IBM DB2 MOCK TEST PAPER-1 1. What entities are used to model data in the Relational Model? a.

A collection of instances of entities. b. Relations, attributes and tuples c. A collection of instances of record types. d. Table, rows and columns Ans: b 2. Which a. b. c. d. Ans: 3. Which a. b. c. d. Ans: 4. Which a. b. c. d. amongst the following is NOT a valid user in db2 9.7 for linux?? db2inst1 db2fenc1 db2usr1 dasusr1 statement is TRUE about Relational Databases? A column can store values of different data types. A table consists of columns and rows. Rows In the same table can have a different set of columns. Rows are also known as fields of the table. tool can NOT help in performing Cataloging of the databases? Configuration Assistant Command Line Processor Control Center Data Studio

5. Which tablespace is NOT found alongwith a database while creating it?

a. User table space

b. User temporary table space c. System Catlaog table space d. System temporary table space Ans: 6. Which a. b. c. d. ANs: c 7. Given the following table definition: SALES -------------------------SALES_DATE DATE SALES_PERSON CHAR(20) REGION CHAR(20) amongst the following describes the feature of High Availability? It allows compression of data It allows definition of a policy to guarantee quality of service to applications It allows replication of data to a standby server that can take over in case of failure It allows high performance of a DB2 server by distributing workload across several machines

Tags can have at most one attribute. Authorization is the process where the DBA gathers information to see who will have access to the database. . To visually construct complex DML statements and examine the results of their execution. What do you understand by authorization? a. D. Ans: a 10. Which tool should be used to configure automatic database backup? A. Ans: a Ans: 9. Always has a single document node. Describes the order of operations to access data necessary to execute a SQL or XQuery statement c. EXPORT utility Ans: a 11. DROP * FROM sales WHERE YEAR(sales_date) = 1995 D. c. d.SALES INTEGER Which of the following SQL statements will remove all rows that had a SALES_DATE in the year 1995? A. Configure Automatic Maintenance wizard B. DROP TABLE users C. Which of the following SQL statements can be used to remove data from table "users": A. What is TRUE about a well-formed XML document? A. DELETE users Ans: c 12. b. End tags are optional. DELETE FROM sales WHERE YEAR(sales_date) = 1995 C. DELETE TABLE users D. d. B. REMOVE TABLE users B. Authorization is a process that checks whether you have sufficient privileges to perform the desired database operation. Design Advisor C. DROP FROM sales WHERE YEAR(sales_date) = 1995 Ans: b 8. Has one or more root nodes. Explain tool D. C. Why to define a DB2 Access Plan? a. SQL developers can define Access Plans to tell DB2 the best way to retrieve the data from a SQL query. b. Authorization is a process that validates that you are who you claim to be by verifying your user ID and password. DELETE * FROM sales WHERE YEAR(sales_date) = 1995 B. Authorization is the process where the DB2 database checks with Windows security to see if you have access to the DB2 database. To replicate data between a DB2 database and relational databases from other vendors.

SYSADM b. d. SQLOGDIR D. 18. c. DB2LOGS B. c. d. Ans: a following is FALSE about columns? Each column consists of one or more fields Each column contains a specific type of information Columns must be designated a specific data type Columns are also known as fields 16. What is SQL/XML? a. SQL/XML is part of the XQuery standard and provides various publishing functions to transform XML data into relational form and vice versa. XSD 20. XSLT c. 17. It is a DB2 capability that allows applications to change users without breaking the connection to the database. A set of independent operations that can be executed in parallel. DBADM c. d. XHTML b. What describes the Trusted Context in DB2? a. SQL/XML is a language that provides various publishing functions to transform XML data into relational form and vice versa. also known as a single unit of work. Where do the log files of a database reside on the system? A. SQL/XML is an extension to SQL standard and provides various publishing functions to transform XML data into relational form and vice versa. c. A sequence of one or more SQL operations grouped together. A Buffer Pool is associated with Table Spaces so that they can increase performance by caching . b. SYSMAINT 19. Which XML-based language must be used for transforming XML documents? a. b. d. Which of the a. ANs: a 15. It is a DB2 capability that allows users to establish a connection to the database without providing user name or password. A data isolation level that can help prevent deadlocks by allowing reads on previously committed data. An object of a DB2 database. b. XAML d. What is the authority level for users administering database manager of an instance? a. c. SYSCTRL d. It is a type of container in a table space that allows faster I/O operations. It is a special area in a buffer pool that can be written only by a selected set of users. b. How to describe a transaction for a database? a. SQLLIB C. DB2LOGDIR 14.13. SQL/XML is a communication protocol for DB2 databases.

