats. ROTARY INFORMATION Member Fayyaz Ahmad Cl SP Sheikh HC BO Multan Metropolitan Sep 23 Mar07 061-4512374 fayyazahmadsheikh@gmail. Near Ice Factory. Multan Member M. C/o Khan Associates. Rawalpindi Sp Off Cell Address WO Res Email: 96-AI Barkat Villas.com Rahim Var Khan Cotton Consultancy Tallat Fayyaz 061-4575574. Scheme No. Rotary clubs and districts.2610363 0333-6512788 HC BO Faisalabad Oct 27 Sep 06 041-8777096 efumkhan@fsd.

Islamabad. 5T # 13/B. ECLUBS Chairman Khurram M.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . St # 17. DHA Phase I. Keeps Rotarians Involved. Res 37591927. Qureshi Cl IT Software Development Sadia 042-36600849 He BD WD Res LahoreMidtown Oct21 Dec29 042-36660041 Sp Off Cell Address 0300-8414239 Email: khurram_m_qureshi@hotmail. Lahore SP Off Cell Address 5D-310. Member Raza Jaffery CL Management Maliha Raza 042-35873228 0321/0300-8438234 Consultant HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Liberty Oct 20 Aug 25 042-3588445 jaffri@gmail. 5t # 16. Cavalry Grounds Extension.com H # 2.com Gulberg III. 2o_11-_12 ---~. 1st Floor. Sector B. Lahore Cantt.37591928 0300-8454187 Email anthonylrichards@gmail. Near Defence Morr. Meet on-line to coordinate service projects and enjoy fellowship with like-minded Rotarians. Lahore Cantt Zahid Bashir Mirza CL IT Consultancy PP Noreen Zahid Mirza 051-2829972 0300-8550493 HC BO WO Res Email: Rawalpindi Jan 01 Oct 16 051-2502808 Rohtas Sp Off Cell Address zmirza@yahoo. New Super Town. E-155. Informed.__ •• _" __ . Inspired and Connected ..com GCASolutions.com 52 A. Member Anthony Richards CL SP Off Cell Address Member HC Lahore Midtown Information Technology SO Feb 29 Dr Mariam WO Feb 27 042-36675177 042-37582865. Askari Walton.

SP Off Cell Address Tahira 042-36119463 0301-8466693 37 Lane U Extension.__ •• _" __ .Johar Town. and helps attendees experience the scope and power of Rotary. articles. Tekhal Bala Peshawar HC BO HC BO Lahore Continental Dec 12 FidaM CL SP Off Cell Address Member Khan Total Solutions (Identification System) Asmat Fida 042-35301417. .35303139 0300-8448327 Jan 25 042-35834565. Member Raja Irfan Ullah Khan CL Furniture Business SP Amina Irfan Off 091-5842630 Cell 0321-9045549 Address Member Peshawar Mar21 WO Dec 27 Res 091-2323662 Email qualityfurniture_533 @hotmail. and graphics in your Rotary club and district newsletters and websites. This celebration of Rotary fosters fellowship.. the RI Convention. fida.com Lahore Cantt. RI CONVENTION PROMOTION Chairman Khawaja Nadeem Mazhar CL Advertising HC BD WD Res Email Lahore South Oct 10 Sep 23 042-36653010 nadeemrotary@gmail.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY20_11-_12---~. creates learning opportunities.com lultec (Pvt) Ltd.com Road. 35854453 fida@zultec.O.com Quality Furniture. Hameed Plaza. 313-314. To promote new convention information and increase awareness. Lahore 54000 Res Email Multan Midtown Oct OS Nov 16 061-4575522 chziaq@gmail. . Cavalry Grounds. Quaid-e-Azam Let fellow Rotarians know about Rotary's biggest event.khan@zultec.com. Block-H. University Road. P. you can include convention updates. Multan Cantt 60000 WO Ch M lulfiqar Ali HC CL Textile Industry BO SP Shehnaz Kousar WO Off 061-4511361 Res Cell 0300-8634269 Email Address Bangalow # 12/7.

Sector B. Khan Rotary International has been actively facilitating exchanges between India and Pakistan since March 2000. Akbar Cl RiceTrading Sp Shahnaz Off 051-4861216-7 Cell 0314-5108384 HC BD WD Res Email: Address VIP Plaza.com Address H.1-8Markaz. Block X.com Member Kamran Mehmood Mir CL Businessman SP Off Cell Address Faeza 042-3504117 0321/0300-9441743 HC BD WD Res Email Lahore Universal Mar28 Sep 16 042-35185677 kamran102@hotmail.com 373 K1. D. Rotarians from India have sponsored hear! surgeries for over 150 children from Pakistan. when Rotarians from Pakistan and India came together to sign the Karachi Declaration and discuss ways in which the countries can cooperate on all levels. # 2. Through matching grants. Rotary Pakistan has supported surgeries for many children in India. Street # 17.DHAPhase1. Rotarians from Pakistan and India have implemented various family exchanges. Member Ch. S. Islamabad Down Town Apr 10 Apr 04 051-2211995 chsakbar@yahoo.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ PAK-INDIA FELLOWSHIP GOODWILL & PEACE Chairman Noreen Zahid Mirza Cl SP Off Cell 0300-5103156 HRTraining Zahid BashirMirza HC BD WD Res Email: Rawalpindi Rohtas Jan 21 Oct 16 051-2502808 nzmirza@yahoo. youth exchanges and many community service projects. Model Town.H. Rotarians from Pakistan and India have also signed friendship treaties that aim to promote peace through community service. Additionally. Wapda Town. Islamabad.Islamabad.G. . Lahore Member Dera Ghazi Khan Bashir Ahmed Sanghi HC CL EFU General Insurance BO Oct 10 SP Mukhtiar Begum WO Dec 24 Off 064-2469360 Res 064-2469360 Cell 0300-6789486 Email Address H # 42.

