JobBridge Regional Complaints Process What constitutes a Complaint to be dealt with by the Region? • • • Complaints relating to a potential displacement (currently advertised) Complaints relating active internships, e.g. standard agreement not being met Complaints relating to early completion of an internship by either party

Proposal In order to process and respond to complaints in a timely matter and to engage local knowledge of host organisation that are based throughout the FAS regions, it is proposed that complaints outlined above will be handled by FÁS Regions. This is currently the practice for WPP of which numbers of same are reducing. The Process • • • • • Complaint received at either Head Office or Regional Office Complaint recorded using standard template and referred to the appropriate Region Standard response issued to complainant advising that matter will be checked Complaint initially be dealt with by phone/ email If this does not resolve the issue, the Intern and/or Host Organisation can be invited to the FÁS office for a face to face meeting or • • The Region may arrange to visit the location of the placement. The action taken/outcome is recorded on the standard template and returned to ESPU.

Advantages of a regional approach include: • • • • • More direct engagement with intern and host organisation A personalised approach to resolving matters Enhanced customer relationships through a local contact Use of local knowledge to decide on the continuation of an internship Building and using relationships with local DSP office to resolve matters

• • Option to offer other services and supports to both parties Process used to inform national policy, ensuring Scheme reflects the needs of clients

Queries relating to terms, conditions and policy aspects will continue to be addressed by ESPU, and policy/communications will reflect the answers to these queries.