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Issue 1/2007

Title story

The igus newsletter around pumps, fittings and valves etc.


iglidur piston rings

With this first newsletter on the subject of fluid technology, we would like to inform you as briefly as possible about the manifold possibilities of using our iglidur plastic plain bearings in fluid technology. Hydraulic and pneumatic components give machines and systems power, precision, speed and dynamics. These conditions increase the demands made Patrick Carl on the machine elements used, of course.

Clip rather than fiddle!

More and more often, ready-to-install clip-on piston rings are replacing PTFE straps that have undergone a complex manufacturing process. One advantage is the reduced installation costs. With around 7,400 polymer plain bearings made of 28 different iglidur materials, igus provides the suitable solution for all components and systems in fluid technology from all-rounders through FDA-conform to high-temperature bearings.
Clip-on guide rings are used in cylinders, rotary drives, fittings, oscillating and lifting motors as well as on valve pistons. With linear and/or rotary movements, lifting or lowering movements, the iglidur piston rings made of materials adapted to the respective requirements show their strengths. How they work iglidur piston rings replace PTFE straps which are punched or cut copiously from a sheet and then inserted manually in a groove before the piston is then slipped over the top. The igus solution is installed with one movement, and the individual component snapped into place. Possible sources of faults and installation costs are significantly reduced. Handling is easy, no deformation takes place, installation errors are as good as impossible. This is also a particularly wear-resistant solution for edge load. Low thermal expansion is a further factor. Wide range of applications The clip-on piston rings withstand temperatures from -100C to +250C line up and clip in place

The range of uses for iglidur plain bearings, igubal spherical plain bearings and DryLin linear guides in fluid technology is growing all the time. They are already being used in pumps, for example. Equally, they have proved their worth in fittings and valves. From straightforward linear movements to fast rotating applications in the medium, they provide high wear- and abrasion-resistance, as well as resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures, and maintenance freedom in dry operation. Thus clip-on piston rings are replacing PTFE straps more and more often, for example. Simple handling and low installation costs are further positive aspects. We also show you which polymer materials have proved themselves in ball cocks and shut-off cocks or under water. And finally: If you read the newsletter carefully, you will have the chance to win a popular Cologne souvenir! Yours


Simple handling just clip on.

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Patrick Carl Branch Manager Fluid Technology


In practice
in permanent operation. They defy aggressive media, high pressure resistance and wet. The lubricant freedom of iglidur allows it to be used in filling systems in the food or packaging industries, for example. But clip-on piston rings can play to their strength in fittings, too.

Flange ball cocks

One manufacturer of high-pressure, stop and control fittings, PISTER KUGELHHNE GmbH, relies on lubricant-free plain bearings made of iglidur X from igus for its flange ball cocks.

iglidur installed in flange ball cock.

iglidur polymer plain bearings in bendguided lifting element for bottles.


Service life up, costs down...

that is the basic idea of all igus products and systems. Plastics, with their tested durability, abrasion and stability properties form the technological core. Branch Manager Patrick Carl explains how these properties are exploited with iglidur piston rings.
surface pressures of up to 150 MPa are possible, for example. On top of this is the almost universal resistance to chemicals. Are there limits with the defined clearance? Patrick Carl: The behaviour of the respective material depends on the application. The influences of temperature and humidity are calculated in advance. This results in minimum clearance. Clearance compensation can sometimes be achieved by the design of the slot width.

What are the outstanding features of piston rings made of the highperformance polymer iglidur? Patrick Carl: Thanks to the wide iglidur range the right material can be found for every application, thus enabling both technical and economic optimisation to take p l a c e . Permanent temperatures of up to 250C and

Where does the customer save money? Patrick Carl: First of all, the unit price is reduced. The piston ring falls ready-made out of the automatic die moulding machine. Secondly, installation efforts are minimised. The piston ring is simply pushed over the piston and clips into the groove in no time. Where are iglidur piston rings used? Patrick Carl: In ball and shut-off cocks, lifting elements and filling valves in the beverage industry and in various fittings. Then there is the advantage of the defined clearance. Compared with soft PTFE strap, the iglidur piston ring is not pushed away under load thanks to its consistent shape.

The material iglidur X stands out thanks to the combination of high temperature resistance short-term up to +315C pressure resistance of up to 150 MPa and high resistance to chemicals. The bearings show their strength during linear movements with stainless steel, too.

Wear-resistant hightemperature material iglidur X.

Ship fittings
One manufacturer of ship fittings, HOPPE BORDMESSTECHNIK GmbH, relies on economic universal plain bearings made of iglidur G for the construction of ship fittings. iglidur G plain bearings have been developed for low to medium sliding speeds and can be used wear-free under high loads. Their corrosion freedom is an important argument for their use in ship fittings, where high pressure and high loads of up to 30 MPa have to be dealt with. Maintenance freedom is guaranteed with the use of a wide variety of media Corrosion-free iglidur G bearings such as freshwater and soiled water as well as fuels. in a ship fitting.

iglidur H370 piston ring as a linear bearing in a filling valve.

Rod end bearings

Water regulators
This drain limiter Alpheus type AG from BIOGEST GmbH has the task of limiting the amount drained from a water reservoir system to the previously defined value by combining maintenance-free igubal fork head and rod end bearing from igus as well as floater and control gate valve. The water can flow away independently of the storage level.

The optimum polymer material is easy to find using the expert system (on CD or the internet).
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igubal fork head and rod end bearing for water regulators.
3 01/2007

Around 10,000 igus plain bearing items ex stock.

iglidur H370 Optimal bearings in filling plants with iglidur movements.

Polymer plain bearings for wet environments

igus offers three materials especially for wet or underwater applications: iglidur H370, iglidur UW and iglidur UW500.
iglidur H370 is suitable for rotating, oscillating and linear movements. Features: Humidity absorption <0.1 %, saturation level in water <0.1 %, temperature range -40 to +200C. First choice for bottle filling plants, for example. iglidur UW is extremely wear-resistant, favourably priced, for high speeds, low loads, temperature load up to 90 C, special dimensions and designs. First choice for pump applications, for example. iglidur UW500 is for high speeds, temperatures up to 250C (short-term 315C), high resistance to chemicals, use in various fluids. First choice in water pumps for automotive applications, for example.


Answer the following two questions and you could be lucky winner of one of 50 Klsch packs. These include three bottles of Klsch beer, original Klsch glasses and beer mats.

1. What are replacing PTFE straps more and more often in fluid technology? 2. How many iglidur materials are available for wet or underwater applications?

Send an e-mail with the correct answers to: Closing date for entries is 9th November 2007. Dont forget to include your sender details!

Good luck!
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