__ •• _" __ . Member M. 0-9. Opposite Baqirabad Masjid. It is the policy of the Foundation to support microcredit and revolving loan funds as an important and successful mechanism to alleviate poverty. . 60 Feet Road. Lahore Cantt.com Road. village banks and other programs to facilitate small economic self-help enterprises in accordance with the policies and guidelines of The Rotary Foundation. 20_11-_12 ---~. Ferozpur Road. Islamabad Member Rab Nawaz Malik CL Portfolio Management Yasmeen Nawaz 061-4554420 0300-8634626 HC BO WO Res Email: Multan Metropolitan Jul 08 Oct 22 061-6774423 malikrabnawaz12@yahoo.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY .com Sp Off Cell Address H # 15. Member Ehtisham-ul-Haq CL Chemical Trading SP Off Cell Address Asima 042-35801920-26 0300-8441091 Wapda Grid Station. New Multan. lKM on Chundhrai Lahore Baray Textile Management Rehana 042-7540723 0300-8424324 38/Y. V Block. HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Sharqi Feb 18 Sep 26 042-5725802 maroofbaray@hotmail.. Maroof CL SP Off Cell Address HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Mianmir Jul13 Mar 17 042-37236907 ehtisham_ptc@email.org. Police Foundation HC BO WO Res Email Islamabad Oct 10 Oct 19 051-5708206 mfk@nrsp. OHA. Near 16 KM. MICRO CREDIT Chairman Malik Fateh Khan CL Rural Development SP Off Cell Address Malika Bano 051-2822530 0300-5196856 2005-F.pk Cosmopolitan Housing Society.com The Foundation has a commitment to microcredit.

Sadiq Plaza. Peshawar Road. .~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011 __ 12 ~~ HUMAN RIGHTS Chairman Taffazul H. Lahore 54900 Member Tallat Faruq Lone CL Legal HC BD WD Res Email Islamabad Feb 01 Apr 27 051-5462843.com Lahore Mianmir Mar 15 SP Off Cell Address 11 Justice Kayani Road. 3rd Floor.9224712 0300-9569141 334 T.5465538 rtntalatfaruqlone@hotmail.6. the two organizations have developed a new. Rizvi CL Law Practice Corporate HC BD WD 042-37121791-92 0300-8447005 Res Email 042-36664790 thrizvi@hotmail. specialized speaker's bureau. 69 The Mall. Saeed Anjum Khokhar CL Advocate HC BD WD Res Email Lahore Cantt Jan 01 Dec 06 042-35412681 saeedkhokhar765@hotmail. The United Nations-Rotary Outreach Programme enables Rotary members to receive the latest information available on key humanitarian and global issues through UN briefings to Rotary groups on a wide range of topics. Rawalpindi 46000 Member M Shehzad Anwar CL Banking SP Rukya Off 042-35880233 Cell 0321-9489155 Address 144-Aurangzeb HC Lahore Faisal Town Jun 20 Oct 08 042-35837032 Res Email drinrotary@yahoo.com SP Off Cell Address Robina Saeed Anjum 042-36306445 0300/321-4904020 LCI. New Garden Town.com SP Off Cell Address Sabiha Faruq 051-9220581.eom Block. Lahore BD WD Member M. Suite # 45. Lahore To further strengthen Rotary's longstanding relationship with the United Nations. F Lane No.

Multan Member Aslam Chishti CL Socioligist HC BO WO Res Email Rawalpindi Feb 02 051-5124853 chishtiaslam@yahoo.and who . and come to respect their teachings.we are not..__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . St # 2.__ •• _" __ . New Shalimar 061-6220793 rahatbano2001@gmail.com Colony." Kofi Annan. Rawalpindi Member Gulfam Parveen CL Beautician HC BO WO Res Email Faisalabad Central Jan 01 041-2604417 SP Off Cell Address 041-2604417 0301-8661615 H # 244. Faisalabad Member Kiran Kamran CL HC BO Lahore Gullberg Central SP Off Cell Address Home Management M Kamran Nasir Jan 12 WO Res 0306-4734258 Email kirankamranlhr@yahao. even as we learn from others. Guiberg-III.com House # 2A. and most of us have overlapping identities which unite us with very different groups. Boson Road. Raja Town. Former Secretary-General of the United Nations . Lahore "People of different religions and cultures live side by side in almost every part of the world. Tariq Road. We can love what we are. CULTURE & DEVELOPMENT Chairman Rahat Bana CL Educationist HC & Artist Multan Jan 31 Midtown BO WO Res Email SP Off Cell Address 061-4006815 0300-8633101 H # 2. without hating what . Block # 8.com SP Off Cell Address 051-5522038 0333-5141222 1 Akbar Road. 20_11-_12 ---~. We can thrive in our own tradition.

