By submitting this application you agree that: • The host organisation currently has no vacancies in the area of activity

in which the internship is offered • The internship will not be provided to displace an employee

• A person will be appointed to support the Intern for the duration of the Internship in accordance with the terms of the JobBridge Scheme • The host organisation confirms that they have the capacity to support and develop the intern’s skills • The internship is not part of a professional training contract (e.g. as part of a training course for a professional qualification) • The host organisation will not substitute interns for existing Community Employment and TUS places • The host organisation’s Public/Employers Liability Insurance and Motor Insurance, if applicable, will cover any Interns on this programme • The host organisation is fully compliant with current workplace health and safety and all other legal requirements • The host organisation is a legal entity and/or a charity recognised by the Revenue Commissioners (with a CHY number) with the Revenue Commissioners • If Garda Vetting applies to this placement, the organisation will ensure that the vetting process is applied • The host organisation will abide by the terms of the JobBridge Standard Agreement • The host organisation confirms that they will not provide an internship opportunity under the JobBridge Scheme to an individual they have an existing employment relationship with • The JobBridge Team may contact you using the contact details you have provided for matters related strictly to the JobBridge Scheme.

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