Pages in a Buffer Pool can be 4k. It Can’t be done in DB2. storing data that is read from table spaces. A table or same page size. If secondary log files are to be allocated until the unit of work commits or storage is exhausted. c. C2 VARCHAR(10)) Considering the following statements are successfully executed in CLP with auto-commit in memory. 24. c. A table same pagesize. Circular Logging. 'John') COMMIT INSERT INTO TB1 VALUES (1. Archival Logging d. Buffer Pools work as a cache. 0 b. What parameter has to be changed to take an incremental backup? a. b. c. A table pagesize. b. space can only be associated with a buffer pool that has the same space can only be associated with a buffer pool that has a smaller space can only be associated with a buffer pool that has a larger or space can only be associated with a buffer pool that has a larger 21. A table page size. 3 23. Consider table TB1 defined as below: CREATE TABLE TB1 ( C1 INTEGER PRIMARY KEY. b. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding Buffer Pools? a. 1 c. d. b. 16k and 32k in size. how many rows are INSERTED in table TB1 INSERT INTO TB1 VALUES (1. 'John') ROLLBACK a. 'John') INSERT INTO TB1 VALUES (1. d. d. LOGARCHMETH1 TRACKMOD TRAKMOD LOGARCHMETH2 22. 2 d. Infinite Logging. Which amongst the following should be TRUE ? a. which type of logging is used? a. A database can only have one Buffer Pool. c. 8k. The size of a Buffer Pool can be automatically resized by STMM. .

d. What is the major advantage of using a Database for storing and managing data? a. PK column can hold atmost one NULL value d. Easy to implement d. Which a. From the following. The following is the accurate definition of Domain. It is composed by a name and data type c. Ans: d 29. d. d. In which isolation a. DB2 Express-C b. a. Provides easy access and manipulation of data while keeping data integrity and data consistency Ans:d 28. 26. DB2 Workgroup Server Edition . c. Ans: a of the following is NOT a valid data model? Information model Network model Relational model File model of the following data models provides better Data Independence? Relational Object-Oriented Network Semantic 30. a. Databases cost less b. choose 2 correct properties of a Primary Key. b.25. PK column cannot hold null values at all. c. c. c. PK column can hold NULL values b. b. Databases are supported by various Operating Systems c. PureXML does not comes packaged with which of the following DB2 Editions? a. b. b. Ans: c level we can NOT have Non-Repeatable issue? Cursor Stability Read Stability Uncommitted Read Currently Committed of the following is a better way to Store and Manage Data ? Storing data in Text Files Storing data in Spreadsheets Storing data in Databases Storing data in Comma Separated Values files 27. It is a set of attribute values d. It is composed of columns and rows b. ANs: a &b 32. It is the set of all possible values that data can assume ANS:d 31. Which a. PK column cannot hold duplicate values c. d. DB2 Express c. Which a.

one as Primary DB Server and the other as Secondary DB server. INSERT SELECT. From which of the following tools . Choose a. b. Which a. All of the above Ans: d of the following is NOT a feature of HADR ? HADR provides replication of data from one server to the other. c. DROP. When does authentication takes place in DB2? a. d. ALTER. Registry Configuration file Ans: c 39. SELECT.d. Which of the following is NOT true about Buffer Pool in DB2? a. b. To implement HADR. b. When a user issues the CONNECT command to connect to a DB. IBM Data Studio d. It takes place after a connection to the DB is established. c. INSERT. Page size of the tablespace must be exactly the same as that of the Buffer pool page size. c. Ans: a 37. Database Manager Configuration d. c. It is an area of main memory used to cache table data. DELETE 34. This feature/add on comes free with DB2 Express-C edition. It provides recovery in case of disaster occurs. Ans: b 38. authention is not required at all in DB2. DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 33. UPDATE. CLP b. Ans: b of the following editions comes no charge and is freely available for download? Express Edition Express – C Edition Enterprise Edition Everyplace from the following options that is a valid set of DML Statements? SELECT. 36. In which of the configuration files the AUTHENTICATION parameter can be found? a. When a user power on the system on which DB2 is installed. d. b. d. DELETE INSERT. b. Command Editor c. Which a.SELECT ALTER. Buffer pools once created cannot be dropped. Database Configuration b. d. . INSERT. CREATE. Ans: d 35. d. two servers are needed. a Stored Procedure can be developed/written? a. Response file c. c. Each database in DB2 must have atleast one buffer pool. UPDATE.