com SP Off Cell Address Saeeda Haider 047-7623459 0333-6723459 Rasool Menzil.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011 __ 2 1 ~~ INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Chairman Zahid Bashir Mirza Cl Sp IT Consultancy PP Noreen Zahid Mirza 051-2829972 0300-8550493 HC BD WD Res Email: Rawalpindi Jan 01 Oct 16 051-2502808 zmirza@yahoo. DHA Phase I. . Islamabad. Canal View Housing Society.05880767 0300-4263045 0321-4044801 042-35871560 sparnat@hotmail.com sparnat@gmail. Member Shahid Kamal Malik CL Quality Control HC BD WD Res Email lahore Aug 13 Sep 01 042-35294750 SP Off Cell Address Zammurd Malik 0333-4842778 0333-4842778 skamal_malik@yahoo. Gulberg III. Jhang Saddar There are several International Service Projects that we support by donations or through member volunteerism.com Address 62-K.com Rohtas Off Cell Address H # 2. lahore Member Khalid Haider CL Agriculturist HC BD WD Res Email Burjiwala. Thokar Niaz Baig. Khan 042-35880747.com 970-C. lahore Member Saleem Ahmad Khan CL Business HC BD WD Res Email lahore Nov05 Dec 18 Metropolitan SP Off Cell Ayesha S. Sector B. St # 17. Jhang Saddar Oct 25 Apr 20 042-36651517 miankh@gmail. We are very proud of our members and their commitments to serving the international community.

313-314. Quaid-e-Azam Multan Midtown Oet05 Nov16 061-4575522 chziaq@gmail. Y ---~. ..35854453 fida@zultec.35303139 Off 0300-8448327 Cell Address HC BO WD Res Email Lahore Continental Dec 12 Jan 25 042-35834565. The best way to know is to have a stronger fellowship. Lahore 54700 Member Ch M Zulfiqar Ali HC CL Textile Industry BO SP Shehnaz Kousar WO Off 061-4511361 Res Cell 0300-8634269 Email Address Bangalow # 12/7. Amber 042-35204243-44 0300-8485381 HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Sharqi Aug 02 Oct 08 042-35167107 faisal@mspak.JoharTown.com asarwar0786@gmail. Faisal Town. Multan Cantt 60000 As an international fraternity we should be looking into the possibilities of finding out how our fellow Rotarians in other districts are serving their communities.com Zultec (Pvt) Ltd. Block-H.com lOS-A. Lahore 54000 Sahiwal Feb 24 Oct 25 040-4464648 asarwar_786@hotmail. fida.khan@zultec.com Member Ahsan Sarwar Khan HC CL Agri & Live Stock Business BO SP Off Cell Address Zaneb Ahsan 040-4007815 0300-6912915 40-01d Civil Line.__ •• _" __ . ROTARY FAMILY EXCHANGE Chairman Fida M Khan CL Total Solutions (Identification System) SP Asmat Fida 042-35301417.com Road.com. Sahiwal WO Res Email Member Faisal Faiq Qureshi CL Textile Engineering SP Off Cell Address Dr.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_tor20_11-_12 .

Rawalpindi Cantt.0-9. Muhammadi Street. and regain a home for themselves and their children. NPF.com H.com SP Off Cell Address 051-5510365 0333-5444129 129.com SP Off Cell Address 068-5872547 0343-7256717 AIIama Iqbal Town. Block C. create a healthy lifestyle. Email andleebahmar@gmail.com 0300-8476577 Address 48 Garden Block. Lahore Member Amna Bana CL Lawyer HC BO WO Res Email Islamabab JulOl 051-5567654 bano1978@hotmail. . # 989.development@yahoo. Islamabad. Market Road.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011 __2 1 ~~ WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Chairman Andleeb Ahmar HC Lahore Shaheen CL Retail Banking BD Aug 10 SP Ahmar Malik WD Jul26 Off 042-35776751 Res 042-35857011 Cell 0322-4460417. Member Saeeda Rehman HC CL Sociologist/ Social Services BO Islamabad Midtown MayOl SP Off Cell Address WO 051-5708874 Res 051-5708874 0300-5263545 Email saeedarehman7@yahoo. Rahim Var Khan Women's Empowerment educates and empowers women who are homeless with the skills and confidence necessary to get a job. St # B 2. New Garden Town. Member Sumaira Hafeez CL Social Worker HC BO WO Res Email Rahim Var Khan May 18 068-5871161 such.

. Lahore Lahore Midtown Jul29 042-35761899 drhumaqureshi@gmail. "But now I stand for something. Ansa Sad iq CL Doctor HC BD WD Res Rawalpindi Oct 20 Rohtas SP Off Cell Address Sheikh Mohsin Sadiq 051-5510365 ansa_sadiq@hotmail. The biggest job that I have is to represent Rotary with integrity.com Off Cell Address Member Dr." Sylvia Whitlock. 20_11-_12 ---~.com 0333-5333129 Email 129 Market Road. WOMEN IN ROTARY Chairman Dr Huma Qureshi CL Preventive Medicine SP HC BO VVO Res 0300-8405614 Email 249 N3.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . Member Amna Ulfat Business Woman CL HC BD WD Res Email Lahore Gulberg Central Jun 21 June 14 SP Off Cell Address Muhammad Nawaz 042-35851034 0300-8416186 042-35851034 amna. Gulberg III. Gulberg III.com National Bank of Pakistan. I was just there.com 25/A. 1987 . H-Block.ulfat@gmail. Rawalpindi Cantt. Farid Town Branch.__ •• _" __ . Sahiwal "I didn't do this. first female Rotary Club president." Whitlock said. Lahore Member Ourr-e-Sameen CL Banker SP Syed Afzaal HussainTirmazi HC Sahiwal BO VVO Aug 04 Dec 02 Off Cell Address 040-9200266 Res 0321-6300586 Email tahizza@yahoo.

