Monitoring Visit Comments Intern comments Host Organisation are a fantastic company providing me with great HR exposure Would

highly recommend the Host Organisation as an Internship It allows me undertake a broad range of tasks, skills. I can get more valuable experience I am very delighted to be here. The work environment is very pleasant and people are professional. Excellent opportunity – great training provision. Treated nicely by staff JobBridge is a great experience, I would recommend to others who are unemployed and needing work experience/development Learning a lot, developing better communication skills in terms of sales and marketing Upskilling, Host Organisationare inclusive and giving good exposure to workplace learning etc. Overall a very positive experience. Intern very positive about programme – enjoyed training and looking forward to starting work. Intern very positive about experience -0 getting great work experience in IT, problem solving, GBTS Global Technical Solutions Intern really glad he did the programme great opportunity. Only one month here and leaving to go to work for Bank of New York in IFSC Intern finds the programme very useful. Has an electronics background and is making a transition into the IT sector. Currently working on online course - finds this work experience very beneficial. Intern very happy with internship and is gaining a lot of experience with Host Organisation. Her mentor is very supportive. Intern stated he is enjoying the internship in healthcare recruitment. Intern has 3 years recruiting experience he has never worked in healthcare and is gaining a lot of experience in this area. Intern stated he has a Diploma in Publishing Software and he is applying this qualification in this particular role regularly.

I am very glad to work in the National qualifications authority in Ireland. I have learned a lot and my Manager and mentor were very professional and helpful Intern very positive about experience. Has completed two training courses suggested by mentor – sept – Dec 2011. Has opened up huge opportunities in Hospitality/tourism area.Received one weeks training in Dublin which was hugely beneficial. Duration of programme could be reduced to a 3 month period Client feels she has learned a lot on internship, has applied for a number of jobs and has interviews set up on the strength of experience she has gained on internship. Internship went very well, intern learned a lot and will be more confident applying for jobs. Sought information on a course. Happy with how work experience went. Feels he has learned a lot, was very disappointed he did not get the 9 months due to work conversion. Intern happy with HO/experience being gained Finding internship very beneficial in gaining valuable experience as a recent graduate Host Organisation We found working with Job Bridge staff extremely helpful. They answered all queries quickly and thoroughly. And we found a great intern who has since joined our staff. Very positive about the Programme – great opportunity for graduates to train for Technology Employer would like programme to be continued has been working extremely well. Feels company would not have found this intern had the programme not been in place. Intern fitting in very well with staff and clients Initial difficulties with other members of staff accepting the concept of internship Mentor very positive about experience. Intern will begin work on Monday 30 th January 2012 Intern is performing very well getting exposure to different department s and has received intensive training and mentoring. Intern very adaptable and flexible and is very hopeful that the internship may lead to employment for the Intern in the company. Intern very proactive has used initiative to improve their market research – big positive for the company since his arrival. Very motivated to learn.

Very successful management from post polio support groups point of view The internship has worked exceptionally well for both parties HO very satisfied with programme and contribution to the development of the enterprise project Work experience went well, intern feels he has learned a lot, will be more confident applying for jobs. Mentor stated intern worked very well, was very keen and if he was in a position to offer jobs to intern he would do so. Mentor very impressed with intern. Work experience went very well, intern very keen to learn and mentor learned from him. Fresh ideas etc. Attendance excellent would offer him a job if she was in a position to do so. Perhaps some more flexibility re Bonus/Overtime etc. Intern was excluded from availing of overtime/bonus opportunities. Very positive feedback from HO. Permanent position will be offered. Happy with Internship Programme particularly for charity industry. Providing maximum opportunity for inter to attend/participate at workshops and promotional events etc. Happy with Intern and feels the scheme is beneficial to business Happy with Intern in general.Intern progressing very well. Good opportunity for employer to gauge potential new staff member.