TOM Ans: SAMPLE 43. ALTER a. d. Insert into TEST values(next value for myseq) E. Create sequence myseq start with 6 increment by 6 cache 5 D. Insert into TEST values (next value for myseq) USER 1 Disconnects from the database SAMPLE User1 again connects to database sample Insert into TEST values (next value for myseq) Select * from TEST What will be the last value into the table TEST a. 36 d. c. IBMDB2 d. of the following type of TRIGGER can be made on a view? Instead of After Trigger Before Trigger . Ans: c command CANNOT be used to perform the following task: Adding a new column to an existing Table definition Changing the data type of a column Changing the value of data in a column Adding a comment to a table 44.d 41. He then creates a table STUDENT with 5 columns.b. User TOM connects to the database SAMPLE. c. c. b. SYSCATSPACE b. the following DB2 Client softwares does not have GUI tools. TEMPSPACE1 Ans: a. Which a. One of Client? a. 72 45. What will be the SCHEMA of the STUDENT table? a. User1 connects to database SAMPLE B. d. b. Given the following commands and condition: A. b. SAMPLE d. DB2 b. create table TEST (id int) C.40. 12 c. Which of the following tablespaces are created by default when a new DB is created in DB2? Choose all that apply (more than 1) a. Which is that particular IBM Data Server Client IBM Data Server Runtime Client IBM Client for z/os IBM Data capacity client 42. USERSPACE1 c. 6 b. ADMINISTRATOR c.

Uncommited Read. Currently Commited. Choose a. a. Command if issued.’STEVEN’) ->commit What is the output when the command is issued: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM STUDENT. Execute trigger Ans: b 46.’JOHN’) commit insert into student values(‘C01’. d. 6 Ans: b 3 48. the correct syntax of granting the Alter privilege to user John. The default isolation level in DB2 9. Which of the follwing ISOLATION levels in DB2 9.7 allows a user/application to read committed or uncommitted data ? a. b.7 respectively are: a. d. Grant Alter on employee to user John Grant Alter to employee to user John Grant Alter on table employee to user John Grant Alter on employee to John 51. c.d. Repeatable read b. Which a. Uncommited read Ans: d 49. 2 b.’MARY’) ->rollback insert into student values(‘D01’. will disconnect ALL the Applications/users from the database force applications all connect reset Disconnect Deactivate all 47. 5 d. Currently Commited c.5 and DB2 9.’TOM’) insert into student values(‘B01’. name varchar(30)) commit insert into student values(‘A01’. Read Stability. b. Currently Commited d. Currently Commited b. Cursor Stability Ans: b 50. What is the Default number of PRIMARY log files allocated for a sample database? . Consider the Following statements: (AUTO COMMIT is off) connect to sample create table Student(stud_id char(3). ANs: a among the following. c. 3 c. Read stability c. Cursor Stabilty d. Cursor Stablilty.

SQL & XQUERY Ans c 54. c. b. Archival b. BIND sample . SQL b. EXEC connect to sample c. d. XQUERY d. An organization wants to create a backup plan for defining backup policies. T-SQL c. deciding on the type of backup to be taken etc. Which type of logging should be used by this organization if it wants to have the facility of ROLLFORWARD recovery and the facility of taking ONLINE backups? a.a. 1 2 3 4 52. Which query language is used to retrieve and manipulate XML data in the database? a. Circular c. How will you write a SQL command to connect to the SAMPLE database in building Embedded SQL Application? a. EXEC SQL connect to sample d. Connect to sample b. Incremental-Delta d. Decremental 53.

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