8726642 0300-8659642 Shaher International Faisalabad P-1282.com Address H # 47. .Road.5847987 shaher92@hotmail. farangrt@hotmail.com.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011 __ 12 ~~ INTERCITY MEETING Chairman Tariq Javed Ch CL Educationist SP GhazalaYasmeen Off 053-3522110 Cell 0300-9620110 Address Member Gujrat Sep03 WO Feb27 053-3607082 Res Email farangrt@yahoo.Islamabad Member Ismail Qamar CL Custom Clearing & Forwarding Agent HC BD WD Res Email Faisalabad Jan 06 Aug 23 041-8718768.com SP Off Cell Address Yasmin 047-7610680 0333/0321-6735555 Mushtaq Marketing. West Canal Road. Abdullahpur Member Ch.T.Gujrat HC BO HC Islamabad Margalla Qamar-ul-Zaman BO Dec31 CL HealthPhysicist WD Jun 10 SP FaizaQamar Off 051-2655690-91 Res 051-2851829 Cell 0300-8526496 Email qamar1959@hotmail. Jhang Saddar Meetings allow Rotarians to learn more about Rotary. and develop future leaders.St 52.SectorF-7/4. Muhammad Mushtaq CL Pharma Distribution HC BD WD Res Email Jhang Saddar Apr 12 Nov 14 047-7762500 mushtaqjat@hotmail. G.com FaranInstitute ofTechnology. Yousuf Shah Road. provide opportunities for fellowship.com rotaryclubfsd@hotmail.com SP Off Cell Address Ghazala Ismail 041-8710642.

Lahore. Shiekhpura. Law/Public Relations Nasreen Babar 0233-875010 0300-3313252 HC BO WO Mirpur Dec 25 Jul 28 Khas Off Cell Address Res 0233-875010 Email: iilwaidbabart@yahoo. Peer Qattal. Rotary was founded on fellowship. . Hirabad.com Off Cell Address Tyres. Mirputknas.-Sindn..siddiqui@gmail. Rotary Fellowships keep members active in Rotary.com.pk Suite 23. In addition to fostering lifelong friendships. Faisalabad Road.com info@nationalscientific. 20_11-_12---~. Zawar CL Hussain Ghumman HC Sheikhupura Aarzoo Car Dealer Rehana Zawar 056-3613539 0333-7400400 Choudahry Sp BO WO Res Email: Jan 01 Mar 15 056-3613639 rotary. Near UBL. Dera Ghazi Khan. Member Khalil Ahmed Khosa CL Air Ticketing HC BO WO Res Email Dera G hazi Kha n Apr06 SP Off Cell Address 0300-6789001 0321-7495300 0307-6669001 Sodais Air Travel. Member Ch.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . 1st Floor Sharaf SP Off Cell Address Member Jawaid Babar Cl SP 042-36311772 0300/321-8441717 National Mansion. a concept that has been expanded internationally through the Rotary Fellowships.__ •• _" __ . INTER DISTRICT FELLOWSHIP Chairman G RSiddiqui CL Scientific Distributor Zakia Equipment HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Garrison Dec 01 Apr 18 042-35164800 gr.zawar@yahoo. Scientific Corporation. sustaining their interest and further inspiring commitment.com The Technocrate. groups that bring together members from different countries and cultures to enjoy a shared interest. 69/B. Ghazi Road. 16 Fatima Jinnah Road.

Yousaf Adil Saleem & Company.com. Islamabad.pk Address BH Industries Services (Pvt.com Deloitte. parents of young children may be forced to choose cheaper. 5 Chenab Market.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ CHILDREN HEART CARE & OPERATION Chairman Col Sajid Baseer Shaikh HC Lahore CL Civil Engineering BO Oct 19 SP Azra Sajid WO Dec 26 Off 0333-4664000 Res 042. Block H. Member Talat Javed CL Chartered Accountancy SP Off Cell Address HC BO Multan Midtown Nov 18 Dec 25 061-4572948 Ruhee Talat WO 061-4783979. Model Town. Faisalabad Member Nafeesa Inayatullah Khattak CL Philanthropist SP Off Cell Address Anayatullah 051-2824928 0333-5117887 0302-5000550 HC BO WO Res Email Islamabad Margalla Nov 24 Mar07 051-2878788 nafeesa_inayat@hotmail. M.) Ltd.35865534 Cell 0300-8415368 Email sajidbaseer@yahoo. Madina Town. Lahore 54700 Member HC FaisalabadJanubi M Bashir Herl BO Jul31 CL Industrial Water SP Begum Anwer Sultana Herl WO Jul31 Off 041-8554462. Margallah Road.Sector F-6/3.4785211-13 Res 0300-8730279 Email tjaved@deloitte.com Address 113/IV. 3rd Floor. Abdali Tower. Multan 60000 Without greater support for childcare. 77 Abdali Road.8554461 041-8523505 Res Cell 0333-6517766 Email mbh@bhi.com H. poor quality care for their children or fail to provide it entirely. Tim Johnson . # 64.

:""'. Hameed Plaza. University Road.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY ---~. Tekhal Bala Peshawar HC BO HC BO WO Res Islamabad Cosmopolitan Mar17 Dec 25 051-2281300 Chartered Accountant Farzana Rashid Ibrahim 051-2206401 Cell 0321-5077777 Email: rashid. General Trading Iram Peshawar Mar21 WO Dec 27 Res 091-2323662 Email qualityfurniture_533 @hotmail. Islamabad. Street # 38. . Sector F-8/1.Gujranwala.com 35843079-83 Cell 0321-8488011 Address 2 Aurangzeb Block.. but also that the public resources used to finance them are spent wisely and efficiently. Lahore Sport and recreation are critical to the health and wellbeing of the people. So it is important not only that sport and recreation facilities and services are of good quality. Kashif Khan BD Jan 07 Real Estate Developers CL WD Dec 23 Shazia Khan SP Res 042-35725174 042-111927927 Off Email mkk311@hotmail. P.Sui Gas Road. New Garden Town.Street# 2. MustafaColony.pwc.com Address House # 15.: __ -' HC Ruryila BO Feb 05 WO Oct 17 055-3252120 Res 055-3891505 0300-8716682 Email: bhatisaj@gmail. .O. They also represent important public services.__ ••_" __ .ibrahim@pk. Member HC Lahore Shaheen M. 2o_11-_12 RECREATION & SPORTS Chairman Sajid Pervez Bhatti CL Sp Off Cell Address Member Raja Irfan Ullah Khan CL Furniture Business SP Amina Irfan Off 091-5842630 Cell 0321-9045549 Address Member Rashid Ibrahim CL Sp Off L-___.com Quality Furniture.com BhattiHouse.

Railway Road. E-7. Lahore 54900 Member Anjum Afroze Rana HC Multan Metropolitan CL Transport & Logistics BO Mar 26 SP Ghazala WO Mar 26 Off 061-9210356 Res 061-6782559 Cell 0303-6667474. Rizvi CL Law Practice Corporate SP Off Cell Address 042-37121791-92 0300-8447005 HC BO Lahore Mianmir Mar 15 042-36664790 thrizvi@hotmail. Khanewal Road.mir@gmail. . Multan International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians Objectives: . St # 15.com Address 47-8.To serve the community and humanity.com Email # 148.To develop and promote worldwide friendship in a sporting.To promote international understanding and peace relaxing way .com WO Res Email 11 Justice Kayani Road. University Town. Islamabad Member Shumayl Aziz HC Peshawar Executive CL Lawyer BO Oct 15 SP Ayesha Aziz WO Apr 06 Off 091-9218411 091-5841329 Res Cell 0345-9235106 Email shumaylaziz@gmail. Email ayeayerana@hotmail. Officers Colony.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011 __ 12 ~~ ROTARY GOLF FRIENDSHIP EXCHANGE Chairman Shehzad Ahmed Mir CL Consultant SP Off Cell Address Natasha 051-2250166 0300-8550210 H HC Marketing Islamabad Nov 30 Apr 08 Cosmopolitan BO Shehzad WO Res 051-2654263 shehzad. through golfing .com Address lO-C. MEPCO.com 0333-9117474 rana@peshawartransport. Peshawar Member Taffazul H.

Finally. Women have held numerous responsible positions at the zone level and have more than once chaired the committee organizing a zone institute . Rawalpindi Cantt.-::. a woman was appointed to a 4-year term as one of the 15 Trustees of the Rotary Foundation. Member Tahira Najam Cl SocialService SP Off Najam-ul-Islam 061-4580494 0300-6355614 Multan Cantt. . Market Road. Cl SocialWorker lahore Sharqi Oct15 Sep26 042-35725802 rehanabaray@hotmail.:. women have chaired the membership development and retention committee. Interestingly. . Muhammad Afzal 042-35167329 Res Off 042-36112578 Email Cell 0300-4725218 Address 235 A. Cell Address HC BO WO Res Email Multan Midtown Aug 17 Oct09 061-4580494 alinajam@multan@hotmail. At the RI level.one of the Rotary nations most staunchly opposed to having Women and Rotary when the California case was being litigated . Near Masjid Amenia. _. on 1 July 2008. GOR5.com Bangia # 12.Rotary's annual meeting of past officers.Street19.lahore Cantt. Lahore 54700 Member Amna Bana CL Lawyer SP Off 051-5510365 0333-5444129 Cell Address HC BO WO Res Email Islamabad JulOl 051-5567654 bano1978@hotmail. Quaid-e-Azam Road.DHA. FaisalTown. the first female member of the RI Board of Directors will take office. Member RehanaMaroof Baray HC BO WO 042-37578253 Off Res 0300-4389029 Cell Email: Address 38/2 Y. .__ ••_" __ . Maroof Barry . the public image committee.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY ---~. the new director is from France . 20_11-_12 FEMALE MEMBERSHIP Chairman HC Lahore Ourr-e-Shahwar BO May 31 Social Worker CI WO Jun 19 Sp Rtn. the sergeant-at-arms committee and more. .com 129. t. " .com Sp M.. And. . in 2005.

209. Rawalpindi HC BO WO Res Email HC WO Res Email: Lahore Midtown Aug 14 Aug 11 042-35891749 maxbabri@hotmail. killing millions of children each year.com Management Consulting BO T 118.y per cent of infectious diseases are waterborne.1 0. growth accelerated in 2009 relative to the previous four years.khokhar @rotary3270. .org House No. Gulberg II. Lahore Cantt. Multan Cotton Ginning BO Factory Bushra Mushtaq WO 061-4232828 Res 0333-6104648 Email Golden Oil Mills. For wind power and many other renewable technologies. During the five-years from the end of 2004 through 2009. However. Lahore 54660. Saeed Iqbal Bhatti CL SP Off Siddiqa Saeed 042-35756301 0345-8444840 Cell Address HC BD WD Res Email Lahore Oct 30 Nov 24 042-35756304 info@rockwellgrp. grid-connected PV increased the fastest of all renewables technologies.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ RENEWABLE ENERGY Chairman M. RaceCourse Road. worldwide renewable energy capacity grew at rates of 10-60 percent annually for many technologies.com Abbass.5550607 Cell 0321-5178664 Address Member Maqbool (max) Babri CL Sp Off Cell Address Maj-Britt Babri 042-35726855 0300-8455653 HC Multan Cantt May 01 Nov16 061-6222689 mushtaqrotarian@gmail.com 9 T. More wind power capacity was added during 2009 than any other renewable technology. Member Mushtaq Ahmed CL SP Off Cell Address Member Nadeem I Khokhar CL Pharmaceutical SP Nazli Nadeem Off 051-5530374. Chowk Shah Rawalpindi Oec25 Dec 25 051-5793200 nadeem. with a 60-percent annual average growth rate for the five-year period. Street No. OHA.

~ I 'i.. Islamabad Member Dr. 20_11-_12 ---~. St # 52. Lahore 54700 ". Mrs Harris intends to tell America about Inner Wheel Clubs with the idea of an international organisation which it is most thrilling to contemplate.ln South Africa both he and Mrs Harris have done propaganda work for the "Inner Wheel" movement.com H # 47.com Elite 0333-4215670 105 A. He is specially interested in crippled children work and is a member of the International Crippled Children's Association. St.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY .__ •• _" __ . I ." ' .com . Near Masjid Amenia. Islamabad. . The relationship with Rotary is strong and never better shown than by Rotary founder Paul P Harris who expressed support for Inner Wheel. # F 7/2.. and they have taken particulars to America with them. Mrs Golding told The Rotary Wheel in 1934. He told me of the interest he had taken in the Club Reports given him in different places and of the activities undertaken. ROTARY INNERWHEEL RELATIONSHIP Chairman Maimoona CL SP Off Cell Address Pervez Advertising Pervez Ahsan 051-5874725 0300-5234282 HC BD WD Res Email Islamabad Jul04 Apr 30 051-4486333 innerwheel340@gmail.com Cosmopolitan H. Member Faiza Qamar CL Hotel Management SP Off Cell Address Qamar-ul-Zaman 051-2655691 0300-9543513 HC BD WD Res Email Islamabad Margalla Oct 31 Jun 10 051-2851829 faiza_qamar@hotmail. NPF Housing Scheme. # 1984. ' Member Tahira Najam CL Social Service SP Off Cell Address Najam-ul-Islam 061-4580494 0300-6355614 HC BD WD Res Email Multan Aug 17 Oct09 Midtown 061-4580494 alinajam@multan@hotmail. Amber CL SP Off Cell Address Faisal Child Specialist Faisal Qureshi HC BD WD Res Email Lahore Centennial Aug 21 Oct08 042-35167107 amberr@msp. Quaid-e-Azam Multan Cantt. F-7/4. 0-9. and what an inspiration they were to him."When I received the message that the founder of Rotary was anxious to see me I was so glad for all your sakes. Faisal Town. E Bangia # 12. Road.

Calif. Lahore Cantt." She said.mUlklc@gmi:!lttom S Member HC Lahore Ourr-e-Shahwar BO May 31 Social Worker CI WO Jun 19 Sp Rtn. wife of RI President Richard "Rick" D. King (who was then president-elect) addressed the spouses of incoming Presidents: "I believe we spouses are a tremendous and incredible asset to the work of Rotary. Nazim-ud-DirEiltlad.Asif 051-2656014 0300-9555652 HC BO WO Res Lahore Sharqi Jan 01 Jan 28 Address H # 64-A. FaisalTown. GOR5. Muhammad Afzal 042-35167329 Res Off 042-36112578 Email Cell 0300-4725218 Address 235 A. . Member Durr-e-Sameen CL Banker SP Syed Afzaal HussainTirmazi HC BD WD Sahiwal Aug 04 Dec 02 Off Cell Address 040-9200266 0321-6300586 Res Email tahizza@yahoo. IlI!OImr.com National Bank of Pakistan. But it is my hope that you will sit down and define what your role will be next year. Farid Town Branch.that is because we come from so many different countries and cultures.com Cell Address 106-X. Cherie King. Lahore 54700 Member Raheela Malik CL Human Resource Management SP Off Mubashir Malik 042-35847194-7 0301-8461570 HC BO WO Res Email Lahore Garrison Mar28 Apr05 042-35861837 rmalik22@hotmail.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011 __2 1 ~~ SPOUSE ROLE Chairman Dr. OHA. USA. Phase III. "it is difficult however to define the role of an effective spouse .ShariqaNasreen Cl Sp Off Cell Educationist Dr. Sahiwal At the 2001 International Assembly in Anaheim.

.0333-9303623 Email rohaila@hotmail.__ •• _" __ . Rawalpindi HC BO WO Res Email Member Rizwan Ahmed Khan Rohaila CL Manufacturer Garments & Tailoring SP Off Cell Address Amal 040-4462757. Old Civil Lines. 209.khokhar @rotary3270. These efforts foster a relationship among your club. and people directly affected by your club's service initiatives. Rotaract public relations can be directed at your sponsor club. Bhandari Chowk. and the community.com Address 180.2566200 Res 091-5277860.4460372 0300-9692484 HC BD WD Res Email Sahiwal Central Nov 16 Apr 08 040-4462757. every club has outside audiences that it must communicate with.1 0. civic leaders. RaceCourse Road.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY . Shami Road. local government officials. Although the practice of public relations varies among cultures. other organizations. New Defence. Peshawar Member Nadeem I Khokhar CL Pharmaceutical Nazli Nadeem SP 051-5530374.4460372 rizwanrohaila@hotmail. ROTARACT PROMOTION Chairman Adnan Rohaila HC Peshawar Executives CL Barrister BO Jul14 SP Wajiha WO Aug 20 Off 091-2566723.5550607 Off 0321-5178664 Cell Address Rawalpindi Dec 25 Dec 25 051-5793200 nadeem.org House No.Sahiwal Public relations is an important aspect of Rotaract club service.5287677 Cell 0308-8887878. Street No.com 29/B/VII. the business community. your sponsor Rotary club.. 20_11-_12---~.

com Address B H IndustrialServices(Pvt. Madina Town.Officers Colony.com Address 47-B. Abbottabad 22010 HC Lahore Model Town BO Oct 26 WO May06 Res 042-37501395-6 0321-9464209 Email natash_mian@yahoo. . Interact has become a worldwide phenomenon.5 ChenabMarket. Almost 200. Faisalabad 38000 Member Or M Aslam Khan CL Child Specialist SP Rtn. Shaheen Aslam HC BO WO Res Email Abbottabad Jun 14 Oct 05 0992-380220.com 34-D. Email ayeayerana@hotmail.). MEPCO. Member NatashAli Mian CI Teaching& Research Sp Rabia Off Cell Address Member Anjum Afroze Rana HC Multan Metropolitan CL Transport & Logistics BO Mar 26 SP Ghazala WO Mar 26 Off 061-9210356 Res 061-6782559 Cell 0303-6667474. Khanewal Road. Police Housing Colony.ShamaRoad.Lahore. Multan As one of the most significant and fastest-growing programs of Rotary service. Near Kala Pul.381220 Off Cell Address 0333-5037381. HBFCIchhra Apartments. RasoolPark. 0300-9116263 H # 3.com 0333-9117474 rana@peshawartransport.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ INTERACT PROMOTION Chairman Ateeq ur RehmanHerl HC FaisalabadJanubi Cl Water Treatment BO Jan 21 Sp TasneemAteeq WO Apr 25 Off 041-8554460-2 Res 041-8523505 Cell 0300-4213515 Email: ateeqherl@hotmai.700 clubs in 109 countries and geographical areas. Mansehra Road. with more than 10.000 young people are involved in Interact. Ltd.

com mushtaqjat@hotmail. 2o_11-_12 ---~. Jhang .com Email: 38/2 Y.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY. DHA. District Rotaract Representative Fazal Habib CI Business (DRR) HC BD WD Res Email Lahore Model Town Dec 12 042-35757902 lazalhabib@hotmail. District Intaract Representative Muhammad Talha Mushtaq CL Student (DIR) HC BD WD Res Email 047-7625200 interactor.__ •• _" __ .talhamushtaq@hotmail.. Marool Barry 042-37578253 0300-4389029 HC BD WD Res lahore Sharqi Oct 15 Sep 26 042-35725802 rehanabaray@hotmail. 9 Aamir Colony. lahore Cantt. Yousal Shah Road. Lahore.Street 19. PARTNERS OF ROTARY Inner Wheel District 340 Chairman Rehana Maroof Baray Cl Sp Off Cell Address Social Worker M.com Jhang Jun 13 Saddar SP Off Cell Address 0333-6727755 Mushtaq Marketing.com Sp Off Cell Address 042-37650311 0300-9479864 46-Nishter Road.

# INNER WHEEL CLUB Abbollabad PRESIDENT Dr.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ INNER WHEEL 0-340 CLUBS SR. Jamila Sahar 0321-9849163 Abida Saleem 0321-9663262 Sundas Rehman 0313-5469866 NailaAzmat 0300-9716552 Yasneeb Mushtaq 0333-6737711 Shagufta Zafar 0336-8380132 Nayyar Zahid 0324-4921375 Asiya Shaheen 0321-4488077 AliyaAmir 0300-8471469 Dr. Shariqa Nasreen 0321-4771856 Lubna Guizar Bull 0321-4233354 Shaista Tanvir 0345-4130563 Tahita Zafar 0300-8041933 Ayesha Ghazi 0333-3581155 0300-8730101 Shahnaz Zulfiqar 0300-8637302 Atiya Hidayatullah 0300-903331 0 Akhtar Jan 0345-5432440 Naheen Iqbal 0300-4467336 Sadat Munir 0321-9695000 Farida Hafeez 0313-8693779 Nuzhat Rana 048-3220117 SECRETARY Dr. Rukhsana Javed 0300-5610314 Nayar Azhar Ali 0322-8668046 Najma Rehman 0322-5163787 Farhat Sarosh 0333-5179022 Nayyar Shakeel 0300-7507001 Nighat Javaid 0333-4375233 Kanwal Khurram 0332-4354506 Tanzila Imran Khan 0300-9418263 Zarqa Khalil 0300-8449004 Elahi Rehmat 0300-4334822 Shazia Cheema 0300-8418425 Mariam Malhi 0333-4321918 BismaAhsan 0321-8404105 Farah Khan 0334-6114668 Yasmeen Khakwani 0300-4005148 0300-6302088 Fehmida Fazal 0333-9386914 Yasmin Khalid 0333-5124698 Assia Saeed 0300-8690190 RiffatAta 0302-6900204 Maria Salman 0321-6924040 Shama Chaudhry 048-3002546 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Faisalabad Islamabad Islamabad Cosmopolitan Jhang Saddar Lahore Lahore East West Lahore Garrison Lahore Main Lahore Metropolitan Lahore Shaheen Lahore Star West Lahore West Multan Metropolitan 15 Multan Midtown 16 17 18 19 20 21 Peshawar Rawalpindi Sahiwal Sahiwal Central Sahiwal Main Sargodha .

. # CLUB NAME Rolaracl Club of Club of Lahore Rolaracl Club of Lahore Garrison Rolaracl Club of Lahore Model Town Rolaracl Club of Lahore Sharqi Rolaracl Club of Lahore FC College Rolaracl Club of Lahore Shaheen Rolaracl Club of Lahore Shaheen Global Rolaracl Club of Lahore Model Town (Fori) Rolaracl Club of Kinnard College Rolaracl Club of Quaid-e-Azam Law College Rolaracl Club of Mullan Melropolilan Rolaracl Club of Sahiwal 101 Rolaracl Club of Sahiwal Cenlral Rolaracl Club of Peshawar Rolaracl Club of Peshawar Soulh Rolaracl Club of Peshawar Khyber Rolaracl Club of Peshawar UET Rolaracl Club of Peshawar Ever Green Environmenlal Science Rolaracl Club of Peshawar Execulive Rolaracl Club of Islamabad Margalla Rolaracl Club of Islamabad Cosmopolilan Rolaracl Club of Islamabad Rolaracl Club of Rawalpindi Rolaracl Club of Jhang Saddar Rolaracl Club of Jhang Sugar Rolaracl Club of Jhang Chenab Rolaracl Club of Chiniol Rolaracl Club of Dera Ghazi Khan Rolaracl Club of Abbotlabad Valley 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 .__ •• _" __ . ROTARACT CLUBS SR. 20_11-_12 ---~.__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY .

0332-8787777 Aun Khan 0333-6742602 Zeeshan Abid 0323-6027331 einstien_z94@hotmail.com 12 Interact Club Multan Metropolitan Interact Club Saint Mary's Academy Rawalpindi 13 Muhammad Abdullah 0321-5693956 184 I -.com Abdullah Jilani 0336-6417758 jilaniabdullah@yahoo.com Arsham Maqbool Bari interactgarrison@ gmail.# INTERACT CLUB (SPONSORING CLUB) Interact Club Jhang Saddar 2 Interact Club Lahore Garrison Interact Club Faisalabad Janubi Interact Club Lahore Metropolitan Interact Club Toba Tek Singh Interact Club Jhang Garrison Interact Club City School Chenab Campus Faisalabad Interact Club Gov!.com Musa Bin Salman 0323-4104971 col.khan@gmail. School for Hearing Impaired Faisalabad Interact Club SOS Herman Gmeiner School Lahore Interact Club Peshawar Model School Interact Club Islamabad PRESIDENT WajihAhmed 047-9200201 wajihahmed@live.com Fatima Afroze ayeayerana@aol.com Farhana Nazeer 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Farah Aftab 10 Palwasha Mukhtar 091-5200782 Yasir A.I -- .com Aaesha Shehzad interactgarrison @gmail.com Hammad Khan 0345-4228091 col.com Sara Hussain 042-5850243 SECRETARY Muneeb Sarfraz 0332-7500225 muneebsrfrz@gmail.~~ D_istric_tDi_recto_~2_011__ 12 ~~ INTERACT CLUBS SR.com Bushra Marrium 041-9220363 hatim_hatim92@yahoo. Girls Sec. Sherwan Interactclubislamabad 3272@yahoo.khan@gmail. Sherwan Interactclubislamabad 3272@yahoo.com Taimoor Asghar 0333-6875511 Syed Abis Zaman 0332-6299631 Sikander Bashir 0323-9643703 sikandarb@hotmail.com Touraj Bashir Herl 0333-6517765 torajherl@hotmail.com Hamza Ch.com Rohail Salman 0333-5470660 Fareha Afridi 11 Zuhayr A.

com Nafal Zaman Ali Hassan 0483712031 progressivepublic @ymail..__ D_istri_ctD_irec_torY .__ •• _" __ .com Zehra Zahid 17 .com Siddiqa Swatti 15 Interact Club Islamabad Margalla Interact Club Sahiwal 101 Interact Club Islamabad Capital 16 Aamer Sohail 0334-5745121 amir_360@hotmail.com Syed Ali Roshan 0323-5148736 Muhammad Irtaza 0300-9690034 irtaza2010@live. INTERACT CLUBS 14 Interact Club Sargodha Dil Pazir 0333-5470660 progressivepublic @ymail. 20_11-_12 ---~.

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity CLUBS DATA2011-12 RI DISTRICT 3272 NORTH PAKISTAN & AFGHANISTAN .

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